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7 Best Travel Dog Beds – Portable, Easy-to-Clean, Reviews & FAQs

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Wednesday 13 May 2020
Last updated on
Monday 16 January 2023
best travel dog beds
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A travel bed for dogs makes a lot of sense for dog owners that are regularly traveling with their pooch. Dogs are pretty fond of their home. So whenever they travel with you, they are always looking for a semblance of their home to rest. If they can’t find something familiar to sleep or rest in, they get stressed or anxious.

A travel dog bed is perfect for times when you have to get going. Manufacturers design them to be portable and easy to carry. This way, you can take your dog’s bed to places like your gym, a restaurant, or a lodge up in the mountains. With that said, let’s see what these travel beds are all about.

What Are Travel Dog Beds?

Travel dog beds are portable beds that you can take with you anywhere. These beds are designed in a way so as to make them easy to bring along with you on the road. Most of the time the materials on display in these beds are of an extremely specific nature. They are compact, lightweight, and particularly durable. More often than not, a travel bed can just be a cover for your dog’s crate. In such situations, it becomes really easy to carry the bed around.

These beds come in various shapes and sizes. Some are rectangular while others are oval. Some have raised sides, while others are flat. Whatever their shape or size, all of these beds have one thing in common: they roll or fold up to become smaller. Aside from the fact that these beds can fold or roll to become considerably smaller, these beds are also weatherproof. And you need to keep this fact in mind. Always choose a travel bed that offers some form of weather resistance. All in all, dog travel beds are super handy and if you are a frequent traveler, you should definitely snag one up.

How to Choose the Right Travel Dog Bed?

Before we move on to the best travel beds for dogs, we need to take a look at the factors that make a bed good or bad. Some of the most influential factors are:


A travel bed for dogs isn’t worth anything if it isn’t portable. You spend money because you want a bed you can take with you on the road. So, whenever you are going to buy a dog travel bed, make sure it is portable. By portable, we mean it can either fold or roll down into a compact and transportable form.

Talking about portability, different manufacturers use different ways to achieve it. Some manufacturers make roll-up dog beds, while others lean towards inflatable travel beds. Whatever you end up choosing, just make sure the end result is effective for its use.

portability of travel dog beds
Travel beds are meant for traveling; so pay attention to their portability (storage, weight, setup).


A common cost-saving tactic that is used by manufacturers is to make the product visually appealing but cheap out on materials. We see this tactic all around us, don’t buy a travel bed that looks amazing but employs cheap materials.

Anybody who knows dogs will be aware that they may destroy their beds. Digging, scratching, and biting are common habits of almost all dogs. Keep this in mind the next time you are about to commit to a cheap dog travel bed. Cheap materials will get ripped easily and more frequently and you will find yourself spending money on a new bed pretty soon. So be smart and choose a bed that uses quality materials.

Such beds will, admittedly, be expensive. But they will be well worth it. Quality materials not only last longer but they are also more comfortable and weather resistant. In short, pay a premium price for good materials and you won’t have to spend money over and over again.

Ease of Cleaning

The ease of cleaning of a travel bed for dogs can save you a lot of time. It is no secret that dogs can utterly destroy their bed. Mud, dirt, drool, hair, and other bodily liquids are a regular occurrence when you look at a dog bed. So it is safe to say that the fate of a travel bed won’t be any different.

Now because a travel bed is meant to get all dirty and messed up, it is important that you choose one that can be easily cleaned. The easier it is to clean the bed the easier it is to take it on road. Whenever choosing a travel mat or bed for dogs, look for a ‘machine washable’ one. Such mats are usually tougher and you won’t have to stress out about handwashing them.


What makes a travel bed, travel-friendly? The fact that it can travel with you! In simpler terms, it’s size is pretty manageable. And this is also what you need to look out for when buying one. Always pay attention to the size of the mat or the bed you are looking to get. A word of caution: it should be big enough so that your dog is comfortable but also small enough that you can carry it around.

Don’t go for the smallest travel bed out there. Get something that gives your dog the space it needs to relax. The best way to go about it is to measure how much space your dog takes up when he sleeps. Use that as a reference and always look to buy a bed slightly larger than that.

portability of travel dog beds
Don’t go too big; make sure your dog travel bed is of comfortable size and lightweight!

Internal Filling

If you have an elderly dog, then pay attention. Remember to buy a bed that supports their joints and for a bed to be comfortable and supportive, it must be thick. Aim for something that is at least 1 inch or thicker.

However, this thickness should be from a quality internal filling. A Cheap internal filling can be bad in more than one way. Not only will it be insufficient in providing lumbar support, but such a filling can also cause allergies as well.


Last but not the least, make sure the bed you choose is washable, especially if you are taking it to a wet climate. Over time, every dog bed gets dirty. Dirt, saliva, bodily fluids, hair, and a host of other things make dog beds dirty. If you buy a non-washable or a hand-washable bed, then will find yourself regretting. So before any of that happens, make sure you don’t skip washability.

7 Best Travel Dog Beds

Ready to buy a cool travel bed for your dog? Here’s our list of the best travel dog beds.

1. Portable Dog Travel Bed

The bed is an all-rounder. It is lightweight and folds up to become smaller. The frame is stainless steel and as such can handle your dog no matter how big he is. And because it is elevated, it is great for older dogs.

Moreover, the material used in this travel dog bed is nylon. It is cool, comfy, and resists scratches pretty well. To top it all off, the nylon used is also waterproof and machine washable.

While it is a great product, it still has a minor annoyance: It is not available for smaller dogs like Chihuahuas. So this bed is going to be larger than you need if you own a small dog.

2. Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed

This waterproof dog bed can be thought of as a roll-up dog mat that you can take anywhere. Kurgo has done an excellent job making this bed. It is well put together and is plenty comfortable enough for your dog to lay on. The materials present on both the upper and bottom parts of the bed are waterproof. Consequently, your dog will stay dry even in a damp setting.

Other nice things about this product include the ability of the bed to roll-up becoming smaller and easier to carry. In addition, this dog bed is also machine washable. Kudos to Kurgo for this.

But before you jump the gun keep in mind that it is a little pricey.

3. Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed

If you don’t have a ton of money to spend but still want a good travel bed, then take a look at the Chuckit! travel dog bed. The bed’s upper surface is soft, poly-suede. Combining this soft surface with double offset quilts makes this bed quite comfortable for dogs of all ages.

To protect this soft surface from damage, the Chuckit! travel dog bed uses a rip-stop liner to keep dirt and moisture away. As a result, the bed is water-resistant and is pretty good for camping.

And to bring the point home, Chuckit! packs in a nylon stuff sack to roll-up and store the bed in. Oh, and one more thing, it is machine washable. So you can just throw it in the washer whenever you think it needs some cleaning.

4. Self-Inflating Dog Bed for Outdoors

If you like to take your dog to camp with you, the Lightspeed Outdoors self-inflating dog bed will be a good addition to your camping gear for several reasons.

First up, it is super comfy. The foam interior of the bed self-inflates when you twist the nozzle and even then, you can adjust the level by blowing air in or pushing air out. The fleece top and the foam interior with a hint of air make this a really good combination for both young and old dogs alike. Secondly, it has a water-resistant bottom and sides. And it can roll-up to become easier to transport. Thirdly, it is machine washable.

No matter which angle you look at it, Lightspeed Outdoors has created one of the best pet travel mats. However, it is undoubtedly one of the more high-end travel beds on this list.

5. Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

The Cheerhunting outdoor dog bed is perfect for people who want an extra-large dog bed for their pup. First things first, the bed is portable. It is a pack-able dog bed that comes with a bag to carry it around. All you have to do is fold the bed and voila, you are ready to hit the road.

The other impressive thing about this bed is that it is pretty durable. The top surface is soft oxford and is water-resistant. The bottom surface is grippy nylon which is also waterproof. And completing this whole package is the fact that it is machine washable.

While the bed, overall, is pretty solid. It would have been great if the padding was a little thicker.

6. YEP HHO Foldable Dog Bed

Next up on our list is the YEP HHO foldable dog bed. If you are looking for elevated dog beds, then this is a pretty good option. So what makes this bed so good? Well, there are a couple of things. First up, the upper surface is both durable and comfy. It is a combination of oxford cloth and Teslin mesh. The Oxford gives the bed its water-resistant properties while the mesh keeps your dog cool.

Secondly, since the bed is elevated, it is great for elderly dogs who suffer from stiff joints. And it folds up so your dog won’t have to sleep on the floor when you are traveling. Moreover, it is machine washable.

Summing it all up, the YEP HHO foldable dog bed is everything a portable travel dog bed should be.

7. Outrav Raised Dog Cot

The Outrav raised dog cot is more like a hammock than a bed and that is its strong point. The overall design of the Outrav raised dog cot is like any other elevated dog bed but with one key difference: the surface is a net rather than fabric.

While it is not a problem for colder countries, but for areas where the summer is brutal, regular travel beds can make your dog a little too hot. In such situations, alternative surfaces that promote airflow are essential. The rubber-plastic net is flexible and is especially useful in the summer when the temperature rises up. It maintains airflow and keeps your dog cool.

Apart from this, the rest of the bed is pretty standard. It has a metal frame and there are rubber feet on the bottom to protect your floor from scratches. And when everything is over, you can fold the bed up, throw it in a bag, and hit the road. Overall, it is a pretty neat product that deserves your attention.

Travel Dog Beds – FAQs

The following are some questions that people ask everywhere. I am including them here so you don’t have to look for the answers later on.

Are Elevated Travel Dog Beds Better?

Elevated dog beds carry a few advantages such as air circulation and a higher chance of preventing dirt from being dragged into them. Further benefits include:

  • Elevated beds are great in cold weather. These beds keep your dog above the cold, damp surface in winter
  • Air circulation under and around elevated beds keeps the temperature down in the summer. This is especially good for dogs that have a thick coat
  • There is a lesser chance of dirt getting into elevated travel dog beds
  • Elevated beds are great for older dogs with arthritis. Couple these beds with an orthopedic foam if you have an older dog suffering from this condition
  • These beds are both sturdy to last a long time and light enough to carry with you on trips

In short, if you can afford an elevated dog travel bed it is well worth the cost.

pet travel beds – designs
Some travel beds focus too much on looks – don’t get duped!

How Do You Waterproof A Travel Dog Bed?

There are a couple of ways to waterproof your dog’s travel bed including a waterproof spray and mat.

The easiest and probably the cheapest way is to coat your dog’s bed with a water-repellent spray. This method is fine for normal day to day waterproofing but it won’t hold up when subjected to too much water like heavy rainfall. The other way is to use a waterproof mat. This is a more suitable approach for many people. Just buy and place a waterproof mat over your dog’s bed. The mat will keep moisture from getting in

None of these two methods are foolproof. So, if you want complete waterproofing, you will have to buy a specialized waterproof travel bed.

How To Clean A Travel Dog Bed?

Cleaning a travel dog bed is fairly simple, follow these three easy steps to do so:

  • If the travel dog bed is machine washable, toss it in with a small amount of detergent. After washing, put it in a tumble dryer for about 10 minutes and you should be good to go
  • If you have bought a travel bed that is a little too big for the machine or if it is not machine washable, then you’ll have to hand wash it. Use a small amount of detergent. After that, throw it in a dryer if it fits or let it air dry
  • If none of the above methods is an option, vacuuming followed by wiping the surface with a damp cloth should be enough

Are Travel Dog Beds Worth The Money?

Travel beds hold some benefits that regular beds do not, therefore many owners would rather spend extra money. Here are some of the ways travel dog beds make your dog’s life easier:

  • Dogs love their homes. So when a dog has a bed that they won’t have to part with even when he is traveling, your dog won’t be anxious or restless. They will rest easy throughout the journey
  • Elderly dogs often require more care than adult dogs. Most of these dogs suffer from conditions like separation anxiety and arthritis. Having a bed that fulfills their needs when you hit the road makes a world of difference

These are only a few scenarios where a good travel dog bed makes sense. You can easily find more use cases just by looking around you.

Travel beds really do provide convenience in travel through portability, cleaning, and benefits to your dog. Find which elements of dog beds for travel you are interested in and which you are happy to compromise on before making a purchase.

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