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Kennels, Pens & Dog Houses

Breeding Business Wednesday 5 December 2018

Every dog needs a den in which it can rest peacefully and comfortably. Depending on the dog’s size and preferences, you may opt for an outdoor kennel or a beautiful indoor dog house. In it, you want to make the beddings as cozy as possible using the right padding and materials.

Puppy and Dog Playpens

crate and pens for dogs

Dog and puppy playpens are your most important tool if you can’t afford to supervise your pet all the time, perhaps because you work long hours, even from home. An x-pen is a must-have for everybody even if it will not be used daily. It prevents your dog from gnawing on dangerous outlets, and teaches them to be happy alone with great toys to play with!

If you have large rooms at home, you may prefer a dog gate to separate a nice part of a room from the rest. Make sure that contained part is puppy-proofed and has enough toys to keep your dog(s) busy.

IATA-Compliant Dog Crates

iata dog crate

Most airlines require dogs, and other pets, to be safely confined in IATA-compliant crates during international and long-haul flights. These crates will be kept in the hold and should follow guidelines set by the International Air Transport Association, and the specific airline you are traveling on.

Generally, they require a grid for ventilation, a pouch for the dog’s documents, food and water bowls, metallic nuts and bolts, and a solid frame. They tend to be a little pricier due to their sturdiness but they should last you a lifetime without any issue, and you can absolutely use IATA crates at home, too.

Soft Dog Crates

soft crate

Small and medium-sized dogs can quickly be placed in soft dog crates and transported anywhere with ease. Soft-sided crates are very much feeble and fragile, especially with aggressive chewers and scratchers. However, for quick journeys, soft crates are ideal since they can be folded within seconds and unfolded for on-the-spot use.

While we do not particularly recommend soft dog crates due to their fragility, they are a good punctual solution for a quick trip. A lot of people use these at home when they need their dogs to be safely confined for a few minutes or hours. Additionally, very young puppies can also remain in soft crates safely – there is a very low chance of them biting or scratching through.

Heavy-Duty Cages for Dogs

heavy duty crates

A lot of dog breeds are known for their power, strength, athleticism, and smarts. With regular crates (even of good quality), such breeds can jump over, chew and scratch through, dig under, and break free. For instance, Dogo Argentinos, Great Danes, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, and bully breeds, all could break from a regular high-quality crate.

The solution for these breeds, especially for outdoor use, is to invest in a heavy-duty cage. They are spacious and as comfortable as you make them be. However, they are reinforced and engineered to prevent any dog from escaping. The opening mechanism is specifically designed to avoid escape artists to open them. The bars are thicker and reinforced to resist heavy chewing and scratching.

Outdoor Dog Kennels

outdoor kennels

Unlike dog houses, outdoor dog kennels focus a lot more on practicality and less on aesthetics. Dog kennels come in different types:

  • kennel runs — mostly used by shelters
  • boxed kennels — mostly used by farmers
  • dog cages — mostly used by hobby breeders

Due to the various needs of every breeder out there, it is hard to recommend a specific product off the bat. Some breeders require mobility and will need kennels that can easily disassemble, or that are wheeled. Others are breeding giant dog breeds thus require a large contained area with very high panels that could resist an aggressive push from a dog. Because outdoor dog kennels are used outside, most come with a kennel cover as well as anti-rust coating.

Outdoor Dog Houses

Outdoor dog houses are beautiful maisonette-looking accommodations for dogs that want to thrive in your garden or backyard. They are generally made of metal mesh or wood and often include a roof to offer some protection against the elements.

Boxed Kennels and Kennel Runs

kennel runs

Whether your dogs are kept indoors or outdoors, you do want to arrange a safe and contained space outside for them to exercise and enjoy themselves. Obviously, you won’t require that if you live in an apartment.

As much as you would love them too, it is often unrealistic to keep your dogs running loose in and out of your home. The safest and more adapted solution for dog breeders is to setup boxed kennels offering your dogs enough space to tire themselves with no risk to disappear.

We’ve also reviewed the absolute best kennel covers and crate covers to keep your pets protected from the elements if they are kept outdoors, or just to create a more intimate indoor space.