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17 Best Dog Toys For Medium Dogs

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Published on
Saturday 29 October 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
17 Best Dog Toys For Medium Dogs
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Entertainment is essential to dogs, especially when they are alone and bored at home. When dogs get bored, they tend to chew on things they shouldn’t. Good thing, many options now exist to stimulate your dogs’ minds. So, they can have some fun even without you around. 

With countless dog toys on the market, you’ll spend so much time digging up information about each brand. Safety and quality are important when choosing suitable toys for your dog. Moreover, the size of your dog and the toys is also a vital factor during the selection. We gathered the best dog toys for medium dogs to save you time. 

17 Best Toys For Medium Dogs

Here are our top picks for the best dog toys for medium dogs. We highlighted the features of each product, as well as some cautions for you to consider. The top 10 best dog toys are in the table below for a quick comparison.   

Product Name DescriptionRating
Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier Bacon FlavorBacon-flavored chew for teething puppies. With a textured surface for cleaning your pup’s teeth.4.5
Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive ChewersWishbone-shaped dog chew is designed for heavy chewers. It’s bacon-flavored and durable.4.5
Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog ToyEngaging dog treat dispenser with 12 compartments and 3 bone covers. Varying levels of difficulty keep your dog busy and entertained.4.4
Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Collection | Unique Squeaky Parody Plush Dog ToysA uniquely-designed plush toy with a squeaky sound. Soft and doubles as your pup’s pillow. 4.7
KONG Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy A plush bear with a rope and a squeaker inside. Contains less stuffing compared to similar toys. 4.1
Multipet’s 5.5-Inch Chilly Bone Dog Toy This Canvas Toy Freezable teething toy with a canvas surface. Great relief for teething pups or to cool them during hot days.3.8
Chuckit! Ultra Ball High bouncing rubber ball for fetch games. Lightweight and floats on water. Plus, it contains a squeaker. 4.8
KONG Extreme Dog ToyHeavy-duty rubber toy for aggressive chewers, Has a specified space for treats for added fun. 4.3
Chuckit! Air Fetch Ball, MediumAir-fetch ball with a mesh-like design. Hollow interior doubles as a place to put treats. Floats on water, too. 4.5
KONG – Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber for Medium DogsThe classic red KONG rubber toy with space to stuff treats keeps dogs busy. 4.6
Best Dog Toys For Medium Dogs

1. Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier Bacon Flavor

Train positive chewing habits to your puppy with Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier Bacon Flavor. Because of teething discomfort, puppies develop destructive chewing behavior. But, you can help soothe your puppy’s teething pains with this bacon-flavored chew toy. 

You can choose from its various entertaining colors and fun shapes. Plus, its raised bristles help clean your pup’s teeth, preventing tartar buildup. Although its material is soft and intended for puppies, larger breeds may break it into pieces.  


  • Bacon-flavored to lure your pup
  • Unique colors and shapes
  • Textured bristles for teeth cleaning


  • Made of a soft material that easily breaks
  • If not supervised, puppies may swallow broken pieces

2. Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Looking for a durable toy for your heavy chewer pooch? Choose Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers. This bacon-flavored chew imitates the shape of the wishbone, making it easy for dogs to pick it up. Because of its durability, it is ideal for dogs who love to chew. 

However, due to its heavy-duty strength, this dog chew may break your dog’s tooth. As a result, it may cost a trip to the vet to fix the broken tooth. So, make sure to supervise your dog when they are chewing this toy. This toy has bacon flavor but is not edible. But your pooch is unaware of this and might want to eat the toy.  


  • It has a bacon flavor
  • Wishbone shape for ease of picking up
  • Strong and durable


  • Very hard and may result in a broken tooth or tooth loss in dogs
  • Flavored chew but not edible

3. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Keep your dog’s mind occupied by giving him an engaging treat! The Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy is a great choice. This fun treat dispenser keeps your dog busy with mental and physical challenges

Aside from its 12 compartments to hide treats, it boasts three bone covers for dogs to flip. These varying difficulty levels stimulate and challenge your dog. But, we don’t recommend this puzzle to large dogs. They may pick up the entire puzzle and shake it. As a result, the treats may all fall at once. Brilliant pups may take just a few minutes to solve the challenge. While others may flip the entire puzzle upside down.


  • Interactive and engaging
  • Varying difficulty levels
  • Easy to clean 


  • Great for small to medium dogs only. Large dogs may pick up the entire puzzle 
  • Treats fall off once the puzzle is flipped over
  • Smart pups may figure out the puzzle easily and get uninterested right after

4. Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Collection | Unique Squeaky Parody Plush Dog Toys

See your dog’s ears raise and head tilt with the sound of this squeaky plush toy. The Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Collection Plush Dog Toy comes in your favorite drink design. Not only does it excite your pup, but it also gives him comfort. Plus, it is fun and eye-catching due to its unique parody theme.

This is great not only for dogs but for dog parents, too. They’ll surely love to take some quirky photos. However, most of the designs available have light colors. Because of this, you might need to wash them often to keep them clean. Some dog owners also pointed out that the toy is smaller than what they expected.  


  • Funny and unique designs great for photos
  • Its squeaky sound excites your dog
  • Soft and comforting, it doubles as a pillow for your dog


  • The exterior consists of a felt material not durable enough to stand chewing
  • Most designs come in light colors, which may need more frequent cleaning
  • Pricey for a small plush toy

5. KONG Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy

Worried about the hazards of the stuffing on a plush toy? Get the KONG Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy, instead. It has minimal stuffing, which means fewer worries and mess at home. It also squeaks to catch your pup’s attention. 

Since it’s a plush toy, it also offers comfort during their naptime. The inside of this shaker toy is made of rope, so it’s sturdy. However, we don’t recommend it to power chewers who might rip the soft parts of the toy.  


  • Less stuffing than other plush toys
  • Sturdy with its rope interior plus a squeaker
  • It comes in different sizes


  • Not intended for destructive chewers
  • The squeaker is not as easy to find compared to other plush toys

6. Multipet 5.5-Inch Chilly Bone Dog Toy This Canvas Toy

Take this cool toy for a hot summer day! Multipet 5.5-Inch Chilly Bone Dog Toy This Canvas Toy boasts a freezable feature! Just soak and freeze before giving it to your dog. This frosty toy provides perfect comfort for teething puppies inside or outside the home. 

The surface is made of canvas soft enough for your teething pup. However, this can disadvantage some pups who are determined to tear down the canvas. As a result, they may ingest the cotton stuffing and the plastic pill inside. Another downside is it thaws quickly, leaving wet marks on your dog’s bed or play area.  Plus, the dye used on the canvas also tends to bleed when wet.


  • Freezable toy to cool pups during warm days
  • Frozen toy doubles as a comfortable teething toy
  • Soft canvas surface


  • It contains a pill together with the stuffing, which are choking hazards
  • It thaws within a few minutes making the toy wet.
  • The dye on the canvas bleeds when wet and may stain other surfaces

7. ChuckIt! Ultra Ball

Got some space for a game of fetch? Grab the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball for non-stop fun and exercise with your dog. Since this durable fetch toy is made of rubber, your dog may have difficulty destroying it. Plus, it boasts a squeaker to stir your dog’s sensitive ear. 

This fetch toy is lightweight and buoyant, so you can play on land or water. Plus, it bounces high, too. However, some dog owners noticed the new design has weak seams. After repeated chewing, the seams tend to get damaged first. Also, the balls have a funky rubber odor that won’t go away after rigorous washing. 


  • High-bouncing fetch ball with a squeaker
  • Lightweight and buoyant in water
  • Made of durable rubber


  • The new design have seams that aggressive chewers can puncture
  • The rubber gives off a strong odor that stays on the hands

8. KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Got a determined chewer at home? KONG Extreme Dog Toy is our pick to satisfy their urge to chew. This durable rubber toy offers a possible solution for your dog’s boredom or separation anxiety. This toy also creates an unpredictable bounce, giving your dog an extra challenge. 

Plus, you can stuff your pup’s favorite treats, such as peanut butter or yogurt, inside for added fun! But, it may be difficult to completely clean these treats when they get stuck deep into the toy. Since this toy comes in varied sizes, ensure to pick the correct size. Your dog might be able to break this toy due to the wrong size you got. This toy features a small hole and a large hole on both ends. Be cautious as dogs may get their jaw or muzzle stuck in the large hole. 


  • Durable strength rubber toy with a space to hide treats
  • It comes in different sizes
  • Bounces unpredictably, making it exciting for your dog


  • Sticky treats like peanut butter inside the toy can be hard to clean
  • Power chewers might decapitate the top off if given the wrong size
  • Dog’s jaw can get stuck in its large hole when trying to reach the treat inside

9. Chuckit! Air Fetch Ball, Medium

Level up your bonding moments by playing with ChuckIt! Air Fetch ball with your dog. Its mesh-like design helps your dog breathe while running with the ball in his mouth. The hollow interior can also be used as a place for dog treats to motivate your dog more. Because it floats on water, it’s a perfect toy to bring to the beach or pool. 

If you have the ChuckIt! Launcher, you can use this toy as they are compatible. However, because this toy has no sturdy interior, dogs with a strong bite may easily tear down the mesh-like exterior. In addition to this caveat, some dogs or owners may not like the smell of the rubber on this ball.  


  • Air-flow fetch balls with hollow and mesh-like design
  • Floats in water for activities at the beach or pool
  • Compatible with other ChuckIt! products like ChuckIt! Launchers


  • Its hollow interior and mesh-like design make it easier for aggressive chewers to destroy
  • It has a strong odor that won’t be removed by washing 

10. KONG – Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber for Medium Dogs

Get your dog’s mind stimulated with KONG-Classic Dog Toy. Since dogs need to take the treats out of this classic red rubber toy, it keeps them busy. Plus, this vet-recommended toy bounces unpredictably and promotes healthy and fun play.

This chew toy is great for teething puppies, bored or anxious dogs, and those with bad chewing habits. To level up the fun, freeze the toy with the treat first before giving it to your pup. But, make sure not to block the small hole to prevent suction from the large hole on the opposite side. Also, be ready to scrape treats completely from the inside of the toy every time you’ll clean it. The rubber has a certain scent not everyone might like. 


  • A durable treat-dispensing rubber toy
  • Keeps your dog busy preventing boredom and separation anxiety
  • Doubles as a fetch toy 


  • Sticky treats inside the toy may be hard to clean
  • Some may not like the rubber or chemical scent 

11. Fluff & Tuff Tiger Ball

A perfect blend of a soft plush toy and a fetch ball in one! Fluff & Tuff Tiger Ball can be your dog’s comfortable pillow during naptimes. Or, it can also be a fun toy to play fetch with. It has a squeaker to delight your pooch, too. The seams are double-stitched, so there are no weak points for your dog to start chewing and rip apart. 

Aside from the Tiger Ball, it also comes in other designs or colors. But, like any other plush toy, unsupervised pups can still manage to tear them open. Thus, exposing your dog to the threats of ingesting the stuffing and squeaker. 


  • A comfortable round plush toy can be used as a fetch ball
  • It has a squeaker for added fun
  • Invisible, double-stitched seams for durability


  • Unsupervised dogs may still tear the exterior and expose the stuffing
  • The stuffing and squeaker can be choking hazards

12. goDog Dragons Squeaker Plush Pet Toy for Dogs & Puppies

Are you still hunting for more soft plush toys for your four-legged family member? Add the goDog Dragons Squaker Plush Pet Toy for Dogs & Puppies to your list. With its different colors and sizes, you’ll be delighted to choose the cutest design for your dog. It boasts a Chew Guard Technology with its heavy-duty linings. This toy squeaks, making it a more enjoyable toy for your dog. 

It can also be your dog’s perfect cuddle buddy. Although it’s durable, it is not indestructible. It can still be chopped off by aggressive chewers. Especially dogs who love to target seams or limbs of plush toys. 


  • Soft and durable with Chew Guard Technology
  • It comes in different sizes and colors
  • It has a squeaker for added excitement


  • It has weak points like seams and limbs for power chewers to rip out
  • The stuffing and squeakers are choking hazards

13. ChuckIt! Kick Fetch Dog Toy

Another great option for fetch games is the ChuckIt! Kick Fetch Dog Toy. This ball is made of rubber and foam and is covered with a good quality canvas. It’s designed with deep ridges, so it’s easier for your dog to hold it in his mouth. 

You can throw, kick, or punt this ball, giving you many options to enjoy your bonding with your dog. Although this is ideal for chasing, this isn’t for chewing. Since it is not puncture-resistant, it can be destroyed if your pup is given as a chew toy. 


  • Good quality fetch ball
  • With ridges to make it easy for your dog’s mouth
  • Durable enough for kicking, throwing, or punting


  • Not for chewing, as it can be destroyed with repeated biting
  • Holes from punctures allow water to get into the ball

14. PetSafe Busy Buddy Interactive Dog Toy and Treat Dispenser, Calming Chamomile Scent

Got a dog who chows down his food in a snap of a finger? Get the Petsafe Busy Buddy Interactive Dog Toy and Treat Dispenser. This puzzle-designed dispenser slows down your dog’s eating pace by making him solve the challenges. Plus, it can also be a great solution for bored and anxious dogs. And on top of that, it boasts a chamomile scent for a soothing vibe for your pet too.

However, some dogs may not be a fan of this floral smell. The openings for the treats on this toy are small. Hence, you are limited to placing small chunks of treats only. Also, dogs may find it a bit hard to toss the toy around due to its weight compared to similar toys.


  • Treat-dispensing puzzle keeping your dog busy
  • It helps prevent boredom and separation anxiety
  • With a chamomile scent to soothe your pup


  • Some dogs may not like the floral scent of the toy
  • The openings were too small for some dog treats to come out
  • This toy is a bit heavy for tossing

15. Mammoth Flossy Chews Color Rope Tug – Premium Cotton-Poly Tug Toy for Dogs

Looking for an interactive toy for both you and your dog? Mammoth Flossy Chews Color Rope Tug is our bet. It’s a durable rope ideal for your game of tug with your pooch. Your dog can enjoy it alone, too, as a chew toy. The fibers of the rope can help floss your pup’s teeth.

Not only are you enjoying the game, but you are also helping him clean his teeth too. This knotted rope is great for tossing, catching, and pulling with your furry pal. However, be cautious as your dog may swallow the shredded parts of the rope. As a result, they may cause blockage in the digestive tract and require a visit to the vet.


  • Knotted rope for an interactive tug game
  • With fibers that help floss your pup’s teeth
  • It can be enjoyed as a teething chew


  • Shredded parts of the rope are a hazard when ingested by your dog
  • If left unattended, your pup may also swallow the rope and cause blockage in the mouth or throat

16. Outward Hound Puppy Hide N Slide Dog Toy

Create fun and challenging feeding times for your puppies with Outward Hound Puppy Hide N Slide Dog Toy. This dog toy boasts compartments where you can hide treats. Then, you can let your pups find them by sliding the buttons. It redirects their energy from destroying items at home to hunting for the treat in the puzzle. 

This durable toy promotes mental stimulation in puppies, making them smarter. However, since the puzzle has a simple design, puppies may get uninterested once they figure out the challenge. It has no other difficulty levels.


  • Dog puzzle that dispenses treats
  • Stimulates your dog and keeps him busy
  • Creates a positive feeding experience for puppies


  • No varying difficulty levels
  • Smart dogs who figure it out fast may feel uninterested afterward

17. Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle, Medium

Get this unique hide and seek-themed toy for your dog. The Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle comes in three different plush toys. One is designed as tree bark, while the other two are squeaky little squirrels to hide in the bark. This puzzle will keep your dog entertained, thus, honing his hunting skills. 

Aside from the role-playing game, the plush toys can also be used as squeaky fetch toys. They are also gentle for puppies to enjoy. However, these toys are not for chewers. They can be ripped apart and can be a choking hazard to your pooch. 


  • Hide and seek-inspired dog toy
  • Has three different toy parts that can be used for other games like fetch
  • Creates a role-playing game of hunting squirrels from the tree trunk


  • Not safe for chewers
  • The squeakers can be easily removed as they are not reinforced
  • The puzzle may not be very challenging to smart dogs

What to Look For In a Toy For Medium Dogs 

When choosing the best dog toys for medium dogs, there are some qualities to consider. Considering these features before purchasing not only ensures fun for your dog but also the longevity and safety of the product. Let’s check out the characteristics of a toy for medium dogs.  


Let’s face it, dogs have sharp teeth that may puncture any kind of toy. Thus, ensuring the toy is durable enough for your dog is crucial. You are the best judge of whether your dog is a heavy chewer or not. Low-quality toys can easily be ripped apart by your dog. 

Your dog may swallow the broken pieces of the toy and cause more serious issues. So, selecting heavy-duty toys is crucial, especially for the strong bite of medium dogs. Also, let’s not forget that you get better ROI as these toys last longer. We know some toys can be costly, so make sure to get the best value for your buck. 


There is no indestructible toy for your dog. Thus, all dog toys are at risk of getting destroyed by your dog. Because there are no government regulations yet on dog toy safety, the responsibility falls to the pet owners. To ensure safety, research the products and read reviews first before purchasing them. 

Choose dog toys that are free from toxic materials. Due to the lack of rules, most pet companies use toy regulations for children. However, the usage of the toys may not be the same for dogs and children. Moreover, what may be okay for children may not be as good for pets. Inspect the toys for any parts that may cause injury to your dog. Lastly, supervise your dogs when playing with toys to avoid any untoward incidents. 


Dogs come in different sizes due to their various breeds. So, they need toys that are specially designed for the size of their mouth. Getting toys that are too small for your dog may pose serious threats. As a result, the toys may get lodged in their mouth or throat. In the worst case, they may swallow them and require surgery. 

On the other hand, choosing toys that are too large for your dog may hinder them from enjoying it to the fullest. The toy can be too heavy for them to toss or play with. Take advantage of the different dog toy sizes most companies offer. Check out which size your dog is and pick the right toy accordingly. 


Dog toys come in a variety of designs and functions. Some are for throwing, bouncing, and pulling, while others just for comfort, such as plush toys. So, they can be made from a wide array of materials. When researching dog toys, take a look at the materials they’re made of.

When in store, check for any strong chemical odors, especially for rubber toys. For plush toys, feel any polypropylene beads in the stuffing. They can be dangerous when ingested by your dog. Take out other parts that your dog might swallow, such as buttons, ribbons, or strings on the toys. If the toys show any sign of damage, take them from your dog and discard them. 

Why Do Dogs Need Toys? 

Just like humans, dogs have physical and emotional needs too. They need something to occupy their mind and spend their energy on. When dogs are left alone, they get bored. Bored dogs get into trouble. Hence, they need toys. Here are the other benefits of toys for dogs: 

Mental Stimulation 

A study was done by veterinary researchers at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The results of the experiment show that dogs that were given a toy with treats showed better behavioral changes. While in their cages, mentally stimulated dogs showed less barking and better appetite. 

To keep dogs healthy and happy, mental stimulation is essential. Especially when they are in captivity or when left alone in the house. Toys that stimulate and challenge dogs’ minds include treat-dispensing puzzles, hunting or search games, and mesh balls with treats inside. 


Aside from your daily walks, dogs need regular and fun exercise routines that they’ll look forward to. Dogs are the happiest when they get plenty of exercises. Most dogs have a lot of energy. They become destructive when this energy is not released from their bodies. So, the next time you are at the vast open area at the park or the beach, bring some toys for your dog.  

Toys such as bounce balls or frisbees are great tools, so your dogs will enjoy running when chasing the balls. Canine predatory instincts involve a lot of chasing. So, your pooch will benefit physically from his sprints and keep in touch with his instincts.  

Dental Health 

Chewing is an exploratory behavior of dogs. They chew during feeding and when inspecting other items at home. Dogs will also chew on toys when playing, exploring, or getting bored. Some dog toys are specially designed to help clean your dog’s teeth when they chew on the toy. They usually come with a rough texture and bristles to help prevent tartar buildup in your dog’s teeth. 

A study revealed that dental chews help prevent dental problems in dogs. Another survey revealed that chew toys provide as many benefits as edible ones. Providing your dog with these types of toys will both offer fun and dental protection. However, this will not replace the proper dental hygiene you should practice for your dog. 


Because of the fun they bring, toys strengthen your relationship with your dog. Dogs have associative memories, so, the more you play with them, the more they associate excitement with the toys.  You can utilize this when teaching your dog some tricks. And in turn, control the behavior of your dog. 

A 2008 survey of dog owners revealed that dogs trained with positive reinforcement were less fearful and aggressive. If given a reward, dogs are likely to obey commands. So, using your dog’s toys as their reward is a great tool to train your dog. 

Best Dog Toys For Medium Dogs: FAQs 

Now, we know the good dog toys and the qualities to consider when selecting a toy. We’ve also added the benefits of giving the best dog toys to your medium dogs. Let’s move to the frequently asked questions about dog toys for medium dogs. 

What kind of toys do medium dogs love the most?

Because they can interact and play with their owners, medium dogs love tug toys the most. Most dog owners also love to play a tug game with medium dogs. This is because they won’t require as much strength as large dogs. 

What are the best dog toys for chewers?

Heavy-duty chew toys are best for chewers. The KONG Extreme is a good choice, and so are the Nylabone Chew toys. But, no toy is safe from an aggressive chewer. To avoid accidents, supervise your dog during playtime.  

How do you beat a dog’s boredom?

You can beat your dog’s boredom by giving him plenty of exercise, socialization, and toys. Because your dog is challenged by the toy puzzles, he won’t get bored at home. Treat-dispensing toys are great for rewards, too.

Do dogs really need toys?

Yes!  Dogs require toys not only for entertainment but also for mental and physical exercise.  Toys can stimulate and keep your dogs mind at work. Also, some toys can help clean your dog’s teeth.  This is a huge help when you cannot do your dog’s dental routine for the day.

How do I keep my dog entertained during the day?

Worry no more when you are not at home. With a variety of dog toys to choose from, you can keep your dog entertained. Consider getting him a puzzle toy with treats as his reward once he solves it. Or try an automatic ball launcher so he can play fetch even when you are too tired to pitch the ball.

Indeed, we aim to keep our dogs happy all the time. However, often our busy schedule gets in the way. With the list of best dog toys we gathered, you now have a guide on what toys to get for your dog. In that way, your dog stays active and has fun at home while waiting for you. 

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