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9 Best Tactical Dog Backpacks – with Buying Guide

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Published on
Friday 27 September 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Tactical Dog Backpacks
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If you have a service dog or one that loves to travel, then a tactical dog backpack is what you need. Be it an adventurous trip to the park, a hike, or law enforcement work, this accessory can massively cut the burden for you and your pup.

Carrying your pup’s utilities all the way through can be troublesome for you. So, why not get your dog to carry his stuff himself? Tactical backpacks offer a versatile range of features, with protection and storage being the most important two.

Dressing your dog in tactical gear including vests, harnesses, and backpacks will make your dog look like a pro, suited for some field-intensive work. Not just that, but tactical dog backpacks assist in extreme conditions that dogs find themselves in and keep them from harm’s way.

These great dog tactical backpacks cover a significant part of the body and thus, provide a layer of protection while making your dog look highly professional and courageous. Not to mention, your pooch would be the most well-suited stud around!

What is a Dog Tactical Backpack?

Tactical backpacks for dogs are similar to standard rucksacks and backpacks. However, they are manufactured with stronger materials and are quite durable. Other than that, they have larger pouches, detachable compartments, and more features.

Dogs’ tactical backpacks are the perfect accessory for service, military, as well as police dogs. But, an average pooch can use these backpacks just as well and enjoy traveling outdoors. Other than adding a fashionable touch to your dog, these backpacks can help it carry necessary items for long distances.

So, if you buy a backpack for your dog, you would finally be able to travel in peace without dragging your dog’s necessities around with you. With one of these large but lightweight tactical dog storage bags, your pooch can carry its sustenance and save you the sweat!

Difference Between Tactical Vests and Tactical Backpacks for Dogs

Now that you know what backpacks are, let’s get to the second most important thing. It’s the question, “tactical dog vest vs tactical dog backpacks.” So, which one is the best accessory for your dog?

Primarily, tactical vests have smaller compartments and are generally lighter as compared to a tactical backpack. Although they both have their uses, you might simply use a dog vest for protection purposes instead of carrying utilities.

For short-term traveling, dog vests might be the way to go. However, their smaller pockets might only be able to hold the dog food or treats you keep for your dog. But that does not change the fact that vests are simply great protection accessories for your dog.

On the other hand, with a tactical backpack for dogs, space and size won’t be an issue. Most dog tactical backpacks come with detachable compartments so you can fit them in as and when required. Such features are usually missing from vests which are, basically, miniature backpacks.

For travel, hikes, groundwork, or longer missions, these backpacks will be the perfect addition to your dog’s gear and can accentuate the overall looks as well!

tactical dog harness (molle)
Only pick a tactical harness that is made from durable material with detachable pouches if you need them.

How To Choose a Tactical Backpack for my Dog?

Most tactical vests and harnesses for dogs are modular lightweight load-carrying equipment, also called MOLLE. The same type of gear used by military infantry during training and in real missions. (You know, that camouflage outfit…)

Before we move on to the actual products, let us walk you through the factors which help us decide the rankings for these backpacks. Furthermore, these can also help you pick the right tactical bag for your pooch.


One of the most pressing concerns with tactical gear is durability. Service dogs go through rough environments and strict conditions, requiring the toughest tactical backpacks there are.

No dog owner would like to buy a product that would become useless after a couple of outdoor visits. Instead, the perfect tactical backpack should be durable and robust to last long enough to fulfill its worth.


It’s likely your dog is going to make a mess of the backpack and other tactical gear. Again, no pet owner would like their dog to wear the backpack only once after the purchase.

So, when choosing a backpack, do see if it is washable and whether it’s easy to clean so your dog can wear this to work even if it gets dirty in the field. Try to wash the equipment weekly to keep it as fresh as possible at all times!

Compartment Size

Whether the dogs’ tactical backpack is for law enforcement or for leisure hiking, their purpose is to help lighten the load. Like every other product, backpacks also come in a variety of sizes.

When you finally decide to pick a tactical backpack, make sure it has enough compartments and large pouches that can hold the items you want your dog to carry when off to work or travel. In most cases, pouches are detachable which is very convenient to load and unload.

Carrying Capacity

The carrying capacity is an important variable in picking a backpack as well. Although canine backpacks might sound spacious, they can only carry so much.

Make sure the capacity fits your needs so you can keep your dog’s necessities without burdening your pooch. Excessive weight might either rupture the backpack or cause trouble to your dog in walking.

Overall Size

This brings us to the final point; the size of the backpack. Make sure you take adequate measurements of your dog and pick the backpack which best fits it. Also, it’s important to remember that large military backpacks or dog tactical gear might be a burden for your dog and could cause health issues.

9 Best Tactical Dog Backpacks – Reviews

Now, there are hundreds of dog tactical backpacks on the Internet, and finding the perfect choice can be quite unsettling. But to help you with that, we’ve curated a list of some of the best tactical backpacks there are.

Here is our list of the best tactical dog backpacks:

1. OneTigris Dog Hound Backpack

With water-resistant 1000D nylon material and padded undersides, the OneTigris Dog Pack offers durability as well as comfort to your dog. Spacious side pockets, straps, leash ring, and drainage holes make the backpack stand out from alternatives. Not only that, but the pack has an adjustable fit for a pup of any size and weighs only 370g.

For pet owners who love to hike or camp out in the woods, this tactical dog backpack is the perfect accessory. Since it has spacious compartments, customers reviewed that they could fit in food, water, toys, treats, and everything else they carry for their dog. This perfect fit allowed dog owners to finally get their dogs to commit to a backpack and walk freely without a limp.

On the other hand, some customers reviewed that the delivered backpack wasn’t as sturdy as they’d like it to be.

2. One Tigris Tactical Molle Vest for Dogs

With this excellent model of tactical backpacks for dogs, OneTigris offers durability, comfort, as well as accessibility. This tactical backpack comes in three different sizes – medium, large, X-large – and has the option to attach multiple pouches like the EMT bag, tool pouch, and the waist pack which come with the backpack. Also, the mesh interior, along with the soft 1000D Nylon allows the dog to fit right in and carry the items around easily.

Pet owners who got a chance to use this OneTigris dog backpack raved about its spacious pouches which allow them to carry necessary items for the dog. With individual bags for medicine, food, and other tools, carrying items won’t be a hassle. Other than that, the backpack is entirely customizable and easy to use, which is a boon when it comes to playful dogs.

Since this tactical dog backpack comes in different sizes, selecting the right size might be an issue.

You can check the brand’s website for size charts.

3. ICEFANG Military Dog Vest

ICEFANG has released this versatile backpack for your furry friend with many different features. The Nylon material, along with padded insides, will help your dog stay comfortable without the fear of ripping apart the backpack. Other than that, it also comes with a bottle holder, two molle pouches, additional webbing, and adjustable straps for you to conveniently manage your doggo on the go.

Unlike rigid backpacks with a single size, owners were quite happy with the purchase as it fit dogs of all sizes. With an easy application and form-fitting nature, dogs are usually comfortable with this hiking backpack on and don’t resist it. The additional Velcro strips are also a significant positive, making this product one of the better dogs’ tactical backpacks.

However, a few customers reviewed the harnesses to be a bit loose. For some dogs, they slipped away, causing discomfort to them.

4. Training Dog Vest by JASGOOD

If you’re looking for the perfect police dog backpack for your military service dog, then the JASGOOD tactical harness with side pouches is the ideal option. The backpack can withstand extreme conditions because of the 1000D nylon material and also resist water effectively. It also comes with two carry handles, three detachable patches, three removable molle pouches, and attachment points for you to customize the backpack according to your needs.

Dog owners, who don’t own a military service dog, also made use of this versatile backpack and had a great experience. Owners were also satisfied with the Velcro strips which allowed them to personalize their dog’s tactical backpacks. The size chart provided by JASGOOD also served as a great starting point to accurately assess the size of the dog.

Although the backpack has a mesh lining, it doesn’t have a padded interior which might cause the backpack to either slip or irritate the dog’s back and sides.

5. Hanshengday Training Molle Backpack

Worried your dog travel backpack is going to be too heavy for your pup? Then let those fears go as this lightweight hiking backpack from Hanshengday is the answer to your prayers. The entire backpack is tightly sewed with a 1000D Nylon which gives it a smooth, shiny look and adds to the overall durability. With three different size options, Velcro stickers, molle pouches, and two detachable (water) bags, this tactical backpack is up amongst the top in the industry.

Reviewers had an excellent opinion about the product, especially about the price at which it is offered. For people with service dogs, it can be hectic to find a proper dogs’ tactical backpack; especially one that sits well with the playful and energetic nature of their pup. With this backpack on your dog’s back, the fit is no more an issue. Your dog can easily carry its necessities while covering the ground without a minute’s delay.

A few dog owners didn’t appreciate the lightweight nature of this backpack, considering it to be a bit flimsy.

6. Darkyazi Military Camouflage Vest for Dogs

Tired of dog tactical backpacks and harnesses that require your dog to be tightly strapped? With Darkyazi’s tactical military gear, you can make use of adjustable straps to provide comfort to your dog. The backpack is manufactured with your dog as the first priority. With its high-quality Nylon, padded insides, and grid design lining, your dog’s health won’t ever be compromised. Not just that, but it comes with three additional pouches as well – medical, zipper, sundries.

Now, a feature of this backpack that garnered the most attention from customers was its padded collar. Since most dogs usually equip the harness at their collar, the harsh material could cause chafing on the neck. Dog owners were particularly satisfied with how this product had soft padding, which helped them avoid chafing.

This tactical dog backpack is lightweight and contains 3 molle pouches. This means that the side with 2 filled pouches would eventually become heavier, making it harder for your dog to balance. Many customers had to use lesser pouches (1 for each side) or manage the load on their dog.

7. Service Dog Harness with Detachable Backpacks

Not sure what tactical dog gear will fit your furry friend? Well, the Industrial Puppy service dog harness comes in 7 different sizes! You can get the perfect size for your dog by referring to their size chart. This service dog backpack also comes with detachable pouches, removable patches, and a reasonably durable handle which allows you to keep your pup in control at all times.

For your service dog to perform better, this backpack offers adjustable fits and a heavy-duty Nylon material that won’t rip that easily. The backpack doesn’t cover the entire back of your pup and leaves it slightly open, which makes it more practical. Although this might raise a safety concern, it is still quite helpful for your dog to move around.

Even though the built of this tactical dog backpack is quite solid, the Velcro straps and the detachable pouches aren’t the stickiest ones out there. This caused them to either fall or peel off.

8. Doggie Stylz In-Training Tactical Harness

Although this backpack might resemble a saddlebag, it is the perfect accessory for a military or service dog. Since training dogs are required to be fast and agile on the field, the backpack’s pouches might cause trouble with speed. Thus, this entire backpack acts as a tactical dog harness with side pouches that are completely detachable.

The adjustable fit is the most popular feature amongst dog owners who tried this product. The harness/backpack is one of the best in the market, especially at the price at which it is offered.

Despite the adjustable fit, some reviewers complained that the harness was quite large and didn’t fit their dog.

9. ALBCORP Military Tactical Dog Molle Harness

Although the EJG military backpack is at the end of our list, it is still one of the best options for your service dog. This tactical backpack for dogs is manufactured with the 1000D Nylon material. It provides a soft padded mesh for the dog to breathe easily. Other than that, it also offers velcro strips, three pouches, a collapsible bowl, and a folding spoon along with the product. It is available in three different sizes and four colors.

This tactical dog backpack is designed to prevent chafing and hair pinching, which is a major plus for many dog owners. For dogs that pull from their necks while walking, it is often a source of injury. With this backpack, the new steering design prevents that and allows the dog to take control of its movements. Not just that, but the cost to value ratio for this product is excellent as well!

A small complaint about the product was related to its sizing. By adequately taking the measurements of your dog, you can make sure the size is right.

Last Few Words…

Identifying a tactical backpack from a tactical vest might be confusing for some dog owners. Although both of them might look alike, they’re two very different dog accessories.

We hope to have shown you some of the best tactical dog backpacks there are. Now, all that’s left is for you to pick the option that’s the best for your pup. The easiest way to do that is to make a list of features you want. Then, choose the product that best offers them.

Not only are these tactical backpacks for dogs a fashionable option, but they are also excellent accessories. Especially for service dogs, military dogs, and police dogs who work in extreme environments and often require protection and their utilities to be with them.

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