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10 Best Dog Doorbells – Training, Buying Guide, Reviews & FAQs

Written by Kalgi
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Published on
Wednesday 29 July 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog doorbells
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If you have ever wished for your dog to be able to communicate with you – dog doorbells are the answer to this wish. These handy bells may not give your dog a language, but they will most certainly give them a medium to communicate with you – a voice.

These dog doorbells let you know if your dog wants to urinate, is hungry, wants to go out, wants to go to the potty – it is convenient and very useful too! Check out some of the best dog doorbells below.

What are Dog Doorbells?

Dog doorbells are simple communicating gadgets that help your dog to tell you what it needs. When it comes to using pet devices, pet doorbells are the easiest with lots of benefits. All you have to do is to hang it on the door handle/knob or install in at the accessible height for the dog and you both are good to go. The simple concept of making a sound to connect makes it easy for the dogs to learn quickly.

doorbells for dogs
Help your dog communicate with you using a dog doorbell!

Popularly, also known as dog potty alerts, these are mainly used for potty-training purposes. The dog makes the sound with the bells and draws the attention of the owner to let them out to do their business. Many owners also use these dog doorbells as training devices – so they know when the dog wants to go out or if they wants to come into the house, is hungry, or thirsty.

If placed outside the house, these could also be used to indicate when the dog wants to come in – like a normal doorbell. It prevents them from soiling the house, scratching away the paint, or whimpering away in vain. A slight downside to this – your dog might begin to find this entertaining and keep ringing the bell, which might get annoying after a while.

How to Choose the Right Dog Doorbells?

Choosing the best dog bells for potty training or even as a general training device entirely depends upon the purpose you want to buy the dog doorbell for. Other than that, keep the aesthetics in mind, it will become a part of your home so it needs to align well with your interiors too. Your dog will be making use of these doorbells a lot, so they need to be sturdy, durable, and all-weather!


These dog doorbells are available in two basic designs – mechanical or electronic. Strap or door hanging bells are of the mechanical variety. These are easy for the dog to tug and ring. You can easily train a dog to use these poochie bells.

You can also choose electronic dog service bells. These are good options for those families that want the bell to be subtle and unnoticeable around the house. These bells are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to even appeal the aesthetic preference of the owner. The owner can choose from either of these, depending on the size of their dog and the interiors of their homes.


The longevity of any doorbell for dogs will generally depend on how your dog uses it. As these are attractive and responsive devices it is likely to become a playful object for a dog. An active dog may pull and chew on the straps of the hanging belts or the rubber of the buzzers or try to dirty them with water and food.

Hanging bells are built with nylon straps and nickel or brass bells while the wall-mounted may have strong iron or metal making them chew-proof. The service bells and buzzers are made with fine quality rubber which does not skid or non-tearing. While the electronic bells are secured with plastic coverings and are water-resistant. Fortunately, the manufacturing companies provide long term guarantees along with long-lasting materials used in its making.

Along with the durability of the bells, the bells must provide safety to the dogs. The straps/ belts are properly stitched that can bear some tugging, and the bells crevices are closed so as not to get the nails or the claws of the dog get stuck in them. The buzzers kind must be easy to use with minimum force and with proper vacuum rubber to hold it firm to the floor. While the electric ones have to be strong, water and dust resistant to survive if placed outside of the door.

dog doorbells for communicating
Dog doorbells help your dog tell you what it needs.


When choosing the best dog bells for potty training or general training – the one thing you must keep in mind is the sound you want. If you want a more melodious and gentler sound, chose a dog doorbell that provides for the same. If not, and if you have a bigger house and the sound of the bell needs to reach every corner of the house, choose one that has a louder, more penetrating sound. Keep in mind that you will listen to the sound of this dog doorbell several times a day and so it can’t be something that you or your family members find annoying!


Placement of the pet doorbells is extremely crucial for the pet. They must be adjusted according to the height of your dog where they can easily access it. You do not want your dog to jump every time to ring the bell. For mid-sized dogs, it is advisable to get hanging bells as they are easier for them to access. The length of these bells can be easily adjusted, thus making them no hindrance. There is also a variety that comes as a dog doorbell switch – a push-button for your smaller dogs. These can be mounted on your door or on your wall and the dog simply has to lift a paw and push. These can be used for all sizes of dogs and placed at heights comfortable to them.

dog doorbell height
Dog doorbells must be adjusted according to the height of the dog.

10 Best Doorbells for Dogs

There are innumerable options of these doorbells for the pets available in the market. One can choose from the vast range according to their priority and liking. We’ve chosen the ten best dog bells for potty training – here’s a comprehensive list that will help your dog get the best training experience ever!

1. BlueTree 2 Pack Dog Doorbells

The doorbells by the BlueTree are known for their strong durable straps and shiny extra loud silver bells. They come in a pack of two with seven carefully crafted metal bells in each. The simple, designed belt is made of strong nylon material which is semi-chew proof and adjustable to suit any home décor.

The bells produce sweet jingling yet the loud sound that can be heard from a distance. The best part is that it can be adjusted easily according to the height of the door and the size of the dog. As if, this isn’t enough, they also provide a free dog whistle along for free. Ain’t it sweet?!

Most pet parents have loved this product for how easy to use it is for their dogs. The only disadvantage they have reported is that it isn’t exactly puppy-safe, especially if your pup likes to chew on everything. The metal bearings of the bells may come off easily which can choke your pup! Wait till your dog’s slightly bigger and then get this wonderful product.

2. Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Potty Bells

The potty bells by Caldwell are one of the cutest options for your dog. One of the significant features of these bells is that it has a double-sided symbol and a message written on each of its straps. Their bells are made from nickel-plated, stainless steel and claims to be the loudest of the now in the markets today. The long nylon strap comes with a snap-button to securely adjust the size and height of it on any door/ handles or knobs.

Matching with the cuteness quotient, the product also comes with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee from the company. The 3-step potty training free guide provided by them is as much interesting as the pretty doorbell and its sound. Available in the choices of 6 colors, these are go-to things.

Many pet owners have given this product a brilliant rating. A good reason for this is how easily their pets caught on to these bells and got trained to use them. These are truly made for pets to use easily. The ones who have disliked it have done so for their shrill, loud sound.

3. Luckyiren Upgraded Puppy Bells

These bells are the best choice for small-sized dogs and pups in your house. Simple and crafted carefully with a strong thick nylon belt. It has 7 tingling shiny stainless-steel bells that provide sweet and loud sound. Best suitable in the one-storied building.

The upgraded versions have adjustable snap-buttons to make it convenient to resize it according to the door height. Hence, making it suitable for the fussy young pups around and the preferred choice for the owner.

Those who have not liked this product, have complained that it is too loud and much bigger than what the pictures online show. However, nearly every customer has rated it with five stars, for how easily their pups took to these bells.

4. Coop Dog Potty Bells

Another company door hanging bells in the list is Catoop Dog bells. Providing quality material for the long-term use of the bells makes it one of the reliable go-to products. Their thick, quality nylon belt strap is strong, flexible, and adjustable. This also makes it chew-proof for your pup.

While the bells are loud and go rust-free for a long time. They are decent decorations for the door as well as a sure way to keep an eye on the need of your dog. As it is re-adjustable, it is best for all sizes of dogs. while you are buying it then, you are in for a little surprise of a fine quality silicone collapsible food bowl for your dog too. Hurray!

Customers have loved this product for how attractive and well made it is. These bells seem to go along well with almost every interior style, owing to its staid and neutral appearance. Some customers, however, have complained that they could barely hear these bells and they weren’t loud enough.

5. Kytely 2 Pack Dog Doorbell

These doorbells are door hanging doorbells which comes in a pack of two, making it convenient to use them at more than just one door. Coming in attractive colors, these sets well in any home décor giving a funky look. Again, adjustable and easy installation is a priority for the owner’s attraction. For the dog, they just have to give a small nudge to it to send a sound signal to you in any other room.

Elegant style and minimalistic appearance do not compromise on the quality of the melody it sends out. Kytely, knowing the importance of the training for your dog, also gifts you a free training ticker with the product.

Pet parents who have bought these bells have found them perfect – they sound perfect, not very shrill nor too quiet. These bells ate durable and considerably well made. The one disadvantage of these bells is that they may not be very safe, especially for dogs that love to chew on things. Some even complained that they did not receive the full set as promised online and found some parts missing.

6. Dog Training Bells

These cutesy looking bells come in a bellhop style. Painted in black and while and having adorable paw prints just lure you to have them instantly. As if this is not enough, these per training bells come in a set of two and are portable so you can carry it anywhere with you and your canine companion.

Simply place it on a flat surface and your dog is ready to have fun. Its use can be even extended to food time signals for playing. The non-skid rubber bottom holds it firmly on the floor and even prevents disappointing scratches. This hassle-free, compact device is not a miss. Hold on, you also get free training ticker with it to train your dog.

Pet parents who loved this doorbell, liked it for its inexpensive prices and because of how easy it is to use. Puppies can be trained to use this bell within two weeks, which is excellent. The problem with the bell is that it is not made with highly durable material and does not come with a non-slip surface. So If your dog tries to play with it, it is going to come off easily.

7. Manfiter Dog Doorbell

An engaging doorbell for your dog not only helps them to communicate to you about their needs but also keeps the owner aware of their whereabouts. For a melodious intervention from your dog, Manfiter dog doorbells are a good choice. Coming in a set of two, you can use one on each of the front and the back doors. Easy to ring with a swish of a paw and sturdy enough to become a toy for the dog, these are some reliable doorbells. The button styled loop of the strap makes it fitting for any type of low-level door handle, knob, or a hook.

The six bells placed in pair at regular intervals takes care of the volume and acoustics. With the bright colored straps, it is going to draw your pet’s attention. Accompanying the bells, comes a training ticker, a collapsible food bowl which can be carried on trips or adventures. Another interesting product in the package is a capsule containing 15 dog waste bags. Clean is better and easy indeed with Manfiter.

A massive amount of parents have liked this doorbell for its sturdiness and durability. It took a maximum of three weeks for them to train their adult dogs as well as pups to use these bells. The downside as reported by some parents was that they did not receive all the items mentioned online and some parts were missing when their delivery arrived.

8. Folksmate Dog Doorbells

If you are someone who prefers simplicity in appearance with no sparkly bright colors to distract, then Folksmate dog doorbells are just for you. Elegantly made with silver bells set on a black strap with extravagance. Making the owner, as well as their dog, fall in love with the product is just their style.

Along with the assured quality of the product, they also offer unlimited lifetime warranty and providing the best of the customer services. These qualities have earned them a good reputation and clientele. They also provide you an easy training manual for the new owners. And oh, what else is better than having something good in a set of two.

From potty training to asking for treats, pet parents have used these bells for a number of things. Most of them find it easy to use and very quick to pick up on. They can simply be hung outside your doors or in places where the dog can reach easily. They are good to look at also. Those who didn’t like them complained that the sound was too shrill and it scared the puppies/dogs.

9. Friends Forever Housetraining Dog Doorbell

You need a multi-sized door hanging bells for your pet, then Friends Forever has got you. Whatever the size of the dog you have you can rely on these exceptionally long, sturdy, and chew-proof dog doorbells. With a classy look from the combination of the black strap in the background and shining silver bells, they do happen to draw one’s attention.

The snap button allows settling on any kind of door handles and knobs. Their product comes with a long 24 months of no questions warranty. Isn’t it good to have the product and assurance of its care too?

Super cute to look at and very useful for those dogs who are hard to potty train, these bells have proven to be a boon for pet parents across the country. Even the sound is perfect – not too loud. Very few found that the sound was too light. Some parents complained that they did not receive the full package, as mentioned online.

10. Mighty Paw Metal Potty Bell

Never underestimate the power of the sound from a brass bell. The Mighty Paw bells have harnessed this unmatched power and sound quality in their product of doorbells for dogs. These potty bells come in sleek silver finishing with a spring bell that never fails to catch in the eardrums on the slightest of the movement. The small yet effective tinkle bell comes with its accessories of 2 screws and a wall anchor.

It can be easily wall or arm mounted at the entrance or inner side of the door. It is so attractive that it never fails to give that feeling of Christmas special around. Your dog can simply paw it or nudge it for their purposes and the sound flows out invariably. The best ending part about it is that the company also provides 90 days of a full money-back guarantee. Amazing!

Not frequently bought by many, these doggy doorbells have proven their worth by boasting of the perfect sound quality and being aesthetically pleasing also. Complains of these bells being flimsy and not very durable have also surfaced, from parents whose bells came off within months of use.

Dog Doorbells – FAQs

While dog doorbells aren’t extremely expensive, it is always better to do your research right, before you buy one. There is a lot you must consider before you boil down on one – we’ve laid out a few common questions you may have regarding these, right here.

How do you Train a Dog with Bells?

Training a dog with the doorbells is a fun activity as well as a little tricky. You must have clear training goals before you start. The placement of the bells is very crucial here. It is ideal for it to be hung at the door or nearby. Once it is clear, you can introduce the bell to the dog. As they try to understand it they learn about its features and especially of it making a sound. Show your dog how it rings and then allow them to ring it. And every time it rings it to present him with a reward or a treat.

This conditions them into the purpose of the bell’s presence. Follow the pattern with an addition of the opened door in it. Repeat several times. For potty training purpose, whenever the dog has to go for the natural call, indicate/show him the bell and once, he rings it, open the door and allow it to take care of its needs. Once they return, give the dog a treat. This will form into a habit in a very short time. As dogs are fast learners, they will now have learned to use the bell.

Do Dog Doorbells Work?

Dog doorbells employ a quick method to allow your dog to alert you that they need the toilet. On a functioning level, the doorbells are either mechanical with a simple mechanism or electric which required power batteries or electricity to sound. Dog doorbells are a means of communication for the dog to their owner for their trained needs. For that, the owner has to teach the dog about the purpose of the bell and activity related to it. Once it is established, it works wonders between the two.

train a dog with bells
Make sure the bell is hung at a door or nearby.

What are Poochie Bells?

Poochie bells are very much the same as your regular dog doorbells just a few sizes smaller than those. These small, delicately designed bells are mostly for the small size dogs, pups, or poochies. As they are super active and in their growing stage, the material used in these bells is soft, durable, and chew resistant. They may typically have 2 sets of 4 bells. The sweet tingling emerges from them when used by the poochies.

What Does a Dog Doorbell Sound Like?

Generally, a simple mechanism of the bell makes it chime in a melodious manner using a magnetic field. The buzzers may have a different distinct buzzing sound that is very prominent.

Dog bells can be a great solution for both you and your dog. You will know when they need the toilet, and they no longer have to cross their legs. Check out these training blogs for general tips so you can train your pup to use dog doorbells faster.

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