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7 Best Cooling Mats for Dogs – Qualities, Benefits, Reviews & FAQs

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Published on
Wednesday 10 June 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best cooling mats for dogs
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Are you looking for the best cooling mats for dogs? Because our four-legged friends are not as capable as us to regulate the temperature of the environment. The cooling mats are a godsend because it brings them an easy and effective way to cool down whenever they need to.

In this guide, you are going to learn what makes a cooling pet pad special. Along with how to buy the right one and the current best choices on the market for 2021. In summary, this is the only guide from A-to-Z that you will need to learn everything about the fabulous mats. They truly improve the life quality of your dog.

What Are Cooling Mats for Dogs?

Let us see what sets cooling mats for dogs apart from regular mats. So you can see the real value they contain and how they can benefit the life of your pet. Unlike regular mats, they have cooling properties that come thanks to special materials such as cooling gel, cooling fabric, and breathable mesh. On the other hand, due to special setups off-the-ground designs to increase airflow. Therefore, the mats can deliver the following benefits:

  • Regulate the temperature of your dog especially when it is hot
  • Allow your dog to cool down after an intense exercise/training/play session
  • Combat the stress and anxiety of your dog by bringing it a comfortable and cool place to lay down when necessary
  • Prevent overheating and heatstroke
  • Promote optimal sleep quality

As you can see, they are beneficial in many senses. One of the most important advantages comes down to protecting your dog against overheating and heatstroke, which can be fatal. Therefore, cooling mats are an excellent acquisition if you live in a zone with high-temperatures. They will help you to keep your dog protected.

Furthermore, according to the following study, brachycephalic dogs are at higher risk, and therefore, they would benefit even more from having a cooling pad at reach. In summary, a cooling mat for your dog will keep it relaxed, protected, fresh, and even help it to conceal sleep.

cooling mats for dogs
Cooling mats are great if you and your pup live in high temperature places.

How to Choose a Cooling Mat for Your Dog?

Now, let us show you how to pick the right cooling pad/mat for your pet, to start enjoying the excellent benefits that will take the life quality, health, and comfort of your dog to the next level.


You need to choose the right size. Therefore, the cooling mat you buy, be it gel-powered or elevated, should bring you plenty of sizing options so you can find one that suits your dog perfectly.

For gel-powered cooling mats, it is rather easy as you only have to pay attention to the dimensions. However, when it comes to elevated dog beds that use airflow as the method to cool down your down, you also need to pay attention to the structure.


The supporting structure should have non-slip feet and it must be made of highly resistant PVC, iron, or steel. Furthermore, you need to make sure that it can stand the weight of your dog so that it does not collapse. However, in terms of durability, we need to make a distinction between the two types of cooling mats and beds. For gel-powered cooling mats, you need to pay attention to two critical factors:

  • The surface should be easy to clean and resistant to chewing and scratching
  • The filling must be contained in a resistant bag made of materials like PVC, to stop your dog from ingesting the gel in case it manages to break down the outer envelope
  • No loose ends or sticking fabric (it also applies to alternative mats that do not use gel but rather breathable mesh and fresh-feeling materials)

If we talked about elevated cooling mats, then you should pay attention to the following:

  • The mesh should be made of materials like nylon, heavy-duty vinyl, Cordura fabric, textilene mesh or polyethylene mesh
  • The bed should hide the edges of the fabric/canvas/mesh to discourage your dog from chewing
  • The structure should be made of materials like iron, steel or PVC, to resist the chewing or scratches from your pet as well as wearing out due to the passing of time and usage


If you are reluctant to buy a cooling mat that uses gel, then an elevated dog bed is the logical alternative, since its elevation from the ground provides optimal airflow, which brings it cooling properties. Nonetheless, to make it work, the bed should have an elevation of at least 5-7 inches, to allow the air to circulate underneath the bed without issues.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that the product uses a breathable mesh (e.g. vinyl and nylon) and a sturdy frame, preferably made of PVC, steel, or iron. It will allow the elevation to do its job without sagging the mesh surface.

Pressure Activation

Pressure activation is one of the most important features because it will make your life far more practical, as you do not need to store it in the fridge nor use any electrical system. It allows the gel to self-charge itself and activate the cooling effects as soon as your dog lies on it.

The best cooling mats on the market use this technology, because it provides practicality and excellent comfort and freshness. In the case of TheGreenPetShop, they use a patented formula that allows the gel to self-charge and activate on demand.

Therefore, unless you are concerned about your dog ingesting the gel material if it bites the mat, then you should always prefer an option that includes pressure activation and self-cooling gel. Although, this is unlikely to happen because the cooling mats we recommend protect the filling with a resistant PVC bag,

pressure activation in dog cooling mats
The best cooling mats on the market use pressure activation.

7 Best Cooling Mats for Dogs

Following the same standards we described in the previous section, we have elaborated a list with the top seven cooling mats for dogs on the market. Below, find our full reviews.

1. Nesutoraito Washable Summer Cooling Mat for Dogs

The dog-cooling mat by Nesutoraito uses a combination of cool-feeling fabric and breathable mesh, to bring your dog a soft, comfortable, and fresh place to rest. When using in an air-conditioned space, the mat always remains cool and ready to use. It has superb build quality, which means no loose ends, sticking fabric, or exceeding material.

The biggest benefit of the Nesutoraito cooling mat is its practicality and versatility. As it only uses a combination of special meshes, you do not have to worry about your dog ingesting the cooling gel. Furthermore, you can use it in several places: car rides, sleeping beds, kennels, on the floor, etc.

According to reviews, it does an excellent job of keeping dogs feeling fresh, especially in air-conditioned spaces. Furthermore, you do not have to do anything, as it gets cool on its own. The only complaint would be that, for places without A/C and with high temperatures, it would not be enough to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

2. TheGreenPetShop Dog Cooling Mat

TheGreenPetShop offers you a cooling mat with patented technology, which brings you a self-charging gel that brings freshness on demand, even in hot and dry climates! It uses pressure activation and does not need water or electricity to function. You can place it anywhere from the floor to the sofa or on the car seats.

The biggest benefit of the TheGreenPetShop cooling mat is the patented gel that brings your dog a comfortable and fresh place to rest regardless of the circumstances, as it works well even under hot and dry conditions.

According to reviews, the product works as described, bringing a fresh place to rest, and since it is adaptable, you can put it on the floor, car seats, dog bed,. Furthermore, it is resistant to chewing and scratching.

3. The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

Coolaroo brings us their elevated pet bed that offers your dog excellent cooling properties thanks to the 7+ inches elevation from the floor that provides excellent airflow and ventilation, in addition to a breathable polyethylene mesh that is free from hot spots. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to chewing, scratching, and does not collect pet hair, dander, or debris. It is easy to clean and protected against mold, mites, fleas, and mildew.

The main benefit of the elevated pet by Coolaroo is the high-quality mesh that combats high temperatures even in the outdoors. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean and does not collect odors, in addition to having a highly resistant structure.

According to reviews, the owners comment that it is suitable even under hot and dry climate conditions. Therefore, it does not fail to bring your dog a fresh place to rest. The only concern is that, for big dogs, the mesh sags a bit, but it does not compromise the comfort, security, or freshness.

Side note – we really love Coolaroo’s breathable and elevated dog beds, these are ideal options during a hot summer.

4. CoolerDog Dog Cooling Pad Dog

The cooling pad by CoolerDog uses an effective system that combines an ice sheet of 88 ice cubes, a waterbed cushion and a robust layer of insulation to bring your dog the cooling it needs when it is hot, especially in the outdoors like at the beach or when it is sunny. Furthermore, it is also great after intense workout sessions. As solely relies on water, it does not have toxic compounds or gel.

The main benefit of the CoolerDog cooling mat is the simple and effective approach it takes, using solely water and insulation, to remain cool for a moderate amount of time.

According to reviews, the product is indeed cool and brings comfort to pets for a good amount of time, even if the climate is hot and dry, therefore, it helps pups to feel fresh and rest/sleep easily. It is easy to fill and to use. However, owners complain that sizing options are a bit smaller than advertised.

5. AKC Reversible Pet Cooling Mat for Dogs

The American Kennel Club brings us their exclusive reversible cooling mat for dogs, which uses an advanced self-charging gel that recharges in as little as 16-20 minutes of non-use, bringing your dog a fresh place to rest on demand. It stays cool for a long time and does not use batteries, electricity, or needs freezing. Furthermore, its double-sided design is water-resistant and tear-resistant.

The biggest benefit of the AKC cooling mat is the ability to stay cool for a long time and recharge itself, even if the climate is hot and dry and the ambient does not have A/C. Furthermore, as it is pressure activated, it will unleash its cooling effects as soon as your dog lies on it.

According to reviews, the quality, build, and cooling action of the mat are exactly as described. You get a durable cooling mat that will keep your dog fresh. The only complaint that some owners reported is that, during the recharging phase, it tends to be noticeably warm.

6. Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad for Kennels

The cooling mat by Arf Pets uses a self-charging cooling gel that provides a fresh place to rest for your dog that lasts up to 3 hours even under hot and dry weather conditions. It has been designed to prevent overheating and dehydration by regulating the temperature of your pet. Its design is highly durable, is easy to clean, and retains its original, comfortable shape over time.

The biggest takeaway of the cooling mat by Arf Pets is its long-lasting cooling effect, which is superior to other options on the market. Furthermore, its design has been proven to last for years while retaining its original shape, and it provides protection against scratches and bites.

According to reviews, it works well for all types of dogs, even big dogs like a Great Dane, as commented by an owner. Furthermore, thanks to being divided into folds, it is easy to resize. The only complaint that some owners have is regarding the thickness, which is less than ¼ an inch.

7. Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad

Basically, it is the same as the original 35×55 cooling mat by Arf Pets. Therefore, it offers all the benefits like the long-lasting cooling action of 3 hours, self-charging gel, and highly-resistant surface that you can easily adapt thanks to the fold.

The only difference is that it comes in the 23×25 inches size, making it more suitable for small and medium-sized breeds.

Likewise, it is full of many great comments from the owners thanks to its ability to remain cool for hours. The only complaint, once again, is the thickness, which is below ¼ an inch.

Dog Cooling Mats – FAQs

During our research, we found that many owners had the same questions about dog cooling mats. Therefore, we put them together in the same section, to answer them properly.

Do Cooling Mats for Dogs Really Work?

They work; however, they do it in different ways. Some mats use a special cooling gel that activates its action when your dog lays on it, whereas other alternatives elevate the mat/pad from the ground, to use the airflow as the mechanism to cool down your pet.

By far, the most popular and effective cooling mats are the ones that use cooling-gel, and they work well regardless of air circulation and the environment temperature, thanks to the action of the gel and their structure:

  1. Temperature regulation layer
  2. Support layer
  3. Channeled covering layer

The three layers, in action, provide the cooling effect and recharges on demand when your dog lays on it and when it leaves the mat. In consequence, it brings your dog a consistent way to regulate its temperature.

Do you put Dog-Cooling Mats in the Fridge?

Some models require you to put the cooling mat in the fridge for a fixed amount of time, whereas other options as the TheGreenPetShop Dog Cooling Mat uses a patented self-cooling gel that recharges itself after a period of non-use, making it more practical.

In the case of the TheGreenPetShop Dog Cooling Mat, it does not need to be put in the fridge because of its special composition that mixes water, carboxymethyl cellulose, alginic acid, and polyacrylamide, allows it to recharge on its own and activate as soon as your dog puts pressure on it.

How do you use a Cooling Mat on a Dog?

The majority of cooling mats only require you to put it on the floor, so that your dog can lay on it and experience the benefits. Most models are pressured-activated, which means that as soon as your dog lays on it, the gel or special filling will release its cooling effects.

When your dog leaves the cooling mat, if it is self-cooling, then the gel will start to recharge thanks to its special composition, so that it is ready when your dog lays on it again.

Once your dog gets used to it, which is usually very fast, it will lay on it whenever it wants to cool down, especially when it is hot or after an intense exercise session.

how to use a dog cooling mat
Dog cooling mats are easy to use!

What is the Gel in Cooling Mats for Dogs?

Even though companies do not disclose the exact ingredients used to prepare the special gel, the majority of them contain water, plastic, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, carboxymethyl cellulose, polyacrylamide, and alginic acid. The cooling mats for dogs that use gel use a special version that is self-cooling and non-toxic for dogs or humans. For instance, the TheGreenPetShop Dog Cooling Mat uses a special formulation for their patented self-cooling gel:

  1. Carboxmethyl Cellulose: 30%
  2. Water: 20%
  3. Polyacrylamide: 35%
  4. Alginic Acid: 15%

Since it is patented, other cooling mats cannot replicate it, but they use similar ingredients, like the ones we have already mentioned, and according to investigations, they rely principally on hydrated sodium sulfate.

Cooling mats offer a reusable and practical solution for your dogs in hot temperatures. It allows you to make sure your dog is not overheating and is feeling comfortable even on the hottest days.

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