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How To Make Dog-safe Bubbles

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Dogs can get bored with the same playtime routines every day, so it's important to think of new enrichment activities.
  • It's possible to make dog-safe bubbles by avoiding laundry detergents, sulfates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and other household cleaners.
  • To make DIY dog bubbles, you'll need non-toxic dish soap, water, and glycerin or corn syrup to make the bubbles last longer.
  • Flavored bubbles for dogs can be made by adding bone broth, chicken or pork bouillon cubes, peanut butter, sugar, and natural food coloring to the bubble mixture.
  • Blowing bubbles for dogs can be done using straws, plastic funnels, a plastic cup with a small hole, or a bubble machine. However, pet owners should still supervise their dogs while playing with bubbles.
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Published on
Tuesday 9 April 2024
Last updated on
Monday 30 October 2023
How To Make Dog-safe Bubbles
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The same playtime routines every day can bore dogs. To keep their minds well stimulated and bodies hyped up we need to think of new enrichment activities. That said, we can incorporate games like chasing dog-friendly bubbles. Yet, how do we make sure those bubbles are safe? This article will talk about how to make dog-safe bubbles. Keep reading.

How to Make Bubbles Safe for Dogs? 

Canines love jumping, running, and chasing. Sometimes they chase frisbee discs, yet on special occasions, they also love chomping on bubbles. With that in mind, we ask, what makes bubbles interesting for dogs? Moreover, since those can be accidentally ingested, we need to make sure they’re dog-friendly bubbles. 

According to research dogs have chasing perspectives. Well, it could be due to their prey drives or because of their mental impulses that animate lifeless objects. Because of this, surely our plan to involve fun games such as DIY dog bubbles will be worth it. 

Moreover, if you’re unsure as to what kind of bubbles to use, keep in mind to do thorough research first. Using laundry detergents in creating bubbles for dogs isn’t safe because they cause irritations, vomiting, and diarrhea. Hence, a good rule of thumb is to avoid sulfates or Propylene Glycols, or any other household cleaners for that matter. 

Moreover, in making bubbles for dogs, using shampoo is also prohibited. That’s because those with parabens, silicones, and mineral oils can cause poisoning or gastrointestinal upset when ingested. 

Afterward, when you’ve chosen your safe bubble ingredients, put them in your designated workplace. Also, you need to ensure that your workplace doesn’t have harsh chemicals just in case you accidentally include them in the bubble-making procedure. 

In addition, you also need to gather the tools you need. Well, that includes measuring cups or spoons, to ensure the right amount of ingredients are utilized. Also, when you’re certain that everything is in place, you may start working on your DIY dog bubbles. 


Bubbles are safe for dogs provided that we choose the right ingredients. There are affordable household products that we can use in making one. Well, for starters the main thing you’ll need is a dishwashing liquid. It can be any brand just ensure they’re non-toxic. 

Moreover, the next thing you’ll need is water. Water is important because it dilutes and mixes all ingredients. Another thing though, you’ll also need to add some glycerin to your dog-friendly bubble mixture since this will make the bubbles last longer. Yet, if glycerin isn’t available, you can have cheaper options like corn syrup. 


The first material you’ll need in making DIY dog bubbles is some measuring spoons or cups. These will ensure that you have the correct diluted quantity. Next, you’ll need a stirrer and an airtight container to put the mixture into. 

In addition, when your bubble mixture is ready, you may blow them using straws, plastic funnels, a whisk, or a bubble machine for dogs. Also, if you’re a little tight on the budget you may create an alternative bubble machine. Just tape a couple of straws together and you can have clusters of bubbles in one blow. 


The process of making DIY dog bubbles is easy. Once you have all ingredients, one by one measure them first before adding them to the container. To be precise, safe bubbles for dogs should only contain ¼ cup dish soap, 1 cup water, and 1 tsp glycerin

Then mix them all slowly using a stirrer to avoid lathering. After mixing, expect to find a thick consistency. Moreover, to test its effectiveness, try blowing it using a straw. If the bubble pops easily, add more glycerin or corn syrup for stability. 

How to Make Flavored Bubbles for Dogs

If your furry friend loved playing with regular bubbles surely he will be more thrilled to chomp on edible bubbles for dogs. In that case, you may buy some ready-made flavored bubbles in the market or better yet, create one. 

Sometimes, it takes variations of games to fully hype up dogs. That said, flavored bubbles are a good idea to motivate their senses even more. Besides, a study backed up that claim and showed that dogs prefer using their sense of smell when choosing food and toys. Well, if that happens, then it’s no doubt, canines will love flavored bubbles for dogs. But, how do we create one? 

Take note, creating favored bubbles is similar to making regular dog-friendly bubbles. Well, just like before, the first thing you need to do is to gather all ingredients and materials. Yet, this time, the only difference is you’ll be adding a flavoring, particularly bone broth to those bubbles.

Moreover, in other recipes, you can add chicken or pork bouillon cubes to make bubbles more eventful. Plus, as much as possible, keep everything natural. Other than tasty flavors, avoid adding artificial fragrances such as perfume since they’re too strong and they may repel dogs’ attention.

Also, keep in mind to only mix those ingredients in an airtight container and a secured workplace. Further, as much as possible after creating your solution, let it sit overnight in a closed container as this will help stabilize the bubbles and their flavor. 


There are other various flavors that you can include in a dog-friendly bubble mixture. For instance, peanut butter is a good flavor that can attract dogs’ interest. Its scent is alluring and most likely will compel dogs to pop those bubbles.

Also, to make things exciting, avoid xylitol, but add some sugar or even natural food coloring to your bubble. Well, sugar acts as a binder that helps bubbles last longer. Plus, the food coloring will enhance the foamy bubble texture making it highly visible. 


First things first, prepare all the necessary equipment needed to make edible bubbles for dogs. Just like in creating regular unscented dog bubbles, this time you also need measuring cups and spoons for weighing purposes. 

Moreover, if you don’t have fancy airtight containers as storage for your flavored bubbles, any mason jar or resealable containers will do. Then, if you’re done, you can use bubble machines or guns to blow those dog-friendly bubbles.


Before pouring all ingredients into a jar, weigh them first. In some recipes, you add first the bouillon cube to the 1 cup water and microwave for a few seconds to melt and release the flavor. Next, add the 1 tsp sugar and whisk slowly. 

In addition, when everything is dissolved, also add 1 tsp of glycerin to stabilize and ¼ cup of natural dish soap. Stir gradually so it doesn’t lather and afterward, place it in a safe jar. Further, leave overnight to achieve the best results. 

Why Make Bubbles for Your Dog? 

Dogs like interactive games and they get bored if there are no variations. According to research, canines have a knack for new things and in some cases, they don’t like playing with the same thing over again. Hence, as pet owners, that’s our cue to try a new fun way of motivating their interests. 

Making bubbles is an interesting way to rouse your dog’s mind. Well, seeing that it’s in a dog’s nature to chase and bite down objects, playing with dog-friendly bubbles is a safe way to exercise their instincts

At first, canines may have no idea what bubbles are. But, with the gradual introduction, they will get used to chasing and popping those bubbles in no time. Moreover, playing with bubbles also promotes dogs’ active lifestyles, helps them burn fats, and sharpens their minds. 

Also, making bubbles is an affordable alternative to treats in enrichment activities. Well, come to think of it, you don’t have to bring treats anymore since those bubbles have flavors that drive dogs to chase them. 

Further, this is easy to make and customizable. You can add your dog’s favorite bacon or chicken flavor, and at the same time colors to make those suds stand out. Overall, with this engaging activity, dogs of all ages, even seniors will be back on their feet. 

What to Use to Blow Bubbles 

It’s a fact that dogs can play with bubbles. To be honest, there are times they just can’t get enough of popping them. Yet, our furry companions can’t make bubbles on their own. The question is, what do pet owners use in blowing them? 

Bubbles are soap films filled with air. Hence, they don’t just appear without someone blowing them. Well, to find out the ways how to blow bubbles, stay tuned below. 

  • You can use the cheapest and most available material available, straw. Just dip the straw into the bubble mixture and blow. 
  • A single straw creates small bubbles, so try to tie many straws into a bunch and blow them altogether. 
  • Next, a simple plastic funnel will also do the trick. Take note to dip the wider end into the mixture and blow through the smaller end. 
  • Meanwhile, if none of the above is available, you can use a plastic cup. Just poke a small hole at the bottom and dip the wider opening into the solution. Don’t forget to blow on the small hole as well. 
  • Lastly, if you want to create fast and big bubbles, invest in a bubble-making machine. 

No matter how safe DIY dog bubbles are, still pet owners need to supervise their dogs while playing. Bubbles are made from soap and sometimes, it’s unavoidable that dogs’ skins may get irritated with them. Hence, a good rule of thumb before allowing canines to play with them, do your ample research first or consult a vet for safe bubble ingredients. 

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