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6 Best Summer Dog Beds – Cooling, Breathable & Elevated

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Published on
Monday 22 July 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best summer dog beds
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The best summer dog beds allow the perfect cooling of the dogs while it is lounging on its breathable pet bed. Summers can be hard to handle for both humans and our four-legged friends. It is important to make sure your dog is at ease during the harsh climate.

Dogs have thick fur all around their body; this can very easily cause them discomfort in higher temperatures. Dogs cannot sweat out their body heat. However, the ideal solution to this problem is a cooling dog bed for summer!

Even as humans, heat disturbs our routines, sleep cycles, and metabolic health. The situation is not any different for dogs. They cannot sweat, and given their body fat and fur, it is undoubtedly harder for dogs to handle the heat. These cooling summer beds for dogs are a great option for your pet to be relieved of the scorching summer heat.

Some breeds that have thicker hair (i.e. Malamutes or Samoyeds) tend to overheat quickly. A good quality dog bed for summer can really help an owner. They help reduce the distress a dog might be in, especially since the heat tends to slow them down.

With the added humidity, the temperatures can cause a dog some breathing problems. In addition to that, long term exposure to such temperatures may harm your dog’s health. It is important to take precautions that can help them adjust to the weather.

Dog summer beds are extremely useful when it comes to cooling off your pet. They are made with non-toxic cooling gels that maintain their temperatures regardless of the external climate. Elevated summer beds for dogs help cool down the pet and is an excellent spot for them to relax on – they pair well with cool summer clothes!

What Are Dog Summer Beds?

It is important to know all about dog beds for the summer before a dog owner invests their money into it. There are multiple types of dog beds available in the market.

Water Dog Beds

Water beds are a popular choice. They contain water to keep the dog cool during hotter temperatures. It lasts approximately 5 to 7 hours until you have to refill it again.

Dog Cooling Pads

Another option is a phase-changing cooling pad. This summer dog bed is ideal when it comes to lasting long. It contains a cooling gel that stays at a temperature of 58 Celsius degrees. They maintain the average temperature and help cool down your dog.

Raised Dog Beds

Then the most common choice for summer dog beds is elevated beds. They are typically made of a breathable mesh material that allows better airflow and ventilation for dogs.

The air keeps them cooler! All these features allow your dogs to sleep and relax comfortably without having to deal with heat exhaustion.

pets and dogs during summer
Heatstroke in dogs during summer (credits to

When Should My Dog Use Summer Beds?

Summer beds for dogs do not consume a lot of space. They are a great solution for different kinds of overheating problems dog might face. Some dog breeds are known to overheat much more quickly. Malamutes, Labradors, Samoyeds or Huskies; These dogs have much longer coats of fur.

A cooling dog summer bed can really lower their internal body heat and adjust it to the environment. They also prevent any possibilities of heat strokes and heat exhaustion.

Some of these thick-coated dogs are meant to be for a cooler climate. Adjusting to hotter, tropical areas can become a tedious task for both the dog and their owner. Great summer cooling pads, mats, and beds provide a soft surface that is much cooler than a tile and cushions the dog as well.

It is also a great option to cool overweight dogs. If your dog has put on weight, they have a layer of fat, they can overheat them much more quickly than average. A nice summer dog bed is an excellent option to provide them with the comfort they require.

Important Features When Buying a Summer Dog Bed

It is important to inspect certain features of a summer dog bed before you invest your money into it. It is also vital that the bed fits your dog’s need here are some of the important features a breathable dog summer bed should have.


Elevated dog beds provide with the best airflow and circulation it reduces the dog’s body temperature and has a breathable mesh net that allows adequate ventilation it is ideal for dogs with a thick coat and gives them cool during the summers and helps them relax.


Most elevated beds are fashioned with a fabric in the middle that holds your dog. You should inspect the quality of the material carefully. This includes the stitching and the lining, which should be durable enough to handle the weight of the dog.

You do not want the fabric to rip apart after some weeks of use. It should last you long and maintain its quality. In addition to this, a piece of breathable fabric is much more preferred. It allows more circulation of air and keeps your dog cool. Moreover, you also should see if the fabric is detachable and easy to wash.

Easy To Clean

Making sure that your dog bed is easy to clean is vital in order to maintain their hygiene. Most fabric-based dog beds collect mites, dust, and hair. You could opt for a summer dog bed that has detachable fabric and pieces that you can easily pull apart, clean, and put back together!

Cooling pads are also another great option that is much easier to clean they can collect mold and mildew, but you can easily clean them with a disinfectant cloth.

Cooling Gels

Not all dog summer beds for dogs are elevated. Some make use of cooling gels. These gels work in two ways. They maintain their temperature to be cooler than the surrounding environment. It provides the dog with a cool platform to lie on, and it has a lower temperature as compared to wooden floors and tiling.

While other types of cooling gels reduce body heat from the dog’s body when they lie on them. If your dog tends to chew on things, then try getting a non-toxic cooling gel in case of rips and tears.

6 Best Summer Dog Beds

Here is a breakdown of the top 6 summer dog beds that have different features. Each of the dog beds has different qualities to offer that can work effectively for different breeds.

1. K&H Pet Products Elevated Pet Bed

The K&H pet products have a range of dog beds for summer. One of these is a cot elevated pet bed. It is made of a fine mesh material that allows breathability. In addition to that, it also comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. It’s ideal for any size of dogs. The brand promises quality and durability that will last you one year with a warranty.

Users are pleased with its features that allow them to wash all parts of the bed separately. It allows them to keep their dog beds much more hygienic. However, users have also complained that it cannot hold up dogs actively jumping or wreaking havoc on it. Although, it is a great option for your dog to lounge around on.

2. Coolaroo Original Raised Dog Bed

Coolaroo has designed an elevated summer bed for dogs, that allows them to stay free from the heat. It is made of a mesh-like material that allows good ventilation. It is resistant to mites and pests too. Another great feature is that it comes in 3 sizes and four different colors, which makes it ideal for different dog breeds and sizes. It is also easy to maintain and wash through.

Users are satisfied with the product! It can handle the weight and is portable for you to take if and when traveling with your dog. It makes a perfect fit for larger dog breeds and keeps them stress-free. Most users struggle with assembling the product, but it works well regardless.

3. Dog Cooling Mat by The Green Pet Shop

The Green Pet Shop cooling mat comes in 5 different sizes, which are a perfect fit for many breeds of dogs. The pad cools itself and does not require any water or electricity. Moreover, it recharges itself when not in use. It is portable and convenient to use.

Users consider it to be one of the most effective ways to cool down their dog on a hot summer day. These cooling pads can double as a summer dog bed where a dog can relax and sleep. However, a frequent complaint with this product is how the cooling gel will only last you under a year. The gel tends to get hard or shrinkage over time.

4. AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

The AmazonBasics elevated cooling pet beds come in 5 sizes, ranging from an extra small to an extra-large. It has a breathable mesh material that improves airflow. It is a great bed for your pet to relax and lounge around on. Moreover, it has easy instructions that help users construct it.

Users express their satisfaction regarding the sizes offered. The extra-large bed is almost as big as a twin bed, a great option if you have multiple dogs. It also can come apart, so dog owners can easily wash and clean it. This prevents dog hair, mites, or dust from collecting up. The only reason why consumers were upset about how it is not completely dog proof. A dog is likely to chew the pad open.

5. Kuranda Dog Bed

Ths Kuranda dog bed comes in 6 different sizes, making it ideal for large and small dog breeds. It comes in 4 colors. The bed consists of an elevated platform bed that makes use of PVC plastic for structure. The cloth is resistant to UV damage and boasts an orthopedic design to provide dogs with comfort. It also comes with a one-year warranty that promises its consumers with quality and durability.

One of the main features that users enjoyed is how it is sturdy and does not give away under pressure. However, they were frequent complaints about difficulties in assembling the product. Once you get past that, the product will last long.

If you love this famous brand, check out our guide and reviews of other Kuranda dog beds!

6. K&H Elevated Summer Dog Bed

The K&H is an elevated summer dog bed that has a bolster feature. It is durable and can handle up to 150 pounds of weight. It comes in 3 different sizes for different dog breeds. Its bolster feature allows more stability for your dog to relax or rest their head on. It won’t collect mold or mildew and dog owners can clean it up easily given the breathable mesh net.

Users enjoy the tool-free assembly option where they face no hassle in constructing the product. However, there have been complaints about the product breaking apart.

6 Best Summer Dog Beds – Cooling, Breathable & Elevated
6 Best Summer Dog Beds – Cooling, Breathable & Elevated

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