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10 Best Humane Dog Bark Collars

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Saturday 12 September 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best humane dog bark collars
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Love your dog but can’t stand its incessant barking? Humane dog bark collars are your new best friend! As much as we are sure you love communicating and playing with your furry friend, at some point its barking may cause discomfort for you and your neighbors. This, however, does not mean that inhumane devices are the only solution.

You can effectively train your fur friend with humane bark collars for dogs that are available on the market. Choosing one can be a hassle though, which is why we have compiled this list of the best pup-friendly anti-bark collars. Pick up your dog and dive into this hopefully helpful guide.

What Are Humane Dog Bark Collars?

Dogs love to bark, and it’s in their nature to do so during the day and during the night. However, it understandably becomes a problem for both you and your neighbors if your dog is continuously barking. This is when dog collars for barking come in handy. Aside from positive reinforcement, these specifically designed training devices are the best alternative to lessen your dog’s excessive barking.

There are various reasons why incessant woofing can be a cause for headaches. For instance, you cannot have your anxious canine bark at every shadow it sees when you have a newborn baby in the house. While we are sure that you are already training your beloved pet to behave, reducing barking is a difficult task, especially if you do not have much free time. The aim of these anti-bark collars is to make dogs stop or lessen their barking through an uncomfortable stimulus. This stimulus can be a slight shock, noise, or spray, among many others. It’ll help your dog associate barking with discomfort so he can reduce it.

Bark collars for dogs can especially be useful to control your dog’s barking when you are not at home. If utilized properly, they can also provide effective training. After some time, you may not even need to attach the collar to your dog anymore since your pup’s already picked up good behaviors. In some cases, these devices can also be used to correct aggressive behavior in dogs as well as to calm some pups who suffer from separation anxiety.

humane dog bark collars
Humane dog collars are great devices to help control your dog’s barking.

Types of Humane Dog Bark Collars?

A lot of people may think that dog collars for barking only consist of devices that shock the canines. There are, however, other options in the category of collars that are both humane and effective. Let’s take a look at the various types of bark collars for pups that are available all over the globe:


Static collars are well-known as the most effective when it comes to deterring your canine from barking. This type of collar activates via a vibration sensor that detects when your dog is barking. It trains your doggo to stop barking by providing a small static shock each time it is activated.

At the same time, the Humane Society of the United States maintains that “the least humane and most controversial use of the shock collar is as a training device.”

Some shock collars are also accompanied by a microphone sensor for more accuracy. There is a wide range of static devices on the market for all breeds of dogs. They come with a variety of settings and high-tech options for customizing the device as well.


Spray dog anti-bark collars are popular on the market, though they may not be as effective for more stubborn dogs. While some collars are activated through microphones, several brands offer a more advanced range of devices. After being triggered by your dog’s barking, it shoots out a burst of citronella spray which pups tend to dislike. Since the sprays have to be refilled, this option might be a bit pricey.


This type of bark collar for dogs works by emitting an ultrasonic sound that cannot be heard through the human ear. Dogs are usually not fans of this noise and eventually regard it as a form of punishment when they bark. A lot of dogs end up getting used to the sound, though, which means that it would not be very effective for problem barkers. It might, however, still work for small dogs with timid temperaments.


Devices that function through this method startle the dogs by delivering waves of vibration after detecting their barking. If used properly, vibration collars can effectively train pups to cut down their barking through varying levels of intensity and progressive correction.

How to Choose the Right Humane Dog Bark Collar?

As mentioned above, choosing the right collar for your dog can be a hassle. Depending on various factors, it could be a hit or a miss when buying a dog anti-bark collar. To avoid wasting money through trial and error, try making a list of criteria on your own based on the following aspects we’ve highlighted below:

Your Dog’s Breed

When choosing a collar for your canine, the first thing to consider is the breed. Different breeds mean different sizes. Most bark collars work through sensors that require close contact with the dog’s neck. If the bark collar does not fit snugly on your dog’s neck, its effectiveness will be considerably reduced.

For instance, if your dog is a very small Chihuahua, buying a collar designed for big dogs such as Mastiffs is not a good idea. Similarly, if you accidentally buy a smaller collar for your big dog, it would cause significant discomfort – something that neither you nor the dog wants. Ideally, you should be able to place slide one finger between the collar and your dog’s neck.

Your Dog’s Sensitivity

If you are considering humane dog anti-bark collar options, you really want to pay attention to your dog’s sensitivity. Some animals get scared very easily due to reasons such as anxiety or fear. For dogs with these types of temperaments, it would be best to avoid static collars. Devices that work through sound or vibration are the best choices in this case. After all, we do not want to cause further trauma to the pup by startling it with unnecessary stimuli.

On the other hand, some dogs are very stubborn and may completely ignore some of the gentler forms of discomfort, such as the citronella spray or the vibration. They will just continue barking regardless. Also, if your dog has a high pain tolerance, some collars will not be effective at stopping its barking. The dog might also persistently bark through the pain and end up injuring its neck. In these cases, you have to be very careful with the settings on the collar, which brings us to the third criteria: adjustability.

choosing a humane dog anti-bark collar
When choosing an anti-bark collar be sure to keep your dog’s sensitivities in mind.


You should be able to adjust a collar according to your dog’s needs. A collar that does not offer you a certain level of control is not a good choice. You want to be able to set the intensity according to what works best for your dog. Too low and it will continue barking, too high, and it will end up hurting your dog. You should also be able to intervene easily in case of issues with the collar.

Also, even though it is a collar, a dog bark collar is still a training tool. Administrating the adequate amount of punishment only when necessary is something that you should be able to control. Since you are the master, you also cannot let a tool, no matter how effective, completely take over your dog’s training. This way, your dog will know that you are the one who is in charge of the collar, thus positively contributing to its training.


Battery levels, solidity, and effectiveness all come together here. You want the collar to be able to last for a reasonable amount of time so that it can effectively restrain your dog from barking. Excessive charging and refillings will only add more to your expenses and time – which isn’t loved by anyone.

Your dog’s breed also impacts on the durability of the collar. For example, active dogs such as Retrievers and Huskies are more likely to quickly wear out the collar than less active ones. You would need a collar that is strong enough to survive through your dog’s activities. In some cases, you may even want to consider weatherproof options.

10 Best Humane Dog Bark Collars

And now, onto the reviews! Here are the best humane dog bark collars.

1. DogRook Rechargeable Bark Collar

With its vibration and sound training modes and a shockingly long-lasting battery, DogRook Rechargeable Bark Collar is easily the best, most humane dog collar for barking on the market. It is completely safe and will train your beloved canine without hurting it. This collar works by emitting beeping sounds and vibrations, along with five other modes to make the dog understand that barking does not count as good behavior. It does not matter if your doggo is big, medium, or small in size; this collar fits them all.

With a fast-charging battery that can last up to 21 days, you don’t have to constantly remind yourself to charge the device. A lot of buyers have praised the collar for its almost immediate effectiveness and its affordability. It even seems to work for problem barkers and dogs who are particularly difficult to train. One customer also commented by saying that this collar was very useful as a training tool for her Chihuahua. It is also one of the best bark collars for German Shepherds.

After a few basic settings and maybe a bit more patience with extreme problem barkers, you can be sure that this collar will put a stop to your dog’s “woof woof”.

2. PetSafe Bark Control Collar for Dogs

PetSafe Basic Bark Control is a static collar with a slogan that says, “Enjoy less barking and more love”. And that is exactly the effect that it will have on your relationship with your dog. It is a very adjustable collar, coming with six levels of progressive static correction and suiting dogs that are 8lb. Or more. With this device on your pup’s neck, you can be sure that the canine is being trained without the risk of false corrections. You can also be safe with the fact that this waterproof collar will not hurt your beloved pet underwater or due to excessive static delivery.

Dog owners have actually tested this collar on themselves before putting it on their dogs and have reported no pain, just mild discomfort. The results of using it on the actual pets also seem remarkable. Its progressive correction effectively trained the dogs to stop their barking and has even helped improved some dog owners’ relationships with their canines and neighbors.

This collar does involve zapping your pet. But as long as you do not leave it on when it is unnecessary, you and your entourage can both benefit from its effective training on your furry friend.

3. Citronella Spray Bark Collar

After a sound corrector and a static one, we want to highlight the best bark collar with a remote in the spray category. Completely humane with zero shocks, the Citronella Spray Bark Collar by Kaier Cat is perfect for your medium-sized dogs (over 8lbs). It works both automatically and with a remote control which can be used to activate the spray from as far as 500-feet away.

The collar is also waterproof and uses a rechargeable battery with adjustable sensitivities for your pup to be comfortable with – a good set of features if you ask us! With its sleek design and easy-to-understand set-up instructions, this no shock bark collar has captured the hearts of pup owners.

Reviewers love the humane quality of this collar and have confirmed that it does indeed work! Other than the hassles of refilling the spray, the collar does a great job of reducing barking in less aggressive dog breeds.

4. EXuby Friendliest Bark Collars for Small Dogs

True to its name, eXuby Friendliest Bark Collar for Small Dogs is indeed one of the most dog-friendly anti-bark collars on the market! It is a sound and vibration-only collar which boasts seven levels of intensity for you to effectively train your pet. The device comes with an innovative chipset which provides fluctuating intensities of signals to gently deter your fur baby from barking.

According to customers who have tried this collar on their dogs, the effects are clearly visible, or in this case (un)hearable, on the first day itself. Upon hearing the sound that the collar emits, the canines were intrigued and did actually stop barking.

The only downside to this device might be the strap which ends up getting frayed and may be itchy to some dogs. If you can find a way around that, this is one of the friendliest humane bark collars for small dogs, and you’ll love the experience!

5. MONTAUR Dog Bark Collar

The fifth entry on this list is another sound and vibration option. This device by MONTAUR is a water-resistant, no-shock tool to control your dog’s barking. This humane dog collar for barking is a great accessory for all breeds.

It works by progressively delivering painless stimuli through high-frequency ultrasonic sound and vibration. It is also designed to be easy on your pup’s fur, guaranteeing maximum comfort as one of the best bark collars for long-haired dogs.

Buyers have tried it on big Mastiffs as well as on Westies and have confirmed that the barking does stop. So does the antagonistic behavior, it seems. Customers have also emphasized the long-lasting battery. However, the strap may end up fraying and becoming a problem. Aside from that, it’s a good purchase.

6. SparklyPets’ Dog Bark Collar

SparklyPets’ innovative collar comes in at number 6, with 7 levels of sensitivity and adjustable design. This waterproof sound and vibration bark collar promise to train your doggo without hurting it.

It contains a Smart Detection Chip which eliminates surrounding sounds into consideration and only activates when your dog is barking. It is made of a durable material and is suitable for dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

Its price is also an attractive trait for customers since it comes in a 2-pack. A lot of buyers expressed how effective the collar was considering that it is quite a cheap purchase. The main trouble which bothered a reviewer is the lack of an off-switch. To save battery, you just have to remove the batteries from their slot when the device is not in use.

7. My Pet Command 2 in 1 Auto Dog Training Collar

Our second spray bark collar with remote on this list: My Pet Command 2 in 1 Auto Dog Training Collar. This device is at the top of its game with regard to adjustability. It is equipped with both automatic and remote-control modes and can be used to train a dog of any breed. The automatic mode comes with an advanced bark detection function as well as sensitivity level settings. You can easily refill the cans and recharge the batteries which are bound to run for a longer period of time.

Similar to the other waterproof collars on this list, buyers love the change this collar has made on their pups’ behavior. They especially appreciate the remote-control mode since it allows dog owners to personally train their pets from far away or close-by.

Aside from some issues with the strap and in some cases the battery, this collar is a great purchase!

8. TopDale Bark Collar

Appealing to dog owners through its focus on humane training and its sleek design, TopDale’s Bark Collar is a premium collar for your pet. As a sound and vibration bark corrector, it comes with a high-interference ability and a smart vibration sensor.

This means no more activation due to outside noise or random voices while you cuddle up with your pup. Suitable for small to medium pups, this collar is made from a durable and eco-friendly material, which goes a long way to make life better for your furry friend.

Other than helping with curbing down the barking of their dogs, customers have advanced that this collar was useful to calm down restless canines. Its affordability and gentle correction method were also praised, making it one the best bark collar for small dogs.

9. Lelekey Dog Bark Collar

Our next bark collar is yet another harmless, humane, and effective device that reduces your dog’s barking. We can assure you – Lelekey’s collars do really work wonders. It is a highly customizable collar with up to 5 levels of sensitivity and two training modes.

The adjustable collar means that it can fit dogs of almost all sizes. Its intelligent barking detection chip, waterproofing abilities, and auto protection mode ensure that the static shocks will not harm your dog in any way.

Dog owners love its rechargeable battery and its easy settings, not to mention the fact that it works wonders to stop their dogs from woofing. The collar does seem to have some timing issues, though, which may be a problem for correcting sensitive dogs.

10. Bark Collar by Dog Care

Finally, the Bark Collar by Dog Care offers to curb down your dog’s barking with effective techniques. It has two main modes – beeping and automatic vibrations. It also comes with adjustable sensitivity settings, comfortable straps that are adjustable as well, and an amazing LED indicator to show you the working status of the collar.

You can also relax with the safety system, which automatically cuts off the shock after 30 seconds of no reaction. Lastly, it also features a long-lasting battery (7-day lifespan) which is fairly easy to replace in case an issue does come up.

For stubborn dogs who refuse to stop barking following more gentle stimuli. This “bad boy”, as one reviewer called it, has proved to be quite effective. It does not start with immediate punishment, instead of giving the dog various warnings before the actual low-voltage zap. If you have tried other dog bark collars and none of them seem to work, try this one!

most effective dog collar for barking
Not all anti-bark collars will work for every dog.

Humane Bark Collars For Dogs – FAQ

That marks the end for our review section, and we’re sure you’ll love purchasing a dog collar that fits your doggo’s needs. Now, let’s go over a few questions that you might have from our discussion on dog bark collars:

What is the Most Effective Dog Collar for Barking?

The most effective dog anti-bark collar is humane, therefore painless and trains your dog to stop barking in a relatively short period of time. It is important to remember that the most effective dog anti-bark collar for your pet may not be the best for another pup. The effectiveness of the collar will depend on the canine’s breed, price, adjustability, and other features.

DogRook is a dominant brand with regards to vibration collars. It wins as a humane alternative to shock devices and has enough settings for comfortable control over your doggo’s training. The Garmin BarkLimiter is a top choice in the static field, though it can be pricey. The Modus Ultrasonic Bark Control Device is a good option if you’re looking for ultrasonic bark collars for your pup. The best spray no shock bark collar would probably be the PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer Collar.

What is the Strongest Bark Collar?

For very stubborn dogs, regular anti-bark collars just won’t do. That is when the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Bark Collar comes in play. It is the strongest option you can find on the market and will effectively correct your problem barker.

It is very high-tech, with an anti-injury chip, a digital adjustment screen, and a false barking detector. Though it is the most powerful collar to reduce barking, it does not go overboard. You’re free to customize it and only use it when corrections are required in your dog’s behavior.

What is the Best no Bark Collar?

Here’s our selection of the best anti-bark collars for dogs of all sizes which won’t break your bank either:

  1. PetSafe Citronella Bark Collar
  2. SportDOG NoBark 10R
  3. PetSafe Basic Bark Collar
  4. Dogtra YS300
  5. Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe

Many options in the no bark collar category are now available on the market. Though choosing the best one for your pup can be a tedious task.

Are Vibration Bark Collars Effective?

Most owners don’t love the shocking factor of shock collars and revert to vibration collars. These are excellent alternatives and are great for quick training as well. Humane dog bark collars should be a blessing in disguise, both for you and your pup. It should not harm your dog in any kind – that’s their main task.

Vibration collars do not shock dogs, which means that they are a humane way to discipline dogs. Also, through proper use and accompanied by adequate training, vibration collars can effectively lessen and/or stop your dog’s barking. After some time, the collar won’t be necessary as your dog will already have learned that barking isn’t good behavior.

Humane dog bark collars offer a painless alternative to control barking. Always try to understand and prevent the underlying issue first and foremost. However, these collars offer an alternative without causing your dog any pain.

vibration bark collars effective
Vibration collars can effectively lessen and/or stop your dog’s barking.

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