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11 Best Dog Beds For Camping

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Published on
Sunday 15 January 2023
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
11 Best Dog Beds For Camping
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Camping with your dearest pup is a great way to destress and commune with nature together. Not only will it strengthen the bond between the two of you, but it will also boost both your minds and bodies. However, bringing your pet along means you’ll have to pack his needs, including his comfortable bed. Shopping for a dog bed can be time-consuming, so we rated some brands and came up with a list of the best camping beds for dogs to help you. 

11 Best Camping Beds For Dogs

With the different quality brands we included, you’ll be able to compare the pros and cons of each product. In this way, you can decide which one stands out from the rest and will suit your dog best. Here is a quick overview of the best camping beds for dogs.

1. Chuckit! Travel Pillow Bed

First on our list is Chuckit! Travel Pillow Bed, One Size. This blue and gray-colored portable doggy bed boast a soft and quilted poly suede top for your dog’s comfortable sleep. The bottom consists of a nylon material that repels dirt. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to pack for your camping or beach trips. 

Additionally, this dog mat is easy to clean after your escapade by tossing it into the washer. However, the padding on this product is not thick enough to provide insulation. Plus, the nylon bottom of this mat makes some noise when the dog moves. So, if your pup is sensitive to sound, you might want to consider this flaw. This dog bed is available only in one size and might be too big if you have a small dog.   


  • Lightweight and easy to pack
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and smooth surface


  • Not enough padding for insulation
  • Nylon bottom makes noise with movements
  • One size only, which may be too big for small dogs

2. Furhaven Trail Pet Bed

Making it to our top choice is Furhaven Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats. Not only is this product available in two sizes, but also in different colors to choose from. This portable mat comes with a bag, so it’s easy to pack and carry. It is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about the messes left by dogs or cats. 

However, in terms of durability, this product is not a stand-out. Most dog owners shared that they had issues with the low-quality stitching. Additionally, the dog bed is also not that thick for comfort. Although it keeps your dog dry and protected from dirt on the ground, it needs another layer on top for added cushion. 


  • Versatility and variety
  • Machine washable
  • It comes with a stuff bag for packing


  • Thin cushion, needing another layer of blanket for comfort
  • Threads and stitching are not as durable 

3. RUFFWEAR Mt. Bachelor Pad

Thinking about having to bring a huge mat for your large dog? Well, the RUFFWEAR Mt. Bachelor Pad is the answer to your worries. This doggy bed can be easily rolled and comes with a strap and buckle, so it won’t take up a lot of space. It boasts a waterproof base, so your dog stays dry when the weather isn’t too friendly in the camp. 

Its polyfill stuffing provides comfort and insulation for your dog. The medium size is also available for small to medium dogs. However, the top of this mat is made of suede which may be tough to clean. Because this mat is lightweight, it can easily be blown off during windy conditions.


  • Recycled polyfill stuffing 
  • With built-in strap and buckle to easily roll and stow
  • Non-slip waterproof base


  • Top material can be hard to clean
  • Can be easily blown off by the wind

4. RUFFWEAR Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag

Planning to climb up to the mountains and spend some time in the cold weather? Pack up a reliable dog sleeping essential like RUFFWEAR, Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag. This insulated sleeping bag boasts synthetic down filling for warmth during chilly camping nights. Plus, it has a dedicated sleeve if you wish to add another pad for added heat.  

Your dog can easily move into this bed because of its half-length zipper. In addition, you can easily pack this sleeping bag through the separate compression sack provided. Although the sleeping bag is plushy, it may be a struggle to shove it back into the sack. This product is also a bit pricey compared to the others on this list.  


  • Synthetic down stuffing for warmth 
  • It comes with a compression sack
  • With a dedicated sleeve for additional padding


  • The compression bag is quite small 
  • A bit pricey for its quality

5. Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed

Whether you’re going for a day hike or spending the night camping, the Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed is your perfect dog travel essential. This waterproof, mat-style bed offers your dog comfort away from home. Additionally, it has a hidden pocket where you can place a little piece of home. The bottom is made of a non-slip and non-absorbent material, so your pup stays dry even when the ground is wet. 

This dog mat includes a built-in handle, so it’s easy to roll and carry. However, the sturdy handle and the velcro straps are easy targets for chewers. The cushion of this dog mat is also not thick enough for senior dogs who need more support. 


  • Easily roll and carry 
  • Waterproof top and base
  • It has a small pocket to hide the scent of home


  • Handle and straps can be chewed off easily
  • The cushion is a bit light

6. YEP HHO Large Elevated Folding Pet Bed

Looking for an elevated bed for your pooch? YEP HHO Large Elevated Folding Pet Bed is our bet. It consists of a foldable steel frame and a breathable mesh surface. Unlike other brands that use fabric, the YEP HHO cot is designed with a full mesh cover. So, your dog feels cool even during the hot summer days. Plus, there are two sizes to choose from. 

However, this cot will not provide warmth to your dog during the colder season. It also has no padding or soft material for comfort. Lastly, if you are on a hike, carrying the steel frame with you can be troublesome compared to bringing foldable sleeping beds. 


  • The elevated cot provides extra protection against the ground
  • Full breathable mesh cover
  • Foldable steel frame, no need to assemble


  • Only ideal for the summer
  • No soft cushion
  • Not convenient for long hikes

7. HDP Elevated Padded Napper Cot

If you prefer a padded version of an elevated cot, HDP Elevated Padded Napper Cot is our pick. The fabric of this cot is made of durable and water-resistant polyester oxford. Because it is padded, it offers comfortable support, especially for arthritic dogs. The rust-resistant steel frame can easily be folded and stored in a bag for easy transport. Also, this cot is available in two sizes and various colors.

Now, you have a dog bed that protects your pooch from the hot, damp, or uneven ground. However, its frame is foldable, so its nuts tend to wear out first. Some dog owners shared that the joints get stuck and stop folding after some time. Also, if your dog is heavy, this bed will sag, decreasing his elevation from the ground. 


  • Elevated cot for hot, wet, or uneven ground surfaces
  • Padded for additional comfort
  • The steel frame can easily be folded and stored in a bag provided


  • Nuts of the steel frame wear out fast from folding and unfolding the cot
  • Fabric may sag low to the ground for heavy dogs

8. Lightspeed Outdoors Self-Inflating Fleece Dog Bed

The next product on our list stands out in terms of comfort, durability, and portability. Lightspeed Outdoors Self-Inflating Fleece Top Cover Travel Dog Bed boasts a soft fleece top, water-resistant base, and sides. Since it comes with a strap, storage, or stowage after rolling, it is easy. Additionally, the foam inserts self-inflates, and adjustments are done through the air chamber on the corner of the mat. 

However, this dog mat weighs a bit more compared to other brands. Because of its extra weight, carrying it can be an issue during long hikes. Also, it only comes in one size and color, so there isn’t any other option. 


  • Self-inflating with a turn of a nozzle
  • The fleece top provides warmth and support
  • Heavy-duty base and sides


  • Not lightweight enough for backpacking
  • One size and one color only

9. Carlson Portable Pup Travel Pet Bed

This elevated dog bed from Carlson Pet Products checks the boxes for portability and protection. Its fold-and-go system makes it easy to pack and unpack during travels. Moreover, it’s lightweight, too. It also perfectly fits in the carry case included.

However, its biggest disadvantage is the missing padded sheet. So, you’ll have to buy it separately. As a result, you’ll end up spending more on this bed. Also, it’s only available in pink color, which isn’t even a neutral color.


  • Elevated bed, so you’re dog gets protected from the ground
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Includes a carry case


  • The padded sheet is not included
  • Available in pink color only

10. KUDES Dog Sleeping Bag

Get value for your money with the multi-functional KUDES Dog Sleeping Bag. This comfortable bed is great for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. At the same time, it can also be used at home as a regular dog mat indoors or in the yard. Because of its three-way closure, our pooch will feel warm and secure in this sleeping bag. Aside from the zipper, it has a drawstring to fit perfectly on your dog’s head and velcro to protect it from accidental opening. 

However, even if it is advertised as water-resistant, according to some dog owners, this sleeping bag is ineffective in repelling water. Also, if your dog has a thin coat, you might need an additional pad to keep him warm in this bag during winter. 


  • Packable and easy to carry
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to wash


  • Not water-resistant
  • Not enough padding for cold weather

11. Pet Craft Supply All-Season Dog Bed

On a hunt for a large dog bed? Get the Pet Craft Supply All Season Water Resistant Durable Dog Bed. This padded dog mat perfectly fits large dogs. Level up your road trips and camping activities with the comfort and support of this dog bed. And, when you’re at home, you can still use this Super Snoozer Calming Dog Bed. 

It’s water-resistant but can still be machine-washed. It also comes in two sizes. However, we don’t recommend this bed for power chewers. Although it’s tough enough for gentle dogs, it won’t stand a chance with aggressive chewers. It also doesn’t come with a packable feature. And because it’s large, it can be difficult to carry. 


  • Comfortable with thick polyfill stuffing
  • Versatile, all-season use
  • Machine wash ready


  • Not chew-proof
  • It has no carry bag or straps for easy folding and stowage
Product Name DescriptionRating
RUFFWEAR Highlands Dog Sleeping BagA dog sleeping bag with synthetic down for warmth and an extra sleeve for additional padding. 4.8
Chuckit! Travel Pillow Bed, One Size A portable dog bed with a soft quilted top and durable nylon bottom. It’s lightweight and easy to clean. 4.7
HDP Elevated Padded Napper Cot Space Saver Pet Bed An elevated, padded bed with a foldable steel frame can fit into the bag. 4.7
Kurgo Waterproof Dog BedA lightly cushioned dog bed with a hidden pocket to hide a familiar scent of home. It can also be easily rolled and carried.4.7
Lightspeed Outdoors Self-Inflating Fleece Top Cover Travel Dog Bed  A heavy-duty, self-inflating dog bed with superb comfort from its fleece top. Water-resistant bottom and sides provide added protection. 4.7
RUFFWEAR Mt. Bachelor Pad Portable Dog BedA mat-style, padded, portable bed that can be rolled to save space. It comes with a strap and buckles for stowage. 4.6
Carlson Portable Travel Puppy BedFoldable and lightweight travel bed with a carrying case, yet no fabric cover included.4.6
KUDES Dog Sleeping BagA multi-functional packable sleeping bag for outdoors or home usage. 4.6
Furhaven Pet Bed Trail Pup Travel Dog BedThis packable mat is great for dogs and cats alike. It offers two sizes and various available colors. 4.5
YEP HHO Large Elevated Folding Pet BedAn elevated cot with a foldable steel frame and a full mesh mat on top. 4.5
Comparing the Best Dog Beds For Camping

Why Do Dogs Need Camping Beds

Although hiking is fun, it can be exhausting for you and your dog, especially the senior ones. So, you would love to rest comfortably in the camp to recharge for more exciting activities. So, is a dog bed necessary for your outdoor trips with your dog? Yes! Let’s check out why:


Because the ground is hard, rocky, and uneven, you wouldn’t want to lie directly on it. Similarly, your dog wouldn’t want to endure the rough surface. Your dog needs his camping bed so he can get a relaxing sleep after a day’s hike.  


Creepy crawlies are inevitable when you are outdoors. So, your dog will be exposed to these threats without above-ground protection. Anti-bug products may or may not be suitable for your dogs. So, it’s best to provide him some shield or elevation from the ground.  

Ease and Security

Although dogs generally love to explore, some are not comfortable leaving the house. As a result, they feel scared or anxious in a new environment. According to a study, general fearfulness is one of the common forms of canine anxiety. Sometimes, leaving your dog might not be an option, especially when no one else is left at home. Bringing a dog mat that your pet is familiar with will give him a sense of ease. In this way, he can relax and settle down even when away from home. 


Taking a mat with you during camping trips will help signal your dog for sleeping time. Some dogs may be hyped up with the activity or environment. So, it can be hard to let them snooze with you. You can train them by using a dog mat that they have associated with sleeping.

What to Look For in Camping Bed For Dogs 

Dogs have different needs and preferences for camping beds. So, as a pet parent, you’ll need to scrutinize each product to make sure you get the best for your dog. Let’s discuss what to look for in camping beds for dogs. 


First, check out the suitable size for your dog. If you have a large dog, choose a huge dog bed. In this way, he can change sleeping positions with ease. Also, know which brands offer different sizes. Some offer a one-size-fits-all product, while others have small to medium options.


Going outdoors means getting exposed to rough weather or terrain. So, you’ll need a dog bed that can withstand nature’s tests. Your dog bed should be durable enough to resist damage from uneven or rocky surfaces. In addition, it should last constant movements from storage, transport, usage, and vice versa. Lastly, it should be strong enough to survive your dog’s paws or teeth. 


Dog mats can be made of various materials. Some are made from polyester, while others are from nylon or synthetic down, or a combination of both. Each material serves a purpose, such as water resistance or comfort and warmth. Considering the kind of activities, you’ll do, decide the kind of materials your dog needs for a bed. 


Another important part to check in a dog mat is the padding. Thinking of using the dog bed in winter? Choose a thick padded bed, so your dog feels cozy and warm. You can even pick those with extra sleeves for an additional layer of padding. Thick-padded beds are also great for arthritic dogs who need high-support mats. 


On the other hand, if you are planning summer trips, getting an elevated cot is a great idea. It will keep your dog cool because air can flow underneath, especially if the material is fabric or mesh. Also, elevated dog beds give extra protection from wet or uneven surfaces.  


Because you’ll be traveling or hiking with your dog, your need a grab-and-go dog bed. Although some dog mats can be used at home, their main purpose is camping or other outdoor activities. So, it’s essential to evaluate its portability and weight. 

Ease of Cleaning 

Every dog parent knows it’s impossible to keep our dog’s stuff spotless. Dogs will always get their stuff dirty such as toys, mats, clothes, and other things they can get a hold of. So, pick a dog bed that is easy to clean and maintain. 


Lastly, but most importantly, consider the level of comfort the bed offers for your dog. Choose the one with soft materials. After all, you mainly bring a dog mat with you during camping to give him a comforting and relaxing sleep. 

Best Dog Beds For Camping: FAQs 

You are now set for your camping trip with the knowledge we shared about dog camping beds. Before you get to the store or click the buy now button online, let’s go through the frequently asked questions about camping dog beds. 

Where do dogs sleep when camping?

Dogs should have their own secure and warm space to sleep when camping. They can either sleep in your tent with you, sleep in a comfortable mobile crate, or have a tent of their own. Whichever option you take, you need to make sure they won’t wander away while you are asleep. 

Do dogs need a sleeping pad for camping?

Yes, dogs need protection, comfort, and insulation when outdoors. So, they need a sleeping bag to keep them warm and cozy. A sleeping pad also trains your dog to stay in one area while sleeping. 

Should your dog sleep in your tent?

Yes, dogs should sleep with you in your tent. Leaving your dog outside your tent will expose him to the cold or other elements such as bugs. Or worse, your dog may sneak out and wander away at night. 

Do dogs get cold camping?

Dogs’ reaction to low temperatures depends on their breed and coat. Dogs with single coats or short fur may easily get cold compared to those with thick fur. However, dogs get cold regardless of their coats if the weather is too cold. 

Can my dog sleep in the car while camping?

Dogs may sleep in the car during camping, depending on certain conditions. Firstly, they shouldn’t be left alone in the car. Secondly, the temperature in the car shouldn’t be too cold or too hot. Third and most importantly, there should be enough ventilation.

Indeed, experiencing the wild outdoors is better with your loved ones, especially with your beloved pets. With the list of the best camping beds for dogs we shared, you now have ideas on how to choose for your dog. Now, everyone will have equal fun and comfort, humans and furry pals alike. 

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