10 Best Dog Crate Covers with Buying Guide

10 Best Dog Crate Covers with Buying Guide
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A dog crate cover is an essential pet supply to keep dogs safe, comfortable and relaxed inside their crate. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of these crate covers, provide a few tips on buying a suitable one and also quickly review the top 10 best dog crate covers available out there.

What are Dog Crate Covers Used For?

Dog crate covers serve multiple purposes. They protect your dog and allow them to relax in what can be called a private space, created by the crate itself. Here are some of the uses to which you can put this item.

Protection from Adverse Weather Conditions

This is one of the main reasons behind pet owners preferring crate covers for their dogs. With a properly-covered crate, your dogs can be kept safe when the weather outside is too harsh for them. Bad weather elements like rain, frost, or heavy wind can harm your dog while also making them feel nervous. With a heavy-duty crate and a cover, such a situation can be easily avoided. Most crate covers are environment-friendly too.

Calming Anxious Dogs

Your dogs, especially when they are too young, might feel anxious in certain situations. It can be fireworks, unusual noises, or unfamiliar guests in the house. If the pooch has newly arrived in your family, a slight instance of someone walking by can make them anxious. With a dog crate cover, your dog becomes less reactive. They can calm down in their private space. You can lift the crate cover after some time to find that your pooch is happily playing in their much-loved home inside a home.

Providing a Private Space

Dogs need and love their privacy as much as humans or any other animals do. Getting your dog a crate cover is the most desirable way of valuing their privacy. With proper training, your dog will learn to consider this dark, comfy area inside the crate or playpen as their private den and will enjoy staying there. As such, when there is a party at home or some loud noise, you can rest assured that your pooch stays undisturbed and happy.

dog crate cover protection
A dog crate cover’s main objective is to protect your dog – against the element, the bad weather, the wind, the sun, and many more threats. (image: arcticshieldoutdoor.com)

How to Choose the Best Crate Covers for Dogs?

Choosing the ideal crate cover, also known as kennel cover for your dog, can be challenging especially if you are not sure of what this item should actually be like. So, here are some of the features that you must consider and look for in the crate cover you buy.

Size and Fitting

A dog crate should be bought based on the age and size of your dog. Obviously, in case of a dog crate cover specific to a particular brand or model, the size should be such that fits their crate as closely as possible. If it is too small, it will not fit and if it is oversized, its entire purpose remains unfulfilled. A properly fitted cover is successful in creating an enclosed and private space for your dog, as it is expected to do.

Crate Model Compatibility

For the desired fit, mentioned in the last point, the crate cover should be compatible with the crate model you have. Most crates come with a standard design and any cover of the right size will fit in seamlessly. On the other hand, if the dog crate is from a specific brand with a specific design pattern, then you have to get a crate cover from the same brand to ensure this compatibility.

Durability of the Materials

Ideally, the crate cover should be as strong and durable as the crate itself. Since a crate cover is supposed to protect your dog from adverse environmental conditions, it should be made of materials that resist harsh elements. The cover is also prone to be scratched and chewed on by your dog. Long-lasting materials will make the crate cover function well for a long time.


While the kennel cover is supposed to create an enclosed and comfortable place for your dog, it should not end up suffocating the furry one. Accordingly, the crate cover should be incorporated with a smart ventilation system that lets your dog breathe freely. However, for those covers that keep a few panels and sides of the crate open anyway, a separate ventilation system is not a dire necessity.


An insulated crate cover is more expensive but it certainly adds value to the dog crate. It keeps the inside of the crate warm and more comfortable for your dog, especially in cold weather. Insulated crate covers are strongly recommended for dogs that are particularly reactive to cold. Go with a winter dog house if it’s subzero!


Preventing your dog from being affected by adverse or harsh weather conditions is one of the main purposes of a dog crate cover. That is why; it should be waterproof and windproof at the very least. You can then use the crate outdoors with the assurance that your dog is safe.

Machine Washable

Consistent outdoor usage of the crate cover leaves it dirty, requiring you to wash it frequently. That is why; these covers should be machine washable for your ease and convenience in getting it cleaned. If it can be tumble dried too, that’s definitely a plus point.

Top 10 Best Dog Crate Covers

With some reputed brands offering crate covers that are quite popular, let’s pick the top 10 best dog crate covers and review why they might be an ideal buy.

1. MidWest Homes Crate Cover

Available in a range of sizes, this is one of the best dog crate covers brought forth by a well-known brand, MidWest. The covers fit into most sizes of crates including the 42″ large one. It comes with as many as 5 flaps at the front, side, back and top panel and thereby, offers easy access from all sides. The hook and loops tab, on the other hand, holds the kennel cover in place, justifying its purpose of creating a safe den for your pooch.

This crate cover from MidWest is made of 100% durable polyester and is machine washable. With an additional 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, this item will surely cater to your anxious dog and become their favorite spot.

2. Petsfit Polyester Dog Crate Cover

With dimensions of about 36L X 23W X 25H, this grey colored kennel cover is a perfect one for wired dog crates. The cover comes with two entrances. The mesh side windows offer impressive outdoor views for your dog while the top openings pave the way for the desired ventilation.

It is made of Oxford cloth, which is both durable as well as machine washable. The back zipper feature makes it easy for you to fit it into the crate. Dog owners who have used this item are happy with how the cover made the dog crate a reliable place for their pooch.

3. Molly Mutt Crate Cover for Dogs

Measuring about 42″L X 28″W X 32″H, this is one of the largest as well as the best kennel covers for dogs available out there. The material is pre-shrunk, machine washable and also quite durable. You can roll down the door panels of the cover on both sides for closing the crate fully. They can also be snapped open for quick and easy access.

These covers are found in custom-designed patterns and, therefore, are stylish enough to attract your choosy dog. You can also consider matching it up and coordinating with the other products from the same brand. That the cover goes into the tumbler drier adds one more star to it.

4. Pet Dreams Three-Piece Bedding Set

As one of the best kennel covers for dogs, this crate cover is loaded with a number of effective features. It can be used on both single and double metal dog crates. There are snaps on all sides, which can be opened and closed easily and as per the situation. Further, the cover has ties on all the corners that can be stored hidden under the crate when not in use.

The cover stands out by virtue of its foam bumper, offering ultimate comfort to your pooch. It is as protective and comforting for your dog as a crib is for an infant.

5. Precision Pet Kennel Crate Cover

This heavy-duty dog kennel cover is one of the most popular crate covers available out there. Made of water-resistant fabric that is strengthened with double stitching, it is a tailor-fit cover that is perfectly suitable for the 36″ crate. The heavy-duty zippers make the item even more durable and fit for consistent outdoor usage.

You can adjust the visibility and ventilation with the side mesh windows coupled with the roller shades. The cover is machine washable and therefore, easy to clean and maintain.

6. Alion Home Sun Block Dog Run

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Available with a two-year limited warranty against UV degradation, this dog crate cover is going to be your best choice if you are particularly looking for a weather-resistant one. The privacy screen shade of the cover is knitted with 180+ GSM HDPE. It effectively blocks up to 90% of the harmful UV rays of the sun without compromising with breathability or ventilation.

The four sides of the cover are hemmed for enhanced strength and durability. It is one of the strongest crate covers available and is also quite easy to install and set up.

7. ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover

Manufactured and designed by the reputed brand of ArcticShield, this is one of the most valuable and best kennel covers for dogs that you can get. Its special feature is definitely the insulation property that works well in keeping the dog crate warm even in cold weather conditions.

The price is slightly on the higher side so, it is recommended for dogs that are allergic to winds and cold weather in particular. The four-d rings tie down the kennel, making the setup and installation easy for you.

8. Yotache High-Quality Crate Cover

A crate cover is supposed to be waterproof and durable as two of its basic features and this one includes both in their best possible form. This heavy-duty protective dog crate cover enables easy access to the end and the side doors in any wired crate.

You can wash as well as dry it in the machine and thus, keep it cleaned and well-maintained. The weather-resistant feature makes the cover ideal for outdoor usage. As an additional benefit, you get a three-year warranty with the item.

9. Weatherguard Kennel Frame & Cover Set

This heavy-duty, fully enclosed kennel cover protects your dog from sun, snow, rain, and debris. The material with which it is made is trusted and resistant to cracking, fading or peeling even when exposed. The cover seamlessly fits into the dog crate and stays in place by means of high-quality elastic cords.

The design of the crate cover comes with a signature low pitch roof which further includes a waterproof enclosed ends cover and a powder-coated steel roof frame.

10. X-ZONE PET Dog Crate Cover

Available in two sizes, 30″ and 42″, this crate cover provides all the security and privacy that your dog needs. It fits most standard 30″ dog crates and enables easy access to the front and side doors. The top panel opens up to lead to the crate handle for carrying.

The material is wear-resistant and durable Oxford that easily goes into the machine for cleaning. The side mesh windows, on the other hand, have roller shades for adjusted visibility and ventilation.

Alternatives of Dog Crate Covers or Kennel Covers

If your dog is not adapting to the idea of a crate cover or you don’t want one for some other reason, there are few alternatives that you can consider.

The most obvious and cheap option is blanket and bedsheets. With these, you can create a cozy space in one corner of a room for your dog. However, this alternative is applicable for indoor purposes only as it offers no protection from external elements as such.

You can alternatively go for the opaque crates that are wooden but not wired. The opacity of the crate cover allows your furry one to feel less claustrophobic, especially if they tend to avoid enclosed spaces.

Last but not the least; you have the plastic kennel covers that are more lightweight, breathable with a greater promise of ventilation for your much-loved dog.

Top Dog Crate Covers with Buying Guide
Top Dog Crate Covers with Buying Guide