15 Best Dog Anxiety Toys

15 Best Dog Anxiety Toys

If your dog is plagued with anxiety the then you are probably researching the best ways to help your dog. One method we recommend is looking through some anxiety-aiding dog toys. These toys act as both distractions and methods to help soothe your dog. There is not just one variety though; there are many different kinds of anxiety toys so it is important to know the type that will help your dog. Therefore, we have found the best dog anxiety toys and comprised a list for you.

Understanding how your dog’s anxiety affects them as an individual can help you to find the most suitable dog anxiety toy for them. We will be explaining the different factors to consider as well as their benefits. Furthermore, with our honest reviews of each product, you should be able to identify that which best suits your pup. Come take a look with us!

Anxiety in Dogs

Anxiety is a mental health problem that can deeply affect our dogs and lead to their unhappiness. It can also be a struggle for us to both deal with and support them through. There is also not one cause. Some dogs are more prone to anxiety based on their age, breed, and genetics. Many cases of anxiety are induced through the environment and situational changes though. Furthermore, the symptoms can vary from constant vocalizations to urinating inside. Although the symptoms can be quite mild initially, they usually develop if left untreated. This means that the odd bark can become barking for hours in the middle of the night.

A common cause for dog anxiety is separation from their owner or others. This is called separation anxiety and can affect your dog mildly or severely. In severe cases, your dog can react strongly from you being in the room next door. This could be jumping at the door, scratching it, and even destructive behavior. Another situation that induces anxiety is aging. As dogs become older their movements start to limit and even dementia and confusion, in general, can set in. These can all be stressful and lead to your dog becoming more anxious.

Dog Anxiety Toys

Dogs with anxiety are aided through gradual training, distraction, herbal remedies, and keeping them engaged and supported through times of stress. Dog anxiety toys can help to cover all of these areas. For example, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety then one method to help is giving them a lot to keep them engaged when you are not there. These toys can revolve around food retrieval, stimulating your dog’s senses, or even offering something of comfort for them to turn to.

By providing your dog with these toys you are offering them both a distraction and outlet for their anxiety. This not only redirects their negative behavior, but also offers something to help reduce their anxiety. It does so by allowing them to put that negative energy into something positive. Every dog is different and some toys will be more beneficial to them than others. Evaluate your dog’s personality to find their perfect fit.

dog that is anxious
Dogs that do excessive behavior like barking, chewing, and peeing are anxious.

15 Best Dog Anxiety Toys

Onto the best part, the toys! We will detail all the factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

1. KONG – Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber

Not only are Kong’s toys some of the most popular dog toys available, but it is also one of the most beneficial. It is constructed with strong rubber so your dog will struggle to break it, even strong dogs are unlikely to make a dent. It works by having a small center that you can fill with dog treats, paste, or other tasty snacks. They then have to use their tongue and paws to get all of the treats out. It gives them a toy that bounces to chase, as well as an enriching and engaging toy. Owners’ reviews mention how their dog who destructively chewed now only chews this Kong during times of stress.

2. Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

Pet Zone offers a food dispenser ball that is both fun and enriching. It’s a little plastic ball that you can put treats in. Your dog has to roll and paw at the ball in order to move the treats through the sections of the ball and out into the open. This helps to distract your dog and keep them mentally stimulated for long periods of time. One of the best qualities is that you can increase the difficulty overtime to keep things new and interesting for your dog. However, this ball is made of plastic so it should not be given to heavy or destructive chewers. Reviews mention that this ball can entertain for hours at a time.

3. AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

A snuffle mat is a mat with a lot of material pieces that allow you to hide treats and other forms of enrichment in. AWOOF’s snuffle mat has a brown bass with green material on top to resemble green grass. It has a string tie that lets you place the treats in and then begin to close the mat. Therefore, your dog not only has to sniff and push around to find the treats, but pull open the snuffle mat. This makes the foraging more engaging and the process of recovering the treats a longer one. The reviews of this product are very positive and mention how their dog’s anxiety lessened when this toy was offered as a distraction in stressful situations, such as them leaving the house.

4. Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound – Medium

Outward Hound’s products are well-known due to their high quality and engaging functions. This interactive puzzle is no different. It has some of the best reviews on Amazon and has three compartments for hiding treats and four different puzzles. This product is best for dogs with higher IQs as others may become bored or frustrated, which reviews concur with. However, you have the choice to buy this product in four different levels to include dogs of many different abilities. Similarly, dogs of high intelligence may finish the puzzle very quickly, so it all depends on your dog’s personality and IQ.

5. WEOK Heartbeat Puppy Toy with Heartbeat

This is a very creative toy that is a mat with a heartbeat. Your dog can lie on this plush, cuddly elephant and they can feel the heartbeat module when lying on it. This mimics the heartbeat of their mother and gives an also immediate calming effect. Combine this with the soft texture of the elephant and you have a toy that can really make a difference. The reviews for this toy state that puppies and elderly dogs have particularly benefited from the calming effects of this design.

6. QDAN Dog Squeaky Toys

This is a dog toy that is perfect for destructive chewers of a medium to large size. It is a very strong toy that comes in a green and black marble design in either a skull or time bomb shape. It acts as an alternative to destructive chewing due to its robust design. As your dog cannot break this toy, they will continue to chew it to try and pull it apart and this is very difficult to do. Looking at customer reviews, even those that own dogs with insanely strong jaws are shocked at the strength. One owner mentions how their Pitbull couldn’t break this toy, even after eight months!

7. Felixmuc Puppy Behavioral Training Aid Toy for Anxiety Relief

This heartbeat relief toy is shaped like a panda and offers a heartbeat simulator to comfort your dog. They can lie on top or cuddle around the toy to feel the comforting heartbeat, that which resembles that of their mother from when they were a puppy. This presents the feeling of safety and comfort which helps to relax them in times of anxiety. The product will continue to simulate a heartbeat for an 8 hour period unless turned off, so can comfort your dog when you are out at work. Reviews discuss how comforting the product is for dogs that struggle to sleep at night or be alone.

8. Feeko Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

This long-lasting, rubber ring is the perfect chew toy for your dog. It comes in five different colors and aids in different kinds of chewing. Firstly, it is strong for destructive chewers so they will have difficulty breaking the toy. Secondly, it is flexible. This allows your dog to pull and bend it and play with it in more engaging manners than a regular chew toy. Many anxious dogs put their energy into chewing different textures and objects that break or move differently for stimulation and distraction. A toy that offers different movement and is difficult to break will draw more of their attention and keep them mentally stimulated. Reviews enjoy the flexibility and strength of the toy.

9. Moropaky Hearbeat Toy for Dog Anxiety

This is another heartbeat toy to help with your dog’s anxiety. What makes this toy stand out is the shape of the product. It is a curved pillow that can hug your dog. Having surrounding support has evidence to suggest that it reduces anxiety greatly. This is because they feel support surrounding multiple areas of their body and therefore feel less vulnerable. Combining this feature with the heartbeat that your dog can feel from lying on this toy will calm their nerves in a variety of situations. Multiple owners comment on how their dog has slept better having this in or by their bed throughout the night.

10. BellaBoo Pets Interactive Dog Toy for Strong Chewers

Bellaboo have created an adorable, interactive toy for your dog. This wonderful product is shaped like a cute little hedgehog but is actually a chewable, food dispenser. You can put treats inside this toy for them to have to chew, lick, and push them out. Furthermore, the hedgehog spikes act as teeth cleaning, chewable prongs. Add a little bit of peanut butter in the spikes for you dog to lick and chew. The toy is strong and can survive a lot of chewing but the prongs can be chewed away by digs with strong jaws. This is a highly rated product that owners from all over love the multi-function toy to distract anxiety.

11. HOPECENTER Calming Mat for Dog Anxiety

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This is a three texture, dog licking mat. It is easy to use a great way to distract your dog and keep them engaged. You place food and paste on these mats for your dog to eat and lick off of. They act as a form of enrichment that works well to aid or distract anxiety. Obsessive licking is a common behavior performed by dogs when they are anxious. Offering them something to lick repeatedly can help them put this behavior into a place that is beneficial. Instead of on their fur and skin which could develop into OCD. This mat offers an easy to clean, sanitary area for your dog to do so in which reviews confirm.

12. All for Paws Puppy Sleep Aid Plush Toy

This is a combined anxiety toy by all for paws. It offers a heat pack alongside a heartbeat and comforting texture. It is a cute little lamb toy that your dog can cuddle with. The supplied heartbeat and warmth will remind your dog of when they were a puppy sleeping with their mum. This helps them to feel safe and thereby relaxed. The pulsing heartbeat has been designed with accurate timing to display a dog heartbeat. An added bonus of this product is that it is machine-washable. Which is extremely useful if your dog sleeps with it every night. Owners love this for their anxious or nervous puppy.

13. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

This cute little dog is a heat pack and is available in five colors to purchase. With 22 years of experience in developing products to help your dog, SmartPetLove has a lot of experience in creating positive toys. We call this a toy because it is a soft plush that your dog can cuddle and take around with them. With the added heat pack though it brings the perfect level of comforting warmth to settle your dog’s nerves. Owners have used this especially during times when they leave the house. It offers support and a feeling of warmth that you give, so they can have it even when you aren’t there.

14. Barkbox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Donut Cuddler Dog Bed

Barkbox is a heavily praised company so you know that their 2-in-1 donut bed will be of good quality. It is available in small, medium, and large to support any sized dog with anxiety. This toy supports your dog all the way around to reduce the feeling of vulnerability. It also encourages the calming sleep position of your dog curled up in a ball. The soft texture is a favorite of buyers as dogs snuggle up to the sides and relax soon after.

15. Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Cute Pink Boutique Rope Toys Set

Otterly Pets has a set of six pink rope-based toys. Your dog has multiple choices of what to chew and play with when they are anxious. Furthermore, each toy has different shapes and textures so even if your dog ignores one or two, there should be one that satisfies their needs. Reviews state that if your dog loves chewing toys and furniture, this set can be a major relief and distraction for your pup.

dog anxiety prevention
Exercise is a great way to bond with your dog while tiring them out.

Toys For Anxious Dogs: FAQ

We wanted to answer some further questions concerning dogs, anxiety, and dog anxiety toys. So we have collected the most asked and answered them below.

What dog breeds are prone to anxiety?

Some dog breeds that are more prone to anxiety include:

Jack Russell Terrier
Siberian Husky

However, note that any dog has the capability to develop anxiety. Their genetics, situation, and past can all influence anxiety. So do not eliminate the idea that anxiety could be affecting your dog if they are not in a breed that is usually affected.

Are there anxiety medications for dog anxiety?

There are both veterinarian prescribed and herbal remedies for anxiety. This depends on the severity of the anxiety and what methods you have already tried. Furthermore, it depends on the symptoms your dog is displaying and how severe they are.

Apart from using toys, how else can I remedy my dog’s anxiety?

Some ways to help your dog include:

– Gradual training to help certain symptoms
– Music
– Aromatherapy
– Play
– Exercise
– A routine
– Socializing

Finding the right treatment depends on the cause and symptoms of your dog’s depression. Referring to a behaviorist or vet can help you to decide the next cause of action.

What are anxiety dog beds?

Anxiety dog beds are specially shaped and textured beds to help calm your pup. These calming beds help to soothe your dog through a few methods. One such is the shape of the bed. As it is curved it encourages your dog to lie in a circular position, one which naturally encourages your dog to calm down. This is because they feel safe and supported all the way around, helping them to calm down. Furthermore, the material is of an extra-soft variety. This is to remind your dog of the feeling of their mother’s fur which immediately helps to calm them down. This combination helps minimize their anxiety and offers them a safe place during times of discomfort.

Can DIY dog toys reduce anxiety?

Whether they are store-bought or homemade, anxiety toys can help dogs. Often a homemade dog toy can offer tailored care and fun that is perfect for your dog, as opposed to generalized dog toys.

Dog anxiety toys can be a cheap and effective solution to help your dog feel better. Finding the perfect toy helps to increase the likelihood that it’ll be of benefit to your dog. Evaluating what they like and what brings them comfort can help your choice.