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10 Best Portable Dog Crates

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Friday 13 November 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best portable dog crates
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Looking for the best portable dog crate? As a pet-parent, you may be aware of the slight controversy when it comes to crate-training or safe confinement.

But here’s some good news.

Most dog-training experts agree that crates can help give your furry friend a sense of security. Plus, if you’re the kind of person who hates leaving their pooch behind when you travel, then portable dog crates are the thing for you. Be it plane, train, or automobile – dog carriers are suitable for all means of travel! That’s why to make your life easier, we’ve put together a fantastic list of 10 of the best portable dog crates.

How To Choose the Right Portable Dog Crate?

Some of you are probably interested in finding out exactly what qualities a top-notch crate should have. And, that’s precisely what we’re going to discussing in this section. Just scroll on down to discover the factors you should keep in mind when you go shopping for your doggo.


Durability is important when you’re thinking about spending on a collapsible dog crate or a dog car carrier. When it comes to safety, construction materials play a big role.

That’s why you should always opt for a crate that has a lightweight and sturdy frame. Even though crates made for small-sized dogs can have plastic frames, it’s best to invest in a crate that has a steel frame. Some pet-parents may also opt for aluminum frames, as long as their hound is well-trained.

However, if you’re thinking of buying a soft dog crate, then do some research on the fabric the crate’s made of. You should pay particular attention to the fabric that been used for the crate’s window panels. The fabric of a soft crate must be robust enough to withstand your pet’s scratching and digging maneuvers. Aside from this, good stitching can help prevent your pooch from taking apart the fabric crate, one bite at a time.

safety portable dog crate
Always check the materials of the crate.

Water Resistance

Even with technology being what is, predicting the weather is not easy – especially when you’re on the move. Also, there’s always the chance of a doggy accident happening on long car road-trips. To avoid any water-related problems and issues, try and look for a water-resistant portable dog crate.

Another brilliant advantage of water-resistant crates is that the fabric is very easy to wash and maintain. Trust us, you’ll be grateful when the task of washing the crate falls to you. Oh, and did we mention, that the water-resistant fabric used in most crates is also super-quick to dry. You can wash the crate and stick it out in sunlight for about 30 minutes and voila – you’re good to go.


If you’re looking to buy a portable dog crate for car or plane travel – then size does matter. And, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

You need to buy a crate that comfy enough for your doggy, and that’s not too big for you to handle. There are two conflicting interests you need to balance – and both are important. So, what do you do? That’s easy – first, you need to measure your dog. You read that right. Take exact measurements in terms of height and length. There are sizing charts you can use, but, using a sizing chart can backfire. So, don’t take any chances.

Next, keep the measurements with you when you go shopping. Any crate you pick needs to be at least 2 inches taller, and 6 inches longer than your pet. The crate should have enough room for your pet to stand up or move around easily in. Remember, a cramped doggy means an unhappy doggy.


As we mentioned earlier, safety is a big concern when you’re on the hunt for crates. But, the over-arching concept of safety has several sub-categories.

For instance, we’ve already discussed the importance of durable frames, but there’s ventilation to consider. It’s an obvious fact that all living things need a good supply of oxygen to survive, and dogs are no different. But, the concept of ventilation becomes even more important in covered or soft portable crates.

Make sure that any covered or soft crate you buy is made from breathable fabric, and has plenty of mesh windows for increased airing. If your pup is the kind that prefers security over visibility, then there are dog crates for sale that come with flaps. You can keep the flaps open on hot sunny days, and cover the windows on cold, windy days – talk about having the best of both worlds.

portable dog crate safety
Always check fro ventilation when choosing a soft crate.

10 Best Portable Dog Crates

Here is our list of the best portable dog crates available today.

1. Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog & Cat Kennel

Petmate is a reputed name when it comes to crates, kennels, and all-things pet-related. Which is why we’re kicking off our list with the Petmate 2-Door portable kennel. The kennel is available in four adorable colors – for pet-parents who like taking their pets out in style. And, that’s just the beginning.

This crate is perfect for crate-training, and it’s great for travel purposes. Not only does the 2-Door kennel meet almost all airline cargo specs, but it’s also well-ventilated and ideal for cats and dogs. The crates plastic body and steel wire door provide you with durability and safety for your pet. Aside from all that, the crate also features a top-door for easy pet access.

The 2-Door crate is ideal for small-sized breeds and dogs that weigh between 10 to 20 pounds. Oh, and there’s a top handle on the kennel so that you can carry it with ease. If you’re searching for a crate that combines comfort, safety, and style – then it doesn’t get much better than the Petmate crate.

2. Firstrax Noz2Noz Soft-Krater

Noz2Noz (or N2N) is an up and coming brand in the world of soft portable crates. It is the perfect indoor and outdoor crate for your dog, and it’s portable so you can take it with you on all your family vacations.

But what we like best about this folding dog crate is that it’s extremely easy to set up. All you have to do is push the button tabs near the steel frame tubes to raise or fold the crate. The crate’s accordion design also allows you to store it flat so you can keep one in your permanently for any doggy trips. The product weighs a comfortable 8.76 lbs, which makes it easy to carry and move around.

The Sof-Krate also makes use of water-resistant fabric that super easy to clean. The washable cover can come off completely, so washing it isn’t a hassle. Finally, the crate also features three mesh windows with flaps, a zippable door, and some heavy-duty stitching to make it well-ventilated and durable.

3. Paws & Pals OxGord Double Door Collapsible Dog Crate

If you’re interested in a heavy-duty steel wire crate for your big four-legged friend, then you might want to check out the Double-Door Folding Metal Wire Pet Cage by Paws & Pals.

As long as this crate’s name is, its spectacular specifications are even longer. Let’s start with the crate’s construction. Built from high-tensile strength wire, this crate screams durability. It’s perfect for medium to large-sized dogs and can be used as an indoor and outdoor crate.

If you’re worried about how difficult it would be to set up a crate like this – don’t be. You’ll require no tools to set up the Paws & Pals metal-wire crate, and it’s just as easy to take apart. Did we mention you can fold this crate? The crate also comes equipped with a divider, which means you can use it to crate train your pup. Plus, this portable dog crate’s available in small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, and xxx-large sizes.

4. Petmate Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Bag

Looking for a carrier that can double as a soft portable crate for your little doggy friend? If so, then we have just the thing for you. The Petmate Soft-sided Carrier is suitable for small-sized dogs and cats. This crate is perfect for air travel, and it can serve as your dog’s get-away space in a hotel room too.

The crate features a 2-door design that allows for front and top loading. The mesh walls provide ample ventilation, but not at the expense of durability. The carrier is made from heavy-duty fabric and has PVC backing for additional support.

There’s a rear pocket on the carrier that can hold all your pet’s essentials, so you don’t have to carry an extra bag. Speaking of extra, the carrier features a removable bed and has a plastic-lined bottom to deal with any doggy accidents.

5. Paws & Pals Pet Carrier Bag

A stylish and reliable pet-carrier that makes most handbags look old fashioned? That’s one to describe the Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier.

You don’t have to take our word for it, but this has to be one of the best looking portable crates we’ve seen for a long time. But according to us, what makes this carrier stand apart is the cute and comfy little fleece bed. This crate can serve as a carrier and a temporary home for your dog, cat, puppy, kitten, or even, rabbit. The mesh screens and door provide plenty of air circulation, and the carrier features 2 secure entryways.

Aside from all that, the carrier is machine washable, come equipped a velcro handle, and a sturdy baseboard for improved stability. Finally, this carrier complied with most airline regulations and is airline approved.

6. Petmate Sky Dog Kennel

Looking to add to your pet’s frequent flyer miles? Then, say hello to the Sky Kennel Pet Carrier by Petmate. A pet carrier with the word ‘sky’ in its name? That’s no coincidence, ladies and gents. Because this portable carrier for dogs not only meets most of the cargo specifications of airlines, but it also exceeded most of our expectations.

Here’s why. The case is made from heavy-duty plastic and an interlocking wire door that guarantees safety. The carrier also has corrodible wing nuts, and wire vents, plus a raised interior for extra room space.

But here’s what we love best about this portable dog crate – it’s made from recycled materials. That makes this carrier eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and owner-friendly too, with its super-reasonable pricing. There’s a reason why this carrier has maintained its position on the Amazon’s Choice list.

7. MidWest Spree Plastic Dog & Cat Kennel

A hard-sided pet carrier with color and flair? Where do we sign up? And, in case you want to sign up too, here’s what the MidWest Spree Plastic Dog Kennel has to offer –

Made from durable plastic, this rugged carrier is available in three bright colors. Furthermore, if you’re the kind of person who likes cut-out designs, then the Spree dog carrier’s plastic door will appeal to you.

Add to the fact that this crate’s meant for small-sized dogs, the overall look of the crate just works. This portable dog carrier doesn’t have windows, but that’s common in most hard-sided carriers. The carrier can be assembled in 5 easy steps without the need for any tools, and it comes along with a year-long warranty. As a crate that’s specifically designed for air-travel – there’s not much this carrier doesn’t have.

8. Firstrax Petnation Port-A-Crate

The Petnation Port-A-Crate will appeal to all outdoor enthusiasts who like taking their pets on adventures. But that’s not to say the Port-A-Crate is good for only one thing – you can easily use the heavy fabric crate for vet visits, long car rides, and setting up your dog’s permanent den-space, inside your home.

The crate makes use of heavy-duty mesh fabric to provide maximum durability, and the crate’s steel frame goes a long way in providing overall support.

Airflow is maintained via honeycomb-shaped mesh windows, and there’s a top-opening for extra-ventilation. With 2 openings situated at the top and the front, this soft-sided crate has something for everyone. Lastly, it’s suitable for dogs that weigh up to 70lbs but, not if your dog is a heavy chewer or a scratcher.

9. Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

We like our lists to be as inclusive as possible, and we wouldn’t want any large-breed canine feeling left out. That’s why the Frisco Fold & Carry Dog Crate has found its way onto our list.

This portable dog crate is perfect for large breeds, and even though it’s collapsible, that doesn’t take away from its toughness. Apart from two large doors that open to the front and the side, the foldable crate also includes a plastic base pan and a divider panel. The plastic base pan helps protect your doggy’s feet and it makes the crate easy to clean.

As far as portable and permanent crates go – the Frisco foldable crate gives you the best of both worlds.

10. MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Single Door

Are you on the hunt for a sturdy crate that’ll hold your pet while you’re away from home?

If so, then our last entry for the top ten portable crates list will make your day. The MidWest iCrate is a foldable dog crate that you can set up at your home or take with you on your travels. And, here’s the kicker – it’s available in several sizes, starting from x-small to x-large.

Aside from being super easy to assemble, the crate has multiple terrific features such as a plastic pan base, a slide-bolt latch for extra security, and a divider panel for your growing fur-baby. Not to mention, the crate also comes with rubber roller feet, to keep the crate from sliding, and to keep your floors scratch-free.

portable dog crate needs
Choose a travel crate based on your needs.

Benefits of Portable Dog Crates

Before we get down to the business of revealing our stupendous list of dog portable crates, let’s get some low down on the benefits of crates and kennels. As we mentioned earlier, crates can be excellent for providing your dog with a comfort zone. Crates can work to your pet’s benefit by giving it a human-free zone, so to say. Despite popular misconceptions, even dogs need some me time.

Also, crate-training can go a long way in making your life easier. If done properly, crate-training will help prevent destructive behavior in your pooch. You can also utilize crates to teach your dog how to relax and settle down. Additionally, outdoor crates can not only give you peace of mind regarding your dog’s safety, but it’ll also help protect your pup from any untoward accidents. We all know that you can’t be too careful about your puppy’s safety when it comes to playing outdoors.

When it comes to travel and journeys, portable crates for dogs can offer all sorts of benefits. First off, there’s the safety angle. No matter the mode of travel, your pet will be safe in its portable crate. Then, there’s the fact that you won’t have to constantly worry about your pet’s condition during the journey. However, bear in mind that if you’re traveling by air, you’ll probably need an IATA-compliant dog crate.

Last but not least, if you still have a sense of doubt about crate-training being somewhat cruel, then don’t be. You should know that dogs have a natural instinct to be in a den of their own. That’s why most dogs will take to a crate the way a duck takes to water.

Important Features For Airline-Approved Dog Crates
Important Features For Airline-Approved Dog Crates

About Portable Dog Crates

We know you’re rearing to go out and get your hands on the crate of your canine’s dreams, but before you go, check out our FAQ section. It’s a treasure trove of info, and who knows – you might learn something new.

What is the best travel dog crate?

The best dog travel crate for you is the crate that matches up to all your needs. How useful a crate is, depends on its features and not its brand name. A good crate will have excellent safety features, a strong structure, and will match the size requirements of your pet.

So, for example, if you want to buy a crate that’ll work best for your Maltese or Corgi, then you have the option of choosing to invest in a foldable (or portable) crate. This way, your pet will have its own space at home, and anywhere else you may want to travel.

Are soft dog crates any good?

Soft-sided crates or soft dog crates are good for dogs that have been house-broken and aren’t scratchers. They shouldn’t be used for dogs that are heavy chewers or scratchers.

However, soft crates are ideal when you’re traveling because they’re easier to maneuver, and they’re also great for appeasing pups who like to stay in covered places. So, the question isn’t if soft crates are good? The question you should be asking is – are soft-sided crates good for you?

Is it cruel to crate a dog while at work?

Experts suggest that dogs shouldn’t be crated for more than 8 hours at a time. If you spend more than 8 hours at work, then it’s not a good idea to crate your pet during work hours.

Remember, dogs are active animals and require plenty of regular exercise. Furthermore, if you keep dogs cooped up for too long, this can adversely affect their behavior.

What is the safest dog crate for a car?

Crash tested crates (e.g. Gen7Pets Commuter) are the safest dog crates for cars. As the name suggests, crash-tested crates go through a series of tests before they go up for sale. If you’re interested in the safest dog crates for cars, then crash-tested crates are a good place to start. Such crates may be slightly more expensive, but they also provide your pet with a higher level of safety.

Dog crates have so many benefits when used appropriately. Make sure to research the best crate to involve in your dog’s life and how to train them to feel comfortable in it.

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