Review: Kuranda Beds for Dogs – Elevated, Aluminum, Alternatives & Top Products

Review: Kuranda Beds for Dogs – Elevated, Aluminum, Alternatives & Top Products
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Are you looking for the best Kuranda beds for dogs on the market? Thanks to their exclusive design, it is an excellent choice to bring your dog the comfort it needs to rest properly. It prevents chewing and promotes optimal airflow thanks to being elevated from the floor.

In this guide, you are going to learn everything about the comfortable and indestructible Kuranda dog bed. There’s a reason that it is gaining thousands of fans around the world! You are going to learn the top benefits, the features to consider when buying one, and the best options on the market in 2021.

kuranda dog bed
Bring your dog the comfort it needs with a Kuranda bed.

What are Kuranda Beds?

For starters, the original Kuranda bed is a patented dog bed design by Kuranda that features the following:

  • Optimal elevation from the floor to promote ideal airflow, and hence, it has cooling properties
  • The fabric slides inside the frame to hide the edges of the fabric to prevent chewing (they offer a 1-year chew proof warranty)
  • Highly resistant PVC structure to support up to 100 lbs. The Kuranda aluminum dog bed can support up to 250 lbs. making it the evident choice for big, heavy breeds
  • Easy to clean and breathable surface

Now, let us translate the features in benefits:

  • Thanks to the optimal airflow, it will cool down your dog whenever it wishes to. It also promotes proper rest during the night, which will help your pet to stay healthy and full of energy. It can also help to combat anxiety and stress
  • The perfect rest after intense exercise, once again, thanks to the optimal airflow
  • Highly durable thanks to the chewing-proof design. Which means that you will not have to invest in another bed for several years to come
  • Easy to clean makes the maintenance of the bed practical even if you are short on time

Now you know why the Kuranda bed is special and our focus is on the original product. However, we have also included alternative beds that provide similar features, so you can compare and pick the one that better suits your dog and budget.

How to Choose Kuranda Beds for Dogs?

Evidently, the best way to choose a Kuranda bed is to buy it from the original seller, which we have listed in our top-seven choices because it has the exact design, features, and benefits. However, we have used the same features from the original product to help you to choose alternative Kuranda beds. You will receive exclusive insights from the original design, to help you make the right decision.


The ideal size of the bed depends on the size and weight of your dog. Fortunately, the vendors we have listed bring you exact measurements, so you can choose options going from extra-small to extra-large. In the case of the original Kuranda Bed, they offer the following sizes:

  • 25×18 (mini)
  • 30×20 (small)
  • 35×23 (medium)
  • 40×25 (large)
  • 44×27 (extra large)
  • 50×36 (extra-extra-large)

Market alternatives also use similar sizing. However, Kuranda goes the extra mile and provides exact advice based on the breed of your dog to help you choose the right size. Another important feature to observe is the elevation of the bed. The original Kuranda design features a 7-inch elevation, and therefore, in case you want to buy an alternative, it should be in the range of 5 to 7 inches. Therefore, ensure that the size you choose comes paired with the ideal elevation because otherwise, your dog will not be able to enjoy the benefits.

Ease of Cleanliness

A crucial benefit of Kuranda dog beds is that they are easy to clean, and in case you want to buy an alternative, then you want to look for the same factor. However, you need to specify the use because some Kuranda beds are only for indoor use. Whereas others are suited for the outdoors. The brand should specify the exact use of the dog bed and that the material is suited for such situations.

Therefore, depending on your choice, you need to pick one that is easy to clean under the circumstances you have specified. As it is not the same level of ease to clean some debris than to clean lots of dirt.


The quality of the material is crucial for the surface where your dog will lay on and the structure of the bed. Let us talk about the material of the surface:

  • It must be breathable
  • The bed must be resistant to scratches
  • It must be easy to clean and must not store odors

Therefore, the following materials nail such features:

  • Heavy-duty vinyl
  • Smooth nylon
  • Cordura fabric (textured nylon)
  • PVC fabric
  • Textilene fabric
  • Polyethylene fabric
  • Teslin mesh
  • Mesh fabric

They will bring your dog with the benefits that make a Kuranda-inspired design special: comfortable, cooling, durable, and easy to clean. Regarding the structure, it depends on the size and weight of your dog. Small breeds can get away with a PVC structure as it can support up to 100 lbs. whereas big breeds like Alaskan Malamutes will need an aluminum structure, which can support up to 250 lbs.

kuranda bed material
Choose the best material of Kuranda bed for your pup.

Extra Features

Now, let us focus on the features that make the original Kuranda bed a homerun:

  • A chew-proof design that comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Optimal cooling and ventilation due to the perfect elevation of 7 inches

The most outstanding feature is the chew-proof design. Therefore, if you are planning to buy an alternative, make sure that they specify it as chew-proof. Furthermore, they should have used the right materials, which we have already shared with you in the previous section.

7 Best Kuranda Beds for Dogs

Now, let us check the best options on the market in 2021. The original Kuranda design comes at the top, with the closest alternatives in the other places.

1. Kuranda Dog Bed

The original Kuranda Dog Bed features a patented design that stops chewing, provides optimal airflow and cooling, and is easy to clean and easy on joints. Hence, it is the authentic cot-style dog bed designed to bring comfort for your dog and easy maintenance on your end. Since it is patented, you can bet that there’s no other like it on the market.

The most outstanding benefits of the Kuranda dog bed are the patented design that has been proven to prevent chewing (it even includes a 1-year chew warranty) and provide optimal comfort. This translates to better health for your dog in the form of more energy, better rest, and less stress and anxiety.

According to some Kuranda dog bed reviews, the owners love it because it does exactly what it promises to do. The surface is easy to clean, the airflow and ventilation provide excellent cooling properties and the orthopedic design makes it especially good for dogs that suffer from orthopedic diseases such as arthritis.

2. All-Aluminum Kuranda Dog Bed

Kuranda beds are pretty famous for their sturdy build. But what if I tell you that Kuranda makes even stronger beds than the one we reviewed above? The all-aluminum Kuranda bed uses aircraft-grade aluminum in its construction. With such a strong structure, this bed should easily last you years on end with the roughest of pooches. In fact, this bed is so strong that Kuranda is confident that it’ll manage up to 250 lbs on top.

But that’s not all! This all-aluminum bed uses abrasion-resistant Nylon which doesn’t catch hair while your pooch rests. This means effortless cleaning for you, even during the shedding season! To top that off, Kuranda offers its standard 1-year warranty with this bed as well.

Customers seem thoroughly satisfied with this dog bed and have commended it for its strength. Some say that the bed is so strong that they even feel confident sitting on it with their pooch for having a morning cup of coffee. With that said, some customers complained that their dogs didn’t want to hop onto this bed due to its Nylon mesh top. But that problem was immediately solved by purchasing a Kuranda pillow pad or bolster that goes on top of the bed, both of which we’ll review below.

3. Kuranda Dog Crate Bed

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Although a controversial stance, many large breed owners keep their dogs in crates. And since Kuranda seems to specialize in making beds for large breeds, they made sure to cater to this group of people as well. The Kuranda dog crate bed is designed to snugly fit inside a crate. Although it doesn’t come with a crate per se, the design allows you to place it inside one. This bed also comes with the patented elevated design that Kuranda is known for. This makes it an ideal orthopedic bed for large dog breeds.

The thing about dog crates is that they can make your dog feel rather congested. And adding a regular dog bed inside would further reduce airflow; but not with the Kuranda crate bed! This bed allows optimum airflow from underneath the raised bed which improves air circulation and helps your dog feel a whole lot better. The top is made with 40 oz vinyl which is scratch and chew-proof. What’s more, it’s crazy how easy it is to clean this thing since it barely catches any dog hair, if at all.

Customers seem to love the idea of a custom bed for dog crates. The market barely has any options in this space, but Kuranda seems to be satisfying its customers well.

4. Kuranda Pillow Pad

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I know, I know… this isn’t a Kuranda bed per se. But remember how we mentioned that some dogs don’t like jumping onto Kuranda beds? Well, this pillow pad is one way to make them feel welcome! Kuranda uses soft fleece for making this pad, which is a material that most dogs would prefer. The pillow pad also has an inner layer of padding which makes it a lot comfier. What’s more, it comes with a 30-day manufacturer-defect guarantee

The fact that this pillow pad is made in the USA speaks volumes of its quality. However, it’s worth mentioning that unlike the Kuranda bed, the pillow isn’t chew-proof.

5. Kuranda Bolster

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The Kuranda bolster is designed as a wraparound bolster for Kuranda beds. It also includes a reversible pad that makes the bed top a lot softer and welcoming for pooches that demand royal treatment. The bolster uses 100% polyester in its construction and comes with a 30-day manufacturer defect guarantee.

With that said, I’ll be honest with you: the Kuranda bolster does decrease the effectiveness of the bed itself. Firstly, the Kuranda bed is hailed as a fantastic chew-proof option. But the bolster is not chew-proof. Similarly, the bolster would reduce some of that useful air-flow generated through the design of a Kuranda bed. With that said, it’s still a worthy purchase for people who want a sturdy yet comfy bed that could withstand the biggest of dogs.

Kuranda Beds – FAQs

Due to the popularity of Kuranda beds and their alternatives, some questions tend to repeat constantly. Therefore, we grouped them in a single place to bring clear answers once for all!

What is a Kuranda Dog Bed?

A Kuranda dog bed is a patented bed that features a chewing-proof design, optimal elevation from the floor of 7 inches to promote proper airflow and ventilation, and a durable, easy-to-clean surface where the dog can lay on. Therefore, it is an elevated, cot-style dog bed with therapeutic and orthopedic properties.

Products on the market that offer similar features are referred to as Kuranda beds, but they are solely alternatives, because the original and patented design is only one, and it belongs to the Kuranda company and brand.

Are Raised Dog Beds Better?

The raised dog bed design is a better choice because it is easy on joints, promotes ideal airflow and ventilation, which will cool down your dog whenever necessary, allow your dog to rest plentifully and reduce the amount of debris that might be stuck into/under the dog bed. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for any dog, as it is an upgrade from a standard bed, but it is especially beneficial in the following cases:

  • If you live in a place with hot temperatures, to prevent your dog from overheating or even suffering a heat stroke
  • Consider if your dog has problems to sleep due to hot temperatures, stress or lack of comfort
  • If your pet suffers from arthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, or any other orthopedic disease
  • When your dog is of senior age

In summary, if you want your dog to be healthier, in a better mood and full of energy, then you need a raised dog bed.

What Size Bed does Kuranda use?

The original Kuranda dog bed comes in different sizes. For instance, the Standard Walnut PVC Dog Bed features the following sizes (inches):

  • 25×18 (mini)
  • 30×20 (small)
  • 35×23 (medium)
  • 40×25 (large)
  • 44×27 (extra large)
  • 50×36 (extra-extra-large)

In addition, it’s structure can support up to 100 pounds. On the other hand, the All Aluminum Dog Bed also features the same sizes, but its structure can support up to 250 pounds, making it ideal for big dogs. Therefore, Kuranda offers a wide myriad of sizes, so you can choose the one that better suits your dog.

How do you make a Kuranda Dog Bed?

Even though it is not possible to replicate the exact design because Kuranda patents it, you can create a DIY alternative using a resistant, breathable fabric for the surface where your dog will lay on, a resistant structure made of PVC or aluminum and plenty of time.

Therefore, it is a better idea to buy an original Kuranda dog bed, as it is has been fabricated with industrial standards, which guarantee you a safe design, especially if your dog is heavy. On the other hand, you could also consider buying an alternative from a reputable brand.

original kuranda bed
Buy an original Kuranda dog bed to get the best quality.

The original Kuranda dog bed is of incredibly high-quality and is well worth the purchase. Many dogs benefit from this bed type and it is certainly worth researching to see if your dog will love it as much as we do.