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Top 5 Best Dog Repellents — Deterrent Sprays vs Ultrasonic Repellers

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Published on
Friday 20 October 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Dog deterrent sprays vs ultrasonic dog repellers
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Dogs are amazing pets yet some often get noisy, unruly and tend to chew on almost anything they come across. They can pose danger to innocent passers-by or people visiting you. That is why dogs need to be controlled using deterrent sprays and ultrasonic repellents as training devices to punish bad behaviors.

These two work differently and are used in dissimilar situations and spray deterrents even further the complexity due to different active compounds. To select the best dog repeller, it is important to understand how each type works. The differences between the two solutions are addressed in the article below.

Let’s start with a review of the top 5 best dog repellents for you to have an overview of the price range and quality you should expect from each.

Top 5 Best Dog Repellents (Ultrasonic and Sprays)
Product Type Strength Price
The Company of Animals Pet Corrector Hiss A+ $$
SABRE Police Dog Attack Deterrent Pepper Spray A+ $$
Sentry Good Behavior Stop That! Pheromones B+ $
Sound Defense Dog Horn Ultrasonic B+ $$$
Professional Dog Whistle Whistle B- $

Top 5 Best Dog Repellents

Because there is such a wide range of dog repellers available on the marketplace today, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog repellents, including hissing sprays and ultrasonic dog deterrents. All of them are rather cheap and work wonders so it’s totally worth it.

1. The Company of Animals Pet Corrector

— Hiss Spray For Dogs

The first one I purchased was years ago and got through a lot of them by now. The Pet Corrector is a little can of unscented compressed gas that, when you press it, emits a hissing noise. And trust me, whatever your dog is doing at that time will stop immediately. I mainly used it to make sure my dog wasn’t jumping on my bed, and it worked perfectly. Depending on how often you decide to correct your dog, each bottle should last you between two weeks or a month.

Many behaviorists and dog trainers are recommending this little life-saving dog repellent because it is very economical, very efficient, and very safe. There is no setup or getting used to, you simply unbox it and start using it when you’ve got to. If you have cats and horses, it works with them too.

Please don’t spray it on your dog’s face, you can do it with a few meters of distance and spray away from your dog. The noise is very acute and will work regardless of the direction you point it to.

2. SABRE Police Dog Attack Deterrent

— Police-Used Pepper Spray Causing an Intense But Temporary Burning Sensation

SABRE is a world-famous manufacturer of pepper sprays and other strong protective sprays handed over to multiple personal protection agencies and law enforcement. It is widely used by professionals all over the world. This dog-specific SABRE pepper spray doesn’t cause any long-lasting injury to dogs or humans so do not worry at all!

Many people have purchased it because they are scared of dogs while others use it as a training device to punish their dog when it shows various undesired behaviors. Commonly, such dog spray deterrents are used to punish a dog who is chewing furniture, barking excessively or jumping on people. It’s efficient and generally provides quick results.

The main ingredient is 1.0% of major capsaicinoids, the compound found in hot chili peppers that makes them so hot (and addictive, ha!) It is the maximum strength allowed by the EPA (or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.)

Because the SABRE Pepper Spray Dog Attack Deterrent is a favorite choice of law enforcement officers, one could argue that it is perhaps too efficient. It has been designed to stop a dog attack and therefore could be an overkill for some dog owners who are after a more subdued solution. However, if you need something radical but still totally safe, grab yourself a cab.

3. Sentry Good Behavior Stop That

— Noise & Pheromone Spray Stopping Undesired Behaviors and Redirecting the Dog’s Attention

The problem often faced when using a regular spray or ultrasonic dog repellent is that they stop the current behavior without offering any other distraction. Sentry Stop That! Spray is bringing these two actions together in a brand new patent-pending dog deterrent.

Initially, the loud noise will immediately interrupt your dog while the pheromone mist will captivate and distract your dog so it forgets about the unwanted behavior. By redirecting your dog’s behavior and attention, this spray offers much better results that will last for longer.

This effective dog repellent spray should not be be used on the dog’s face and should always be using while your dog is doing the unwanted action, or right before it starts. Never spray after because dogs don’t have the capacity to understand the link between their action from the past, and the hiss of air they are hearing.

Yes, the Sentry Good Behavior Stop That! spray is pricier than the competition but the bottle should last you longer, and it’s the only one offering this unique pheromone approach to punishing a dog’s bad behaviors.

4. Sound Defense Dog Horn Deterrent

— Ultrasonic Repellent Spray For Dogs

The latest version of the Sound Defense Dog Horn is a bestseller on many e-commerce websites for a reason. Actually, for many reasons:

  • high-pitched ultrasonic noise inaudible to human ears but discomforting to dogs
  • offers two modes: audible and silent so your dogs always get surprised
  • makes dogs immediately stop excessive barking, digging, chewing, etc.
  • totally harmless to household pets and humans
  • works perfectly up to 50 feet away (or 15 meters)

The product line recently got upgraded with better components and online reviews are raving its newer and better technology. It’s pocket-sized so feel free to bring it along on your walks or bike rides because training a dog is a matter of consistency over time. You should train and reprimand your dog everywhere, not just at home.

5. Professional Dog Whistle

— A Good Ol’ Dog Whistle!


With great positive reviews on Amazon, this Professional Dog Whistle is the simplest yet perhaps the best ultrasonic dog repellent and anti-bark device. It’s as cheap as cheap can be and it’s also long-lasting, simple to use, and very convenient. It’s not the techiest or latest of dog gadgets but it does the job very well. You just have to blow the whistle, that’s all.

Coming with a lanyard strap and in two colors (black or silver), this ultrasonic deterrent has adjustable to multiple frequencies. This dog training whistle allows you to stop, curb and correct any dog’s unwanted behaviors. Many dog owners and dog trainers use ultrasonic whistles for long-distance recall training. It can be heard by human ears depending on how strong your blow is.

We all know that there is nothing in a dog’s brain that forces them to stop barking or chewing on furniture when they hear an ultrasonic whistle, but the manufacturer will give you useful tips on training your dog using their whistle by email. It’s very helpful and will accelerate the results!

How Do Ultrasonic Dog Repellers Work?

Ultrasonic dog deterrents are meant to cause irritation to pets by producing high-pitched noises. These sounds are produced by pressing the device. Only dogs and cats should be able to hear the sounds, so people and other animals will not be affected in any way. Once you press the ultrasonic device, an unruly dog will run off in the opposite direction in an attempt to escape the noise.

Ultrasonic devices are commonly used to scare off stray or random dogs. This is because they can be utilized with more stealth and are a lot easier to use, even when frightened. It is worth noting that these devices work best at a distance of 15 to 20 feet from the dog. They will be useless if the dog is very close since the frequency will not reach their ears.

As an advantage, the devices can be used to deter other dogs when walking your own pet since it will not affect him. At a faraway distance, you should also not count on the device to deter a dog.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Deterrents

  • Are easier to use on dogs that are out of control
  • Can be used stealthily
  • Have no side effects
  • Work well on dogs that are not very close, so you can use it to deter the neighbor’s dog and not yours
  • Some dog deterrent sprays can be a hazard to the environment

Ultrasonic dog repellers are often described as unreliable in the event of an attack since they will not work well for dogs that are very close to you or very confrontational.

You have to be careful when using the devices to deter dogs since some have heard the noise so many times that it does not affect them anymore. If you use it on your dog enough times, it will also become quite useless. Pets may get used to it. It is also important to remember that some dogs are deaf and will obviously not hear the sound produced.

How Do Dog Spray Deterrents Work?

Deterrent sprays usually come in small canisters. You can also make them at home using readily available ingredients. The point of using spray deterrents is to train your dog to behave well and to stop chewing on furniture. Some can be sprayed to the eyes of the dog to cause irritation while others are meant to be sprayed on furniture and other materials to discourage the dog from chewing them.

Sprays that are used on furniture affect the senses of taste and smell of the dog. The unpleasant odors are very strong on dogs since they are animals with a very sensitive sense of smell. The flavors are equally unpleasant and the dog will learn not to chew on the sprayed materials. The same products can be used to keep dogs away from yards and other areas of your home. Most sprays also have a hissing noise being emitted when you press them, it is extremely efficient in stopping any behavior your dog might be doing at that time (but it’s loud and will be heard by everybody!)

Eye sprays can be used when the dog starts acting up or becomes aggressive. Ideally, you should follow this up with a strong “no” or “stop.” This will help the dog understand that he shouldn’t engage in bad behavior. It is important to check the ingredients used to make the sprays since some can be dangerous or not specifically designed for dogs.

For your own pet, it might be easier and more convenient to use deterrent sprays. There is a low risk of giving the dog anxiety, and you are likely to be close enough to spray him at all times. That said, it will be better to use ultrasonic devices if the dog is at a farther distance.

Advantages of Deterrent Sprays

Remember that some sprays deterrents are made of unhealthy ingredients and can easily cause side effects to your dog. However, most commercial sprays are very safe and offer clear advantages over ultrasonic dog deterrents:

  • They work on dogs that are very close to you
  • Usually, they have a reach of up to 10 feet
  • They can be used to stop the dog from chewing your products even in your absence
  • They are highly effective at distracting dogs

Also, dog deterrent sprays have to be aimed accurately so read each product’s instructions to know how it should be handled.

The best dog repellent sprays are only effective at stopping dogs with little to medium aggression. If you are attacked by a very aggressive dog, sprays might be ineffective and unreliable, or you need to invest in a law enforcement pepper spray that is designed to halt dog aggression (SABRE being a very popular brand.) For such dogs, physical restraint and ultrasonic devices are your best options.

Some dog repellent sprays can be dangerous when ingested by the animals. With such products, you should aim very carefully to avoid getting some of it in the dog’s mouth. Also, you should never spray these products on materials that are chewed or eaten by the dog. In fact, you should always monitor your dog when he is around sprayed furniture.

You should never spray your dog long after they have engaged in wrong behavior. This will not effectively train the pet since the pet will not be able to connect bad behavior with the punishment given.

Different Compounds In Deterrent Sprays

Deterrent sprays for dogs are made of many different ingredients and active compounds. Some are formulated to be very intense for a few seconds (for attacks) while other recipes are elaborated to have a long-lasting effect (to be sprayed on furniture.) The components used in the spray determine its usage.

Here are some of the common ingredients used in dog deterrent sprays:

Hot Pepper

This is one of the strongest and best dog repellents spray ingredients. It is used to stop dogs from chewing on couches and other home furniture. Hot pepper contains capsaicin, and this is the chemical that burns the tongue and skin when the dog comes into contact with the spray. It doesn’t leave long-lasting injuries but creates discomfort for the dog when used in small amounts.

Hot pepper spray can be made at home. All you need is two tablespoons of hot pepper powder and ten cups of water. These should be mixed and put in a spray bottle. You can then spray it on the items your dog likes to chew. To make sure you don’t get quantities wrong, I recommend you to buy one on Amazon.


This is also commonly used to deter dogs. The smell of vinegar is very unpleasant to dogs since they are very sensitive to acidic smells. It also has a sour taste, and this means it can be used to prevent chewing of items in the house.

To make a vinegar spray deterrent, you should mix the ingredient with water in a ratio of 1 to 5.

Citronella oil

Citronella is a natural ingredient used in many commercial dog deterrent sprays. The ingredient is obtained from lemongrass and is safe for use on dogs. It has a discomforting smell, and this is what makes it an effective deterrent ingredient. You can make the spray at home by partially filling a spray bottle and adding a few drops of citronella essential oil. This is meant to be sprayed on the dog’s nose.

It is important to aim perfectly before spraying since the solution can cause a sting in the eye of the dog. You should also shake the mixture thoroughly before spraying your dog.


Sprays and ultrasonic devices are both highly effective when used as dog deterrents. However, they are applicable in different circumstances. Each solution has its pros and cons, and these will guide you in making a decision on which product you should use. Ultrasonic devices are best used on stray or random dogs on the street since these can be used with greater stealth. If the dog is too near, it is best to use deterrent sprays since the dog will not hear ultrasonic noises from very close distances.

If you can’t get natural and safe deterrent sprays, it would be best for you to use ultrasonic devices on unruly dogs. Otherwise, you will have to deal with unpleasant side effects. Follow these guidelines, and you will find the best dog repellent for your purposes.

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