10 Best Chewproof Dog Leashes – Buying Guide, Reviews & FAQs

10 Best Chewproof Dog Leashes – Buying Guide, Reviews & FAQs
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Chewproof dog leashes are a necessity and we are here to tell you why. More often than not, dogs like to chew things. This behavior is harmless when it comes to dog toys but not when it comes to leashes. Dog leashes that are chew-proof are your only bet in situations where you have a dog that is fond of destroying leashes.

You can get by with a regular, destructible leash. But you shouldn’t compromise. A destroyed leash can lead to an extremely dangerous situation where your dog might even run away, this is dangerous for you, your dog, and others. A chew-proof leash for dogs can also save you money as you do not have to repeatedly replace leashes.

What are Chew-proof Dog Leashes?

Chew-proof dog leashes are tougher than regular dog leashes. Simply put: chew-proof dog leashes are extra tough and it takes a long time for a dog to destroy them. Chew-proof leashes are usually made with leather or nylon and are extra thick or have reinforced stitching. These two qualities ensure that no matter how ferocious of a biter your dog is, he won’t be able to destroy these leashes with ease.

There are even stronger leash materials, like metal, that are nearly indestructible. Many pet parents hate to restrain their dogs with metal leashes because of the harsh pull back from this material. Nevertheless, metal leashes are a safe bet when it comes to being chew-proof. In short, dog chew-proof leashes are extra durable and it takes your dog a long time to destroy them.

How to Choose the Right Chew-proof Dog Leash?

Choosing the right chew-proof dog leash is not rocket science. All you have to do is pay attention to a few things. These are the things that make a good chew-proof leash.


Chew-proof leashes are not radically different from regular leashes. Both of these types are made from exactly the same materials. The most common materials are:

  • Nylon
  • Rope
  • Metal chains
  • Metal wire
  • Leather

When you are deciding on the material, you should remember the qualities and compromises different materials bring to the table. Remember: no single material is perfect. Metal is chew-proof but it’s also expensive, stiff and heavier. As a result, it is not suitable for small breeds like Chihuahuas.

Nylon, on the other hand, is cheap, flexible, and lighter. But it’s not exactly chew-proof. Dogs can destroy thinner nylon leashes pretty easily. So if you are going to go with nylon as your material of choice, then pick a thicker leash. The same is the case with leather. Where leather as a material is both strong and flexible, it is also expensive and dogs are particularly fond of chewing leather leashes.

A rope is a good alternative. It is strong, flexible, and also doesn’t cost a lot. But leashes made with rope can be difficult to handle and present more of a challenge to use. So, consider each material and carefully weigh the pros and cons of each.

extra tough dog leashes
Extra tough dog leashes use heavy-duty fibers and materials.

Reflective Stitching

The main purpose or goal of a leash is to keep a dog under control so they don’t put themselves in a dangerous situation. And when it comes to danger, there is no thought worse than a speeding vehicle coming straight towards you and your dog while you are out enjoying a stroll.

Considering that, it is necessary that you choose a dog leash that has some reflective elements like stitching or a strap. These elements ensure that when you are strolling in the dark, your dog is identifiable.

Safety Features

Reflective stitching and durable material are not the only things that you need to pay attention to when buying a chew-proof dog leash. Safety features like durable clips and a secure clip locking mechanism need to be on high on your priority list.

When your dog finds out they can’t get rid of the leash, they will go for the next best thing: the clip. If the clip snaps during a walk or the locking mechanism fails, your dog will easily escape. So to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, always go for metal clips and a durable locking mechanism. Plastic clips snap easily and thus are a major safety concern.

Cord Length

Choose a lengthy leash to give them more freedom to wander because they will surely enjoy it. On the flip side, dogs on a lengthy leash are harder to control. Also the lengthier the leash, the heavier it is. And vice versa for shorter leashes.


Last but not the least, while choosing a leash, you should definitely keep the comfort of both parties in mind. For yourself, choose a leash that is easier to grab and has an ergonomic handle to keep things under control. Materials like thin metal wires and rope aren’t easier to hold. For example, rope can give you rope burns.

For your dog, choose a leash that is easier on them and doesn’t limit their movement. Good length leashes of nylon, rope, and leather are excellent choices in this regard. They are lighter and more flexible than metal leashes and thus allow much more freedom in movement.

features of chewproof dog leashes
Important features of a quality chew-proof dog lead.

10 Best Chew-proof Dog Leashes

There are lots of nearly unbreakable leashes on the market but few are actually chew-proof. To save you precious time, we have rounded up the best chew-proof dog leashes on the market below.

1. SENYEPETS Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Senyepets heavy duty dog leash is everything it claims to be. Let’s start by discussing the design. Senyepets have used a novel approach in constructing this chain. This leash is nylon wrapped in a metal chain. This metal chain is what makes this leash heavy-duty. The handle, on the other hand, is woven nylon. And to top it all off there is a strong metal clip that quickly snaps into place.

The chain on this leash is excellent, because of the use of metal in the chain, your dog won’t be able to chew through the leash. Moreover, the fact that the chain wraps around nylon makes the leash easy to maneuver. The handle is well made and comfortable to hold.

What’s not so great is the fact that this leash is quite heavy, so walking small dogs with this leash can be quite difficult. In short, if you own a big dog and want a chew-proof leash, look no further than this.

2. Mighty Paw Chew-proof Dog Leash

If you want the durability of a metal leash without its extra weight, consider investing in the Mighty Paw chew-proof dog leash. First up, this leash is also a combination of metal with another material. This time around, a braided steel cable serves as the heart of this leash. The braided cable is further coated with a kind of plastic. Furthermore, a thickly padded neoprene handle allows you to hold the leash firmly. To top it all off, a rock climbing, grade swivel carabiner serves as the attachment point for the dog collar.

The leash itself is pretty great and is actually chewproof. The coated steel cable does an excellent job of keeping your pup away from chewing through the leash. Similarly, the padded handle also does what it’s supposed to. It is super comfortable to hold and doesn’t cause any blisters.

The swivel carabiner is plenty strong to hold even the heaviest of dogs. One thing that many don’t like about this leash is its locking mechanism. Where the carabiner is great at securing dogs, it also opens up pretty easily when it gets bumped or squeezed.

3. Strong Dog Leash

Want a leash that is lightweight, not metal, and is just as strong? This leash presents a pretty compelling case in this regard. The leash has a nylon paracord construction. Compared to metal leashes, a nylon paracord may seem soft but is still strong in its own right. And as a bonus, the paracord is reflective, which makes the leash easily visible in the dark. While it is not completely chew-proof, it will last you a long time, even if your dog is a ferocious biter.

Moving on, the handle on this leash is soft, ergonomic, and is specifically designed to be easier on the hand. The same holds true for the durable metal clasp, which is sturdy and does an excellent job of attaching the leash to the collar.

The plastic connector between the leash and the handle is quite soft and an overly excited pup can easily chew through it. All in all, it is a good product if you are looking for a leash for a small to medium dog.

4. BAAPET Dog Leash

The BAAPET dog leash is made with rock climbing rope. In simpler words, the leash has nylon paracord with reflective stitching. But hearing “nylon” shouldn’t put you off since the BAAPET dog leash is among the sturdiest leashes on the market. The fact that it has reflective stitching is a cherry on top.

In addition to being a nearly indestructible leash, this BAAPET leash also has a great handle. The handle is padded which makes it comfortable to hold the leash. Finally, the metal clasp that is responsible for attaching the leash with the dog collar does its job exceptionally well.

The plastic enclosure around the seam is flimsy and easily chew-able. Aside from that, there is nothing to complain about here.

5. CtopoGo Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Among metal chain leashes, the CtopoGon heavy-duty chain leash is, perhaps, the cleanest looking. The CtopoGon heavy-duty chain leash is made from a high tensile strength chrome metal. The chrome on the leash looks sleek and also protects it against rust. In addition to the chew-proof nature of the leash, the clasp is also sturdy. It snaps in place quickly and safely.

To round things off, there is a leather loop on the other end. The loop makes it easy and comfortable to hold the leash for extended periods of time.

As with all metal leashes, the CtopoGo heavy duty dog leash is also quite heavy and as such, is not suitable for smaller dogs. If you are looking for a chew-proof leash for small dogs, then this isn’t the one for you.

6. Ladoogo Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Ladoogo heavy duty dog leash is perfect for small dogs. Let me tell you why.

First up, the leash is all nylon paracord, which is used in rope climbing. It is sturdy, light and sort of chew-proof. Keeping this in mind, your dog will have a hard time chewing through it. Next up, the handle on this leash has a foam padding around it. The foam padding makes the handle easy to hold and use for long periods of time. Similarly, the metal clasp has a swivel mechanism. It is strong and does its job quite well.

In spite of all the good things, this leash has a few compromises as well. First up, the leash is not suitable for large breeds as they are more likely to chew through it. Secondly, the plastic enclosure protecting the seam is criticized in multiple reviews.

7. SparklyPets Heavy-Duty Bungee Leash

For all their advantages and benefits, chew-proof dog leashes are a hassle to store as they are often big and bulky. However, this SparklyPets chewproof dog leash is the opposite.

The company has made its dog leash just like a bungee rope. It curls up when not in use and thus saves space. Aside from this unique feature, the rest of the leash is a pretty standard affair with a steel wire wrapped in plastic. The wire is meant to make the leash chew-proof. There is a metal clasp for attaching the leash to a collar. The clasp works well and can freely rotate to accommodate the movements of the leash. On a similar note, the handle is also quite good. It is slightly padded which makes the handle easier to hold.

While the leash sounds good in practice, the leash isn’t that chew-proof. It is fine for small dogs but large breeds will probably rip through the wire.

8. Flexi Retractable Dog Leash

In recent times, retractable dog leashes have become quite popular. They are easy to use and store, all the while giving you complete control over your dog. The Flexi retractable dog leash is a great option if you are looking for a retractable leash for your dog. It consists of sturdy reflective nylon tape. The nylon tape is strong enough for small dogs and is great for times when you want to walk your dog at night.

The retracting mechanism is also impressive as it features one-button operation. You can lock, break, and pause the release of the leash with the push of a single button. And all of this is enclosed in an ABS plastic case. When it comes to performance, the whole retractable leash concept works really well for small dogs.

For small dogs that don’t chew the leash, it is great. But large, overly excited dogs can quickly chew through the nylon tape. In short, if you have a large dog, you will be better off with something else.

9. GOMA Industries Leash

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GOMA calls its leash “The only 100% nylon leash on Amazon”. If all you are looking for is a lightweight and fairly chew-resistant leash, the GOMA industries leash is a good option.

On the plus side, we have a leash that is strong, light, and flexible. The leash is enough to restrain small to medium-sized dogs even if they are ferocious chewers. Moreover, since it is 100% nylon, it can also absorb shocks and pulls. Similarly, the clip is robust. It is made with metal and can secure your dog no matter how hard he pulls. However, the same cannot be said for the handle.

The handle of the leash is fairly comfortable to hold. But it is nowhere near as sturdy as the rest of the leash. While it is sufficient for holding small dogs, if you have a large dog, look elsewhere.

10. Yihata Leash

The last leash on this list is The Yihata 6ft leash. This leash, like many others, is the usual nylon paracord rope with a zinc alloy on one end and a padded, shock-absorbing handle on the other. It is lightweight, flexible, and fairly chew-proof. Furthermore, it can bear a weight of up to 1200lbs. Moving on, the handle has a rubber padding instead of foam which gives it the ability to absorb shocks and pulls.

On a similar note, the clip is equally impressive. The use of a zinc alloy means the clip is quite strong and won’t rust. The rubber handle is comfortable to hold.

However, the handle tends to break when there is a sudden tug or pull by your dog. More so if the dog is relatively large. Aside from this, there is nothing wrong with this leash. Of course, it is not really chew-proof. But for what it’s worth, it is a good product that is certainly worth recommending.

choosing best chewproof dog leash
Our guide to choose the best chewproof leash.

Chew-proof Dog Leashes – FAQs

When it comes to chew-proof dog lashes, the following questions appear everywhere on the internet. Make sure you go through them so you don’t have to go looking for answers later.

What Material Can Dogs Not Chew Through?

Dogs usually can’t chew through metals like steel and aluminum. Other than that, there aren’t a lot of materials that a dog can’t chew through. Leashes made from metal are truly chew-proof but they have a number of shortcomings that make them not recommendable for most dogs.

On the other hand, if you are only looking for a material that will last a long time, then thick nylon, leather, and rope would do the job pretty well. Leashes made from relatively thick nylon, leather, or rope get the job done while also being easier on your dog.

Can dogs chew through leather?

Dogs can chew through leather. However, leather leashes are way more durable than nylon or rope leashes. With that said, only a few materials are as comfortable as leather. As it happens, leather becomes softer with time. So as time goes by, your leather leash will become easier to handle.

So while it is true that a dog can chew through a leather leash, it will take them a lot of time and effort to do it. Way more than it would take them to chew through a nylon leash.

Why is my dog biting his leash?

There can be several reasons why your dog is biting their leash like:

  • Over excitement or arousal
  • To get attention
  • As a pacifying action

Over-excitement or arousal: When dogs are overly excited or are aroused by a situation, they do things to release tension. Some dogs jump, others bark, while still others start biting their leash. With time, this leash biting becomes a habit.

To get attention: Dogs like to get attention. So, in a situation where your dog isn’t getting any, for instance during a quiet afternoon walk, he may start pulling or biting the leash. This can be a basis of anxiety.

The leash can be a pacifier: Some dogs like to chew on something. If your dog is continuously biting his leash chances are he is using it as his own custom pacifier.

There can also be other reasons why your dog is biting his leash but these are the most common ones.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Biting His Leash?

To get your dog to stop biting his leash, you should reward positive behavior as opposed to correcting negative. For that, give him a treat when he stays calm. Similarly, you can buy him a tug toy for biting.

Reward him for not biting: This method is my favorite as it builds a bond between you and your dog while also teaching your dog leashing manners. Reward your dog if he stays calm when he sees a leash. If he doesn’t, ignore him and don’t give him any treats. Positive reinforcement works best

Carry a tug toy: If your dog is biting his leash for the sake of keeping something in his mouth, give him a tug toy to bite. Once he has something else to bite, he, hopefully, won’t reach for the leash again

If none of the above methods work or you want more information pay a visit to your vet. In case all else fails, then buying a chew-proof dog leash can minimize the effect of leash chewing.

choosing best chewproof dog leash
Some dog breeds tend to damage their leads more than others!

Buying a chew-proof leash can save you a lot of money replacing regular leashes. It can also enhance your dog’s safety as their leash is not at risk of breaking and they will not run off during walks.