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10 Best Dog Winter Boots

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Published on
Wednesday 20 December 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Winter Dog Boots
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As the cold season begins, we prepare our gears to protect ourselves from the snow. Likewise, our furry pals need some shield from the icy weather, especially their paws. Aside from snow, ice melt chemicals and salt are present on the road. They can get caught in between your dog’s toes if they are unprotected. 

Luckily, many pet apparel companies offer a variety of dog shoes and gear for winter. To help you choose which one is the best among hundreds of brands, we prepared a guide. So, we share with you the best dog winter boots based on the data we gathered. 

10 Best Dog Boots for Winter

We scrutinized many brands before coming up with our own list of the best dog boots for winter. As we show you our best picks, we included their benefits and caveats. We want you to make an informed decision when choosing what’s best for your pooch. 

Our Best Pick:

However, among all the brands we picked, our favorite is the Grip Trex Dig Boots from RUFFWEAR. Not only does it boast Vibram non-marking sole, but also has a breathable upper mesh material. No wonder many pet owners rated them high as well. 

The table below shows a quick glance at the rest of the brands that made it to our list. The details of each dog shoe brand follow after the table.

Product NameBest Features SizeMaterialDurability Scale Rating
RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Dog Boots, Outdoor Booties with Rubber SolesRugged design for trail adventures. Boasts Vibram non-marking soles.From 1.5 to 3.25 inchesBreathable mesh top and Vibram non-marking outsole.4.64.3
XSY & G Dog Boots, Waterproof Dog ShoesAthletic yet chic-designed shoes for your pooch. With non-slip rubber sole and velcro closure. From 2.9 to 3.3 inchesBreathable fabric and good quality leather. Plus a non-slip rubber sole. 4.74.3
Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots Fleece-lined winter dog boots with reflective straps. From 1.5 to 4.75 inchesWindproof shell outer fabric and fleece-lined interior for warmth. Plus, specially treated leather soles for flexibility. 4.64.2
Kurgo Blaze Dog Shoes and Dog SocksAll-season dog boots,  making them ideal for hot summers and cold winters. From 2 to 3.25 inchesRipstop leather upper and sole. Plus, breathable mesh upper and a 360-degree reflective weld4.64.1
All Weather Neoprene Paw ProtectorDog Boots with Reflective StrapsDog booties perfect for all weather conditions. The breathable neoprene conforms to the natural shape of the paws. From 2.5 to 4.75 inchesHigh-quality neoprene dog boots with durable rubber soles with tread.4.34.1
QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs with Reflective StripsStylish paw protectors with a rugged sole for traction. Adjustable and reflective straps keep the shoes in place. From 1.7 to 3 inchesHigh-quality fabric, and anti-slip rubber soles4.44
SATTARO Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement with Reflective Straps Soft, fleece-lined booties suitable for puppies, small breeds, or even cats. From 1.18 to 1.96 inchesPremium oxford fabric, soft fleece-lined interiors, and granular, non-slip rubber sole3.43.8
WINSOON Dog Australia Pet Boots Anti Skid Shoes Cute leather winter dog booties with fleece-lined interiors. Suitable for puppies and small breeds only. From 1 to 2.5 inchesSoft leather outer materials, fleece-lined interior, and rubber soles4.23.7
PawZ Dog Boots | Rubber Dog BootiesAll-rubber-made booties that offer protection against rain, snow, mud, grime, and a lot more. From 1 to 5 inchesMade entirely of rubber making it waterproof3.53.6
WALKEE PAWS Dog Leggings/Booties/Socks/Shoes All-in-OneDog leggings with waterproof rubber booties. They are all connected to the back of the dog to avoid losing booties. From 1 to 3.25 inches4-way stretch spandex material and rubber booties3.53.2
10 Best Dog Winter Boots

1. RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Dog Boots, Outdoor Booties with Rubber Soles

Don’t let the cold winter hinder you from your outdoor adventures with your pooch. RUFFWEAR offers rugged trail-ready boots with their Grip Trex Dog Boots, and Outdoor Booties with Rubber Soles. So, you and your dog will be ready to take on any trail. With these dog shoes, you can bring your dog to activities like hiking, backpacking, or trail running even when there is snow. The soles of these dog boots boast Vibram non-marking outsoles with a rugged lug design. This offers enough traction and flexibility for your dog.

Putting on the dog boots is a breeze with its wide opening. Keeping it on is easy as well because it has a reliable hook-and-loop cinch system. Although their paws are all covered, they will still feel comfortable and ventilated with their breathable mesh material. Plus, the booties come with reflective trims for visibility in low-light conditions. However, most dog owners aren’t happy that RUFFWEAR sells the boots by pair, considering dogs have four paws. This makes these doggy shoes pricier than the others. They also mentioned that the shoes irritate or cause dew claws to bleed in some breeds. 


  • Boasts Vibram non-marking outsoles with a rugged lug design
  • Keeps the fit snug with its reliable hook-and-loop cinch system
  • Made of a breathable mesh for comfort and ventilation


  • Sold in pairs and not in fours
  • More expensive than its competitors
  • Not suitable for breeds with more prominent dew claws that may be irritated with the boots

2. XSY&G Dog Boots, Waterproof Dog Shoes

Let your dog walk with style with XSY & G’s Dog Boots, Waterproof Dog Shoes. These athletic-designed dog shoes flaunt a perfect blend of breathable fabric and cow-grain leather materials. Plus, there is a cute embroidered paw design on them, too. The soles of these dog boots offer stability and traction because of their non-slip rubber material. Keeping your dog’s paws protected is made easy because of its velcro closure. You can also use these indoors to protect your sofa or other furniture from scratches by your dog.

However, the stitching on the interior side of the shoes isn’t covered. So, your dog’s paw may rub against the threads. If your dog is sensitive to this, he may develop some rashes so be wary. Although the dog boots stay on your dog’s paws, they tend to turn upside down on active dogs. So the soles come to the top and the fabric goes down to the paws, requiring owners to adjust frequently. In some cases, they completely fall off during your dog’s playtime. A few pet owners shared that these dog boots had a strong chemical scent when they arrived from an online purchase.   


  • Stylish design with a breathable fabric and cow-grain leather
  • Offers stability and traction with its non-slip rubber soles
  • Have easy-to-adjust velcro straps for closure


  • The threads on the interior side are not covered and may rub against your dog’s paws
  • Boots tend to turn upside down or entirely fall off on active dogs
  • Has a robust chemical scent especially when it is still new

3. Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots

Despite extremely cold weather, you and your pup may still enjoy going on walks outside with the warm and comfortable Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots from Muttluks. Of course, you’ll need to make sure it is safe for both of you to go outside. There’s a reason why Muttluks has been creating these winter adventure boots since 1994. And that is because they offer great quality and function. The windproof and waterproof outer fabric provides protection from the snow. While the fleece in the inner lining offers warmth to their paws. 

Get barefoot comfort for your pooch with the specially-treated leather on the soles of these boots. This gives flexibility enhancing the comfort of your furry pal’s paws. Plus, it has reflective accents for added safety when going outside at night. However, these shoes may not be suitable for dogs with slim legs or paws as they’ll likely fall off. Additionally, small dogs may experience flexibility issues with these shoes because of the size of their paws. Also, the opening of the shoes is also narrow, so putting it on your dog may be quite a struggle.


  • Offers a waterproof and windproof outer fabric 
  • Fleece-lined interiors for warmth during extremely cold conditions
  • Boasts soles made of specially-treated leather for comfort


  • Problems with not staying on, especially for dogs with slim legs or paws
  • Flexibility issues on small breeds
  • Narrow opening makes it hard to put on the dog’s paws

4. Kurgo Blaze Dog Shoes and Dog Socks

Protect your dog’s paws not only during winter but all year long with Kurgo’s Blaze Dog Shoes and Dog Socks. These all-season dog boots shield your pet’s paws from the hot pavements during summer and from the icy roads during winter. These dog shoes are made of breathable mesh fabric material for ventilation. Plus, it boasts a 36-degree reflective weld for safety at night. Keeping the boots on your dog will not be troublesome because of the dual ankle closure of these shoes. Whether you’ll use it during the summer or winter, your dog will enjoy extra traction from the non-slip rubber soles of these boots. 

However, these dog shoes received mixed reviews in terms of durability. Some dog owners mentioned that the closure straps tend to rip apart after a few uses. Other pet parents pointed out that the sizing is off compared to other brands. So, they recommend measuring your dog’s paws accurately before buying. Even the smallest size may still be too large for small breeds. 


  • All-season lightweight dog boots
  • Made of breathable mesh fabric with a 360-degree reflective weld
  • Offers double ankle closure for a more snug fit


  • Mixed reviews on the durability of closure straps
  • Sizing inconsistencies compared to other brands
  • May be too big for small breeds, even the smallest available size

5. All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Straps

Your fur baby will thank you for the comfort of these All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Straps from Bark Brite. Because of the neoprene material, these dog booties conform to your pet’s natural paw shape. Thus, it won’t inhibit the natural movements of their paws. Its durable rubber sole with tread not only aids in traction but also protects from water and puncture. Although these dog shoes are not waterproof, they provide a minimal level of protection against ice, snow, hot pavements, rocks, and other sharp objects during walks. 

It comes with two elastic reflective straps so your pooch is visible in low-light conditions. But, some reviews mentioned that dogs’ nails may puncture holes in the booties after usage. Keeping on requires strapping them tightly which may be uncomfortable for dogs. And since these dog shoes aren’t waterproof, they can get stinky when they get wet.  


  • Neoprene dog booties for all weather conditions
  • Conforms to the natural shape of the paws supporting their natural movements
  • The treads on the durable rubber sole enhance traction


  • The neoprene material is not resistant to punctures/holes from dog nails
  • These dog booties are not waterproof
  • May develop some stinky smell when exposed to water and not dried easily

6. QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs with Reflective Strips

Keep your dog’s style on point with these Dog Boots from QUMY. Made from high-quality fabric, these paw protectors are available in various colors for your pooch. It boasts cute paw prints that complement the style of the shoes. Because of the wide-split seams, these dog boots are easy to put on your dogs. Two adjustable reflective straps secure and keep them in place while your dog enjoys walks. And since they are reflective, your dogs are more visible at night.

In addition to the stylish design, these bod shoes boast anti-slip rubber soles that offer added stability and traction. However, despite the dual strap, these booties still slip out of the paws of small breeds. Durability is also not that reliable as some dog owner’s shared the booties started to rip apart just after a few uses. Lastly, contrary to what is advertised, these doggy shoes are not waterproof. 


  • Stylish design with a paw print and various available colors
  • Features wide-split seams so that it’s easy to put on
  • Dual adjustable and reflective straps


  • Doesn’t stay on for small breeds as they slip off
  • Not very durable stitching and materials
  • Not waterproof contrary to what they advertise

7. SATTARO Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement with Reflective Straps

Having some trouble finding the right winter boots for your puppy? SATTARO’s Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement with Reflective Straps may just be the right one for your pooch. These cute, small dog boots are designed specifically for small breeds, puppies, and even for our feline friends. And what makes it a great snow boot for your dog? The warmth they offer from the fleece-lined interiors so your pup’s paws won’t be cold. These snow boots for dogs feature a drawstring so it’s easy to adjust the tightness without cutting circulation. 

These paw protectors also boast anti-slip rubber soles that add support while your dogs enjoy the outdoors. Despite its huge benefit to your pup, these dog booties remain lightweight. Plus they have reflective strips too. But be wary, since these are designed for small breeds, the dog shoes are too small for medium to large breeds. These booties are also not waterproof. The plastic on the drawstring may tempt your dog to chew if he is a chewer. 


  • Designed for small breeds, puppies, and even cats
  • Boasts fleece-line interiors for warmth during winter
  • Features drawstrings to adjust the fit of the shoes


  • Not suitable for medium to large breeds
  • Doesn’t protect against water
  • Dogs may chew on the plastic on the drawstring

8. WINSOON Dog Australia Boots Pet Antiskid Shoes

As you narrow your search for small dog boots for winter, we added WINSOON Dog Australia Boots Pet Anti-Skid Shoes to our list. These cute little dog booties feature an elegant leather material for the exterior. Plus, a  fleece lining inside for warmth during the cold season. They are lightweight and easy to put on with adjustable velcro straps. The bottom is made of anti-skid rubber so your pooch won’t slip on icy roads. 

Now that’s fashion, function, and comfort, all in one! However, these booties are missing one safety feature. And that is the reflective straps that could have been helpful at night. Medium to large breeds of dogs, unfortunately, won’t be able to enjoy the comfort of these shoes. These dog booties are not waterproof. Plus, drying them can be a pain because of the furry material inside. 


  • Stylish soft leather exterior and warmth fleece-lined interior
  • Adjustable velcro straps to hold them in place
  • Anti-skid rubber soles for slippery roads during winter


  • No available sizes for large breeds
  • Not waterproof and hard to dry up
  • No reflective straps to help with visibility at night

9. PawZ Dog Boots | Rubber Dog Booties

Say goodbye to wet paws with PawZ Dog Boots, Rubber Dog Booties. The entire pet shoe is made out of rubber making it all-weatherproof. It repels rain, snow, mud, pavement heat, and even city grime. So, your pet’s paws are always protected. And because they are made of rubber, they offer good anti-slip properties, too. Each pack comes with 12 rubber boots. Although these are disposable, they are still durable. And most of all, they are biodegradable. 

Simple yet functional and easy to clean. That’s what we can say about these pet shoes. However, some dog owners have a lot to share about these booties. Reviews mentioned that it is hard to put these on because your need to stretch them like a balloon. The material used is also flimsy and is prone to punctures from dog paws. Additionally, these rubber booties are not breathable. Because they can be tight on your dog’s paws, there is also a risk of poor blood circulation.


  • Made entirely of rubber, repelling all kinds of liquid and dirt
  • Protects against slippery roads
  • Disposable yet biodegradable


  • Hard to put on due to the elastic nature of rubber
  • Not resistant to punctures from dog paws or nails
  • Not breathable and poses a risk of poor blood circulation

10. WALKEE PAWS Dog Leggings/Booties/Socks/Shoes All-in-One

Tired of looking for missing doggy booties every time you walk your dog? Well, WALKEE PAWS got the solution for that with their Dog Leggings/Booties/Socks/Shoes All-in-One. These dog shoes span the length of your dog’s legs and are connected over the back. So no bootie will ever go missing again. These dog leggings are made of a 4-way stretch spandex fabric to provide comfort and warmth to your dog. Not only will the paws be protected against the cold, but the entire legs of your pooch. 

The rubber booties on these leggings are waterproof. Plus, they have grips for better traction. Most of all, these dog leggings are easy to clean as they are machine-washable. However, these dog leggings may be a struggle to put on. The straps tend to loosen when they get wet because of the spandex material. The rubber pads are also not resistant to punctures from dog paws. 


  • Protects both the paws and the entire legs from the cold
  • Connects all leggings at the back to avoid losing booties
  • Easy to clean and machine wash-friendly


  • Can be a struggle to put on all four legs
  • Not durable enough to repel punctures from dog paws
  • The spandex strap tends to stretch when wet loosening the grip on the back of the dog

Do Dogs Need Winter Boots? 

As you’ve seen, there is a variety of options for winter dog booties. Some offer insulation and comfort, while others boast waterproof properties. Some are straightforward, while others are stylish. But, you might wonder, do dogs need winter boots? How will they benefit from these little paw protectors? Let’s go through the value of getting a pair of dog snow shoes for your pet.

  • Protect paws from snow, ice, salt, or de-icing chemicals. This is the most obvious reason why you should get winter boots for your dogs. Snow and other de-icing chemicals may irritate their paws, so they need some protection.
  • Offer extra support for senior dogs, especially in slippery areas. Senior dogs may have a reduced ability to support themselves when walking. Using dog booties with good traction may give additional support.
  • Provide a cushion for dogs with joint problems. Our canine friends aren’t immune to arthritis. In fact, osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases in dogs. So, if your dogs suffer from this, using well-cushioned dog booties may offer some relief when they walk. 
  • Shield against allergens from getting into the toes. Many kinds of allergens can be found on the ground. And these may cause allergy flare-ups in dogs, particularly on their paws. So, get a pair of paw protectors for your sensitive pooch to help prevent allergies. 
  • Keep your floors indoors clean. Even while staying at home, you can benefit from dog booties by keeping your floors clean and scratch-free
  • Makes your pooch look stylish when going for walks during winter. Lastly, the best snow boots for dogs not only offer function but also makes your dog look fashionable.

What to Look For in Dog Winter Boots 

Now that you know the brands that we recommend to get the best dog booties for winter, let’s tackle the qualities of good snow boots. 


Look for lightweight and breathable material for your dog’s winter boots. Another thing to consider is good traction from rubber soles. As the roads may get slippery during winter, find doggy boots that offer a good grip.


Choose a water-resistant or waterproof material to protect your dog’s paws from moisture. You wouldn’t want your dog’s paws to get wet from the snow during cold temperatures. The waterproof fabric also helps keep your dog’s paws warm. 

Flexible Sole

Aside from good traction, look for dog winter boots with flexible soles. Stiff ones may inhibit the natural movement of their paws. As a result, it can be uncomfortable for them. Some dogs even experience blisters and bleeding.

Adjustable Straps

Many dog owners will agree that the most common issue with any dog shoes is keeping them on. After walking, running, and playing, it is very likely for dog booties to fall off. So, it’s important to get dog shoes with adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit. 


Measure your dog’s paws properly to get the right size for them. Even the best snow boots for dogs will be useless if you don’t get the correct size. Most brands have specific instructions on how to take correct paw measurements

Warmth and Comfort

During this cold season, keep your dog’s paws warm by getting dog booties with fleece-lined lining. Some brands also offer windproof outer shell material to add to the warmth of the shoes. Aside from the heat, fleece or fur-like interiors also provide comfort for your pup. 

Dog Winter Boots: FAQs 

Let’s go through the frequently asked questions for the best dog winter boots. 

Do dog boots actually work?

Yes, dog boots offer a lot of benefits for your pet. Aside from warmth, it also provides comfort and protection not only during winter but all year round. 

Should dogs wear boots in winter?

Yes, dogs should wear winter boots to protect their paws from the snow and other toxic de-icers. Although dog paws may look tough, they won’t stand against the harsh cold winter. So, when you are out in the snow with your pooch, don’t forget their winter boots.

How cold does it need to be for dogs to wear boots?

When it’s raining or snowing outside, it’s best to wear winter boots on your dogs. A good rule of thumb is, if you need to wear one, then your dog likely needs the same protection, too. 

How do I get my dog’s booties to stay on?

Keeping those dog booties on can be quite a struggle, especially for active dogs. So, to make sure they stay on, get the right size for your dog. Also, look for dog booties with adjustable straps. 

What are the best dog boots to buy?

We have gathered enough brands for you to choose from, discussed above. Brands like RUFFWEAR, Kurgo, Muttluks, and many more offer equally good quality winter boots for your dogs. 

Just like us, dogs need the warmth and protection of winter boots during the cold season. It is often challenging to look for the best winter boots for your dog. But with the information we shared about good dog shoe brands above, you’ll surely find the best fit for your fur baby. 

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