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12 Best Dog Food Storage

↯ Key takeaway points

  • It's important to store dog food properly to maintain its nutritional value.
  • Look for a pet food container that is the right size for storing dry dog food in bulk.
  • Choose containers made of materials that are free from harmful chemicals.
  • Opt for containers that are durable and can withstand outdoor elements.
  • Ensure that the container has an airtight seal to keep the food fresh and free from pests and moisture.
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Published on
Friday 20 August 2021
Last updated on
Wednesday 5 July 2023
storing food for dogs
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Every pet parent wants to give the best nutrition to their beloved fur babies. However, if the dog food is not stored properly, it can lose its nutritional value. Aside from knowing where to store dog food in the house, it’s best to get a quality container that keeps pet food fresh.

So, to help you practice the best way to store dog food, we gathered some pet food bins from trusted brands. Let’s go through our list of best dog food storage containers.  

12 Best Storage Containers for Dog Food 

Finding the best dog food storage container can be a daunting task. You’ll need to tick as many boxes in your checklist as possible to get the best. Plus, there are so many designs, sizes, and brands to choose from. So, let our list guide you in choosing the food storage container for your furry pal. 

Our Best Pick:

We begin by presenting our best pick among the brands that made it to our list. Many dog owners agree with us when we say RUFFWEAR Kibble Kaddie is the best multi-purpose dog food storage container. This brand wouldn’t get the highest rating if the fur parents believe otherwise. We love its durability, lightweight design, and adjustability. Most of all, it can be used for travel or at home.

Here are the details of the other brands on our list. 

Product NameBest FeaturesMaterialSizeRating
RUFFWEAR, Kibble Kaddie 42-Cup Dog Food Storage SystemA travel-friendly and adjustable dry bag for dog food. It seals off odor and keeps the dog food fresh.Waterproof textile similar to camping/river dry bags.Measures 7.87 x 9.45 x 16.93 inches and can hold up to 42 cups or 10 liters of volume.4.9
Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food ContainerBoasts Gamma seal technology making the container airtight. Plus, it’s stackable, too.It’s made of a durable and BPA-free HDPE plastic material. Available in 15-lbs, 25-lbs, 35-lbs, 40-lbs, and 50-lbs capacity.4.8
simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage ContainerA sleek airtight pet food bin with a magnetic-lid mounted scoop. It also has a lock-tight handle and a space-saving shape.It’s made of stainless steel with a fingerprint-proof finish. It also includes a removable, BPA-free inner bucket. Can hold up to 25 liters of volume or 27 lbs of pet food. 4.8
Kurgo Dog Food Travel Bag A handy and travel-friendly dry bag for dog food. You can also adjust its size by rolling it down to secure your pet’s kibbles. It’s made of a waterproof and durable hex-weave material similar to river dry bags. Measures 7 x 7 x 14 inches. It can hold up to 5 ounces or 7 lbs of dog food. 4.8
Van Ness 25-Pound Food Container with Fresh-Tite Seal with Wheels Affordable pet food storage with a Fresh-tite seal. It also has built-in wheels for easy transport. Made of USFDA-approved food-safe plastic.Hold up to 25 lbs of dry dog food. 4.8
OUTSHINE White Farmhouse Dog Food Storage ContainerA rustic-designed dog food container that doubles as home decor. It is also customizable by adding your pet’s name to it. Made with high-quality powder-coated carbon steel. Fits up to 50 cups or 14 lbs of dog food. 4.7 
Buddeez 32-Quart Dispenser for Pet Food and Bird SeedSpacious dog food storage container with dual pouring options. You can also directly put the dog food in its original bag for less hassle and mess. Made from BPA-free and food-contact-safe resin.Measures 19 x 20 x 10 inches. Holds up to 32 quarts. 4.7
OXO 7100100 Airtight Pet Food Storage POP ContainerAn airtight pet food bin that opens and seals in one touch.Made of a BPA-free plastic material.Available in various sizes from 1.1 qts to 5.8 qts.4.7
IRIS USA 45 Qt. Large Elevated Feeder with Airtight Pet Food Storage Container A large, airtight pet food container with an elevated feeder for large dogs. Plus, it comes with 2 feeding bowls, too.Storage box is made of plastic while the food bowls are made of stainless steel. Available in 2 different sizes with the largest one holding up to 47 lbs or 62 cups of dry dog food. 4.7
Bergan Stack-n-Stor 40 Stackable StorageA rugged and weatherproof stackable container with a convenient front-access opening. Made of a durable, BPA-free plastic material. Measures 15.25 x 12.5 x 15 inches and has a capacity of 24 gallons. 4.6
Paw Prints 15 Pound Pet Airtight Food Storage ContainerStylish pet food bin with coordinating merchandise at an additional cost. It also has a gasket-sealed lid and a free scoop. Its material is made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic. Holds up to 5 pounds of pet food. 4.6
IRIS USA 3-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container Combo with Scoop for PetDual airtight plastic container with varying capacities. It also has built-in wheels and a free scoop. Made of BPA-free and FDA-compliant plastic material.A smaller container fits 12 quarts while the bigger one holds up to 33 quarts.4.6
12 Best Dog Food Storage

1. RUFFWEAR, Kibble Kaddie 42 Cup Dog Food Storage System

RUFFWEAR Kibble Kaddie earned top ratings for its versatility, convenience, and quality material. First of all, it is a travel-friendly dog food storage ideal for your outdoor adventures. At the same time, it is useful at home too. The Kibble Kaddie can hold up to 10 liters of volume, or 42 cups of dog food. Additionally, its thoughtful design boasts a simple spout that folds into a grab-and-go handle. It is also sturdy enough to stand on its own so you can easily refill it when necessary. 

Most of all, its material is of food-grade quality and is waterproof. It’s oil-resistant and seals off odor, so the dog food stays fresh. Plus, the internal pocket for your pup’s meal essentials is quite a bonus. However, all of these good features come with a hefty price tag. Also, if you are camping, the size of this bag may not fit your backpack. But, you can always opt to carry it or use a bigger haul bag.


  • Made of a durable and waterproof material that seals off odor
  • Huge capacity but with a foldable top to adjust the size
  • Perfect for travel, camping, and at home too


  • Pricey for a dog food storage bag
  • Shape and size may not fit into a regular camping backpack

2. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Container

Keep pests away from your pooch’s food by keeping them in an airtight container like the Gamma2 Vittles Vault. The dog food is completely protected from moisture because of its Gamma seal technology. So, you can provide your pup with fresh and nutritious kibbles every day. The Gamma2 Vittles Vault is made of sturdy plastic that doesn’t easily break when dropped. On top of that, it is food-grade and BPA-free HDPE plastic. So, no matter where you store the pet food pail, you won’t worry about pesky pests.

However, some pet owners shared that they struggled with opening and closing the container’s lid properly. As a result, insects got into the dog food, as well as moisture. Some reviews also pointed out that its capacity is not the same as what is advertised. Also, previous batches included a scoop, but the latest ones were missing it. 


  • Prevents pests from dog food through its Gamma seal technology
  • Sturdy and BPA-free plastic material
  • Keeps dog food fresh and moisture-free


  • Opening and closing the lid can be a struggle
  • The actual capacity is not the same as advertised
  • The scoop is not included in the newer batches

3. simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage Container

Looking for a sleek and stainless steel pet food container to match your home’s interiors? The Medium Pet Food Storage Container from simplehuman is our bet. Aside from its posh design, it boasts an airtight seal when the lid is shut, keeping dog food fresh. It also comes with a scoop that magnetically sticks to its dedicated space. So, you can keep things well organized during feeding. Plus, the ergonomic handle locks the lid shut when closing the lid. So, you prevent your pets from opening the container.

Although it has a slim design, it packs a 27 lbs capacity. This is ideal for bulk storage. Lastly, it also has built-in wheels so you don’t have to lift the weight of your pet’s food. However, despite its stainless steel build, this dog food storage bin is not resistant to scratches and dents. Also, its stylish and smart design comes at a high cost. 


  • Stylish stainless steel design
  • Comes with an airtight seal and an ergonomic handle that locks the lid
  • Comes with a scoop plus built-in wheels


  • Not resistant to scratches and dents
  • Quite expensive for a dog food container

4. Kurgo Dog Food Travel Bag | Pet Food Travel Storage Container

Hunting for an outdoor dog food container for your next trek? The Kurgo Dog Food Travel Bag boasts a durable hex-weave material so your pet’s kibbles stay dry and fresh. Similar to river dry bags, this waterproof kibble carrier rolls down and clips securely so the dog food remains safe inside during the trip. It also adjusts the size of the bag as you scoop kibbles from it. Plus, it doubles as a carry handle too.

Kurgo Dog Food Travel Bag carries up to 5 pounds of dry kibbles. Bringing a collapsible pet bowl is easy, too. It’s because this travel bag has a zippered bottom pocket as well as a side pocket for treats. However, some pet owners pointed out that the seams tend to rip apart easily as it is glued and not stitched. Additionally, despite its advertisement about oil seepage, the dog food oils seem to get through the outer layer of the bag. It is also quite small and is not ideal for long trips. 


  • Foldable top that adjusts its size and doubles as a carry handle
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Comes with a bottom and side pockets


  • The capacity is too small for long trips
  • Interior lining tends to rip easily
  • Dog food oil seeps through the exterior causing stains

5. Van Ness 25-Pound Food Container with Fresh-Tite Seal with Wheels

Storing dry dog food is made easy with Van Ness 25 Pound Food Container with Fresh-Tite Seal with Wheels. Most fur parents buy in bulk to save on grocery runs but worry about proper dog food storage. Well, this capacious plastic pet food bin offers up to 25 pounds of space. Additionally, your pet’s food remains fresh because of the Fresh-Tite seal of the lid. Moving the pet food bin around is also convenient because of its built-in wheels. 

To top it all, you get these features at an affordable price. However, there are mixed reviews on the functionality of its lid closure. Some say it doesn’t have the airtight feature so moisture or other tiny insects may get in. Also, after stuffing a lot of dog food, the sides of the plastic box tend to expand making it a struggle to close the bin back. Its built-in wheels create some corners inside the bin that is hard to reach. 


  • Huge capacity ideal for bulk storage
  • Has built-in wheels for easy transport
  • An affordable dog food container with Fresh-tite seal


  • Mixed reviews on the effectiveness of the airtight seal
  • The sides of the bin tend to expand when full which makes closing a struggle
  • Built-in wheels create hard-to-reach corners inside the bin 

6. OUTSHINE White Farmhouse Dog Food Storage Container

Love customizing your pet’s essentials? The OUTSHINE White Farmhouse Dog Food Storage Container is our pick. Aside from its aesthetic design, you can stick your pet’s name and the bone design on the box. This spacious pet food bin boasts powder-coated carbon steel build, so it’s durable. It can also hold up to 14 lbs of medium-sized treats. And it keeps them clean and fresh, too. 

Because it’s cute and stylish, this kibble storage is a perfect gift idea for fur parents. Aside from its storage function, it can double as home decor. However, this dog food container doesn’t guarantee airtight storage. It may not be large enough for bulk storage though. Furthermore, the metal sides are also prone to scratches or dents over time. 


  • Aesthetic and functional
  • Durable and made of metal
  • Customizable stickers for your pet’s name


  • Airtight storage is not guaranteed
  • The capacity may not be large enough for bulk storage
  • Metal sides are prone to scratches or dents

7. Buddeez 32-Quart Dispenser for Pet Food and Bird Seed

Moving the contents of a huge bag of dog food to a storage container can be challenging. That’s because you’ll need to lift the heavy weight of the entire sack or scoop them slowly which takes time. The good thing with Buddeez 32-Quart Dispenser, you can put the entire dog food bag inside the bin. So, no need to deal with spills, messes, or heavy-weight lifting. Additionally, you can dispense the food from the original bag maintaining its nutritional benefits. Also, this spacious plastic bin is BPA-free and food-contact-safe, too.

With its 32-quart capacity, you can store bulk amounts, ideal for multi-dog homes. Pouring from the container is also easy with its convenient handle. Additionally, it offers a dual-pour flip top, so you have two options for pouring. However, this pet food bin is not suitable for outdoor use. First, it may slowly deteriorate from the heat. Secondly, it is not resistant to animal chewing or bird pecking on the surface. Also, some pet parents shared that the lid is not airtight, and the container has no built-in wheels. 


  • Allows original dog food bag inside the storage bin
  • Spacious 32-qt capacity ideal for multi-dog homes
  • Dual pouring options


  • Not for outdoor use as it may react to heat
  • Doesn’t stand against animal chewing or bird pecking
  • Lids are not airtight; the container has no built-in wheels

8. OXO 7100100 Airtight Pet Food Storage POP Container

Organize containers with ease using the stackable OXO 7100100 Airtight Pet Food POP container. This space-efficient pet food bin boasts a unique push-button mechanism that opens or seals with just one touch. The same button also doubles as a handle to lift off the lid. With its simple yet effective design, you can keep easily your dog food fresh because it’s airtight. The transparent plastic material is also BPA-free.

Additionally, its well-thought-of design includes a wide opening and rounded corners. So reaching, scooping, and pouring pet food is seamless. However, according to pet owners, the oils from dog food tend to stick to the container. Although the locking mechanism makes it one-of-a-kind kibble storage, it is prone to breaking off easily. The plastic sides of the container are also not resistant to scratches. 


  • Open and seals the lid with just one push of a button
  • Has an airtight feature that keeps food fresh
  • Has a wide opening and rounded corners for scooping and pouring


  • Dog food grease tends to stay in the container
  • The locking mechanism sometimes gets problematic
  • Plastic sides can get scratched

9. IRIS USA 45 Qt. Large Elevated Feeder with Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Reduce muscle strain and improve digestion in your large pooches with this elevated feeder and airtight pet food storage from IRIS USA. Aside from keeping your dog’s kibbles fresh with its airtight quality, it supports your dog’s health, too. In addition to that, it includes two easy-to-clean and removable food bowls that hold 2 quarts of water or food. So, feeding your furry pals becomes convenient whether you are at home, outdoors, or traveling.  

The large size pet food container can hold up to 45 quarts, so you will have enough stash for your pet. Although the elevated feeder is an excellent design, it is useful for large dogs only. Because of the feeder’s height, small to medium dogs may have a hard time reaching the food. Water also tends to settle underneath the food bowl making it a hassle to clean. Since the box is made of plastic, it is quite lightweight and big dogs may knock it down.  


  • With airtight lid closure and snap-tight latches
  • Elevated feeder fit for large dogs
  • Two 2-quart food bowls included 


  • The elevated feeder is suitable for large dogs only
  • Water settles at the bottom of the food bowls requiring constant cleaning
  • Large dogs may knock down the since the plastic box is not that heavy

10. Bergan Stack-N-Stor 40 Stackable Storage

Access dog food conveniently even if containers are stacked with Bergan Stack-N-Stor 40 Stackable Storage. Its opening is brilliantly placed in the front so it’s easy for you to scoop pet food out. Moreover, its material is made of rugged and high-density polyethylene ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It’s also resistant to rust and dents. 

Since its color is two-toned, it’s aesthetically pleasing while staying organized. This durable and weatherproof container is not only great for pet food but also for other storage needs as well. However, the actual capacity of the container varies from its advertisement. Also, one caveat for its front access is that you can’t fill it past the opening. Otherwise, it’ll fall out of the container when opening.


  • Stackable containers with front-access opening
  • Durable, rugged, and weatherproof
  • Two-toned multi-purpose containers


  • Actual capacity is less than what is advertised
  • Front-access limits contents not beyond the opening

11. Paw Prints 15 Pound Pet Airtight Food Storage Container

Store pet food with style using the Paw Prints 15-Pound Pet Airtight Food Storage Container. This 15-pound pet airtight container offers a durable, gasket-sealed lid to maintain the freshness of your furry friend’s food. You can easily position the container against the wall because of its flat-backed design. Plus, it comes with a 1-cup measuring scoop that fits perfectly on the lid. 

What makes this pet food bin unique is its fun doggy prints. Not to mention, you can even add other coordinating items at an extra cost. However, this item has mixed reviews on the effectiveness of its airtight seal. Additionally, its plastic material is prone to cracking. Another con for this product is its capacity being lesser than what it should be.


  • Gasket-sealed lid for keeping dog food fresh
  • 1-cup measuring spoon with dedicated storage space
  • Fun doggy prints with other coordinating merchandise


  • Mixed reviews on how effective the airtight seal is
  • Cracking of the plastic material
  • Lesser capacity than its advertisement

12. IRIS USA 3-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container Combo with Scoop for Pet

Having multi-pets in the household with separate dry food? IRIS USA 3-piece Airtight Food Storage Combo with Scoop is the solution. One pet food bin offers a 33-quart capacity while the second one holds up to 12 quarts. Both containers have airtight seals and snap-lock latches to keep pests and moisture at bay. So, you’ll prevent dry food from going stale. It also has built-in wheels, so moving it anywhere at home is easy. 

Not to mention, it offers a free scoop as well. Feeding your dogs and cats hasn’t been this convenient. Most of all, this pet food container is affordable. However, according to some reviews, the latch can easily be unlatched by smart pets. There is also a noticeable chemical scent of plastic on this item especially when new. 


  • Airtight seals and snap lock latches
  • Dual food container with 12 quarts and 33 quarts capacity
  • Built-in wheels and a free scoop


  • The lock may be unlatched by smart pets
  • Gives off a chemical scent of plastic when new

What to Look for in Dog Food Containers 

Aside from knowing the reliable brands for dog food storage, it’s also helpful to know the qualities of a good pet food storage container. So, you can keep your pup healthy by giving them safely stored, fresh, and nutritious kibbles. So, what should you look for in dog food containers? Let’s find out.


Storing dry dog food in bulk will need a pet food container with enough capacity. Different dog breeds require different kibble sizes. So, if you have a large dog, you’ll need a large storage container, too. You also need a safe and dedicated space in your home to secure the pet food container. If you are planning to buy a container specific to travel, you may need one that is handy yet can store enough food for your pooch.


Most dog food containers are made of plastic. That’s because it’s an easy material to source out in creating a waterproof container. But, plastic may also have harmful chemicals that may affect your dog’s kibbles. So, choose pet food containers that are free from BPAs, PVC plastics, Phthalates, and other plastic chemicals. These plastic components are toxic and as a result, cause your pet to get sick.  


Whether you are planning to get a pet food container for indoor or outdoor use, pick the brands that offer durability. Pet food bins outside your home can get exposed to sunlight, heat, and other elements. In addition to that, your pet may get access to it and start chewing it, especially indoors. Travel bags are also prone to all-weather exposure. So, your storage container should stand against these factors so you get the best value for your money

Airtight Seal 

One of the keys to keeping the nutrients in dog food is by preventing it from going stale. That is why it is vital to get a pet food container with an airtight seal. Not only will the kibbles remain fresh, but they will also be free from pests and moisture. Pests that make their way to your storage may contaminate dog food. As a result, your pet may get illnesses from consuming contaminated food.  

storage of dog food
Store your dog’s food where you’d ideally store your regular canned food.

Best Practices when Storing Dog Food

Proper storage of your pet’s food can ensure that the treats maintain their taste and nutrient content. Following these pet food storage tips can help you store your dog’s food safely and keep your pet healthy.

Storing in the Original Container

Aim to store the dog food in the original container so that you may retain access to the food’s expiry date, lot number, brand, and manufacturer. If you are concerned about the quality of the food items, the details on the bag are helpful when filing a complaint with the manufacturer. These details can help trace the matter back to its source and allow the companies to address those problems quickly. So, you can pack the entire bag into an airtight container instead of pouring it out of the bag.

Storing Dog Food in an Appropriate Area

To increase its longevity, you should store dog food with caution. Do not store the bags or cans in a garage or random cupboards. Instead, you should place them in the kitchen where you can keep an eye on them. We also clean kitchen cupboards often as we keep food items stored there. This keeps them safe from ants, cockroaches, and other pests that could otherwise gnaw through the bag.

Refrigerating Canned Dog Food

Store canned dog food in the refrigerator to keep the food safe from contaminants. Throw away the container if you suspect that the canned food has been left out in the open. Adequately seal any partially empty can before placing it inside the refrigerator. You can purchase lids for the cans that can help keep the dog food fresh for a few days.

Avoiding Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination can spoil dog food very quickly and may also cause health issues for your canine. When you pour kibble or treats from the bag to the bowl, avoid using your hands or directly pouring the dog food out from the package. Doing so could cause bacteria to transfer from your hands and into the bag, infecting the food inside.

Similarly, pouring the food out of the bag can bring the suitcase into contact with infected surfaces and allow impurities entry into the opened package. Dog food scoops are a safe tool to pull out appropriate amounts of food for your dog from inside the bag. Remember to wash the dog scoops and allow them to dry completely before using them to scoop food.

Cleaning Containers and Bowls

Keep your dog’s bowl clean at all times. Make it a practice to wash your pet’s bowl with soap and hot water and store it in a dry place. Remember to frequently clean the airtight containers from the outside and the inside. Dry kibble and treats leave behind a lot of residue on the containers. The leftovers may get spoiled and infect any fresh treats you may want to store. This spoiled dog food may be mistakenly fed to your pet.

where dog food is stored
Poorly stored dog food could collect dirt and bacteria that could potentially upset your dog’s stomach.

Common Mistakes

Some common slip-ups that can cause your dog’s food to go bad have been listed below:

  • Forgetting to properly seal the dog food package is one of the most common mistakes that cause the food to become stale. Exposing the food to oxygen for a long duration ruins the food’s flavor and texture. Worst-case scenario, your dog may fall sick if the food grows molds in a humid environment or becomes contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella.
  • Another similar mistake commonly observed in households is storing dog food in the garage or other unsuitable storage areas for food. It is tough to store large bags of food, like dry kibble, in kitchen cupboards so people normally go for the garage. Such inapt spaces increase the risk of food being exposed to rodents and insects which is very risky for your dog’s health. Furthermore, excess heat or cold temperatures, normal in places like a garage, also contribute to downgrading the food’s flavor and nutrient value.
  • While it may not seem so, pouring dry dog food directly out of the bag and into another airtight container can cause the food to spoil sooner. Veterinarians advise that dog food should be stored in their packages as they are lined with oil resistance that helps keep the food fresh and flavorful. The grooves and scratches in airtight containers can harbor bacteria, which can lead to the degradation of the stored food.
  • You should wait for the jar to be emptied entirely before topping it up with more dog food when storing food in air-tight containers. This ensures no build-up of old kibble or bites at the bottom that may spoil away after a long period. Do not add more food in the container unless the previous one is consumed.
  • Wet dog food can be particularly harmful to your dog if stored improperly. The food can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and flies can lay eggs on food that has been left open. Canned food spoils faster in humid environments. The food can cause your dog to suffer from indigestion and other digestive issues.
  • The dog food bags should be placed in areas that are out of reach of your dogs. The food goes to waste as dogs tend to chew through the bags and make holes in them. As the dogs eat directly from the pack, they can leave behind traces of saliva, which is unhygienic, causing bacteria to grow. Also, dogs do not understand portion control, and you may have to visit a vet if they overeat.
  • Buying too much food all at once for your dog may save you money but is not healthy for your pet. You need to take the food’s expiry date seriously. Buying tons of dog food is just a waste of money as the food eventually expires. It is also important to remember once the pack is opened food will degrade a lot faster.
  • Lastly, not washing your dog’s bowl is a grave mistake that can seriously harm your dog. Unhygienic habits only cause a build-up of bacteria on the bowls, which may then be consumed by them.

Dog Food Storage: FAQ

You’ve got questions and we’re here to answer them. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about storing dog food.

How long can dog food be stored?

Unopened dog food can remain fresh for around eighteen months, while unopened canned foods tend to have a shelf life of two years. Always remember to check the dog food expiry date printed on the package. Once the food is opened, its life is reduced dramatically. The food may remain fresh for just a few weeks or even days. Make sure that you store wet and dry food properly to maintain its freshness. You can do this easily by following the suggestions listed above.

Can dry dog food be stored outside?

Dry dog food should not be stored outside since it should be stored in places that are cool and dry. Like everyday food items, dry dog food can also be spoilt if left open for long periods. The dry food can retain the moisture in the air and become soggy and unappetizing to your dog’s taste buds. Store the dry food in airtight containers. Do not place dog food in areas where the temperature could rise over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Large bags of dog foods can go to waste if left open and unattended so you should follow the tips on proper food storage.

How do I store opened canned dog food?

The best way to ensure that the opened canned food remains fresh is to keep a seal and refrigerate food to avoid contamination. Avoid consuming the food if the can has been left open. Instead, dispose of it immediately. Also, use clean spoons and scoops when removing the food from the can because dirty utensils can transfer the bacteria and eventually spoil the can’s contents.

How long do dog treats last once opened?

You should read the expiration information on the dog treats for the sake of your canine. The best buy date informs you of the time until which the treatment can maintain its taste and texture, alongside its nutritional value. Following the storage techniques previously mentioned will allow you to keep your dogs’ treats fresh for more extended periods.

Getting the right pet food container for your dog’s needs boasts a lot of benefits both for you and your dog. Aside from keeping dog food safe and fresh, it also keeps you organized at home. Plus, you can even opt for aesthetic ones to enhance the look of your home. With the options listed above, you now have a wide array of pet food bins so you can get the one that works best for you. 

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