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5 Best Dog Cooling Beds, Pads & Mats (Guide & Reviews)

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Published on
Sunday 24 June 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog cooling beds
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The hot days of summers are here and your dog feels uncomfortable in its usual lounged. Yes, this means you need a dog cooling bed! They come in various shapes and form-factors. The best dog cooling beds are comfortable and remain cool for hours, even with a large dog sleeping on them.

On the other hand, very similar products like dog cooling pads and dog cooling mats, are thinner and have fewer bells and whistles. Yet, they are built and designed to stay cooler for longer, just perhaps without as much comfort for the dog. Cooling mats, pads, and beds for dogs are terms used interchangeably by manufacturers — they all are a dog bedding built to stay cool even during hot days.

Such summer dog beds are generally intensively used for one season and then stored until the next year. But, during the time it is unfolded and used, your new dog cooling bed will be chewed on, slept on, and moved around, just about all the time.

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How To Pick The Right Dog Cooling Pad

While reviewing the best cooling beds for dogs, we have realized that there are three core features that must get all your attention:

  1. the mat’s cooling system,
  2. its comfort, and
  3. its durability.

Of course, most of you will also look at how the product looks but this is of secondary importance.

When choosing a cooling mat, pad or bed, the dog owner should not just go with any of the cheapest products. Generally, these low-priced items will get warm again within minutes of your dog laying on them, or they will get ruined at the very first scratches.

Efficient Cooling

The best dog cooling beds are those that provide a sustained cooling effect on your dog and keep him safe at the same time. Cooling beds use varied technological properties that keep your dog from overheating and becoming dehydrated by absorbing your dog’s heat using weight-activated features and releasing it.

Some popular methods used to cool your dog is through the use of cooling water, gel-based pads that keep the dog’s temperature down, or by optimum air ventilation through the raising of the bed off the ground.


Beds are meant to provide comfort for rest and sleep, so it’s no different with a pet cooling beds that act to give your dog the best sleep possible by eliminating an unbearable heat. Especially during the hotter days, cooling beds are designed to provide the softness and comfort your dog loves yet to bestow the cooling feature in accordance to what he needs. As a more efficient alternative to hard floors, these padded cooling beds are especially helpful for elder dogs, or those with health concerns.


The best dog cooling pads should equip your dogs with ultimate durability and allow for long-lasting use. Cooling pads can be found with nylon and vinyl exterior that is made to last. Similarly, the most popular cooling mats for dogs tend to be lightweight and can be used for traveling, allowing more flexibility. Additionally, cooling beds can be found with Cordura fabric which is built to resist abrasions and provides the right amount of traction for your dog. Other beds come in all aluminum or bronze aluminum durability for larger dogs. Many of the beds are also chew proof for extra longevity.

Types of Dog Cooling Beds

Cooling beds for dogs rely on three different mechanisms to remain chilled for longer. Elevation means raising the bed off the ground to favor ventilation. The cooling gel gets rid of the heat absorbed from the dog’s body. And water-filled cooling pads work using chilled or near-frozen water to cool your dog’s body during hot days.

water dog cooling beds
Water-filled cooling mats may leak and they do not offer the longest cooling effect.

We recommend raised dog beds, or those using a cooling gel. For punctual use, you may be tempted by a water-filled bed but they are the least efficient mechanism (you must freeze the water, fill it in the bed, and it only lasts dozens of minutes). You would be better off with a dog swimming pool!


Looking for that perfect dog mat for summer can be a challenge, however, with the elevated feature added on to these great cooling beds, your dog can now rest in comfort. Raised beds are constructed with an orthopedic design that allows your dog to sleep above while the cool air is more evenly distributed on all sides of the bed.

Cooling Gel

These types of cooling beds for dogs are made with a gel substance that works to activate primarily by pressure and weight. One of the best dog cooling mats are the cooling gel technology ones due to their inherent ability to take a dog’s weight, through the process of a specified chemical in the gel, and absorb the dog’s temperature and cools the dog down automatically. The dog’s temperature gets transferred to room temperature as the cooling mechanism is activated. These often use a phase-change material.


Water is considered a proficient cooling agent, especially during those hot, summer days. That’s why the water-filled cooling beds work sufficiently to help cool your dog down. All you do is you fill them with an adequate amount of water and the dog stays at an even temperature.

Some of these beds don’t need the water replaced, therefore, adding convenience and making them last longer. However, water beds can leak, grow mildew, or also spill which can all prove to be rather unpleasant for any dog owner. In addition, water-filled cooling beds are not recommended for dogs who tend to chew through everything.

5 Best Dog Cooling Beds & Pads

Alright, you now know what important characteristics you need to look at when buying your favorite dog cooling bed. It’s time to see what the best products are. We reviewed, with no bias, several dog cooling mats, pads, and beds, and shortlisted them to a top 5.

1. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

— Best Cooling Bed For Dogs!

Coolaroo Pet Bed is a unique concept specially designed for the needs of pets who need that extra lift for air ventilation. The Coolaroo is considered one of the best dog cooling beds on the market for providing the essential elevated feature. For a low price, this pet bed’s above-ground design increases the amount of airflow from all the sides of the bed with more than a 7-inch raise and keeps your pets substantially cooled. For added comfort, your pets are provided with roughly 9 square feet of space and lower impact levels for easing specific bone joints and pressure points.

The Coolaroo is made with a high-quality polyethylene (HDPE) fabric that is ultra-high density and very breathable that assists in eliminating the usual hot spots during sleep time. The bed is resistant to common nuisances such as mites, fleas, mildew, and mold and is exceptionally easy to wash and maintain without ruining the fabric. The bed frame is keenly durable for pets of all sizes thanks to its powder-coated steel makeup which is lightweight, but still very strong. Because of its wonderful portable designs, this bed can conveniently be utilized for outdoor or indoor use. Perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds and providing a safe alternative to their beds.

Users generally give a 5-star rating for these dog cooling beds due to its longevity and ability to withstand long wear. Dogs seem to love the bed and often use it when not sleeping but for mere lounging. One user complained about the plastic foam connectors that were used saying it was not sturdy.

2. The Green Pet Shop Cooling Pet Mat

— The Original Cooling Mat for Dogs!

One of the best dog pads for summer for any pet is the cooling pet pad by The Green Pet Shop. This popular cooling bed is one of the tops on the market for its weight and its pressure-activated feature that can last up to four hours. The Green Pet Shop Cooling Bed provides ultimate portability for the family outings and traveling which makes it the ideal accessory for any pet owner.

This bed is considered the “original” self-cooling dog pad with patented gel technology thoroughly integrated that soothes and cushions your pets. Furthermore, there is no need for refrigeration, electricity, or water and after 15-20 minutes of use, it automatically recharges. This is the perfect pet accessory for the summer heat.

For those really hot days, protect your dogs from overheating and dehydration with the best dog cooling pad on the market. With the revolutionary bed by The Green Pet Shop, you can be assured you are getting what your pet needs which is highly suitable for senior dogs or dogs with health concerns as it is designed to relieve swelling, pain, and discomfort. You can simply lay the bed down in your dog’s desired spot and let the cooling pad get to work with no need to intervene. Super convenient and portable, this bed is great for traveling with its lightweight and foldable feature. This pad is designed for dogs of medium to large size weighing between 31 to 50 pounds and measures 20 inches by 30 inches.

Some buyers love this cooling bed so much they used it on themselves. According to one user, the XL pad does not cool as efficiently and quickly as the medium size, and some raving that even their cats use it as well. Dogs ignore their usual beds in favor of a cooling bed. However, one user complained of the bed containing toxic materials on the inside stating their dog had vomited.

3. Arf Bed Cooling Pet Mat

— Greta Self-Cooling Mat!

Another one of the best dog cooling pads is the Arf Beds which makes it an optimum dog bed for summer or even year-round. This cooling pad is made with solid-gel technology which allows the bed to fully recharge automatically and makes it so easy to use. The Arf Bed is also activated by your dog’s weight so it responds to your pet’s heat for up to three full hours. The pad is highly durable, non-toxic, and extremely lightweight.

This blue-colored pad provides extended relief for your dog’s various conditions and keep him from overheating and dehydration. The cooling effect provides maximum comfort and there is no need for refrigeration, batteries, or water. The Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat is non-toxic and latex-free which provides extra protection and safety for your pet.

The mat is flexible, allowing it to fold for easy storage and tends to retain its original shape with use over time. It’s also very easy to clean and wipe down. The solid gel material is extremely durable and this pad is excellent for traveling with your pets. The multi-purpose feature allows older dogs to benefit from its relaxing console. It’s great for your dog’s bed, crate, or even the backseat of the car.

The pad, however, is not chewproof so that may be something to keep in mind around those heavy-duty chewers. One user claims it does not hold up to more active dogs. Most users who bought this cooling pad say their dogs love it and prefer it to the outside air and even after 8 months, it remains the dog’s preferred spot.

4. Kuranda Dog Bed Chewproof

— Chewproof & All-Aluminum Raised Dog Bed

This premium dog cooling bed is very pleasing to the eye as it comes in various colors and sizes. The unique colors range from burgundy, forest green, khaki, and smoke. The sizes range from small all the way up to XXL with the 50 by 36 being the largest size. Kuranda Dog Beds are considered some of the higher-end elevated cooling beds with prices above the $100-mark.

The PVC frame gives it an extra level of strength which can hold up to 100 pounds. For bigger dogs, Kuranda provides the all-aluminum or bronze aluminum. The aluminum beds are also better for outdoor use according to the brand.

This bed is designed as a raise up, off the floor with an orthopedic design to keep your pets comfortable and cool. Made in the USA, the Kuranda Cooling Bed provides a chew-proof commodity for those active chewers. The bed is super easy to clean and can stand a long time with repetitive cleaning without wearing off. The special and unique Cordura fabric is highly resistant to abrasion, is extremely durable, and provides a substantial amount of traction for easy getting on and off the bed. With a 1-year warranty, this bed is excellent for outdoor use.

Users tend to be happy and very appreciative of the fact that their crazy chewers and active dogs can easily use the bed without tearing it apart. Buyers claim the bed is very attractive.

5. K&H Cool Dog Bed III

— Fill-Once Water-Filled Cooling Bed!

When it comes to the best dog cooling beds in today’s market, K&H holds high standing and provides quite a bit of competition for its rivals. This cooling bed is uniquely designed by implementing H2O in its product. It contains a “Cool Core” which equips the bed with the ability to absorb your dogs’ heat and instantly convert it to room temperature, providing a more comfortable cooling space for your pets. The best dog beds for summer are those that work with your dog’s temperature, not against it.

These beds tend to be a bit heavier than their gel counterparts which are also highly sought out for on the market. The K&H Cooling Bed III removes heat from your pets and dissipates it into the air thanks to its revolutionary water technology. This gray coated, cooling bed works to comfort your dog’s health conditions including arthritis, hip pain, and various skin disorders. The nylon and vinyl exterior is ultra-durable and built to withstand dogs of any size, weight, and breed. Large dogs can comfortably be accommodated. The K&H Cool Bed III comes with a 2-year warranty and is designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

The bed only has to be filled once and it lasts year-round. Just simply add water according to your dog’s weight which is indicated in the instructions. The more water used, the better cushion your dog has. The grapefruit seed extract is known to prevent bacteria from forming in the water as these beds can be stored full, as well as empty. The bed works best when not subjected to direct sunlight. Many buyers use it on themselves and appreciate the long-lasting durability of the cooling mat. Although, some complain it’s too much work.

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