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Top 5 Best Portable Dog Washers — Reviews, Prices & Systems

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Published on
Friday 12 April 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best portable dog washers
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Portable dog washers are handheld mobile devices used to conveniently wash dogs with less hassle than conventional washing stations. The best mobile dog washers are characterized by their shape and function. Mobile dog washers should be able to easily bathe hard to reach places and exert enough water pressure to get the job done.

Conventional washing stations are stationary working stations for dogs; they are also much bigger and heavier in terms of size. Unlike the convenience provided by the portable apparatuses, conventional stations are mounted metallic bathtubs often used by professional groomers, therefore, providing very limited space and a less overall complete bathing experience.

Do portable showers really clean dogs?

Yes, absolutely. Not only do they get the cleaning job done, but the best portable dog washers can also wash areas of the dog’s body that a conventional cleaning may not always reach. They are also uniquely made to control where the water flows.

Portable showers for dogs are fun to use, especially during those hot days in the yard. They make the bathing experience a memorable one for your dog as it integrates both wash and playtime. If you tend to get your dog wet often, avoid using shampoo as a dog’s skin is more sensitive than humans. In general, these devices are great for thorough cleaning and they can wash as well as any groomer’s fancy tool.

How to Properly Use Mobile Dog Washers

The proper way to use a mobile dog washer really depends on the type of washer being used. Each mobile dog washing station is uniquely designed with each possessing its own type of system. Portable dog washing machines may exert water from one end only, while others provide numerous valves simultaneously.

Generally, the user pushes the button to spray, however, some washers need to be tilted and squeezed. The handling of the mechanism will vary greatly from one device to the other. Due to this, dog owners are presented with more options depending on their taste. The safe confinement of the dog, which is mainly available in the booster baths, also varies.

To avoid the buildup of limescale and dirt, make sure you perform routine maintenance as explained in the washer’s manual.

Top 5 Best Portable Dog Washer

Normally designed for outdoor use without a tub, some portable washers are conveniently designed for indoor use as well. Not all portable bathing stations are the same. The main differences between the products are the shape of the handheld device as well as the mechanism by which the water is diffused.

1. Rinse Ace 3 Way Pet Shower Sprayer

The Rinse Ace provides a simple, yet highly effective wash to your pets. This bathing system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Rinse Ace is powered by a similar oxygenating technology used in professional grooming salons. Very convenient and compact, just simply fill the device with shampoo. For washing, simply push the button on the handheld operator and slide the button for an easy water rinse. The rotating head on this advanced bathing system makes it easy to reach places that are hard to get to which means you get a complete, full, all-around bath for your dog.

The Rinse Ace does not require strong water pressure in order to facilitate the wash. Many users are able to obtain a successful cleaning with normal water pressure. The hose measures approximately 8 inches in length and comes with an adapter for indoor usage. Buyers appreciate the speed and thoroughness of cleanliness during their bath times while some rave that the Rinse Ace works great for thick fur. With a sturdy metal adapter covered with plastic tubing, the Rinse Ace makes it to the top of the list for one of the best portable dog washers on the market. One downside, however, may be due to the need of having to take out existing showerheads in order to accommodate the device, as one user claimed.

2. Waterpik Wand Dog Shower Pro

The Waterpik PPR-252 brings a whole new level of creativity to the dog washing units. This portable dog washing machine comes as a multi-faceted wand. This 12-inch pet wand attaches to your shower for easy washing, or can simply be attached to an outdoor unit such as a hose. Along with its long flexible hose, what sets this mobile dog washer apart from others is its contoured water combing spray that provides a sufficient amount of water on your dog at varying lengths. The shower works to wash the toughest spots and the steady pressure helps in rinsing away shampoo even on the roughest coats. The 8-foot, flexible targeted narrow spray is conveniently operated by one hand which comes equipped with a varied dial to control water flow.

With a limited lifetime warranty, the Waterpik Pro Portable Dog Washer is a professional grade dog shower that allows users to shampoo, wash, and rinse. This ultimate dog shower comes with an innovative wand that provides multiple settings, a suction cup hook for convenient hanging, as well as an outdoor adapter for a hose connection. Users can choose from a water comb spray which is a full-coverage wash that rinses away shampoo and dirt. The narrow spray feature is a shorter spray which is perfect for washing sensitive areas. Users rave saying the shampoo and water literally just slide off. Other features that are backed by buyers are the comfort grip handle made of rubber and the thumbwheel used to adjust the settings.

3. Kurgo Mud Dog Travel Shower

The Kurgo travel shower is a must-have for every dog owner, especially those who love to travel and are always on the run with their pets. The Kurgo is the perfect accessory to take away from home as it is compact and simple to put together. Turn any plastic soda bottle into a portable dog washing station by simply filling up the bottle with water, screwing on the Kurgo detachable piece onto the head of the bottle, tip it over and squeeze. This super ingenious hack is ideal for overnight camping trips, hiking, or muddy walks and it’s cheap! For only $11.69, the Kurgo shower easily rinses off dirt, mud, and sand with no resistance. It fits any standard plastic bottle from 16 oz to 2 liters and it’s even compatible with the Japanese Evernew water bottle. Bottles are not included with purchase.

Considered as one of the best mobile dog washers on the market for its sheer simplicity and convenience, the Kurgo is made of safe materials and is dishwasher friendly. The BPA and PVC-free food-grade silicone of the showerhead makes it safer to handle. Moreover, it comes with a Kurgo Lifetime Warranty against defects when purchased from an authorized dealer. Buyers even say that they are able to use other types of bottles, including gallon milk jugs, with no hassle.

4. Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

A unique, yet one of the best mobile dog washing stations, the Aquapaw bathing tool may look amusing on the outside but is a very convenient shower sprayer. This pet bathing tool is ultra-fun to use during bath time. Just simply hook the device onto your palm and control the mechanism by the squeeze of your hand for either the on or off position. The Aquapaw works as a sprayer and scrubber in one! It comes with an 8-inch hose and adapters for easy connecting to outdoor hoses or indoor showers. The ergonomic design allows users to strap on to either hand and allows both hands to be utilized during bath time as it soaks.

The Aquapaw bathing tool helps reduce stress for pets and speeds up the washing time. As the world’s first combination sprayer/scrubber, this shower tool gives you total control of your pet and overall experience, as well as the flow of water. The limited spray allows for a cleaner shower as it minimizes messes normally due to high pressured sprayers. This one-size-fits-all tool is great for all dogs of all sizes and buyers say it literally cuts bathing time in half.

5. Booster Bath

The Booster Bath provides an exceptional portable dog washing station for professional groomers as well as home users. The booster bathing station is elevated for both the convenience of the washer as well as the dog. This bath is ideal for those more agitated dogs. Although bigger than many of the other mobile dog washers, it’s actually a lot safer. The Booster Bath is used by many professional mobile groomers and tends to be a top favorite for its sturdiness and ease of packing and setting up. With its 360-degree access, groomers are able to easily navigate the space for bathing and drying.

The quick snap tub weighs in at 125 lbs. and has a 19-inch leg height. Equipped with an easy to reach shampoo caddy, a fan nozzle, and no-slip rubber mat and floor grips, the Booster Bath provides a very comfortable and safe experience for the user.

With its UV stabilized material and directional hose for draining, this portable dog washer remains a top pick on the market. It provides an open entry for easy exiting and entering of your pet. This workstation is great for bigger sized breeds. It can also be used for both indoor or outdoor by connecting to a faucet or garden hose.

Top 5 Best Portable Dog Washers — Reviews, Prices & Systems
Top 5 Best Portable Dog Washers — Reviews, Prices & Systems

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