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Review: FURminator For Dogs — Is It Really The Best Hair DeShedding Tool?

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Published on
Tuesday 12 May 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Review of the FURminator Deshedding Tool For Dogs!
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The FURminator is a helpful deShedding tool that every dog owner owns, or should own. Too many do not have it and keep using the good old comb that removes pretty much nothing in comparison to the FURminator. This almost magic FURminator brush is cheap, easy to use, and does a formidable job at reducing shedding up to 90%, without much of an effort.

Why is My Dog Shedding So Much?

Shedding in pets is the natural process of losing old, unneeded, and damaged hair.

Each breed has its own frequency and the amount of hair shedding also depends on the breed of your dog. Some dog breeds tend to shed a lot more and much more often in spring when their thick and warm coat disappears to let their lighter coat take over for the hot days.

If you keep your dogs indoors all year long, they will tend to shed evenly throughout the year. Indeed, the more a dog is subject to weather conditions, the more fluctuations are to be witnessed in terms of hair loss.

Types of FURminator Brushes and Combs For Dogs

Your dog’s bush depends on their coats. There are different types of brushes available on the market, some of them with great quality and cute looks. But before buying one, make sure that it can give your dog’s needs and exceed your expectations.

  • Brushes – you can use brushes as an overall cleaning and maintenance of your dog’s coat. Its main purpose is to simply remove excess dirt and hair, and spread out the oils on your dog’s skin.

Choosing the best brush quality brush is a must especially if we’re talking about your dog’s well-being. FURminator brush is an effective tool to remove undercoats and reduce excess shedding that will give you and your dog ease.

  • Combs – combs are used for detailed grooming needs, it helps groomers style dog’s hair especially for parting and braiding. It also serves as a helping tool to remove tangles, mats, and even fleas.

Best Brushes and Combs For Short-Haired Dogs

If you own short-haired dogs, here are the recommended FURminator brushes and combs to help you keep your dog’s coat healthy.

Slicker Brushes

The slicker brush works on almost every type of dog coat. Its short, bent, plastic, or wire bristle can easily remove and grab loose undercoats. You can use this type of FURminator brush frequently to prevent tangles and matting.

This type of brush is recommended for dogs who have short and wiry coats, and for short and double-coated dogs.

Bristle Brushes

Bristle brushes feature a flat base with soft and straight bristles. It’s best for short-haired dogs that shed frequently. Since its bristle are tightly packed, it can remove loose hair and stimulate your dog’s skin

It’s perfect for dogs with short and smooth coats like Boston Terriers, Pugs, Italian Greyhounds, and etc.

Fine-tooth Combs

Fine-tooth combs are great for short-coated dogs that have thin undercoats. This comb can easily remove small surface mats and prevent fur tangle and remove debris.

It’s recommended for dogs with short and double coats and short and wiry coats

Best Brushes and Combs for Long-haired Dogs

Now that we’re done with the short-haired dogs, it’s time to discuss the perfect FURminator brushes for long-haired dogs.

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes are the most common brush that can be used for different types of dog coats. Pet owners use the slicker brush to remove excess undercoats and get rid of mats. It’s perfect for curly, long and double, long and silky dog coats.

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Large-tooth Combs

Large-tooth combs are designed for long-coated dogs that have heavy undercoats. This type of dog comb helps loosen tangles and remove excess undercoats to maintain clean and flowy hair.

Pin Brushes

The pin brushes usually have metal or wood, straight bristles on a rubber base that provide deep brushstrokes that are excellent for long fur. It can easily lift out shedding hair and debris and is ideal for everyday use.

Type of Dog CoatsRecommended FURminator Brush and CombFrequency
Short and wiry coatsSlicker brush, medium or fine-tooth combTwice a week
Short and smootha bristle brush, hound gloveOnce a week
Short and double coatsslicker brush, undercoat rake, medium or fine-tooth combTwice a week
Long and silky coatsslicker brush, medium or fine-tooth comb3-4 times a week
Long and coarse coatsslicker brush, pin brush, medium or fine-tooth comb3-4 times a week
Long and double coatsslicker brush, undercoat rake, medium or fine-tooth comb2-3 times a week
Curlyslicker brush, medium or fine-tooth comb3-4 times a week
Hairlessa bristle brush, hound gloveEvery other week
FURminator Brush and Comb for Dog Guidelines

What Is The FURminator DeShedding Tool?

The FURminator DeSheeding Tool removes loose hair and undercoat safely and efficiently without damaging the dog’s coat or cutting his skin. Thanks to its specially-designed teeth, the FURminator reduces shedding up to 90% by reaching deep under the topcoat.

The One & Only FURminator!

No matter what breed and size your dog is, there is a FURminator adapted for your pet. This tool used by many professional groomers is split into two groups: long-haired dogs, and short-haired dogs. Each group has five different sizes. See the chart below to get some sort of visual aid.

FURminator For Dogs Sizes
Different FURminator Sizes

The FURejector button is proof of the FURminator’s usability: by pressing the button, you will clean and remove the loose hair you’ve just brushed from your dog. What you used to do for very long (dozens of) minutes will now be achieved within seconds thanks to this inexpensive device.

Is the FURminator Effective?

The simple answer is yes, the FURminator absolutely delivers on its promises. There are dozens of videos on YouTube showcasing all the loose hair removed by the FURminator DeShedding Tool, and it is really impressive.

This is why most professional groomers and dog handlers in shows are using it: it leaves your dog’s coat clean, shiny, and healthy. The FURejector button makes the cleaning of the brush so easy that it is difficult to find a bad side.

Perhaps its price, but there is nothing better out there on the market so the price is well worth it, especially when bought online.

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Where Can I Buy The FURminator DeShedding Tool For Dogs?

In stores, the FURminator gets sold for roughly 50-70 US dollars, or in England, for £35-45. So your best bet is to get it from Amazon where it is much much muuuuch cheaper and it is the same product, not a knockoff made in China.

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FURminator for Dogs: FAQ

We gathered the top frequently asked questions about the FURminator for dogs, below are the best answers to your inquiries.

Does a FURminator really work?

Yes, the FURminator does an excellent job when it comes to deShedding. Because of its fine teeth, it’s very easy to remove undercoats and loose hair from your fur buddies. Thanks to its right depth, it can reach down to the undercoat and remove them effectively.

Should I use a FURminator on my dog?

Using FURminator deShedding tools to your dogs is very much recommended especially during heavy shedding season. It also helps reduce formations of mats and tangles and aids the hair in its renewal process to avoid skin irritations and allergies.

Can a FURminator get dull?

The Furminator deShedding brush is actually not considered as a cutting tool and doesn’t need any sharpening. Once it gets dull, it’s recommended to clean it with soapy water and dry it well before storing it.

How long can I use a Furminator deShedding tool?

You can use the Furminator deShedding brush at least once or twice a week. You can use it for 10 to 20 minutes but this can change depending on the shedding season. During fall or spring, you can use the Furminator for dogs a few more times per week. 

Is it better to brush a dog wet or dry?

It’s better to brush your dog when their coat is dry since wet hair can make mats worse and difficult to remove. You can also brush your dog’s hair before bathing to reduce tangles.

Do dogs feel better after deShedding?

Yes, deShedding is a great way to give your dog a healthier and beautiful coat. Since this extra hair can weigh and all the mats can irritate them, most dogs feel comfortable after deShedding.

How long does deShedding a dog last?

Typically, dogs can shed twice a year, usually, it takes place during fall and spring. It’s normal for dogs to shed to get rid of their old and damaged hair, this process can last 2 to 4 weeks.

Which Dog Breeds are Recommended for FURminator deShedding?

You can use the FURminator deShedding brush for dog breeds like Chow chow, German Shepherd, Old English Sheepdog, Saint Bernard, Huskies, Golden Retriever, and more

DeShedding tools like the FURminator can give you a huge benefit when it comes to maintaining your dog’s coat. Since shedding is unavoidable, as pet owners, we need to make sure that our dog won’t experience any discomfort that can lead to unwanted skin conditions.

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