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7 Best Dog Fence Windows – Reviews, Buying Guide & Tips

Written by Jawad
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Published on
Wednesday 3 June 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Dog Fence Windows
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Dogs are very inquisitive creatures, some breeds more so than others. It’s like an itch they have to scratch. If kept in a confined space with no exposure to the outside world, dogs are bound to get frustrated. This can lead to behavioral problems as well as the risk of your pooch attempting to escape. You can avoid these problems simply by installing one of the best dog fence windows in your backyard.

This article goes on to discuss the benefits of fence windows for dogs as well as a list of the best ones available for purchase.

What is a Dog Fence Window?

If you don’t know what a dog fence window is, you may be perplexed by this term. These windows are an ingenious way to allow your dog to peep into the outside world while keeping it safe within the confines of your yard. Windows for dog fences can be mounted on to holes carved into the fences in your backyard. Just like cats love sitting on window sills for hours observing the outside world, dog fence windows provide much the same utility for your dog in the backyard.

There are all sorts of dog fence windows available in the market, most of which are designed as glass bubble windows. Alternative options include DIY wire mesh windows. The right option for you depends on various factors, a few of which are discussed below. Moreover, there are many ways you can make one yourself. The process is simple and we’ll be explaining that in a bit.

How to Choose the Right Dog Fence Window?

Dog fence windows should be safe, durable, and provide value for your money. The factors mentioned below will help you understand the features of good windows for dog fences.


The window should be large enough for your pooch to observe the outdoors comfortably. Bubble windows allow your dog to get a better view of the outside with a relatively small size. These windows are shaped like a dome but are mounted on a fence. Most bubble windows are 10 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep. Other windows such as grill windows, for instance, offer a limited view outside and therefore need to be a bit bigger.


The most popular design is bubble windows. Installation is similar and very straightforward, regardless of the brand you buy from. These windows come with a steel or plastic base that can be screwed in. These windows come with nuts and bolts that can be installed in wood panel fencing, vinyl fencing, wood, and drywall. You can get even more creative with these windows and install them in kennels or perhaps other pet houses as well.

To avoid unnecessary headaches, make sure you purchase a window that comes with all the tools needed for installation, such as nuts and bolts. Installation guides that come with these windows come in handy by making the whole process more organized and less time-consuming.

Installing a dog fence window.
Installing a dog fence window.


Most fence windows for dogs are made from acrylic plastic. This makes the window lightweight and less expensive. When looking for one, go for acrylic windows that can be easily washed with a hose.


Needless to say, the window you install must be durable. Unreliable and low-quality windows could lead to unnecessary inconvenience as well as a safety hazard for your dog. We suggest investing in a premium yet durable window, one that uses a stainless steel or metal frame and solid bolts instead of cheaper ones. Less expensive windows may use low-quality materials that can break due to wear and tear or rough use.

For added durability, you can add a window fence guard, or grill, to prevent someone on the other side hitting or accidentally shattering your dog’s window. It will also make the window safer for your dog.


Cost should be considered when purchasing accessories for your dog, but in this case, it shouldn’t be a major factor. Most dog windows can be found for $20 to $30, although you might be able to get your hands on an even better deal. These windows provide great utility. Instead of tolerating tantrums and having your dog looking over the fence all the time, choosing an inexpensive window is a much better option.

How to Install a Dog Fence Window?

The first step is taking the correct measurements. Start with tracing the inside of your fence window’s trim onto the fence. Make sure the position you choose must not be too straining on your dog’s neck. We advise positioning the window at or right above knee-length for a medium-sized dog.

Once you’ve traced the outline of the area you need to cut, you will have a peek hole right in the fence. Now, position the trim on the hole and drill the holes where nuts are to be attached. Now, you will need a helper to hold the glass dome on the other side while you screw in the bolts.

Do check how long your bolts are. If they are too long, use acorn nuts to cover up sharp ends. Failure to do so may lead to your dog getting injured from the sharp bare ends of these bolts. Another thing to keep in mind is to not over-tighten the nuts. Windows made from acrylic glass and will crack easily if screwed too tightly.

7 Best Dog Fence Windows

The dog fence windows that made it to our list have the best reviews and provide excellent value. We discuss their features, pros, and shortcomings down below.

Dog fence for inquisitive dogs
A dog fence is very useful for inquisitive dogs!

1. H&B Luxuries Durable Dog Fence Window

This window for a dog fence is designed to be used in a versatile manner. It can be installed on a door or used as a skylight in a hen-house, or on a door indoors. Moreover, the window also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

This window warns outsiders to stay wary of dogs, especially in unsafe neighborhoods. The window is also safer for dogs as it keeps them from peeking or jumping over the fence. This pet window claims to have three primary benefits:

  • Prevents your dog from digging the lawn
  • Reduces barking and other adverse behavior
  • It provides added security from outsiders, as well as keeps your dog safe

The window works fine but is much less durable than advertised. Many of these windows were broken within just a couple of months of purchase. If you plan on buying this window, we suggest you also install a window fence guard. Just make sure the window fence design doesn’t restrict the view of your dog.

2. PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

This easy-to-install dog fence window makes your life easier by satisfying your dog’s itch to peek outside. It comes with four 1.5″ screw in bolts and can be installed in wood paneling, vinyl fencing, and wood. The seller’s page provides detailed instructions about the installation tools required, as well as a step by step guide from drilling the cavity in the fence to tightening the final screw.

This window comes cheap and provides exceptional value. Its made from clear acrylic that provides a wide outside view, while keeping your dog safe indoors. It also keeps your pooch secure and prevents the dog from attempting to jump over the fence.

This inexpensive dog window has close to zero drawbacks. Most customers are satisfied and have recommended this window with flying colors, keeping in mind its decent price.

3. Pet-A-Boo Pet Window

Pet-A-Boo pet peek window is just as quirky as its name. Its deep glass dome keeps your dogs busy and satisfies their curiosity to interact with the outside world. What’s unique about this window is that it comes in two sizes, a standard 9.5″ diameter, and an XL 16″ diameter. It comes with all the necessary nuts as well as a stainless steel trim ring.

The unique selling point of this window is its large size. With a large diameter and 8″ depth, it allows multiple dogs to peek outside. Due to its large size, we recommend using a fence window guard to keep the window from breaking or getting hit.

Multiple customers have complained about their windows arriving broken or damaged in some way.

4. Love Pet-J Dog Fence Window

Just like other good quality peeking windows, this one is also versatile. It comes with a complete installation guide and toolkit and has wide applicability. The manufacturer claims it can be used by dogs, cats, and even horses and children. The window is made from non-corrosive materials, such as stainless steel and acrylic plastic.

The window comes with drilling guides for your fence. But it can be installed on a door, wood vinyl, wood fencing, drywall, etc. Moreover, the glass dome can be easily wiped clean with a cloth or just hosed down with a garden hose.

This window has been received by multiple customers in a broken state out of the box. The packaging during delivery has been mentioned in multiple negative reviews.

5. Expawlorer Fence Window

This 5″ deep acrylic dome dog fence window with a 12.4″ diameter provides ample of space for dogs to peek outdoors. Moreover, it comes with a steel trim as well as nuts, bolt, and an installation guide. Moreover, the acrylic window is available in a single pack as well as a 2 pack. It also has wide applicability and can be used in kennels, hen-houses, and playhouses.

The Expawlorer fence window for dogs has real benefits such as reduced barking as it provides a wide view of the world outside. It also alleviates your dog’s curiosity and keeps it from trying to jump over and injure itself.

The rim is made from a thin metal plate and the window is made from thin acrylic. These materials are not very durable, and the acrylic can easily get scratched. Some users complained because it was too flimsy and even broke in some cases.

6. Lemonda Durable Acrylic Dome

Lemonda’s acrylic dome window comes in a 2-pack so your dog can look out through different sides of your backyard. The 5″ depth and 12.4″ diametre window is designed to give your dog a wide field of view. It comes with a durable design as well as the complete toolkit for convenient installation.

The spacious viewing angles of this window are much better than your dog looking through holes in the fence. The window reduces the risk of your dog digging, messing up your lawn, or trying to jump over the fence and injuring itself. Moreover, since it comes in a 2-pack, this product is more suitable for multi-dog households.

While the window is fine for most customers, it does not come with an instructions manual. People with little experience in drilling wood and bolting may have trouble installing this pet peek window. The plastic acrylic dome can be easily broken from outside if someone accidentally hits it. But, it can be prevented by installing a window fence guard on the dome.

7. N&M Products Pet Window

This pet window can be installed easily with the help of a few simple tools. Its dimensions are as follows:

  • 9.5″ internal diameter
  • 5″ depth

Similar to other dog peeping windows, this once also has a wide range of applications. Moreover, it uses the standard 4 bolt installation system that’s sturdy yet simple. It takes just fifteen minutes for you to screw in the bolts and have your dog discovering the world outside from the safety of your backyard. In addition, the window really helps with keeping your dog’s behavior in check.

Some customers have complained about not getting an installation guide, while others mentioned not receiving the tools (nuts and bolts) needed to install the window.

How to Make a DIY Dog Fence Window

dog fence windows
Gotta love a great DIY fence window!

A DIY window is a great idea if you’re looking for an alternative to glass dome dog fence windows. These DIY fences may even have some benefits over the ones available in the market, such as:

  • Large size
  • It allows the dog to use their sense of smell, and properly interact with the outside.

In this section of our article, we will provide a step by step guide about making your own DIY fence window for dogs.

Materials You Will Need

  • One 8′ 1″ x 2″ wood studs for framing the window from the inside
  • One 8′ 1″ x 2″ trim for framing the outer side of the window
  • A sheet of wire mesh or hail screen
  • A box of finishing nails
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Acorn nuts/capped nuts

How to do so

  • Start off by measuring the dimensions and height of your desired window. Ideally, the window should be at the eye level of the dog, which is around 2 ft for most breeds
  • Mark the dimensions of the window onto the fence. We recommend marking out a 12″ x 12″ square on your fence
  • Cut out the marked area to create a cavity in the fence. Next, cut out the trims for the inside as well as the outside at a 45-degree angle
  • Now, cut out the wire mesh while keeping a 1″ margin on each side
  • Next, use the drill to create pilot holes in the fence as well as in the trims. Now, get a helper to aid you while you screw in the trims and the wire mesh
  • Make sure you buff out/sand any rough edges. If you have nails or screws protruding, it is imperative that you cover them up with capped nuts so they don’t hurt your dog

Whether you are interested in creating your own dog fence window or purchasing one, these are wonderful tools of enrichment for your pups. Check out one of our recommended windows to help your pup’s behavior and increase their happiness.

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