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Camille Romasanta

Camille Romasanta


  • BSEd Major in Biological Sciences (2017)
  • Social Media Management Course (2021)
  • SEO and Copywriting Course (2021)


  • Proofread and edited over 200 dog-related articles (2021–Present)
  • Wrote 100+ articles about dog health and pet care (2020–Present)
  • Created slides and infographics about pets (2020-Present)

More about Camille Romasanta

Camille Romasanta was born and raised in a tropical country with many native animals – both wild and domestic. At an early age, she was exposed to different tours involving animals and plants conservatories, artificial habitats, and historical diversity.  

Because of Camille’s natural love for Science and nature, she finished a bachelor’s degree majoring in Biological Sciences. She studied the genetics, anatomy and physiology, reproduction, behavior, and other structure and adaptations of animals, including domesticated ones. She also dedicated her time to research about animals and pets and their growth and development. 

Her love and passion for animals have brought her to a new level of achievements and skills development. She combined her love of animals with her passion for writing and became a copywriter in 2020 up to present. Aside from her bachelor’s degree, she also finished and got a certificate in SEO, copywriting, and social media management courses to further her knowledge. 

Camille is a proud fur parent of one happy dog and six amazing cats. Although she experienced pet loss more than once, that did not stop her from adopting again and continue giving these fur babies a forever home. Currently, she is planning to take a training course in Veterinary Assistant and Animal Welfare in Australia.

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