Best Dog Eye Stain Remover – Products, Reviews & How They Work

Best Dog Eye Stain Remover – Products, Reviews & How They Work
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It can be quite common for dogs to have eye staining, especially in white coats or from certain breeds. If you know or a vet has confirmed your dog is healthy and this is normal for your individual, then you may want to look at dog eye stain removers. These products are safe and painless in the aid of cleaning up your dog’s eye-stained fur. It can help if you want your dog’s coat to look a little cleaner or even if you are considering taking them to a show.

We will be reviewing the best tear stain removers for dogs so you can find the product you are looking for. From the pros and cons to the number of times you need to use it, we will evaluate everything you need to know. So let’s get into it.

Dog Eye Stains

Dog eye stains are brown or red stains that originate from your dog’s tear ducts down their face. They will stain the fur by their eyes which can be more or less prominent depending on a few things. Firstly is your dog’s coat color. If your dog has a white coat then they will almost certainly develop tear stains at some point in their life. This goes for any lighter coat color as well although it is most common on white coats. On the other hand, darker coats may not show a huge discoloration, but excessive tears can lead to clumping of the fur around the tear ducts and on the face. Too much tears or liquid on the side of the eye can also result in eye boogers.

The second factor is your dog’s breed. Some breeds are more prone to developing tear staining than others either due to the coat type, or the number of tears commonly produced. Brachycephalic dog breeds are much more prone to tear staining for multiple reasons. Firstly, their eye sockets are often deeper than a lot of breeds with long snouts. This causes tear build-up alongside the inevitable action of tears running down the face instead of simply dropping from the eye to the ground. Secondly, breeds such as the Pug have face wrinkles which can accumulate tears leading to staining above them.

causes of eye stains
It’s important to keep an eye on the physical changes your dog is showing to keep track of its health.


However, if your dog gets tear staining then do not immediately assume it is harmless. It can indicate some health issues. Your dog could be suffering from a variety of issues from an eye infection to eyelashes growing over into their eye. Although some of the health conditions may be harmless and easily treatable, serious damage can be caused by leaving the conditions alone. From pain to eye loss, tears can be a sign of something bigger and worrisome. Taking them to the vet can allow you to confirm whether or not their tears are harmless or require treatment.

In order to prevent dog eye stains before they start, you can be aware of the food they are eating alongside their personal grooming

Dog Eye Stain Removers Explained

Eye stain removers for dogs help to remove the Stubborn stains produced by tears on your dog’s fur. They contain safe ingredients so your dog is not at any health risk. Moreover, they simply help to remove the coloring and any residue left by tears. However, remember that if staining becomes apparent, a vet visit should always be your first step. Dog tear removers should only be used upon confirmation that your dog is healthy.

How Do They Work

Tear stain removers work by moistening the area to remove any residue or clumping of eye discharge. The ingredients also help to reduce the tear staining color on the fur. Some help to prevent future staining by keeping the waterline dryer and preventing excess tear shed. You simply apply the remover to the affected area as per the instructions. This will need to be done so regularly to keep the area clean and remove stains. Check the specific instruction manual to see how often each brand recommends. Often it is once or twice a week.

Some you have to use during baths, others in the morning after they wake up. Each product can be different but they all work in the same way. Furthermore, depending on the ingredients, some are more effective at cleaning the area, whereas others work more so to brighten the fur for a time period. We recommend those that help to brighten the fur, clean the area, and dry the waterline enough to keep your dog comfortable and you happy.

Types of Stain Removers

There are three main types of dog eye stain remover you can purchase. These include powder, wipes, and liquid solutions. All of which have their own benefits for your dog. Although the paste version is an up-and-coming alternative. You need to consider which would be easier to use with your dog for starters. If they react quite negatively to wipes, it may be better to use one of the other types. However, if you are concerned about spilling the liquid solution, perhaps go with the wipes.

The wipes are soft and are soaked in the liquid formula so you can quickly wipe the affected area with ease. The liquid solution on the other hand will need to be applied to something, such as a cotton ball. You can then use this to wipe your dog’s eyes. Lastly, there is the powder version, which simply requires a pinch to be gently rubbed on and in the area, as does the paste version. As a bonus, you can also consider tear stain combs which allow you to remove any dirt or stuck clumps from the area.

stains that are red or brownish
It’s important to check on your dog’s health if these tear stains show up frequently despite efforts to remove it.

10 Best Dog Eye Stain Remover

Now onto the top ten best kinds of dog eye stain remover!

1. HAPIPET Bacteriostatic Pet Eye Wipes

HAPIPET is a well-known and best-selling brand on Amazon, especially when it comes to wipes for tear stains. This product contains 150 soothing tear stain removing wipes for dogs or cats. No chemicals or irritants exist within these ingredients to ensure your dog is safe and sound after use. This product can be used to remove tears, massage the irritated area beneath the eye, and even clean ears. Owners love how fast-acting the product is with one saying that within a couple of days, their dog has clean and bright eyes without tear-stained fur beneath.

2. Vetericyn Plus All Animal Eye Wash

This is a product to flush your dog’s eyes when they are irritated. It reduces pain, swelling, and helps to remove any debris in the eye. More than that, this tool can be used to flush the tear-stained area and help remove any clogging of dirt and loosen the fur to present a cleaner and brighter area. This is a Vetericyn design and they also work to create products to help your pet feel better. This should be used on the affected eye and area 3-4 times a day until things begin to improve. One positive review remarks on how her white dogs no longer have tear stains or show signs of discomfort.

3. HAPIPET 150 Pads Pet Eye Wipes Regualar Formula

This is another product by Hapipet. Included are 150 eye wipes for dogs and cats that can help with fur stained by tears. They say to use the wipes regularly to see a change but that they are highly effective to do so and to lighten stained fur in particular. You use each wipe easily once and then dispose of the wipe to keep cleanliness up. The material of the wipes is advertised to be soft and non-irritant to your pet. So they will not feel any discomfit due to the material of them. Reviews are pleased with the effectiveness and gentle material of the wipes to help their dogs.

4. HAPIPET 150 Pads Pet Eye Wipes Advanced Formula

This is an advanced Hapipet formula for stubborn staining and for use on bright, or white dog coats. These gentle wipes can be used for either dog or cat and for an individual of any age. Compared to the fur of a dark-colored dog, white dogs can have prominent staining that is difficult to get rid of. These wipes are specially designed to tackle dark stains that have existed for a long period of time. You can whiten your dog’s fur with ease as well as make them more comfortable by loosening stuck-together fur.

5. Squishface Wrinkle Paste

This 2-ounce tube of paste helps to clean wrinkles, tear stains, and tail pockets. You simply apply to the area you need help with and it is done! Within around 4 days you should already start seeing results. It creates a water barrier to prevent tears from soaking into fur and staining it. Alongside managing bacteria and fungus build-up below the eyes and in dog wrinkles. Due to the limited ingredients on this list, even dogs with regular skin allergies can use this paste. Just be sure to apply this paste once daily for 7-10 days. Finally, know that reviews collaborate with the positive outcomes they advertise!

6. Wet Ones for Pets Extra Gentle Hypoallergenic Dog Wipes with Witch Hazel

If you are looking for some wipes for your dog that commonly has allergic reactions, consider Wet One’s product! These wipes are hypoallergenic meaning that they are very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. You get 30 wipes in a pack and can order a bundle of eight packs with one purchase. These wipes are ideal for dogs with sensitive skin due to their limited ingredients. This means there are less ingredients that your dog could react to and those that are within the formula are hypoallergenic. Owners have thoroughly praised these wipes. They say that they make cleaning easy and remove the worry of your dog breaking out in a rash.

7. Arava Pet Eye Wipes

Not only do Arava’s wipes help to clean tear stains, but also prevent them from occurring. This pack contains 100 wipes which are all free from chemicals. Their sensitive formula is also hypoallergenic to any age of dog with their thoroughly tested ingredients. These wipes have a design perfect for a dog with sensitive eyes. They will not suffer from any irritation or pain from this brand. Furthermore, the dead sea minerals included in the ingredients help to naturally boost the health of your dog’s coat. Owners’ reviews show a remarkable difference to tear stains before and after using the wipes.

8. Miracle Care by MiracleCorp/Gimborn Eye Clear Sterile Eye Wash Pads

These pads have a gentle formula applied to each one, so you can use them without worry or waste. Miracle care offers these wipes for dogs, cats, birds, and horses for the use of cleaning, especially near the eyes. They state that their formula is non-stinging so your dog should not be too reactive as long as they are comfortable having their face touched. The ingredients also soothing the affected area in case the clumping of tear residue has left irritation or pulled fur. The reviews are very positive and discuss how the tear stains were not only removed, but their dog seemed to have found relief after the use of the pads.

9. Miracle Care Sterile Eye Wash

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This is 4 ounces of sterile eye wash that you can easily use to help your dog’s eye stains. It helps to gently remove debris and unclog stuck together fur by the waterline. Although advertised as a wash it is actually used as eye drops. Place 1-2 in your dog’s eyes each day. This will help to flush out any debris or discharge from the eye, and also aid it in liquid running past your dog’s fur to prevent it from sticking and staining. Furthermore, this formula can also be used on cats if they suffer from the same issue. Reviews love how it stops staining, but also how it lessens discharge generally.

10. Petpost | Tear Stain Remover Comb for Dogs

If you already have a basic dog eye stain remover, then you may be interested in this comb by Petpost. This 65 pin comb made from stainless steel can be used to remove clumped fur and debris stained around the eye. Simply run the comb through the fur gently and it will make the area cleaner, ready for the use of wipes or liquid formulas. Due to the number of pins and their length, they should not pull or tear fur but remove it gently and smoothly. Both vets and groomers have recommended this comb to help your pup with tear stains. All the reviews concede with the professionals, this comb is great and does a thorough job of helping through tear-stained fur.

Dog Eye Stain Remover – FAQs

We have looked through the internet for the most commonly asked questions about dog eye stain removers. Here are our answers to give you some more information about this product.

Which dog breeds are prone to tear stains?

Some that most commonly have tear stains include the Pug, Maltese, and Shih Tzu. This is because brachycephalic breeds are more prone to tear staining than other breeds. This is not to say that non-brachycephalic breeds won’t suffer from tear staining, but are less likely. Beyond breeds, white coat colors are more likely to show the staining in any breed, however.

Are there home remedies for dog tear stains?

There are many home remedies for dog tear stains. They can be effective and non-irritating. However, for the best results, we do advise you to buy a high-quality brand.

What conditions can tear stains indicate?

Some of the most common include ingrown eyelashes, eye infections, poor diet, stress, and even dog teeth problems. Swelling and irritation to the eye and face can cause your dog to produce more tears, leading to staining. Furthermore, hormonal and diet changes can change the acidity in your pet’s tears, leading to color changes. There are many influencing health conditions that can lead to tear stains, hence why a vet check-up is so important.

Apart from eye stains, what are other eye conditions common in dogs?

Cherry eye, dry eye, and turning eyelashes are a few of the common conditions found in dogs. Be sure to research your dog’s breed and what eye conditions they suffer from commonly. This way you will be more likely to notice if something is wrong and know what the cause may be.

How often should I use a dog eye stain remover?

This entirely depends on the product you are using. Be sure to check the instructions on the product to see. Many can vary from once a day for a week to twice a day for a few days.

Whether you want to brighten the appearance of your dog or make sure they are not in discomfort, eye stain removers are very useful. They enable you to remove debris, fur clumping, and fur staining. Be sure to only use this product after confirmation that the tear staining is not a result of a health concern. Once you know your dog is okay, you can start using one of these to help them feel more comfortable and look their best.