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7 Best Washable Dog Beds – Material, Warranty, List & FAQs

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Monday 18 May 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Washable Dog Beds
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Washable dog beds provide ease in cleaning as you know they are machine washable. There’s no chance your dog won’t be making a mess of the dog bed you just got. When a pup is excited, they will run inside and often drag dirt all across their beds.

Unfortunately, no owner can guarantee that their dog will always enter the home clean. What you can do is buy dog beds that are washable and save yourself some trouble. Start your washing machine, throw the beds in, off goes the clock, rinse, dry, and there you go – the bed’s all clean again!

What Are Washable Dog Beds?

Although you’ve seen beds whose covers are removable and washable, washable dog beds, on the other hand, are completely washable. forget about taking off those stern covers and simply throw the entire bed in, there you go!

Anyone who’s had a dog bed would know that it can get really dirty. Over time, the bed can make your dog dirty as well. That’s where washable dog beds come into play. At the end of the day, all you have to do is clean that bed up by throwing it in the washing machine. These beds are also comfortable, soft, fluffy, and everything a dog’s going to need for a good night’s sleep. Although normal beds might also provide your dog with a lot of comfort, wash-ability is a feature that provides just as much benefit.

How to Choose the Right Washable Dog Bed?

You should always have a list of factors to decide whether the washable dog bed is the right one for your pup or not. Let’s take a look:


Dog beds don’t follow the “one size, fits all” principle. After all, a dog bed made for a Chihuahua wouldn’t fit a Great Dane. You should always consider getting a spacious doggy bed for your pup to get comfortable in.

Often, you’ll be needing a dog bed that’s portable so you can carry it around. Other times, you’ll just be needing it for your dog’s home kennel. The shape and size of the dog or puppy bed depend on how you’re going to use it as well. Do make sure the size doesn’t make it a burden for you to wash, as drying the bed requires space to do so. If that’s the case with you, you can also choose a bed with a washable cover only.

Spacious dog beds
The bigger the washable dog bed, the bigger your washing-machine should be!


This brings us to our next factor – the material in the washable dog bed. You’ll obviously expect the bed to be safe for your pup and completely washable for you. However, the bed’s material should also be water-resistant and not prone to damage or ruptures.

These days, many materials like suede, polyester, and faux fur are used to make doggy beds. For example, faux fur is a favorite in most dog beds and really improves the bed’s quality. Your pup will definitely be cuddling up with a soft, fluffy dog bed and will fall asleep in no time. Other than the ‘fluff’ part of the beds, you need a dog bed that’s manufactured with durable materials. This is especially true if your dog loves to chew on everything. In that case, you’ll need a heavy-duty dog bed that is washable as well. In our reviews, we’ll explicitly mention the material of the bed along with its positives so you can make a well-informed decision.

Internal Filling

If you have an elderly dog, you’ll be needing a dog bed that’s gentle to lie on, fluffy, and has a plush cushion. On the other hand, young dogs are more active and can do with relatively soft dog beds that are washable. Most dog beds don’t have a lot of padding or filling in them. But we would recommend that you buy one that has a good amount of filling. Here’s a list of options you might be able to try:

  • Wood chips
  • Fiber fill
  • Foam

Starting with wood chips, they’re inexpensive and easy to add, but a tad bit uncomfortable due to their hard nature. Most wood chips are also aromatic so you’ll have to see if your pup likes the smell or not. Fiberfill or polyester fill are also inexpensive. However, washable dog beds aren’t the right fit for them as they clog up easily. Foam sheets offer great support or comfort, be it memory foam or standard foam. However, they’re quite hard to replace or take out for a wash.


There are a few variants of washable dog beds you can consider. If the bed is thin and small, you’ll most likely be able to wash the entire bed. For some dog beds, only the covers are washable and the rest of the bed isn’t. However, in that case, the bed is usually accompanied with a waterproof lining to avoid damage to the mattress in the bed.

Other than these two options, you can consider cot beds. These beds don’t have a washable cover but you can use a damp cloth to clean them up nicely. However, these beds and their washability depend on the material used – and manual cleaning is quite a headache.

washable puppy bed
Young dogs can get away with a simpler washable easy-to-clean puppy bed. Senior dogs require more support for their joints.


Since we’re discussing washable dog beds here, you may want to consider a warranty. If the manufacturer sends home a defective piece, you can almost certainly ask for a refund or a new bed. Warranty claims don’t cover losses that are incurred because of your dog. However, other mishap claims are usually taken up by the manufacturer.

7 Best Washable Dog Beds

After a thorough reviewing process, the best washable beds for dogs are as follows.

1. Precision Pet SnooZZy Washable Bed

Own a lovely small pup who loves to cuddle up or an aging pet who needs support? Petmate’s designed yet another amazing series of waterproof washable dog beds for you to check out.

It has a super soft fabric on the top, with non-skid bottoms, and a polyester filling for utmost comfort. It’s ideal for small puppies as larger doggies probably won’t fit. The wall design adds to the comfort as well as security of your pup. The bed also features a bolster, which can greatly support your dog’s neck and head.

Petmate’s washable bolster dog beds have received similar hype and love from pet owners. However, a few customers complained about the durability of this dog bed.

2. MidWest Deluxe Dog Bed

MidWest’s deluxe dog bed series has all you can ever want – comfort, softness, fluff, and more. If you’re worried about whether your dog will fit on these or not, these dog beds are available in six different sizes, from small to extra-large. The entire bed is completely washable, and since the cushions are made from a poly-fiber material, it won’t pile up. It’s available in three colors and offers a touch of elegance to your home decor with its ombré swirl designs.

MidWest’s washable dog beds have received great remarks from dog owners worldwide. The bed series has almost every feature we’ve covered in our list and keeps on giving with its quality. It also has a non-skid bottom that will help you keep the bed in place.

Although the bed has received great reviews, some users pointed out that the bed was a bit too soft for their dogs’ liking. However, that’s quite subjective.

2. Barkbox Memory Foam Dog Bed

Orthopedic beds are a wonder for adult dogs – the same is completely true for Barkbox dog beds. Its cushions are filled with a therapeutic memory foam which can be the perfect source of comfort for your pup. The thick foam will help your dog adjust and sleep calmly, all the while relieving pressure off of their joints. The bed isn’t completely washable, however, the covers are completely machine-washable with a waterproof lining to safeguard the foam. It’s available in four different colors and sizes, from gray to blue, and small to x-large.

Although it is frustrating that this orthopedic dog bed is not being completely washable, the covers are easy to remove and wash. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to remove the covers, clean the cushions, and re-cover them. That’s what keeps the pet owners hooked to this amazing series of dog beds.

A few owners weren’t satisfied with the advertised sizing of the washable cotton dog beds. If the bed doesn’t fit your dog, you may ask the manufacturer for a replacement.

3. Petmate Washable Pet Bed

If there’s one thing adult dogs love, it’s their soft, pillowy beds that they can lie on any time. Petmate gives you the chance to invest in your dog’s health by providing a series of comfortable and secure dog beds. The nest-like walls make it one of the most calming dog beds to date. It’s also one of the best washable dog bed for crates and kennels – so you’re free to use it wherever you like.

It’s made of high-quality polyester to make sure your dog bed doesn’t lose its shape or firmness and stay comfortable. They’re available in two colors and sizes from small to large. Dogs love to curl up and cuddle against the high-loft walls of this bed, making it a great choice for all dog breeds.

A few owners complained about the size of the Petmate’s dog bed. You might want to compare your dog’s size against the given chart for a better idea.

4. Calming Donut Cudder

Does your puppy love to curl up in a ball and cuddle itself to sleep? ‘Best Friends by Sheri‘ has just what you’ll be needing to give your pup the perfect bed. It’s a donut-shaped bed with shag fur that’ll help your pup stay warm and provide neck and head support.

This waterproof washable dog bed is available in three sizes and variants – zipper, zipper-less, mat, or blanket. High-quality nylon and faux fur material are used to manufacture the bed. It also ensures durability and makes the bed washable in the machine.

The donut-shaped bed has been winning hearts around the world with a few exceptions. Some owners didn’t like the sturdiness of the bed. However, the manufacturer normally replaces the bed in such a case.

5. AmazonBasics Plush Pet Bed

Dogs love these beds with plush, soft, and fluffy beds. AmazonBasics has just the right dog bed you’re going to need. It’s designed for small dogs and is about 29 inches in length.

It’s filled with a synthetic polyester that will help the bed stay durable for years to come. It is only available in gray. However, the design on it adds to the home decor. Although this bed is washable, it’s not machine-washable.

The bed generally has positive reviews from pet owners. Most dogs seem to get used to the bed just fine. Some dog owners, however, complained about the wash-ability of the bed. Since it’s not recommended to wash it in a machine, many aren’t happy with the bed’s lacking feature. However, some owners still ran it through a machine wash on low and it worked out just fine, although we do not recommend for you to do so.

6. Long Rich Reversible Pet Bed

Warm during winters, cold during summers – that’s one of the key features of the reversible pet bed by Long Rich. On one end, the bed has a knitted corduroy material that provides insulation during the winters. On the other end, the bed has a faux suede material which is quite thick and helps your doggo stay cooler during the hot summers.

It’s one of the best washable orthopedic dog beds to date as these beds come with an orthopedic insert as well.

A few dog owners complained that the bed’s stitching weakened after a wash. Apart from this, the dog bed has managed to bag positive reviews so far.

size and shape of washable dog beds
Size and shape of washable dog beds.

Washable Dog Beds – FAQs

As a responsible pet owner, you might still have a few more questions about waterproof and washable dog beds. In light of being pet lovers ourselves, we’d love to help you out! We’ve compiled a list of a few questions that might be bothering you and answered them in detail.

Are Dog Beds Washable?

All dog beds are usually washable to some extent. You should check the manual you received from your manufacturer to make the final decision. If it doesn’t support washing (by hand or the machine), you can try using a damp cloth to clean the dirt your dog has left.

You can also replace the filling of your bed’s cushion and replace the inner material with a material that supports washing. Then, if the cushion cover is a washable material, you’ll easily be able to toss the bed in the machine and save yourself some time. Make sure you choose a material that doesn’t clog up and make a bigger mess for you to clean up.

How To Wash A Dog Bed?

To wash a dog bed, you can either use a machine-wash or clean your dog bed by hand. If, however, only the covers are washable, you can wash them separately. Lastly, if you own a cot bed, you should use a damp cloth to clean the dirt and marks from the bed.

If your dog bed doesn’t fit in a machine, you can hand-wash it. Use a pet-safe detergent and some warm water in a tub. Put your washable dog bed in and give it a good rub and tug. Once you’ve washed the bed, you can use a dryer to give it a nice fluffy look.

Can I Wash A Dog Bed Mattress?

You can wash a dog bed mattress. In fact, most dog bed mattresses are completely washable. You can soak the bed mattress in a warm tub of water and use a pet-friendly detergent on it to clean the dirt marks. Make sure you rinse the cushion, let it dry, and re-fluff it to make it usable for your pup.

You can cause harm to the mattress if you run it in a machine. If the mattress isn’t washable or you feel it shouldn’t be washed, you can just clean the covers of the bed. In this case, however, the mattress might retain odor. You can try using an aromatic spray or fill it with aromatic wood chips to make the situation better for your dog.

Is It Ok To Wash A Dog Bed In The Washing Machine?

Before you machine-wash your dog bed, make sure the manufacturer gives you a green flag to wash. 100% washable dog beds are completely safe inside the machine and don’t degrade in quality after a few washes. However, the same is not true for beds that you normally wash by hand.

If yours isn’t a washable dog bed, you shouldn’t try machine-washing it. It’ll degrade your dog bed’s quality, break the zippers, or even cause a rupture during a wash. Use a damp cloth instead of the machine to make sure it’s clean for your dog.

Purchasing washable dog beds gives you greater ease in cleaning, this is especially useful for dogs with longer coats or in areas or poor weather. There are a lot of benefits to this product and it is worth checking out our top seven list to find an effective washable bed for dogs.

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