3 Best Dog Pools For a Fun & Cool Summer

best dog pools (inflatable, foldable)

Dog pools exist, they are cheap and super straightforward to use. Dogs love them and I mean… who doesn’t love a little dip during a super hot day? Let’s see which models are worth the money and why!

The hot days of summer are enjoyable yet difficult for dogs. Our four-legged friends can’t sweat to get rid of excess heat: their only way to get cooler is using external help. These include dog fans, shades, drinking cold water and obviously, the funniest of all: enjoying a swim in a dog pool.

A question we find a lot is can I used a baby pool for my dog? The answer is no. Both animals (if I may say so) are not the same and have very different behaviours, movements and strength in water. A baby can use a dog pool, a dog can’t use a baby pool.

Choosing One Of The Best Dog Pools

Inflatable & Foldable Dog Pools

This is the first hurdle prospective buyers face when choosing their pool for their dog(s) and let me clarify in few words what each is made for.

  • Inflatable Dog Pools are for very occasional use and small dogs simply because a tiny scratch or hole could potentially ruin them
  • Foldable Dog Pools are sturdier and will last your more than one summer, yet they can be damaged if the materials used are too weak
  • One-Piece Dog Pools are usually made from thick plastic and can’t be shrunk when not used, but they are way stronger than their competitors and will last your forever

These are the general guidelines when it comes to these three categories, but even within each you have great and crap products and the differences are mainly about the size and the materials used during product manufacturing.

Keep in mind that an inflatable dog pool has to be inflated every time you bring it out, it can be annoying after a few times, but it definitely saves a lot of space when you’re not going to use it for days (or months.)

Materials & Foldability Of The Dog Pool

various materials of dog pools

Most dog pools are made from plastic, and there are hundreds of variations in the plastic family. Extra-thick and tough PVC, similar to what is used to make inflatable mattresses, is the best option for foldable and inflatable dog pools. On the other hand, truck bedliner materials are the go-to choice when it comes to one-piece dog pools.

Owning a chihuahua or any small and light dog will make your dog pool browsing much easier. You can pretty much pick anything and you would be just fine in terms of sturdiness and durability of the pool.

If you have more than one dog, bigger dogs, or an agitated dog, you need to pick carefully your dog pool and consider the materials used for its manufacturing. Bigger dogs create more of a challenge for the pool so a solid plastic pool would be the best option if you want it to last more than one summer.

Size, Depth & Volume

depth size volume of your dog pool

Now this is more of a personal preference matter and how much water and swimming fun time you want your pooch to have. Most dog pools are not designed and engineered for dogs to dive and crawl for lengths over and over again: they are more like baby or kid pools, they are designed to get enough room to move, float and even swim a little.

Depth is important if you have big or giant dogs, you don’t want them to only have their paws wet. Otherwise most pools offer enough depth for the dog to lounge on the water.

dog pools
Having a dog pool is about offering a lot of fun to your dog. And let’s face it, it’s just plain awesome.

Top 3 Best Dog Pools For Dogs

Because we value our audience’s trust, we’ve scoured the web reading dozens of unbiased reviews before coming to our conclusion. And here are the best pools for dogs; keep in minde that there is no actual order, each dog pool is more suited for a specific use case!

1. Frontpet Foldable Dog Pool

— Best Foldable Dog Pool

BEST FOR home and regular use with a single small/medium dog.

Frontlet aspires to get those scorching summertime weeks more pleasurable for your four-legged friend and designed a long-lasting foldable pet pool. They claim themselves that this is not your typical, synthetic, off-the-shelf toddler pool.

The Frontlet dog pool was created to endure elements and action using materials that are tear-proof as well as leak-proof. It is not necessary to concern yourself with your dog’s nails or agitation in the pool, just let him/her run and jump in and out of the water!

Giant dog breeds will be entirely soaked and cooled while either sitting, standing up or lying down thanks to the pool’s 11.8” depth and 50” diameter.

Putting the pool up and packing it up is easy and fast. As soon as the pool is drained and dry, simply fold it over and pack it up. It’s that straightforward. To set the pool up simply ensure the drain plug is locked and put your running water hose in the pool to the preferred depth.

When your furry friend is done with its playtime, or when the water turns dirty, just release the drain plug and let the water empty out.

If you are planning on using the pool on a rugged surface, we recommend placing a durable bottom lining, such as a tarp, beneath the pool for added protection.

2. One Dog One Bone Pool

— Best Pool For Large Dogs

BEST FOR intensive use and one or several very large dogs.

A bit pricier than the competition, this is a built-to-last lightweight one-piece dog pool and an investment for an item that will last you for years.

Unlike too many, the One Dog One Bone Pool one is not made of vinyl. Although much cheaper, vinyl and vinyl-like materials may last a year or so but you will need a lot of patching in the best cases, or just a new pool in the worst.

This is a plain, large and very spacious paw-shaped dog pool that will be a wonderful choice if you have medium to giant-sized dogs or several of them.

The pool is made from truck bed liner material so expect extra sturdiness, and on top of that, it offers a very needed chew and UV resistance. The material stays cool during very hot days therefore also keeps the water as cool as possible. The volume of water it holds is 390 litres or 85 gallons, more than enough even for the biggest dogs.

3. Alcott Mariner PVC Lining Inflatable Pool

— Best Inflatable Dog Pool

BEST FOR punctual use, on-the-go and travel.

Inflatable baby and dog pools are items I don’t recommend often since the quality is usually dubious. They are built to be packed up and stored easily, not to last. However, if you want a small pool for your dog when traveling or camping, it is definitely your best buy. If you want to use it at home I would definitely not recommend it.

The pool is 4′ in diameter and made from durable PVC. It also offers low dips so all dogs can come in and out easily, along with round edges for extra safety. There is a plug for fast (and straightforward) draining and an easy fold-up so you can take it anywhere with you.

Because this pool is not really chew-proof, they include one patch/repair kit. I am not sure if this is a good sign or not but out of all inflatable pools, this is the clear winner.


Not much else to say here but picking the right and best dog pool comes down to the purpose it will be used for. Usually, sturdy and long-lasting dog pools tend to be heavier so a lot less mobile. These are ideal for home use and can be stored easily during cold months. Lightweight and inflatable dog pools are a lot less sturdy but do well on-the-go or for quick summery fixes.

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  1. Dog inflatable pool is a good thing for dog to bathe and play, your review really make me want to buy one. However, I also concern about the color and shape of the pool, do they need to be special and colorful to attract our dogs?

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