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10 Best Dog Paw Balms – Brands, Benefits, & Reviews

Written by Larese
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Published on
Friday 11 December 2020
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Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog paw balms
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There are many reasons why your pup should use one of the best dog paw balms. From the changing weather, rough terrains, to genetics, these factors can cause calluses and lesions on your canine’s paw pads and even noses. If you want to moisturize and protect your pooch from getting dry, thick, and hard paws, dog paw balms are your best options.

Paw balms for dogs act as a form of protection to prevent paws from going dry, resulting into cracking. Whether your furry pal is suffering from a genetic condition like hyperkeratosis or they got it because of different environmental factors, this is a product that will relieve the situation. However, with so many options out in the market, how can you choose the right type? We got your back! Stay tuned as we give you the ten best dog paw balms.

When Do You Need To Use a Dog Paw Balm?

You need to apply dog paw balms on your fido once you notice dryness on its paws as it can eventually lead to cracking or bleeding if you don’t put an immediate solution. The role of this product is to moisturize the dog’s palm. Several reasons are the culprit why a dog’s paws become dry.

One common reason is the weather. During summer or winter, your canine’s paws tend to get dry quickly. What’s even worse is that extreme heat can lead to burning or scorching feet because of the hot floors, roads, and other surfaces. Another reason for dry or rough dog pads is allergic reactions to chemicals, like soap, shampoo, and conditioner you use. Other instances are when your dog steps on melting ice during the winter or walking over the lawn with so much fertilizer. Moreover, choosing the right paw balms for dogs can also be helpful for healing dog paw injuries.

Once you notice dryness, roughness, or calluses on your dog’s paw, never ignore this situation. It is the time when you should look for the best dog paw balms. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse. It may not sound that serious, but it is a huge issue for dogs. For example, they could have a hard time walking, especially on pavements and sidewalks. Severe cracking and dryness can also lead to bleeding, which can lead to infections.

How to Use Paw Balm for Dogs?

Using a paw balm for dogs is like applying lip balms for people. You put the right amount on the affected area and ensure that your canine will not lick it. When using this dog product, you should first distract your furry pal from licking the balm on its feet. Once you have something to distract your pet, uncap your preferred paw balm, and get a small amount, like a droplet size. Then, rub it directly on the affected area.

Ensure that you apply generously and get in between each paw pad while paying attention to the affected spots. You can use your fingertips to scoop a little bit of the balm. Some dogs can get ticklish, that’s why you need something to divert their attention and distract them for at least 5 minutes to let the cream nourish the paw. Keep on applying once or twice a day, every day, until your canine’s pads would look and feel healthy again.

How to Choose the Right Dog Paw Balms

Before we jump over to the best dog paw balms list, let us help you understand first what to look for when buying this dog item. When it comes to purchasing paw balms for dogs, always look for natural ingredients, the type of balm, moisturizing capability, and how much protection it can give against the weather. Let us take a look at these qualities of a dog paw balm.


As much as possible, choose a dog paw balm that has all-natural or organic ingredients. It means you should avoid any preservatives and other toxic components like zinc oxide, mineral oils, and petroleum. Other ingredients that you have to prevent include lidocaine, diclofenac, hydrocortisone, and calcipotriene. It may be safe for human use, but these elements are incredibly toxic for your furry pal.

More natural ingredients are better for your canine. Choose a brand that produces this dog product without using any harmful components, and double-check it by reading its packaging content. Instead, look for healthy attributes like shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, rosemary extract, coconut oil, and lavender oil.

For short, the best dog paw palm must have natural ingredients with no chemicals. Preferably, it should be USDA certified organic because your dog would most likely attempt to lick it no matter how much you stop it. This way, you are confident that your dog is safe against further irritation to paws, nose, and accidental ingestion.

dog paw balms
Select a paw balm that has all natural ingredients!

Type of Balm

Like skin products that people use, dog paw balms also come in several types like soothers, waxes, and lotions. There are no significant differences, but each type provides different ways and approaches in the application, but all have the same effect when it comes to healing dry paws. It is all about texture and preference that makes the difference. If you want something dry and not too messy, waxes and soothers are your better options. On the other hand, if you prefer something creamy and scented for your canine, lotions are most suitable.


The primary goal of buying a dog paw balm is to moisturize your furry pal’s pads and keep it from drying. Therefore, it is essential that this product is excellent in drenching calluses and humidifying your dog’s paws’ drying skin. Otherwise, it would be pointless buying an ineffective balm. We all know how it feels to suffer from dry skin or chapped lips, and the pain is twice as much for canines since they have four paws.

If you leave it untreated, dogs will have a hard time and be uncomfortable walking. What’s even worse is that they can’t tell you about it. So, make sure that you pay attention and buy a dog paw balm with tons of moisturizing, healing, and soothing ingredients. How would you know? Going back to the first factor, which is the ingredient, most natural ingredients like shea butter and essential oils for dogs that offer moisture that your pups need to soothe the pain caused by dry skin.

Not all dogs know how to play it calm and safe, so do a favor for them and always take care of their paws. Due to extreme pain, canines behavior can also change to being too sensitive and aggressive. Slather on some balm rather than punishing your dog with the discomfort and misery caused by drying paws and calluses. Help soothe its pain through paw balms for dogs. Look for ingredient balms designed to encourage healing, to help your pet paws get better and smoother.

Weather Protection

One of the common reasons for paw dryness for dogs is weather changes and extreme climate conditions. So, make sure that the balm can withstand both cold and hot weather. During those summer days, as much as you think you’re hurting, think of how your barefooted canine feels. Their paws also feel like it’s on fire, and it is the same for cold weather.

Depending on the dog breed you have, for those canines that are more suited to sun rays and palm trees, you should be able to help them out in the winter and vise versa. Aside from the best sunscreens for your furry pal, you should also consider paw balms for dogs. It is where dog paw balms come to the rescue. Always select more dog-friendly foot protection to cover its paws.

dog paw balm for different weather
Choose a paw balm that can withstand different weathers.

10 Best Dog Paw Balms

You are probably here because you are searching for the best solution to treat those dry pads on your canine’s feet. Your searching on multiple websites ends now as we give you the 10 best dog paw balms. Each item on our list guarantees safety and effectiveness through its natural and healthy ingredients to protect against irritants. So, let us go ahead and jump on the list of the best paw balms products that you can buy today.

1. Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax

If you want the ultimate paw protection for all seasons, the Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax is the best option. It helps your pup to stop the pain and walk comfortably again on ice grounds, hot sidewalks, sandy beaches, and even hard pavement. Thanks to its moisturizing formula blended with 100% pure natural waxes and vitamins, you can now protect and soothe your furry pal’s cracked pads. Moreover, it has a non-allergenic and fast-drying application, so you don’t have to worry about your pet licking its paw. With a few minutes of distraction, the wax dries quickly.

Musher’s Secret is a brand making the best dog paw balms from the highest quality natural materials. You can trust that Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax will provide protection on your fido’s feed so that it can happily and safely mush, hike, run, and hunt regardless of the weather outside.

2. Vets Preferred Advanced Pad Protection

Make your dog more comfortable as you provide protection against cracked pads and paws with Vets Preferred Advanced Pad Protection. It offers a moisturizing formula that includes natural white beeswax, yellow beeswax, and coconut. So, you can be sure that this pad protection is safe and non-toxic for your furry pal under extreme weather conditions. Moreover, applying the wax is easy, and it dries quickly as well.

Moisture, soothe, and protect your furry pal’s paws through Vets Preferred Advanced Pad Protection. Give that advanced pad protection it needs against environmental elements and weather conditions that can cause dryness and bleeding. Apply the wax directly into the paw, or spread it in thin layers on pads and between the toes. You don’t have to shave your furry pal’s coat on its feet.

3. PetPost Paw Protection

When asking for the most effective paw protector, look no further than PetPost Paw Protection. This supercharged balm is perfect for protecting your canine’s paws while keeping its feet happy from heat, cold, ice, and salt. It is also an excellent substitute for booties and socks, making some breeds a little less comfortable. Apply PetPost Paw Protection in minutes, and your dog won’t even notice that you put something down on its pads.

PetPost Paw Protection is from natural and organic ingredients that create a safe and powerful barrier against harsh components that can make your paw’s feet dry. These are certified organic and natural ingredients that are more secure than traditional paw treatments. Petpost continually finds ways to reduce our footprint by using both naturally produced ingredients and recyclable packaging, so its products are always safe for the environment, especially for your fido.

4. Organic Nose and Paw Wax by Pawstruck

Relieve dry and painful skin, and let your dog feel its paws again using the Organic Nose and Paw Wax by Pawstruck. Whether it is a rough skin on your puppy’s nose, paws, or elbows, it is a highly versatile balm for relieving chapped skin. Moreover, its ingredients are excellent in doubling its protection level to help your furry pal’s pads be safe from rough surfaces and harsh winter or summer weather.

The texture of Organic Nose and Paw Wax by Pawstruck is creamy and made with certified USDA organic ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and non-GMO vitamins. Moreover, this paw balm is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, making the healing process safe and healthy for your pet.

The PawStruck company has been famous for making natural dog ointments protected from hot and cold weather. Moreover, it has established a formula to relieve and restore dry, chapped, damaged, itchy, crusty, bleeding, flaky, or cracking skin. So, you can always be sure that this brand is worthy of your money and trust.

5. Bodhi Organic Balm

One of the best dog paw balms is the Bodhi Organic Balm, as it will help you fix and heal those dried out, cracked, and crusty paw pads quickly. So, stop all your dog’s woes that they can’t tell you, and start delivering immediate soothing relief. Soothe, moisturize, and protect your canine’s paw pads for better comfort when walking. With the balm’s 100% USDA certified organic ingredients, it has been one of the best pure moisturizers that work fast restoring paws to health.

The purity of Bodhi Organic Balm’s ingredients makes it an excellent choice for pets with sensitive skin, allergies, and unique conditions that require regular maintenance. Since it is from a blend of plant-based ingredients, this product doesn’t have any harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic, artificial dyes, or fragrances harmful to your canine’s health. Most dog owners who bought this balm said that it is an excellent purchase. It is perfect for both puppies and adult canines.

6. Joseph’s Natural Balm

Heal, relieve, and repair extremely dry, cracked dog paws and noses with Dr. Joseph’s Natural Balm. This product is rich in oils in keeping your furry pal’s skin hydrated all day with the extra addition of vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Dr. Joseph is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience, so you can trust that this veterinarian-formulated balm will work like magic.

Thanks to its unique formula, Dr. Joseph’s Natural Balm creates a protective layer on the dogs’ paws, noses, and even arms to protect against harsh environmental conditions while moisturizing its skin naturally. This paw balm for dogs is so effective that one dog owner says it’s like magic that worked almost overnight. Gently rub it on your dog’s paws and put in some socks to let the balm soak in.

7. ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment

ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment has the finest natural and organic ingredients that your canine needs in battling skin dryness and roughness. It combines organic Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Coconut, Olive, and Hemp Seed Oils. Not to mention, the powerful natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory ingredients are essential for healing. Moreover, the addition of Shea Butter, vitamins, and amino acids make this balm one of the safest and best dog paw balms for dogs.

If you are looking for an “all-in-one” dow paw balm, you can have it with ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment. Aside from moisturizing dry skin, it also has properties for battling mange, dermatitis, skin wounds, swelling, and promoting hair and cell growth. The balm also has a non-greasy formula that makes it easier for application.

One of the pet owners said that it helped them relieve the pain, itchiness, and acne that their dogs have been dealing with. However, make sure that you apply it consistently, when needed, for the best results. You can also consult your veterinarian on how many times you can use it a day, but the ideal is at least once at night as your pup goes to sleep.

8. Handy Hound Paw Butter

Handy Hound Paw Butter is an all-natural wax balm made from the finest waxes, oils, and butter. It has a formula that helps heal and protect dry, rough, chapped, and cracked paws. Moreover, it offers a protective layer as a defense against bacterial and viral infections.

The Handy Hound Paw Butte is true to its promise in maintaining an all-vegan organic balm consisting of selected ingredients from vegetable oils for moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and healing properties. Moreover, the deep penetrating formulation provides instant cooling relief. From dryness due to environmental conditions to certain skin conditions like hyperkeratosis, it is one of the dog paw balms that you can trust.

9. All-Natural Dog Paw Balm by Fur Goodness Sake

Here’s another safe and natural dog paw balm by Fur Goodness Sake with fast healing properties. It offers a revolutionary formula to hydrate deep down your dog’s skin with exceptional penetration better than any balm, cream, or lotion. Therefore, your pet can immediately feel the relief and long-lasting protection against damage and dry paws. It is also an ultra-lightweight and water-based serum that can heal wounds instantly and reduce inflammation while moisturizing its paw pads.

All-Natural Dog Paw Balm by Fur Goodness Sake is always true to its promise of instant healing. In fact, one of its reviews said that it is a fantastic dog nose and paw balm. It helped them get their dog back on running and walking comfortably while protecting its feet from hot pavement and sand. What’s even more important is that dog owners who have tested it on the canines said that this balm works faster than other balms.

10. Pawlife Pad Rescue

Do you want a natural and effective dog paw balm with fast healing properties? Pawlife Pad Rescue is everything that your furry pal needs. Your pet will surely love this natural pet care cream that is efficient in treating dry, cracked, or sensitive paws. Moreover, it has no synthetic additives, so you can always be sure that it is safe for your canine even when it accidentally licks the balm.

The fast healing is also excellent, thanks to its combination of cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil. This formula has been perfect in moisturizing and healing skin conditions caused by allergens. Forget those booties and add a thin coat of paw wax to your dog’s pads for the ultimate protection during the winter seasons. The purity of the Pawlife Pad Rescue’s ingredients makes it a perfect option for pets and protects your doggos in warm and cold climates.

How to Make Dog Paw Balm at Home?

If you don’t want to buy a paw balm, why not create one for your canine? Whether you want a DIY dog paw balm for summer or winter, we’re about to share the recipes needed and how to make a dog paw balm at home. First of all, these are the ingredients and tools that you will need.

21-24 standard lip balm tubes, 6 1-oz. tins, or one large containerOil (olive, sunflower, or sweet almond oil) – 2 tablespoons
A small digital kitchen scale, optionalCoconut oil – 2 tablespoons
Small pot or double boilerShea butter – 1 tablespoon
Beeswax – 4 teaspoons

After you gather all your ingredients and tools, start melting the oils, shea butter, and beeswax in a small pot or double boiler. Make sure to put it in low heat and stir continuously to melt and blend the ingredients well. Voila! You already have a mixture for your dog’s paw balm.

Then, pour the mixture into the lip balm tubes or tins that you can easily buy online. Let the balm cool to settle or until it becomes hard. Finally, cap the tubes and put a label and the date when you made it. Take note that you can only use it within one year, and make sure to keep the DIY dog balm from extreme heat.

Choose the best dog paw balms to prevent dryness on your canine’s pad. This product is essential during winter, summer, or whenever you notice any crack or roughness on its feet. As a responsible dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your furry pal’s health is in top condition in all aspects.

With the changing environment, buying paw balms for dogs is as essential as shampoos and conditioners. For short, it should also belong to the needs of your canine to ensure your dog’s paw health. Finally, to complete your paw care, here are some of the best dog paw cleaners.

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