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11 Best Salt Free Dog Treats

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Published on
Wednesday 19 October 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
11 Best Salt Free Dog Treats
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Although salt is a necessary component for dogs, too much of it can cause health issues – especially for dogs with restrictions on required sodium intake. Hence, knowing about low sodium treats for dogs or salt-free dog treats is medically beneficial for them. 

Now, if you are looking for low-sodium treats for your dog, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will share the best low-salt dog treats and a guide on how much salt dogs can consume daily.

Top 11 Best Low-Salt Dog Treats

Looking for the best low-sodium treats in the market can be hard, especially with the wide variety of products you can choose from. We prepared a list of the best low-salt dog treats for you! 

Overall Best Pick:

The Hill’s Grain-Free Dog Treats don’t contain any grains or added salt. Aside from that, dogs love its real duck flavor. Plus, Hill’s dog treats can also be used as a training aid for your dog or as a topping for their dry or wet food meals!

Product NameDescriptionRating
Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Training Treats Salmon RecipeWith less than 3 calories per bite, this Zuke’s mini dog treats are perfect as guilt-free rewards during your dog’s training lessons.4.7
Hill’s Grain Free Dog Treats, Soft-Baked Naturals with Duck & PumpkinHill’s Grain-Free Dog Treat can be mixed with both dry and wet food to provide additional nutrients to your dog’s meal.  4.7
LIFE ESSENTIALS BY CAT-MAN-DOO All Natural Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon TreatsMade with real soft salmon, this dog treat is both healthy and delicious. Plus, its natural fish oils act as a natural anti-inflammatory. 4.7
Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Carnivore Crunch Grass-Fed Beef Recipe Dog TreatsStella & Chewy’s dog treat is made of high-quality and natural ingredients. In addition, it also promotes your pet’s appetite and overall health.4.6
Hill’s Natural Baked Light Dog Biscuits with Real Chicken for Medium DogsMade with real chicken, this other product from Hill’s is rich in flavor. Moreover, it also contains a low-calorie count, which makes it perfect for dogs with dietary restrictions.4.6
All Natural Puppy Coconut Training Treats – Low-Calorie Dog TreatThis dog treat from IMK9 is packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that your dog needs. It is also free of common allergens like grain and gluten.4.6
Low Sodium Dog Treats – Peanut ButterAll About Missy’s Low Sodium Dog treat is specially baked for dogs who need a low-sodium diet. Plus, it contains 100% human-grade ingredients. 4.6
K9 Natural Grain-Free Air Dried Dog Treat Protein BitesThis high in meat and low in carbohydrate dog treat from K9 Natural is packed with protein and perfect for training dogs.  Additionally, it doesn’t contain any grains or gluten. 4.6
PureBites Turkey For DogsMade with only one main ingredient, this PureBites dog treat is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or other health issues. 4.4
Natural Rapport Chicken Liver Dog TreatsNatural Rapport’s dog treat is free of fillers, gluten, and preservatives. In addition,  this product contains the necessary nutrients your dog needs. 4.4
11 Best Salt Free Dog Treats

1. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Training Treats Salmon Recipe

This Mini Naturals Dog Training Treat from Zuke’s is recognized for being the best reward treat for our training dogs. With less than 3 calories, this treat is a “perfect guilt-free” reward during training sessions. Additionally, this dog treat is made from real and premium ingredients rich in the vitamins and minerals your dog needs. This product is also free of wheat, grain, soy, and other preservatives.

However, some pet owners complained about the product’s crumbly and hard kibbles. They also mentioned that the hardness of the kibble made it impossible for their dogs to consume the treat. Additionally, some buyers also criticize the product for having molds.


  • Best reward treat for training dogs 
  • Authentic main ingredients (depending on your chosen flavor)
  • Packed with essential vitamins, nutrients, and protein
  • No sodium, corn, wheat, soy, and preservatives


  • Some pet owners complain about the mold formation
  • Kibbles can also be too hard for your dog’s liking

2. Hill’s Grain Free Dog Treats, Soft-Baked Naturals with Duck & Pumpkin

The Hill’s Grain-Free Dog Treats are free from sodium and grains. With its real duck as the main ingredient, this product has a rich flavor that dogs love. Moreover, Hill’s dog treat can serve as your dog’s training treat or a topper for dry or wet food meals. And another good thing about this product is that it doesn’t contain any preservatives or artificial flavorings. 

But, the downside of Hill’s Grain Free Dog Treat is some buyers complained about the kibble’s texture – it is too hard for their dogs to handle. Plus, some dogs also experienced digestive problems like vomiting and diarrhea. However, that one is on a case-to-case basis, and some dogs reacted fine to it. 


  • It is free from grains, sodium, and preservatives
  • It can serve as a training treat or dog food topper
  • It is also rich in flavor and packed with needed protein, vitamins, and nutrients


  • Too hard kibbles
  • It can also cause digestive problems or stomach issues.

3. LIFE ESSENTIALS BY CAT-MAN-DOO All Natural Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats

This dog treat from Cat-Man-Doo has no added sodium, grain, fillers, preservatives, or harmful ingredients. In addition, its single ingredient and low calorie and carbohydrate content are perfect for dogs with dietary restrictions. And lastly, the natural fish oils from salmon promote shinier and healthier coats. 

However, similar to our previous products, several customers stated that the kibbles are too hard for their pets. Furthermore, the product’s quality also seemed to change since previous batches did not contain harder kibbles and smaller salmon. 


  • No added sodium, fillers, and grains
  • Promotes healthier and shinier coats
  • Helps in joints’ anti-inflammation 
  • Perfect for dogs with dietary restrictions


  • Change in quality
  • Too hard kibbles

4. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Carnivore Crunch Grass-Fed Beef Recipe Dog Treats

Made with natural ingredients, Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried dog treats guarantee that your dog will receive the highest quality of protein (from meat) and other needed nutrients. Furthermore, it helps in improving your pet’s overall health, digestion, and appetite. It can also aid in relieving allergic reactions and in providing a more vibrant skin and coat. And lastly, this dog treat is also free from grains, added sodium, fillers, and preservatives. 

However, the buyer’s main concern is that it often arrives with crumbled kibbles. Thus, making it less appealing and edible for their dogs. In addition, they also reported that dog treats are too hard for dogs to consume. 


  • It helps in improving overall health
  • It has no added sodium, grains, and fillers
  • Made with natural ingredients and rich in protein


  • Crumbled kibbles
  • It can be too hard for your dog to chew

5. Hill’s Natural Baked Light Dog Biscuits with Real Chicken for Medium Dogs

With no added sodium and grains, this second product from Hill’s has real chicken as its main ingredient. Moreover, it is also perfect for overweight dogs with dietary restrictions since it has a low-calorie count. Aside from being free of grains and added sodium, this dog treat does not also contain any fillers and preservatives. 

However, some dogs, especially fussy eaters, are not fond of this product. Instead of eating them, they choose to ignore them. Additionally, there are pet owners who complain about the number of crumbs in the product and that there are batches where the kibbles are too hard to chew. 


  • Perfect for dogs with dietary restrictions 
  • It has no added sodium, grains, and preservatives 
  • They only use authentic and high-quality ingredients


  • It might not be the best choice for picky eaters
  • Inconsistent kibble texture and crumbs

6. All Natural Puppy Coconut Training Treats – Low-Calorie Dog Treat

This All Natural Low-Calorie Dog Treat from IMK9 is formulated using high-quality and natural ingredients. Moreover, it assures you that your pet will receive its vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and minerals from a natural source. Overall, it helps your dog achieve a healthy and balanced diet. Moreover, this IMK9 dog treat is also free from common allergens (wheat, soy, corn, GMO, gluten, grain) and added sodium. 

On the other hand, similar to other products here, the main issues about this product are the kibbles can be too hard and sometimes arrive in crumbs. Moreover, some pet owners find the kibble sizes are too big to be used as training treats.


  • It helps achieve a healthy and balanced diet
  • All ingredients used are authentic and high quality
  • Free from added sodium, common allergens, and preservatives


  • Too hard or crumbled kibbles
  • Kibble sizes can be too big as training treats

7. Low Sodium Dog Treats – Peanut Butter

No products found.

Formulated for dogs who need a low-sodium diet, this homemade All About Missy’s dog treat has lower sodium content than other dog treats on the market. In addition, only human-grade ingredients are used in the product. Even though this dog treat is made for dogs who need lower-sodium treats, other dogs can still enjoy it. Lastly, its guaranteed analysis is: Crude Protein 12.4%, Crude Fat 10.5%, Crude Fiber .35%, Moisture 13.2%, Sodium .05%

But, the weakness of this product is that some pet owners complained about receiving stale products. With that, the kibbles appeared greener and went bad a month before their official expiration date. Furthermore, some buyers had to crush the kibbles before giving them to their dogs because of their hardness


  • Lower sodium content than other dog treats
  • It only uses human-grade and premium ingredients
  • Rich in vitamins, protein, nutrients, and flavor 


  • Some buyers receive stale products
  • Too hard kibbles

8. K9 Natural Grain-Free Air Dried Dog Treat Protein Bites

The K9 Natural Grain-Free Air Dried Dog Treat is known for its high protein and low-fat content. Its low-calorie content makes it also perfect as a reward treat for training dogs. In addition, it does not also contain any grains, gluten, and added sodium. Lastly, its source of protein is grass-fed and free-range lambs – thus, it guarantees that your dog will receive the highest quality and most natural protein. 

However, some buyers reported that its kibble had mild sharp edges that make it dangerous for some dogs. Moreover, this product might not also be your best choice for fussy eaters. 


  • No added sodium, grains, gluten, and other fillers
  • Premium and natural source of protein
  • High protein and low-fat content


  • Sharp and hard kibbles
  • It might not be the best choice for picky eaters

9.PureBites Turkey For Dogs

This dog treat from PureBites is known for having a single ingredient. And because of its delicately dried aroma, dogs seem fond of its flavor. Additionally, overweight dogs or animals with health problems benefit from this dog treat because of its low-calorie content. And lastly, it is also packed with natural and pure sources of nutrients and vitamins. 

But, the biggest complaint about this PureBites dog treat is its crumbled kibbles. Several buyers also stated that most of the kibbles arrived in crumbs – making them look powdery. Thus, their dogs were not able to enjoy the treats. Aside from that, the product also gives off a rancid or unpleasant smell


  • Rich in flavor, protein, and other essential vitamins
  • No added sodium, grains, gluten, and preservatives
  • Best for overweight dogs


  • Crumbled kibble
  • Unpleasant smell

10. Natural Rapport Chicken Liver Dog Treats

This Natural Rapport Chicken Liver Dog treat is made without fillers (soy, corn, gluten), preservatives, chemicals, and added sodium. In addition, all ingredients used were natural and high quality. Another good thing about this product is its delicious flavor that pets love. And lastly, the freeze-dried chicken liver bites contain the nutrients, protein, and vitamins your dog needs. 

On the downside, despite its flavorful taste, many pet owners stated that their dogs ignore the product. Plus, the kibbles are also too brittle and splinter easily. Thus, it can pose a choking hazard for small dogs and fast eaters. 


  • It contains no fillers, chemicals, and added sodium.
  • It is packed with essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals
  • High-quality and authentic ingredients
  • Flavorful taste


  • Kibbles are too brittle 
  • It might not be suitable for fussy eaters
  • It can also be too expensive for your liking  

11. The Honest Kitchen Daily Boosters: Instant Turkey Bone Broth With Turmeric

Last from our list is the dog treat from The Honest Kitchen. With its raised beef, this product gives your dog the protein they need to function healthily. Furthermore, The Honest Kitchen only uses human-grade ingredients in formulating its products. Thus, their products surely oblige safety standards and dog treat protocols. And lastly, this dog treat does not contain any potential allergens and added salt. 

On the other hand, the concerns for this dog treat are mainly about their kibble quality. Several pet owners complained about it being either too dry or too hard. Plus, some also observed a foul smell from the product. 


  • Premium source of protein
  • No common allergens and added sodium 
  • Only uses human-grade ingredients


  • Kibbles can be too dry or hard
  • It can have an unpleasant smell 

How Much Salt Can Dogs Consume

As mentioned earlier, dogs need sodium in their food to sustain a healthy body. Sodium supports blood pressure stability, muscle and neuron function, and fluid balance. However, too much salt can also pose health issues for your dog. According to Watson (2010), too much sodium can cause digestive problems and negative potassium balance. Thus, you should know how much salt a dog can consume

According to AAFCO

The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the organization that regulates the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies, recommends incorporating 0.30% sodium in your dog’s daily diet or about 100 mg per 100 kcal. 

This recommendation acts as the general rule of thumb. However, it can vary depending on your dog’s condition. Some dogs who have special health concerns may be required to have a lesser amount of salt consumed.  

The National Research Council emphasizes appropriate sodium since AAFCO does not propose a limit on the amount of salt that dogs may safely take. They advise that a dog who weighs 33 pounds and expends 1,000 calories every day should consume no more than 2,000 milligrams of salt daily.

According to Vets

Moreover, here is the usual guide veterinarians use to measure how much salt your dog can consume:

Level of RestrictionSodium PercentageMg Count
None0.5 percent of sodiumLess than 100 mg per 100k calories
Mild Restrictions0.35 percent of sodium80 mg per 100k calories
Moderate Restrictions0.10 percent of sodium50 to 80 mg per 100k calories
Severe RestrictionsLess than 0.10 percent of sodium50 mg per 100k calories
Sodium Level For Dogs According to Vets

Best Salt-Free Dog Treats: FAQ

Do you still have questions? Then, this part is for you! So here are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions about the best salt-free dog treats:

Do dog treats have a lot of sodium?

All dog treat products contain varying amounts of sodium. But, according to Tufts University, most commercial pet treats are high in sodium. With that, if your dog has special dietary or medical needs, you need to look for a specific product that has lower sodium content than other dog treats. 

How do I know how much sodium is in my dog treats?

Based on the American Kennel Club, you can find out everything you need to know about the product on its label. Most manufacturers also include a guaranteed analysis part on their product labels where you can check its contents.       

What happens if my dog has too much sodium?

Too much sodium poses many medical threats to your dog. Some of the immediate effects are vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and muscle pains. Moreover, long-term exposure to too much salt can lead to kidney failure, heart disease, and hypertension.  

Are dog treats with salt bad for dogs?

Dog treats with salt are not automatically bad for dogs. However, it gets worse if the sodium content is higher than the preferred amount. In addition, it can also be bad for dogs who are allergic or sensitive to salt. 

With that, you need to note the amount of sodium present in the dog treat, what type of salt is used (it should be non-toxic and natural), and if your pet doesn’t have any medical conditions that prohibit sodium consumption. 

How much sodium can a dog have daily?

As previously mentioned, the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) stated that the amount of sodium a dog can have daily is around 100 to 200 mg or 100 mg per 100kcal. 

Now, after knowing the best low-sodium treats for dogs and the number of salt dogs can consume daily, you still should not forget about consulting your veterinarian before changing anything on your dog’s diet. We recommend visiting them and consulting about whether your dog has specific medical needs or sodium restrictions.

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