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16 Best Organic Dog Treats

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Published on
Sunday 2 October 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
16 Best Organic Dog Treats
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Dogs are naturally motivated by food. Hence, most owners use this drive to teach tricks to their furry pals. So dog treats come in very handy during training. On the other hand, some owners just want to give their pooches treats to spoil them. 

No matter your reason for rewarding your dog with treats, it should only comprise at least 10% of their daily caloric needs. However, even with that little percentage, the food quality shouldn’t be compromised. Organic treats have been on the rise recently. So, to help you select the best organic dog treats for your pup, we came up with the list below. 

16 Best Organic Dog Treats 

We gathered the best organic dog treats based on each doggy treat brand’s health benefits and drawbacks. The top 10 healthy organic dog treats are highlighted in the table below, while the detailed descriptions follow after that.

Product NameDescription Rating
GRANDMA LUCY’S Organic Baked Treat for Dogs Human-grade dog cookies with fruit and vegetable flavors to choose from. 4.8
Riley’s Organics – Peanut Butter & Molasses Organic Dog Treats Non-GMO dog biscuits are good for dogs in all life stages. Human-grade treats and certified organic by USDA4.7
Full Moon USDA Organic Chicken Training Treats Healthy All Natural Dog Treats Human-GradeLow-calorie treats from cage-free chicken. Best for training dogs as each treat is only 3 calories. 4.7
Trader Joe’s Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Sticks Chicken-flavored organic sticks with vitamin E act as an antioxidant for dogs. 4.7
Wet Noses Organic Crunchy Dog TreatsCrunchy treats made from human-grade nutritious ingredients. Good for all life stages. 4.6
Full Moon Natural Organics Grass Fed Beef Jerky Healthy All Natural Dog Treats Human GradeOrganic jerky from grass-fed beef in hickory smoke flavor. Made from human-grade ingredients and has no preservatives or fillers4.6
Coconut Bacon Bones, Hickory Smoked Gourmet Organic, and Vegan Dog Treats Plant-based biscuits made with the goodness of coconut. Grain-free and gluten-free snack with organic apple, beets, peanut butter, and more!4.5
4Legz Organic Sweet Potatoes All Natural Crunchy Non-GMO Dog Treats Human-grade and non-GMO dog cookies made from organic sweet potatoes. Contains no salt, wheat, corn, and animal products. 4.4
Riley’s Organic Dog Treats – Large Bone Pumpkin & Coconut Dog Treats USDA-certified organic, vegan treats specially made for large breeds. Made from organic coconut and pumpkin.  4.2
Riley’s Organic Dog Treats – Large Bone Sweet Potato Dog TreatsBig-sized doggy biscuits with sweet potato ideal for large breeds. Organic, vegan, and non-GMO4.1
Best Organic Dog Treats 

1. Wet Noses Organic Crunchy Dog Treats

Let’s start with the all-natural Wet Noses Organic Crunchy Dog Treats! This healthy snack is available in various flavors and can be offered to dogs in all life stages. It boasts nutritious ingredients such as carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, peanut butter, and even quinoa. 

Moreover, these crunchy dog treats are sourced from human-grade products. Plus, it has no dairy, corn, or soy byproducts. However, it also contains sugar which is not good for dogs, especially those with diabetes. Although it is for all breeds, small toy dogs may have difficulty chewing the large crunchy treat. Similarly, senior dogs may experience the same challenge, especially if they prefer soft treats


  • Nutritious ingredients such as vegetables and fruits
  • Human-grade sources
  • Good for all life stages


  • Contains sugar
  • Size can be too large for small dogs
  • It might be too hard for senior dogs

2. Coconut Bacon Bones, Hickory Smoked Gourmet Organic, and Vegan Dog Treats

Second on our list is the Coconut Bacon Bones, Hickory Smoked Gourmet Organic, and Vegan Dog Treats. These grain-free and gluten-free biscuits boast the wholesome goodness of plants. Your furry friend will benefit from their organic ingredients, especially coconut, in a hickory smoke flavor. 

Aside from having no preservatives, these treats have no palm oil, corn, and soy components as well. However, picky eaters might not want to try these treats because of the lack of meat ingredients. The biscuits are also quite brittle and would break easily, leaving you with crumbs if not handled well. And since it’s a plant-based food, it is on the pricey side. 


  • Grain-free, gluten-free, and vegan
  • Made from coconut flour and coconut milk plus organic fruits and vegetables   
  • Hickory smoke flavor


  • Picky eaters might not want this meat-less treat
  • Brittle biscuits easily break into crumbs
  • A bit expensive

3. Full Moon Natural Organics Grass Fed Beef Jerky Healthy All Natural Dog Treats Human Grade

Looking for a healthy yet meaty snack for your pooch? Our next pick, the Full Moon Natural Organics Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Healthy All Natural Dog Treat Human-Grade, wouldn’t disappoint. It boasts the meaty goodness of beef without preservatives and artificial colors. And because they are sourced from grass-fed beef, these treats offer both nutrition and taste. 

Additionally, these organic jerkies are human-grade from their ingredients to the cooking process. Plus, you’ll pooch will take delight in its hickory smoke flavor. However, this product contains sugar which may not be advised for diabetic dogs. Another ingredient of this treat is chicken, which is a common allergen to dogs. This may cause reactions such as diarrhea, vomiting, and other allergy symptoms. 


  • Organic meat jerkies from grass-fed beef
  • It contains no preservatives, fillers, and artificial color
  • Real hickory smoke flavor


  • Contains sugar
  • It contains chicken that may trigger food sensitivities
  • May result in diarrhea or vomiting in dogs

4. 4Legz Organic Sweet Potatoes All Natural Crunchy Non-GMO Dog Treats

Our fourth pick is the 4Legz Organic Sweet Potatoes All Natural Crunchy Non-GMO Dog Treats. Your pooch will benefit from the many health benefits of the non-GMO ingredients these dog cookies offer. These natural treats are also baked fresh with sweet potato puree and organic ingredients. Plus, they are human-grade too!

Moreover, you can trust that these treats contain no wheat, corn, salt, animal products, and preservatives. These crunchy treats also help clean your dog’s teeth. However, it may also be too hard for some dogs. The size of the dog biscuits may also be too large for puppies or small dogs.


  • Nutritious and non-GMO ingredients 
  • Human-grade treats
  • Help clean your dog’s teeth


  • Hard texture may be too much for some dogs, especially those with teeth problems
  • The size of the dog treats may be too large for puppies or small breeds

5. Riley’s Organics – Peanut Butter & Molasses Organic Dog Treats

Moving on to the next on our list is Riley’s OrganicsPeanut Butter & Molasses Organic Dog Treats. These human-grade doggy biscuits are also non-GMO and certified organic by USDA. These all-natural treats offer nourishment that helps strengthen your pooch’s immune system

These snacks are also free from wheat, soy, and corn. Plus, they all come in recyclable packaging, too. However, this product contains molasses. It is a byproduct of the process of sugar production. Dogs allergic to peanuts may react to these treats. Some dog owners also shared the price has recently doubled.


  • Non-GMO and USDA-certified organic dog treats
  • It contains vitamins that help maintain your dog’s immune system
  • It comes in recyclable packaging


  • Has molasses, a byproduct of sugar
  • Not recommended to dogs allergic to peanuts
  • A bit pricey

6. Trader Joe’s Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Sticks

Got a pup who loves chicken? Trader Joe’s Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Sticks is our bet. These USDA-certified organic sticks are made from organic chicken and other healthy ingredients for adult dogs. They also contain vitamin E, a good antioxidant for your pooch.

Plus, these treats are free from artificial flavor and colors, as well as corn, soy, and wheat. However, due to its chicken ingredient, we don’t recommend this product to sensitive dogs. Also, it has sugar, molasses, and garlic oil, which are not good for dogs. 


  • USDA certified organic
  • Has the antioxidant vitamin E
  • Free of wheat, soy, and corn


  • Not advisable for dogs allergic to chicken
  • It contains sugar and molasses
  • Has garlic oil

7. Riley’s Organic Dog Treats – Large Bone Pumpkin & Coconut Dog Treats

Large dog breeds need large-sized treats to enjoy them better. Good thing that Riley’s Organic Dog Treats – Large Bone Pumpkin & Coconut Dog Treats have considered this need. These vegan and non-GMO dog biscuits come in big-size bites ideal for your giant pets. Plus, it’s human-grade and USDA-certified organic, too.

Each dog treat bursts with wholesome nutrients from organic coconut and pumpkin ingredients. However, this product contains peanut flour which is not advisable for dogs with peanut allergies. Although the treats come in large pieces, they tend to break into crumbles easily. 


  • Large-sized treats for large breeds
  • Vegan, human-grade, and non-GMO treat
  • Nutritious ingredients


  • Biscuits crumble easily into small pieces
  • It contains peanut ingredients not suitable for those with allergies 

8. GRANDMA LUCY’S Organic Baked Treat for Dogs

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Delight your pooches with nutritious, oven-baked treats with fruits and vegetables. Making it to our list is GRANDMA LUCY’S Organic Baked Treat for Dogs. This comes in various flavors to choose from, including apple, blueberries, and pumpkin. So, your dog will surely follow your commands to get that yummy reward. 

These dog cookies are guaranteed organic and made from human-grade ingredients. However, part of its components is sugar and palm oil. Additionally, it also contains wheat and soy, so you’ll need to be cautious of food sensitivities. Because of their wheat content, these treats may also cause your pet to gain weight. 


  • Oven-baked with fruits and vegetable flavors
  • Many flavors to choose from
  • Organic and human-grade


  • Contain wheat and soy, which may result in weight gain
  • Contain sugar and palm oil

9. Full Moon USDA Organic Chicken Training Treats Healthy All Natural Dog Treats Human Grade

Need a low-calorie treat for teaching your pups some tricks over and over? Another chicken-flavored treat we included in this list is the Full Moon Organic Chicken Training Treats Healthy All Natural Dog Treats Human Grade. Each pellet-shaped treat is only 3 calories, so you won’t feel guilty spoiling your pooch. 

It’s made from the goodness of cage-free chickens mixed with flax seed and paprika. Additionally, these treats are USDA approved for human consumption, too. It contains no glycerin, wheat, soy, and corn. However, because of its chicken content, it may trigger allergies in some dogs. While others also suffer from diarrhea from these treats. These treats also tend to get molds faster than the indicated shelf life. 


  • Training treats from organic, cage-free chicken
  • 3 calories per treat, so you can repeat giving rewards when teaching your dog
  • No glycerin, wheat, soy, and corn


  • It can trigger food allergies because it’s made from chicken
  • I may cause diarrhea in sensitive dogs
  • Molds develop fast once the packet is opened and stored at room temperature

10. Riley’s Organic Dog Treats – Large Bone Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Another treat specially made for large breeds is the Riley’s Organic Dog Treats – Large Bone Sweet Potato Dog Treats. This variant boasts the health benefits of sweet potatoes in every crunch. Similarly, it also comes in large biscuits ideal for the mouth size of large dogs

It doesn’t contain fillers such as corn, soy, and wheat. However, same with the other Riley’s large dog biscuits, these crumble into pieces easily. Some dog owners also expressed that it is pricey considering the main ingredient, sweet potato, is affordable and easy to make at home.


  • Human-grade doggy biscuits made from sweet potato
  • Treats are bigger compared to normal treats
  • Vegan and non-GMO


  • Biscuits easily break into crumbles
  • Pricey for a sweet potato treat

11. Wet Noses Organic Crunchy Dog Treats – for All Pet Sizes, Breeds

Got a pack of dogs from different breeds at home? Well, we recommend Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats – for all Pet Sizes, Breeds. As the name says, you can offer it to dogs of any age or breed. It’s grain-free, organic, and non-GMO. 

This product is available in various flavors your pets would love. However, ensure to limit the number of treats you offer as these contain sugar. Also, you’ll need to soak the treat in water if you have puppies or senior dogs. It is too hard for some puppies or senior dogs with teeth issues. 


  • Good for all breeds and all life stages
  • Available in many flavors
  • Grain-free, human-grade, and non-GMO


  • It contains sugar and molasses
  • Treats may be hard for puppies or senior dogs and may need to be soaked in water first

12. Plato Small Bites Organic Chicken

The next organic dog snack on the list is Plato Small Bites Organic Chicken. These air-dried meaty morsels are made from quality organic chicken. It’s grain-free and preservative-free. Because they are bite-sized treats, they are ideal for puppies or small dogs. 

If you have a Furbo dog camera at home, these treats are its perfect match. This comes in various flavors, too.  However, because its main ingredient is chicken, we don’t recommend this to sensitive dogs. Also, the treats can be too small for medium to large dogs. These snacks are also a bit dry, so picky dogs refuse to eat them. 


  • Meaty morsels for good digestion
  • Bite-sized perfect for puppies or small dogs
  • Compatible with Furbo treat-dispensing dog camera


  • It contains chicken, which is an allergen
  • Treats are too small for medium to large dogs
  • Treats tend to be dry

13. Caru – Salmon Recipe, Soft ‘N Tasty Baked Bites All-Natural Dog Treats

One of the best organic soft dog treats in the market is CaruSalmon Recipe, Soft ‘N Tasty Baked Bites All-Natural Dog Treats. This soft jerky treat is best for dogs in all life stages. It packs a lot of proteins from salmon, so it helps build your dog’s muscles. Because of contains blueberries and cranberries, this grain-free snack boasts antioxidants for your dog.

It also has other flavors such as beef, chicken, and even alligator recipes. However, this product contains dairy, so dogs sensitive to milk should avoid these treats. Because of the milk content, sensitive pooches may experience diarrhea. Although these treats are soft, they tend to dry out as well.


  • Soft jerky treats for all breeds and life stages
  • Available in various flavors
  • Has quality proteins and antioxidants


  • It contains dairy, which may cause diarrhea in sensitive dogs
  • Treats can dry out easily

14. Newman’s Own Peanut Butter Flavor Medium Size Dog Treats

Dogs love peanut butter, and they just can’t get enough of this treat. So, we’ve included another peanut butter-flavored snack on our list. Newman’s Own Peanut Butter Flavor Medium Size Dog Treats is best for all dog breeds. It boasts quality proteins and vitamins, so your pooch will delightfully follow commands.

Although peanut butter is the main ingredient, the treats don’t smell like one. So, some picky dogs may not want these treats. Also, if your dog has a peanut allergy, it’s best to skip on these. 


  • Medium-sized, perfect for all breeds
  • With nutrients from carrots and apples
  • It has no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors


  • Its peanut butter content may trigger allergies
  • It doesn’t smell like peanut butter, so picky dogs may dislike the treats

15. Wag Expedition Human Grade Organic Biscuits Dog Treats

Offer the goodness of pumpkin and chia seeds to your dogs in the form of treats! Wag Expedition Human Grade Organic Biscuits Dog Treats is packed with healthy nutrients for your pooches. First, it contains omega fatty acids for your dog’s joints. Second, it also contains vitamin B6 for brain support. Lastly, it contains fiber for good digestive function.

Not only that, it is gluten-free and human-grade too. However, each treat has 30 kcal, so limit the rewards to avoid weight gain in your dogs. It also contains cane molasses, so you may pass on this if you have a diabetic dog. 


  • Has omega fatty acids and vitamin B6
  • It contains fiber for healthy digestion
  • Human-grade and gluten-free


  • Each treat is high in calories
  • It contains cane molasses, a type of sugar

16. Yitto Paws Dog Training Treats – Healthy Organic All Natural Dog Biscuits

Last on our list of best organic dog treats is the Yitto Paws Dog Training Treats – Healthy Organic Natural Dog Biscuits. Because of the fiber content of these human-grade granola bites, they are great for pooches with sensitive stomachs. In addition, it contains no sugar, salt, corn, wheat, or soy byproducts. It boasts nutrients from superfoods in every crunchy cookie. These low-calorie vegan treats are good for all life stages.

However, it contains peanut butter, so allergic dogs shouldn’t be given these treats. Picky eaters may also not like the taste of these doggy biscuits. 


  • Sugar-free and salt-free vegan doggy treats
  • High in fiber, great for dogs with sensitive tummies
  • Packed with the goodness of superfoods


  • It contains peanut butter, which is not great for allergic dogs
  • Picky eaters may not like its taste

Why Choose Organic Dog Treats?

After going through the list of best organic dog treats, you may ask, why should you make the switch? Let’s discuss why you should choose organic dog treats:

We all want our dogs to be healthy and happy. So, we should scrutinize every dog food we give them, including treats. Although treats are offered in small amounts, they can impact your dog’s health if they are junk. Since 2007, the FDA has received thousands of complaints over pet treats making animals ill. So, it’s best to lean on healthier alternatives other than the usual treats on any store shelf. 

How do organic dog treats differ from the common ones?

  • Organic treats are made from certified organic ingredients. Thus, they are free from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or chemicals during production. Not only are they good for your pets, but they are also great for the environment. 
  • Organic dog snacks have no artificial additives, flavors, and colors. Additionally, they have no preservatives too. Hence, you are offering your dogs wholesome food without toxic ingredients
  • Because of the organic components and processes, these dog treats are packed with nutrients. Not only will your dog feel happy for the reward, but his body will also benefit from the nutritious treat. 

What Ingredients Should You Avoid in Dog Treats?

Before getting to the store counter to pay for your chosen dog treat, take a look at the ingredients list on its package. Check every component included making sure it’s good for your pet. Here are the ingredients you should be wary of in dog treats: 


One common component of many dog treats is sweeteners. Some use sugar, while others use artificial sweeteners like sorbitol or xylitol. Sweeteners like sugar can cause many health issues to your dogs, including dental problems and diabetes. Likewise, sorbitol can also result in tummy issues for your pets. On the other hand, xylitol is toxic to dogs and must be avoided. 

Artificial Preservatives 

Substances like butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and ethoxyquin are common artificial preservatives. BHT is carcinogenic to humans, although not enough studies were done on dogs. Even so, stay on the safe side and choose natural preservatives instead, like plant extracts or vitamins C and E. 

Artificial Colors 

Dogs have limited color vision. So, you don’t have to find treats or any dog food with vibrant colors to lure them. Plus, artificial colorings can be harmful to your dogs as well as artificial flavors.

Too Much Sodium

Although salt is a required nutrient for dogs, too much of it can be detrimental to them. Most dog foods are formulated with the right amount of sodium needed for their diets. So, offering treats with more sodium increases their daily intake. Too much salt intake in dogs worsens kidney and cardiac problems

Dicalcium Phosphate

This ingredient is usually added to pet food for its calcium and phosphorous content. However, this substance is hard to dissolve because it doesn’t absorb water. As a result, it adds to the calcification of soft tissue and even causes kidney stones. 

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is another chemical used for the opacity of color in food. Because it is known to cause cancer in humans, it is also toxic to dogs. This substance can also be found in sunblocks, toothpaste, and other products, not for consumption.

What to Look Out For in Organic Dog Treats

Since we have tackled what to avoid, let’s move to what to consider for your dog’s snacks. Here are the points to note when choosing healthy organic dog treats. 

Overall Dog’s Diet 

First, evaluate your dog’s diet, then ensure the treats provide similar quality. If your dog is on a special diet, then you wouldn’t want to mess it up by giving unhealthy treats. Also, consider your dog’s food sensitivities and allergies and ensure the treats won’t trigger them. 

Calorie Content 

Some doggy snacks may be small in size but big in calories. As a result, this will contribute to unnecessary weight gain in your dogs. According to a study, overweight dogs are prone to developing health issues such as obesity and a shorter life span. Also, knowing the calorie content guides you on how many treats to offer your dogs. 

Human-Grade Quality 

Why would we offer it to dogs if the food is not good for human consumption? Good thing, with the rise of all-natural dog treats, more human-grade options exist. Make sure to check the labels, though, for any allergens your pooch might react to. 

Taste and Smell 

Let’s face it, not all organic food has great taste. Plus, dogs rely on their sense of smell, affecting their food preference. However, you wouldn’t know if your dog likes it unless you offer them. Test out small packets of dog treats first so as not to waste them if he dislikes them. 


Dogs vary in size, so select the dog treat that suits your dog. Small dogs may find it hard to chew on large treats. While large dogs may just swallow small treats directly without enjoying them.

Best Organic Dog Treats: FAQs 

Finally, let’s check out the frequently asked questions about organic dog treats:

Are organic treats better for dogs?

Yes, organic treats are a healthier choice for dogs. This is because they have no preservatives or other chemicals that may harm your dogs. So, they are packed with wholesome nutrients from organic ingredients.

Is peanut butter-flavored treats bad for dogs?

Natural peanut butter is safe for dog consumption. In fact, it is a great treat to stuff on your dog’s toys. So, peanut butter-flavored treats aren’t bad for dogs. But if your pooch has peanut allergies, skip this and choose other flavors instead. 

How many dog treats should I give my dog per day?

The number of treats to give your dogs varies depending on your dog’s size, age, activity level, and health status. Additionally, the calorie content of each dog treat should also be considered. Two to five treats a day is the average number most dog owners give to their pets.

What is the best organic dog treat for large breed dogs?

Because large breeds have big muzzles, you would also want to get large-sized treats. Riley’s Organic Dog Treats offer a variant specially made for large dogs. Plus, these big-sized biscuits come in different flavors, too.

What is the best organic dog treat for small breed dogs?

Similarly, for small breeds, you’d want to choose small-sized treats, too. Plato Small Bites Organic Chicken offers bite-sized treats great for puppies and small dogs. In addition to that, it’s compatible with the treat-dispensing Furbo dog camera. 

As pet parents, we are responsible for our dog’s nutrition.  Aside from giving nutritious meals, we must also choose healthy treats. Treats should be nutrient-dense, whether for training, snacking, or just spoiling them. So, start choosing organic!

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