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7 Best Dog Dandruff Shampoos – Anti-seborrheic Ingredients, Reviews & FAQ

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Published on
Friday 20 December 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog dandruff shampoos
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If your dog has a dry or too oily coat, there is a great chance that it will develop seborrhea. There are various dog dandruff shampoos available to treat dogs with this skin condition. Dandruff, which is also known as seborrhea, is caused by too little or too much oil production. It is incredibly common in both dogs and humans.

Some dog breeds such as Scottish Terriers, Pugs, and Bulldogs are more susceptible to dandruff. This means they have an easier chance of developing it.

Like humans, dogs also have sensitive skin. This means they are also exposed to a variety of skin conditions. Dry skin can be super harmful to dogs and can cause them to develop dandruff.

However, the various types and kinds of dog dandruff shampoos available in the market can provide relief to your dog and help them get rid of their dandruff.

What are the consequences of dandruff in dogs?

Dog dandruff leads to small flakes of your dog’s skin peeling off. It is very similar to human dandruff because it is caused by dryness and it is easily visible because of the mess it creates.

Dog dandruff leads to dry and irritated skin, which is why it is extremely easy to spot. If your dog has dandruff, they will be extremely uneasy and uncomfortable all the time. They may lose patches of hair from their coat and have dry, flaky, and irritated skin. Due to this, your pet will often be seen scratching their coat. The dandruff is easy to spot because it creates a mess in your house.

However, if you choose to not use any dog dandruff shampoos, the condition might grow and become more severe. If dandruff is left untreated, it can lead to your dog losing a considerable amount of fur. This means they could develop bald spots and patches on their coat. They could also develop other, more serious skin conditions.

This is why it is highly advisable to use dog dandruff shampoos so that you can treat your dog’s dandruff before it worsens and causes more distress to your little furry friend.

What causes dandruff in dogs?

If you are wondering about what causes dandruff in dogs? There are a few causes of dandruff. The first and most common cause is dry skin. If your dog is not consuming enough water and is constantly exposed to a dry and hot environment, there is a great chance they will have dry skin.

Dry skin

Dry skin can also occur in the winter season, where the heat inside the house dries up all the cold air. For this, you must encourage your dog to drink more water. You can do this in a variety of ways. These include getting them new, attractive bowls and other gadgets like water fountains to make the experience more fun for them.

Skin allergies

Another reason why dogs develop dandruff is the presence of various skin allergies. These include environmental allergies, where your dog is especially sensitive to triggers in the environment.

This sensitivity then goes on to cause dry, irritated, and itchy skin. Your dog will repeatedly scratch their skin which will cause the condition to worsen. Scratching the skin will also cause dry flakes of skin to be scraped off.

Food allergies

Food allergies can also cause dandruff. A variety of different meats are known to trigger allergies in dogs. These meats include fish, pork, beef, and sometimes even chicken.

According to vets, individual food allergies can also occur in dogs. This means your dog specifically could be allergic to a certain kind of food or ingredient. This is why you should take your dog for regular checkups and also be very careful of the dog food you buy from the market.

Bacterial and fungal infections

According to vets, bacterial and fungal infections also cause dandruff. If your dog develops a bacterial or yeast infection, there is a very high chance of them developing dandruff later. This is because these infections leave the skin irritated and vulnerable to other skin conditions.

In addition to this, other causes of dandruff in dogs include a lack of proper nutrition. If your dog does not consume enough food or consumes food that has less nutritional value, their skin and fur can be affected immensely.

Seborrhea sicca and Seborrhea oleosa types of dandruff in dogs)
Seborrhea sicca and Seborrhea oleosa are the two types of dandruff in dogs.

For this, vets suggest doing some research before getting dog food and also switching your dog’s food if you see that it is not making them healthier.

Hypothyroidism, obesity, and Cushing’s disease can also cause skin problems and dandruff. Many other diseases can have a devastating effect on your dog’s skin and later cause dandruff.

7 Best Dog Dandruff Shampoos

There a variety of dog dandruff shampoos available in the market. Some of the very best ones include

1. ProPetWorks Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

This product is truly one of the best choices for your dog’s dandruff shampoo. It is made and sold by famous US Company Quality Works Plus. This product is recommended by vets because it has excellent quality and can be used to treat dandruff in animals other than dogs.

This anti-dandruff shampoo has natural organic ingredients that are specifically added for dry and sensitive skin. It also has a balanced PH to suit sensitive and irritated skin. In addition to this, it does not have alcohol or any added fragrances that could have a harsh effect on your dog’s skin.

The Aloe Vera and Almond oil in this product keep your dog smelling fresh and clean and also soothes their irritated skin. There are various vitamins present in this formula, including vitamin A, D, and E that prevent your dog’s eyes, nose, and ears from being irritated during bath time.

Satisfied customers state that they love this product because of its smell and soothing formula. This product helped soothe their pet’s skin and made them more comfortable and less irritated.

However, some customers feel that this product was not as effective in treating elevated skin conditions and worse cases of dandruff.

2. 4-Legger Organic Shampoo for Dogs

This shampoo is also one of the more popular dogs’ dandruff shampoos. It has a certification from USDA which means it is completely safe to use and will not harm your pet’s skin. It also has aloe vera and lemongrass which will soothe your pet’s irritated skin and make them feel more comfortable.

In addition to this, they have a hypoallergenic formula that includes an oil blend. This oil blend nourishes your dog’s coat and moisturizes it to decrease dryness and dandruff. The formula lathers up nicely and creates a bath full of bubbles!

However, there are no artificial chemicals or thickeners added to make the product extra soapy. This product has cruelty-free, vegan, and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Customers love this product and state that it lathers up nicely and their dogs enjoy their baths. They also say that the product has a nice smell and gets rid of both fleas and dandruff.

Some customers, however, do not like the smell of the product and state that it does not suit their dog.

3. Oatmeal Shampoo with Lavender Essential Oils

This product is great for dogs and little puppies who have dry skin and dandruff. It has natural ingredients such as jojoba extracts that soothe your little friend’s skin and reduce dandruff.

This formula also includes lavender essential oils that have a sweet, soothing smell and help calm your dog during the bath. It also provides homeopathic relief from the itchy and irritated skin.

In addition to this, vets recommend this formula due to its pure and organic ingredients that not only get rid of dandruff but also get rid of bad odors from your dog’s coat.

This gentle formula is loved by many users. People state that they particularly love the soothing lavender scent and the effect it has on their dog. Furthermore, they also love how it reduces dandruff and makes their dog’s coat shiny and soft.

However, there were very few customers who stated that the product made their dog’s skin irritated and a few red bumps surfaced after use. However, most people did not have this complaint and enjoyed using this product.

4. Anti-Seborrheic Shampoo for Dogs

This product is a clinical formula that is recommended by vets. It is a medicated shampoo that gently heals your dog’s angry, irritated skin and soothes them. It also helps to treat irritation caused by fleas and other bacterial and fungal infections.

In addition to this, this dandruff shampoo for dogs helps heal waxy skin, bald spots, flaky skin, and greasy fur and skin. It is specially designed for dogs and works best on their skin.

It has a balanced PH and does not have any artificial ingredients. Another advantage of this product is that it is affordable and gives you fast results.

Satisfied customers state that this product has helped in getting rid of their dog’s persistent dandruff. It has also reduced pain and inflammation caused by continuous itching. Some dissatisfied customers felt that this product did not work as effectively on their dog’s skin.

5. Earth Bath All-Natural Pet Shampoo

This product is also one of the best dog’s dandruff shampoos in the market. It is made with completely natural and organic ingredients and can be used for both dogs and cats.

In addition to this, this shampoo is soap-free and will not irritate your dog’s ears, eyes, or nose during the bath. It is safe to use and gently helps soothe your pet’s skin and remove all traces of dandruff.

Despite the lack of soap and artificial ingredients, it is advisable to keep it away from your dog’s eyes so that no irritation is caused.

It has a great scent and will leave your animal smelling heavenly. Satisfied customers have stated that this product helps them get rid of their dog’s dandruff effectively. They also love how this shampoo is not too expensive.

Some customers do not like how this product can irritate when it comes in contact with the dog’s eyes. This is because they have to be extra careful while bathing their pets.

6. Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo for Dogs

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This product is also one of the best dandruff shampoos for dogs. It not only gets eliminates dandruff, but also gets rid of yeast infections, fungus, fleas, and even ringworms.

Another advantage of this shampoo is that it works on both cats and dogs. In addition to this, it has a nice scent that leaves your pet smelling like fresh cucumbers and melons after bath time.

Furthermore, this product is made is certified labs in the US. Each bottle has been made with care and has the highest quality product in it. Many vets recommend this product also because it is cheaper than competing products in the market.

Customers love this product because of its reasonable price and the money-back guarantee this company offers. If you are not satisfied with this product, you can always return it and the company will give you all the money you have spent on it.

7. Honeydew Oatmeal Shampoo for Puppies

This particular anti-dandruff shampoo is also one of the best dog’s dandruff shampoos. It has a natural formula that helps soothe your dog’s skin. There are no artificial ingredients, soaps, or perfumes that could harm your dog’s skin or worsen their dandruff.

Furthermore, this product has a premium colloidal oatmeal formula that heals and moisturizes dry skin. It also gets rid of bad odor and takes care of your dog’s coat.

The product also has a conditioner base which adds another layer of moisture to your dog’s coat. It has a cruelty free ingredients and does not cause any irritation to your dog during baths.

It is also created is secure and hygienic facilities in the US which ensures the highest quality for this product. Satisfied customers love its smell and how it is completely cruelty-free.

Customers also love how this product has moisturizing ingredients like ProVitamin B5 and Jojoba.

dog dandruff supplements
Omega-3 fatty acids are known for their skin health properties in dogs suffering from dandruff.

How To Choose the Right Dandruff Shampoo for Dogs?

In order to choose the right dandruff shampoo to treat seborrheic dermatitis in dogs, you must consider the severity of the issue, as well as picking the right product adapted to your dog’s breed, age, and sensitivities.

Choose the right type of shampoo

There are many different types of shampoos available in the market. However, not all of them will be the right shampoo for your animal. You must do thorough research before you select a shampoo for your dog. Most importantly, you should consult your vet before buying or testing a completely new brand of Dandruff shampoo.

For this, you can look up various brands of shampoos and read reviews about them online. We have our favorites listed below. You can also ask other dog owners for suggestions and advice.

Look for anti-dandruff ingredients

Before selecting an anti-seborrheic shampoo for dogs, it is important to first check the ingredients. You must make it a point to look for ingredients that will soothe your dog’s skin and get rid of all dandruff.

Some of the more popular ingredients include oat, aloe vera, honey, peppermint, Vitamin E, and other antiseptic ingredients. These ingredients not only help soothe your pet’s dry and irritated skin but also heal it.

All these ingredients produce moisture on your pet’s skin that increases the quality of your dog’s fur and makes it more soft and shiny.

Know your dog’s allergies

Like humans, dogs are also allergic to a lot of different substances and ingredients. This is why it is extremely important to check the ingredients of the shampoo you are buying for your dog.

If your dog has previously had some skin diseases, bacterial infections, or allergies in the past, it is important to keep that in mind before selecting dandruff shampoos for dogs.

For this, you can also consult a vet or a specialist who can give you personalized advice according to your dog’s health history.

Buying a dog’s dandruff shampoo without considering your dog’s personal health history and allergies could have a devastating effect on your dog’s health. It could worsen their skin condition and increase its dryness and dandruff.

Avoid skin dryer ingredients

There are certain ingredients you must look out for whilst selecting dandruff shampoos for dogs. These ingredients include perfumes, alcohol, artificial smells and colors, and sodium laureate sulfate.

You must avoid these particular ingredients for several reasons. Firstly, these ingredients can cause your dog’s skin to get even drier and irritated. Due to this, they will be in more pain and their dandruff will worsen.

Artificial perfumes and ingredients are always harmful to animals, especially animals with sensitive skin or skin diseases.

Instead of skin dryer ingredients, you must select products that have moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and honey. These natural ingredients will help soothe your dog’s skin, get rid of dandruff, and improve the quality of their fur.

Dog Dandruff Shampoo FAQs

Dandruff in dogs is a little unsettling and not that simple to tackle, even with an abundance of quality medicated shampoos. Here are the answers to the most common questions people ask about anti-dandruff shampoos for dogs.

Is human dandruff shampoo suitable for dogs?

You can use it once in a month or so but making it a habit may harm your fluffy pet in the longer run. Using human shampoo has added benefit of controlling dandruff as well but putting it too much might become acidic for your dog. Head & Shoulders might do the trick for your pet too!

Can dry skin due to weather cause dandruff in dogs?

Dog dandruff as a medical condition is usually rarely found. However, it may occur, and the reasons may well be the climate and/or weather conditions. In most cases though, dandruff occurs as a symptom of other medical conditions such as fungal or skin infections, parasitical infections or even ass the result of diabetes or hypothyroidism.

Are there any home remedies for dog dandruff?

Be it for humans or your lovely pets, dandruff mostly occurs as a result of dryness and you can counter it the same way you counter dryness yourself!

1. Try keeping your dog in a rather moist area in your house
2. Apply anti-dandruff shampoos and lotions to combat seasonal dandruff (you can occasionally use your anti-dandruff shampoo)
3. Make sure your dog drinks lots of water so that it can stay hydrated
4. Use almond oil to brush your dog twice a week

Is frequent bathing unnecessary for dogs with dandruff?

Dogs have their way of keeping them clean and it works best for them. Washing your dog more often than is required or necessary, you’ll strip it of its natural coat of oils and nourishments and this will lead it to be more prone to dandruff. Keep the bathing once a week and continue applying home remedies to keep your dog dandruff free.

Can my dog’s diet increase dandruff?

Diet is always important for the skin. Make sure to have a good composition of oily substances in your dog’s diet to keep it away from dandruff. Keeping your dog hydrated is also really important. If your dog consumes food that has ingredients that they are allergic to, it can increase dandruff. Thus, diet is extremely important.

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