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10 Best No Bark Collars For Dogs

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Published on
Monday 4 July 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
no bark collars for dogs
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Knowing the best no-bark collars for dogs available in the market is extremely helpful especially if this is your first trying these collar devices. With that, we prepared a list of the best no-bark collars you can choose from! In this article, you can also find the different types of bark collars, their benefits, and all things you need to consider in choosing the best one!

10 Best No Bark Collars for Dogs

Are you interested in buying a no-bark collar for your dog but do not have any clue about what product or brand to buy? Well then, we will make your job easier with this list of the best no-bark collars for dogs!

Our Overall Best Pick:

Our best no-bark collar for dogs is the PetSafe Remote Training Collar! 

Product NameDescriptionBattery LifeWaterproofDimensionsRating
PetSafe Remote Training CollarWithin a 100-yard radius, it enables you to securely modify your pet’s behavior. It also offers three different methods of correction!40 hours battery life and 2 hours charging timeYes2.67 x 1.05 x 1.38 inches4.3
NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs, Rechargeable Anti Barking Training CollarFor dogs of all sizes—small, medium and large—this product is suitable and safe. Additionally, it includes various training modes and seven sensitivity levels.12 to 15 days battery life and around 30 minutes charging timeYes2.76 x 1.46 x 1.57 inches4.1
SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control CollarThis brand can rapidly recognize your dog’s distinctive barking style because of its technical component, which detects your dog’s barking.200 hours battery life and 2 hours charging timeYes2.75 x 1.13 x 1.13 inches4
PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity LevelsThe PetYeah Dog Bark Collar can recognize dog barking and filter out other noises to prevent false triggers. Each type of operation has a specific color to indicate it.10 days battery life and 2 to 3 hours charging timeYes4.41 x 3.58 x 3.54 inches4
DogRook Anti-Dog Bark CollarA no-shock dog barking collar, the DogRook Anti Dog Bark Collar ensures a secure, risk-free, and successful method of dog training.10 to 14 days battery life and no data available for charging timeYes2.8 x 1 x 1.6 inches3.8
MODUS Bark Control DeviceThis MODUS collar offers a secure and reliable option for dog training and bark control with its 2-in-1 ultrasonic bark gadget.No DataNo Data5.44 x 2.8 x 1.65 inches3.7
DOG CARE Automatic Bark CollarIt offers your dog two training modes that are incredibly efficient and productive. You may experiment with numerous alternatives to see which one is more successful in stopping your dog’s excessive barking.7 days battery life and no data available for charging timeNo data3 x 1 x 1.5 inches
NPS No Shock Bark Collar for Small to Large DogsThe NPS No Shock Bark Collar uses a mix of vibration and sound that becomes stronger the longer your dog barks to learn your dog to stop barking without being shocked.Not rechargeableYes3.23 x 2.95 x 1.81 inches3.5
Small Dog Bark Collar – Humane No ShockThis Pawious item was created especially for tiny or medium dogs that weigh 7 to 80 pounds.Rechargeable but no data is available about battery life and time needed to be fully chargedYes3.6 x 3.2 x 1.8 inches3.5
Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Dog Training CollarIt is small and light, contains built-in stainless steel contact points that adjust bark, and has a thin, rechargeable lithium battery.3 months battery life but no data about the amount of time needed to be fully chargedNo data2.4 x 1.6 x 1.5 inches3.4
10 Best No Bark Collars for Dogs

1. PetSafe Remote Training Collar

This lightweight Remote Training Collar from PetSafe helps you to safely correct your pet’s behavior within a 100-yard range. In addition, it also has three types of correction which are the following: 15 levels of static (there is a safety lock feature before accessing higher levels to avoid incidents), an audible tone, and vibration. 

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the trouble of recharging since this collar has a 40-hour battery life and charges within 2 hours. Plus, this product made of coated nylon is also waterproof! It can fit dogs 8 lb and above with next sizes of 6 to 23 inches. But, take in mind that this collar is not recommended for puppies aged 6 months and below

However, the cons of this PetSafe collar lie in its charging features. According to several buyers, the charging connectors work well at first; but, they encounter problems weeks or months after using them. In addition, some also complain about its inconsistent quality. 


  • It has three types of correction
  • Safe for pets
  • Long battery life 
  • Waterproof


  • Charging connector
  • Inconsistent quality

2. NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs, Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar

The NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs is safe and applicable for small, medium, and large-sized dogs. Plus, it also has seven sensitivity levels and different training modes. The training modes include beep and vibration. Aside from that, this bark collar also has a protection function of two silicone sleeves to prevent any damage or injuries on the dog’s skin while using the collar. 

Moreover, NBJU also claims that their collar can work up to 12 days without charging – and it only takes around 30 minutes to have it fully charged. Similar to our previous product, this collar is also waterproof. It comes with a complete package of the device, collar, USB cable, test board, silicone protective covers, electric shock terminals, and instructions for use. 

On the other hand, many buyers complained about the drastic decrease in the collar’s quality after a short period of time. Some stated that it stopped working after a week or a month. Furthermore, some even complained about how the collar can potentially cause mild burns on your pet’s skin. 


  • It has seven sensitivity levels
  • Safe to use
  • Long battery life and short charging time
  • Waterproof


  • It has mild burns complaints
  • Decrease in quality after a short period of time

3. SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

Moving to our third product, this Rechargeable Bark Control Collar from SportDOG Brand detects your dog’s barking through its technological feature that allows it to quickly identify your pet’s unique barking style. Moreover, it offers three modes of operation which are: progressive correction, user selected, and temperament learning. Also, there are ten levels of stimulation you can choose from  – you can base the level on your dog’s behavior. 

Furthermore, this SportDOG brand is also waterproof and fits dogs weighing 8 pounds above with next sizes of 5 to 22 inches. Plus, it has a long battery life of 200 hours and 2 hours of charging time. You can easily know if it is time to charge because of its low battery indicator. Lastly, it comes with a collar, strap, adaptor with a charging cradle, standard contact points, long contact points, and operating instructions. 

But, the downside of this product is seen in its inconsistent quality and battery life. Even though it claims to have a long battery life, some pet owners complained about how fast it drains. Moreover, some buyers stated that this collar caused injuries to their dogs. 


  • Safe to use
  • Detects your pet’s unique barking
  • It has three operation modes and ten levels of stimulation
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Has dog injuries complaints
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Battery life

4. PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels

With their technology, the PetYeah Dog Bark Collar can detect dog barking and filter other types of sounds to avoid false triggering. There are different types of operation and colors that represent each: Red light for the beep, vibration, and shock, and green light for beep and vibration only. Both modes have 1 to 5 intensity levels – thus, you can choose the option that best suits your dog. 

In addition, it is also waterproof and comes with a built-in USB rechargeable battery. Its battery can last for 10 days and can be fully charged for around 2 to 3 hours. Overall, this product includes a receiver, nylon collar, USB charging cable, test light, user manual, contact points, and conductive silicones. 

However, the problem with this product is that several pet owners complain about their troubles adjusting the bark collar. Moreover, some even experienced the collar not working at all – or inefficiently working such as sending vibrations even though the dog is not barking. 


  • It has different operation modes
  • Safe for pets
  • Long battery life 
  • Waterproof


  • Adjustability problems
  • Inconsistent work quality 

5. DogRook Anti-Dog Bark Collar

A no-shock dog barking collar, the DogRook Anti Dog Bark Collar ensures a secure, risk-free, and successful method of dog training. Two vibration modes and seven sound stages are combined in this no-bark collar for dogs to provide progressive bark training while still being a no-shock bark collar. This product gives fast, automated feedback customized to your dog, regardless of its size.

Additionally, this vibrating barking collar has a smart microphone device that only responds to the distinctive bark of your dog. The anti-barking collar for dogs features five sensitivity levels that can be changed to fit ambient noise, making it both a no-shock bark collar and one that isn’t unduly activated. Plus, it is waterproof and rechargeable.

But, the problem with this product is pet owners complained about it not being easy to use. It did not also work on some dogs.


  • Harmless and safe for dogs
  • It has two vibration modes and seven sound stages
  • Waterproof and rechargeable 
  • Recognizes unique dog barking


  • It can be difficult to use
  • Did not work for some pet owners

6. MODUS Bark Control device

This MODUS collar offers a secure and reliable option for dog training and bark control with its 2-in-1 ultrasonic bark gadget. Your dogs may be trained to quit undesirable habits like barking, digging, consuming dangerous food, fighting, and more. 

Since dogs can hear frequencies between 15Hz and 120kHz. Using ultrasonic sound at a frequency of 25 kHz, MODUS ultrasonic bark control ensures that the sound may draw a dog’s attention without endangering both dogs’ and people’s hearing.

The effective control range of this ultrasonic bark product is 16.4 feet, which is more than the typical range of 6 feet. Additionally, because of its portability, it may be utilized both indoors and outside. 

However, dogs with hearing impairments cannot use this anti-barking gadget. We advise using this product on dogs that are at least 6 months old but under 8 years old. Additionally, the dog needs constant supervision and company when first being used.


  • Safe for dogs to use
  • It has a wide range 
  • Helps in fixing unwanted barking behaviors


  • Not applicable for dogs with a hearing problem
  • Did not work for some dogs
  • Inconsistent quality

7. DOG CARE Automatic Bark Collar

Two incredibly effective training modes are offered by the DOG CARE Automatic Bark Collar for your dog. You may experiment with numerous alternatives to see which one will best stop them from uncontrollably barking. Moreover, this collar makes sure that both of the training settings for this shock collar for barking are secure and effective at putting an end to your dog’s barking in any situation. It also has five clever sensitivity settings that can be adjusted.

On the other hand, some buyers complained about how this product caused mild burns or injuries to their dog’s skin. If you are planning to try this product, extreme precaution is recommended. 


  • Efficient in dog training
  • Safe for pets
  • It has different levels 
  • Affordable


  • It has dog burns complaints
  • Inconsistent quality

8. NPS No Shock Bark Collar for Small to Large Dogs

The NPS No Shock Bark Collar combines vibration and sound for very effective and painless anti-barking corrective training for your dog. The strength of the vibration and sound rises the longer your dog barks. Additionally, it contains a Smart Chip microprocessor that recognizes barking and automatically intensifies it as the barking goes on. You are not compelled to keep an eye on it. 

Additionally, because this is entirely waterproof, you don’t have to worry about your dog exploring damp areas. Growing, shaking, scratching, or barking from other dogs won’t set off the collar while using this device, which saves your dog from being confused while being trained. 

But, this product did work on some dogs. Plus, buyers reported about decline in performance or quality after a short period of usage – like inconsistent vibration. 


  • Safe for dogs
  • Does not cause false triggers
  • Depends on the intensity of barking loudness and length
  • Waterproof


  • Does not work on some dogs
  • Decline in performance after a short period of time

9. Small Dog Bark Collar – Humane No Shock

This Pawious item was created especially for tiny or medium dogs that weigh 7 to 80 pounds. It has the proper sensors, vibration tone, and collar size. Because of this, it may not be as effective for large dogs who weigh more than 80 pounds. It is also the most humane barking collar for dogs because of the absence of neck barbs.

Furthermore, this collar has 7 progressive sound and vibration levels, which are the most effective for teaching dogs. Additionally, dog bark collars won’t beep or vibrate unjustifiably in response to the barking of other dogs. 

On the other side, similar to our previous product, this collar also did not work on some dogs. Some also experienced inaccurate or false triggers – like even though the dog is not barking, it automatically beeps.


  • Best for small dogs
  • It does not have neck prongs 
  • It has 7 different levels


  • Did not work for some dogs
  • Inaccurate beeping

10. Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Dog Training Collar

A small and rechargeable lithium battery is included with this dog training collar from Garmin, which also features an integrated stainless steel contact point that provides bark correction. This collar is specially made to help you quickly and simply train your pet. You no longer have to be concerned about false triggers because of its technology that can differentiate between barking and other noises. In addition, an automatic setting increases the intensity of reprimand until your dog stops barking.

However, despite the long battery life advertisement, many buyers stated that this collar’s battery easily drains out. They also experienced inconsistent quality or performance from this collar.


  • Lightweight design
  • Safe to use
  • It can detect your pet’s specific barking
  • Different intensity levels


  • Short battery life
  • Inconsistent quality

Types of Bark Collar

After enumerating the best no-bark collars for dogs, let us now proceed to discuss the different types of bark collars. With that, you can easily infer what type of collar will best suit your dog. 

Vibration Bark Collar

This kind of collar will start vibrating at various intensities when your dog barks. These are more annoying to the dog, and if utilized correctly, they will begin to link the vibration to the barking. With that, a dog can develop a logic of minimizing barking to avoid the feeling of annoying vibrations. However, this still depends on the dog – and not all dogs are guaranteed to develop a sense of linking barking with vibrations. 

Spray Bark Collar

This spray bark collar deters your dog from barking by emitting an unpleasant plant-based odor instead of vibrating, shocking, and sounds. Citronella smells are commonly used in spray bark collars since animals and insects dislike the smell. Of course, if your dog is prone to allergies caused by this scent, it is best to avoid this type of collar. 

Static Shock Collar

Static Shock Collar uses electrodes to transmit a static shock when a dog barks. These shocks are comparable to static electricity shocks that we experience. Depending on the size of the dog and the severity of the barking, many collars provide a variety of settings and intensities.

This type of collar is not recommended by veterinarians and specialists since it can do more harm than good. A bad shock collar poses a greater threat than other types of collar. Moreover, your dog can also develop mental problems with continuous shock. 

Ultrasonic Bark Collar

A dog can detect pitches and frequencies that humans are unable to since their hearing is far more sensitive than ours. Only dogs can hear the “annoying” high-pitched sound that ultrasonic bark collars emit when activated. With this annoying sound, dogs often pause or stop barking. Furthermore, this collar is only supposed to “annoy” the dog, it should not be strong enough to cause harm. 

Factors to Look For in a Bark Collar

If you are looking for a no-bark collar for your dog, it is normal to feel confused about what features you should look for. Thus, we prepared a list of the factors a good bark collar should have. 


Of course, the first thing you need to check is the dog collar’s durability. Will it last long? Can it withstand your physically active dog? Having a durable no-bark collar can not only avoid unwanted accidents but also allows you to save money. 


The material of the collar should be durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, especially if your dog is a lively breed. The collar shouldn’t be harmed if your dog decides to splash about in the water or engage in rough play. Moreover, the material should be comfortable enough for your dog to not feel any type of pain or discomfort while they are using it. Collars made of poor materials can cause skin irritations or problems.

Ease of Use

Moving forward, also check if the bark collar is easy to use – especially if you know that you are not the most tech-savvy pet owner out there. 


To determine the proper collar size for your dog, be sure to measure the width of its neck. Online size guides are available from some companies. Utilize these tools before purchasing to ensure that the item is the correct size.

Additionally, the weight of the dog is listed on the box of the majority of dog bark collars, so you may weigh your dog to choose the appropriate collar. Purchasing a collar that can be adjusted to fit various neck sizes is the easiest way to prevent obtaining the incorrect size for your dog, especially if they are growing.


The collar on your dog won’t function properly if it is too loose or tight. You must get a sturdy collar that suits the size of your dog’s neck. Moreover, check if the product is not too strong or weak. Strong no-bark collars can cause harm; meanwhile, too-weak collars might not work since the dogs cannot feel them. 


Choose the no-bark collar style or type that fits your dog the most. For example, if your dog is prone to allergies when it comes to scent, it is best to avoid spray bark collars. Moreover, if your pet has hearing impairments, ultrasonic collars should be out of the table.


Because every dog has a varied tolerance for pain, be sure the correction level may be adjusted to fit your dog. There are no-bark collars that offer various intensity or stimulation levels. Additionally, confirm that the collar has a reliable bark control mechanism that won’t activate when nearby dogs bark.

False-Trigger Feature

Other canines or sounds that the bark collar interprets as constant barking may serve as a false trigger. Inaccurate beeping, vibrating, or shocking can cause confusion and harm to your dog.  As a result, while you’re buying, be sure the collar you’re considering has a function that correctly detects the barking and confines it to your dog.

Water Resistance

Waterproof is another characteristic of stop barking collars that are quite popular. A few of them are waterproof enough for your dog to wear while swimming, but picking a no-bark dog collar with a waterproof enclosure ensures that your dog won’t have any issues wearing it in bad weather. This is undoubtedly a characteristic you’ll want to keep in mind if your dog enjoys being outside in all weather conditions.


A high-quality bark collar will be expensive, but it will be far more effective and dependable than a collar that is built with lower-quality materials. The collar’s many features and functions determine its pricing. In general, you are more inclined to spend more money on a collar the more features it has. Finding a collar with only the characteristics you require rather than the most features is the secret.

Benefits of Using a Bark Collar?

Now, what are the benefits of using a bark collar? Is it worth it to give it a try? Well, let’s find out as we enumerate the different benefits of bark collars!

Cheaper Than a Professional Trainer

Professional dog training services are undeniably a lot more expensive than most no-bark collars. Additionally, compared to the several training sessions your dog would require, you just need to buy one collar to help them stop persistently barking. Another plus point would be your relationship with your dog might become even stronger when you train them yourself.

However, to ensure that no unwanted accidents will occur, always follow the instructions listed and consult a professional if necessary. Consultation is also cheaper compared to actual training. 

Faster Results

With the collar, your dog learns quickly that unnecessary barking results in negative stimuli. To avoid that, they will avoid barking unless it is necessary.

Soon, your dog will bark only for valid reasons. Once the barking is under control, you can remove the collar. Combine the collar with positive reinforcement, like treats, for faster and better results.

Dogs Learn in a Safe Environment

Your dog has to feel secure for any teaching to be successful. Wearing a dog bark collar requires some getting accustomed to it, so having your dog wear it in a more comfortable setting will assist. Putting a collar around your dog’s neck and rewarding excellent behavior may speed up the training process, which may be a long and difficult procedure.

More Efficient for Multiple Dogs

You may use several collars with various levels of adjustment to help your dogs stop barking excessively if you have multiple pets. Alternatively, you may use a fixed device to manage several collars, each of which is customized to the needs of a particular dog. This factor is also related to saving more money. 

No Bark Collars for Dogs: FAQs

Before we officially wrap this article, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about no-bark collars for dogs!

Is there a bark collar that works?

Yes, there are bark collars that genuinely work. Your dog’s temperament may also have an impact on the effectiveness of a bark collar.

Are barking collars cruel to dogs?

Most people associate wearing shock collars with cruelty and pain for the animals. However, bark collars that employ vibration, sound, or citronella spray are perfectly safe and, when used properly, may be efficient training aids.

Is there a collar that stops dogs from barking?

As mentioned before, yes, there’s a collar that stops dogs from barking. It is commonly called “No–bark” collars. However, remember that this collar’s efficiency varies from one dog to another. Plus, it is still necessary for pet owners to distinguish the cause of nuisance barking to solve the problem properly. 

What type of bark collar is the most humane?

The most humane type of collar would probably be the spray bark collar because it is completely harmless and only triggers your dog’s nose. It does not cause any shock or vibration that can potentially cause mental damage if not done properly. 

What can I use instead of a bark collar?

If you do not want to use a bark collar, you can settle with citronella collars! According to a study from Cornell University, pet owners find citronella collars as an effective way of preventing nuisance barking instead of using a shock and vibration collar. 

In conclusion, with the wide variety of choices available under the best no-bark collar for dogs, it is important to remember the different factors you need to look for in buying one. In addition, take note that static shock collars for dogs are not recommended by veterinarians and specialists since they can cause both physical and mental damage to your dog. Plus, all types of bark collars can pose a threat if not used properly. 

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