Top 5 Best Elevated Dog Beds

Top 5 Best Elevated Dog Beds
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Unlike a common misconception, elevated dog beds are not just for elderly, sick or injured dogs. Raised beds lift your dog off the floor, letting him stay at a comfortable temperature thanks to the airstream below it, while also providing firm and even support.

Elevated dog beds are a must because they are designed to suit some specific needs of certain dogs; simply because they offer great advantages by design.

  • Chew Resistance — there is no pad or foam to be chewed on and frames are very strong and durable
  • Enhanced Breathing — the raise allows for air to circulate making such beds ideal in a warm climate and indoors
  • Decreased Moisture — air circulation and lack of moisture prevent the spread of bacterias, germs, and fungi

Raised dog beds have several other advantages too but let us first take a look at the top best elevated dog beds available out there.

How to Pick the Right Raised Dog Bed?

Raised beds for dogs can be of several types with varying features. Choosing the right one would require you to understand the product and check if your dog’s requirements can be fulfilled by what it has to offer. For example, elevated dog beds offer wonderful support for dogs suffering from arthritis for example, but it cannot be raised too high up or it may not even be accessible.

Following is a list of features that the best elevated dog bed for your pets must-have. There is no perfect raised bed but you do want a good compromise between the quality of manufacturing and price.


A Durable Frame — Dog beds have several purposes to fulfill. But before anything, its structure needs to be strong and durable not just to bear your dog’s weight but also let him be safe no matter how much active he is around it. Elevated dog beds with aluminum frame are the preferred ones because they are very robust yet very lightweight. The bed should also have non-skid rubber feet. The heavier your dog, the stronger (and potentially heavier) should the bed be.

Reinforced Corners — Reinforced or rounded corners lengthen the life of an elevated dog bed. Without the seams at the corner, your dog has nothing to grab onto and chew. Well-sewn seams should be present elsewhere on the bed for durability. Dogs that are particularly fond of chewing should be given beds with reinforced corners, generally made of high-duty PVC materials. They are so unfun to chew on that dogs generally do not bother more than a few seconds.

Mesh Support

Comfort — A raised bed for dogs is often the place where your pooch is going to rest or sleep hours on end and therefore, it must be essentially comfortable. Meaning, it should not be too hard nor too loose, it should be perfectly tensed. The material of the mesh determines the level of comfort your dog can expect. Dogs with joint pain problems shouldn’t go with a cheap model simply because the true value of a raised bed is over the months. Cheap raised beds for dogs tend to loosen up just after a few weeks.

Breathability — While buying raised dog beds for your furry one, go for the ones with fabric made out of breathable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This fabric works particularly well at eliminating the hot spots and makes the entire bed breathable and comfortable for your dog for as long as he is lying down on it. Such HDPE and other breathable mesh supports are the best picks for summer days since they allow the dog’s body heat to be dissipated, preventing your pet from overheating.

raised dog bed support
It’s hard to guess how much support a given raised dog bed offers by looking online. Stick to our recommendations below.


Bugs, Parasites, Mold and Mildew Prevention — Regular beddings and foam mattresses are the ideal hub for parasites and germs to spread whereas elevated dog beds are rather uninteresting places to grow. Most elevated dog beds that are designed to resist bugs, parasites, mold, and mildew by virtue of their synthetic fabric, and fresh air circulation. This feature is very important because it ensures that bugs and parasites do not find a way to your dog through the bed when it is outdoors and in a particularly dusty or unhygienic spot.

Cleaning — Most raised beds for dogs are easy to clean because their structure is rather basic: a frame, and mesh support; that’s all. You can hand wash your raised dog bed using antiseptic wipes or using a high-pressure water cleaner with hot water and dog-safe disinfectant. Dry it completely to remove any kind of dampness before using it again. Go for a biweekly wash for an indoor bed, or weekly for an outdoor bed.


UV-Treatment Against Fading — If the elevated dog bed is primarily meant for outdoor purposes and if it is frequently exposed to sunlight, chances are that it will start fading soon. It’s not big deal since this is a cosmetic problem… However, if you want to avoid any color loss, you should go for raised beds that are UV treated to resist fading. These beds, no matter how long they are kept outside will not fade.

Chew-Resistance — Most dogs are fond of chewing and while resting on the elevated beds, they are most likely to try chewing parts of it for a few seconds here and there. To ensure that the bed you buy is chew-resistant or chewproof, look into the materials used and potential weak spots like corners or any zipper. The mesh support is very rarely if ever, chewed on because they are hard to reach. It is advisable to go for elevated beds that use velcro closures inaccessibly hidden on the bottom of the bed instead of zippers hanging around the edge of the bed, waiting to be attacked.

Top 5 Best Raised Dog Beds

Elevated dog beds are a must-have accessory for every dog owner because it is one of the most of the safest, supportive and comfortable places for dogs to retreat after a day full of activities.

Here is our list of the top 5 best elevated dog beds to buy right now.

1. Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed

— Absolute Best Elevated Dog Bed (Pricier, Too!)

The Kuranda All-Aluminium Raised Dog Bed is an ideal bed for big and aggressive dogs, including the most destructive breeds. It is very strong and made up of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum to stand up to the toughest dogs, be it inside the home or outdoors. This chewproof bed has no stuffing to collect dirt, bugs or dander and hence, is highly recommended for pups with sensitive skin prone to being affected by allergies. The elevated cot style design further helps in evenly distributing your dog’s weight so that no pressure is exerted on areas like the hips, shoulders or elbows.

Another interesting and advantageous feature of this particular bed is its patented design which keeps the fabric inside a special channel in the frame, thereby, making it inaccessible to chewers. Also, there are no corner gaps in the fabric that your pooch can get hold of and chew.

To me, the Kuranda All-Aluminium Raised Dog Bed is by far the best elevated dog bed out there but also the most expensive. It offers great value, especially if you are looking for an orthopedic bed that is robust and yet, easy to maintain.

2. K9 Ballistics Chew-Resistant Raised Dog Bed

— Chewproof Raised Bed

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The K9 Ballistics Raised Dog Bed is amongst the top picks on the list of chewproof dog beds. K9 Ballistics has been in the business of manufacturing dog beds for a very long time, and this is a great product that they have come up with. It is nearly indestructible and resistant to even heavy chewers. This bed is lovely to look at, comfortable and durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use this one as a cooling bed during the summer months too.

The K9 Ballistics elevated dog bed comes with an aluminum frame and the material for the mesh support are made up of durable rip-stop ballistic fibers. The high-density dog bed foam and an equally high-density memory foam along with inner dog bed covers guarantee maximum protection for your dog from accidents. Resistant to water, dirt, and odor, cleaning it is rather hassle-free and can be done whenever required.

While some users are of the view that the quality of the product seems to be declining, it is certainly one of the best value chew-proof raised dog beds that you can consider buying.

3. Kuranda Dog Bed PVC

— Good Value Elevated Dog Bed

The Kuranda Dog Bed PVC is a highly recommended raised bed for dogs that you can find out there. Mainly because it is not cheaply manufactured, it is resistant and long-lasting with most dogs and isn’t priced too indecently.

It is chewproof for small dogs (but wouldn’t resist aggressive chewers) and weather resistant. Therefore, this raised bed is very much suitable for outdoor use. This particular Kuranda dog bed is made of a high-strength heavy-duty PVC frame that supports the heavier dog breeds with ease. It has an orthopedic and supportive design to keep your dog comfortably cool and dry.

One of the most interesting and beneficial features is the presence of Cordura which is abrasion-resistant and as durable as canvas. This material makes the bed great for outdoor use too by providing plenty of traction in getting on and off the bed. It also resists most elements without any issue. This raised bed is quite easy to clean. As a dog owner, if you are looking for a dog bed that will be of daily use and can stand up to regular cleaning, this might just be the perfect one.

4. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

— Most Loved Cheap Elevated Dog Bed

The Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed is one of the most popular and preferred elevated dog beds that you can consider buying. The product is available in three different sizes; the small being 22.75″ X 34.5″ X 8″, the medium being 25.5″ X 42″ X 8″ and the large one being 31.5″ X 51″ X 8″. The bed can weigh dogs up to a maximum of 100 pounds and its knit mesh fabric, made of breathable and high-density polyethylene, allows enough cool airflow on all sides of the bed to keep your pooch comfortable at all times.

The Coolaroo elevated bed for dogs comes with a suspended platform that creates low-impact areas to pressure points for added comfort. A striking feature of this bed is its powder-coated steel frame that is strong and durable and yet lightweight enough to be assembled in minutes. The elevated bed is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use with its non-slipping rubber feet gripping the ground securely.

With no downsides worth mentioning, this elevated dog bed is quite liked by dog owners also because it is resistant to fleas, mite, mold, and mildew. You can wash it in a rather simple, hassle-free way and keep it maintained for a long time to come. This bed is not recommended for large breeds and chewers.

5. K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot

— Cheap Elevated Dog Bed

The K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot is yet another suitable raised bed for dog available in different sizes with the largest being 32″ X 50″. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes, this elevated dog bed is extremely easy to assemble and requires no tools to set up. It is made of waterproof 600-denier fabric, which ensures that the bed can withstand rain and snow without undergoing any wear and tear.

This essentially durable elevated dog bed has non-skid rubber feet, avoiding slipping on wet or sloppy grounds. The generous amount of space and the quality mesh keep your pooch cool and comfortable always.

While the elevated bed is pretty much durable, it is not recommended for aggressive dogs. Also, some users are of the view that the bed might not be comfortable or strong enough for the naturally heavier breed of dogs.

Need a Pad For Your Elevated Dog Bed?

The Kuranda Fleece Dog Bed is available in different size specifications with the largest being 50″ X 36″ (XXL). Made of 100% polyester, its fleece pad is entirely machine washable and offers ease of use and maintenance. There are two layers of domestic fleece to provide maximum comfort and warmth to your dog.

Since the size of the fleece pad varies from the XXL to the XXS, you can buy one depending on the size of the elevated dog bed that you have. The fleece pad fits both the original as well as the aluminum-framed Kuranda dog beds. The elastic bands further make it easy to attach and remove from the bed for easy cleaning.

With no glaring downsides as such, this product is loved by almost all breeds of dogs and highly preferred by owners thanks to its softness and added comfort!

To conclude, while buying an elevated dog bed, consider the technical details like the size, height, weight and behavioral tendencies of your dog in order to be able to find the most suitable raised bed for him or her. If your dog is aging or developing bone and joint problems, you can consult a veterinarian to arrange for a custom-made elevated dog bed that turns out to be specifically cozy and comforting for your dog.

We also reviewed the best XXL dog beds if you own a large or giant dog.