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5 Best Dog Treat Cameras – Petzi, Petcube, Skymee, Furbo & Pawbo

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Published on
Monday 10 June 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Dog Treat Cameras (review)
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The best dog treat cameras allow dog owners to interact with their pets at long distance. These devices offer monitoring, treat dispensing, and communication channels between your dog and yourself.

A dog inevitably urges you to stay at home and spend as much time as possible. However, that is obviously not always possible. This is why you should invest in a quality dog treat shooter to keep your dog happy and engaged when you are away.

A camera allows you to keep a watch over your dogs while also letting them enjoy their favorite treats. And that, no matter how far you are from them.

What Is a Dog Treat Camera?

A dog treat camera is a technological device installed at home that:

  • monitors your dog’s activities,
  • records voices and barks in a two-way interactive manner, and
  • supplies treats through a dispenser.

Some of the best dog treat cameras further come with additional features like alert notifications when your dog barks, or scheduled treat dispensing.

The dog treat cameras are ideal for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety when you are not around. Irrespective of the breed, nature, and size, a dog can, sometimes, feel extremely lonely, sad and depressed. With the camera dispensing treats and also letting them hear your voice, your dog is encouraged to stay happy and active.

Consider buying the right dog treat camera especially if you have to stay away from home most of the time. Most likely due to work and other commitments. Such techy devices really help inculcate the habit of staying alone in family dogs.

How To Pick The Right Dog Treat Camera?

Choosing the best treat-dispensing camera is based on a few key features and characteristics: image quality, interactions, audio channels, night vision, and additional perks (e.g. scheduling, recording, archiving, etc).


image resolution

The quality of the camera determines how clear a picture you get of your dog. Usually, treat cameras feature a 720px image resolution, offering a decent video of your dog.

However, some of the best dog treat cameras are Full HD 1080px. They offer clearer, more vivid and higher definition pictures and videos. You can go for the latter if your dog is a small and hyperactive one, always running around the house. That way, you will be able to have a real look at your dog instead of picture quality that leaves you doubtful and worried.

Also, consider the wide-angle capacity and the zoom option as integral aspects of the camera quality. The number of frames per second is important to obtain a beautifully fluid image.


image resolution

The best dog treat cameras are interactive. Of course, all of them contain a treat dispenser that lets out your dog’s favorite treats.

Apart from the common treat dispensing function that most cameras have, some even come with a button that the dog can push. There is further an inbuilt screen incorporated in the camera to let dogs see their owner too. This feature is a must if your dog is particularly anxious with no one around. Remember that dog may not perceive us visually the way we see them.

You can begin by bringing home one of the basic models and then, gradually move onto introducing a feature-heavy dog treat camera once your pet adjusted itself to the technology.

Two-way audio

image resolution

Apart from being able to see them, hearing dogs is equally important. And when it comes to listening, letting your dog hear you is of utmost importance. Dogs get soothed when they hear a known voice.

Best dog treat cameras come with two-way audio. There are some with just a one-way speaker, from which you should stay away. This is because a one-way speaker will never allow the interactions your dog and yourself need.

Suppose you hear your dog barking out loudly, you obviously feel the need to calm them down but cannot possibly do so in the absence of a two-way audio system in the dog treat camera.

Night vision

image resolution

If you are often out at night due to work shifts, you must go for a dog treat camera with night vision. Well, unless you decide to leave the lights on all night long (unecological indeed).

This will help you catch a view of your dog sleeping peacefully at night. The best dog treat cameras will usually come with a night vision to keep you anxiety-free and render you with the peace of mind when you are away from the pooch.

This one, however, is not an extremely essential feature unless you have to leave your dog alone at night, often.

Viewing Angle

image resolution

The idea behind installing a dog treat camera is to watch your dogs and also follow them wherever they go. For this, choose a dog treat shooter that comes with a wide viewing or panoramic viewing range.

Basic devices that are just meant to dispense treats offer a very restricted view of your dog. On the other hand, there are some that offer a wider angle instead of the rather basic narrow viewing angle.

Top 5 Best Dog Treat Cameras

Due to popular demand, more manufacturers than ever are offering these technologically advanced devices to pet parents. It makes sense – we all want to see what our pets are up to while we are away.

Here are the most popular dog treat cameras.

1. Furbo Dog Camera

This dog treat camera from a reputable brand, Furbo, deserves to be on top of the list of the best dog treat cameras out there. This is obviously because it is loaded with functional features. To begin with, there is a 1080p full HD camera that promises a 160-degree wide-angle. On top of that, you get an infrared night vision along with a 4X zoom. You will be able to see your dog clearly even at night.

This treat-dispensing camera comes with a free Furbo iOS/Android application. It can hold up to 100 treats and engage your pooch in a game of catch. This dog treat camera gives you peace of mind when you are away from your dog by means of its barking alert and 2-way chat system. By using the latter, you can even speak to your dog and calm them down.

Customers of this product have been extremely satisfied with it, which is also quite flexible and can be positioned as per your choice. The camera focuses downward so, you should ideally place it on a higher shelf, out of your dog’s reach. The only problem for some prospective users is the slightly higher price of the item. Also, ensure that the treats are not more than 1 cm in size.

2. Pawbo Life

This dog treat camera from Pawbo comes in a stylish and compact design and is quite easy to set up and install. With the 2nd generation PPC-21 CL camera featuring a 130-degree wide-angle lens and 4X digital zoom, you can capture and record your dog’s activities right from your mobile device. It is considered to be one of the best dog treat cameras because it is suitable for dogs with varying temperaments and can also be set up quite easily just with a Wi-Fi connection around.

The treat dispenser works well in grabbing the attention of your dog while the other features like the built-in microphone, speaker and LED laser lets you keep a close watch as well as interact with your dog, anywhere, anytime.

Social sharing of the cute images of the pet on the networking channels is easy and fun too. Customers have been very happy with this product. Very few of them, however, complain of the dispenser getting stuck at times or that the voice delays for a couple of seconds.

3. Petcube Bites 2

As one a top dog treat camera, this Petcube treat camera offers a perfect experience of watching over your dog when you are away. Thanks to the camera with 180º full-room lens, 3X digital zoom, Full HD video, and excellent night vision.

Petcube Bites 2 comes with vast improvements in video and audio quality, upgraded mechanisms for treat dispensing and laser play, and enhanced connectivity, now supporting 5GHz Wi-Fi. In particular, Petcube Bites 2 got an updated treat flinging mechanism that supports a wider selection of treat sizes, allows for better portion control, and works faster and quieter. And with features like built-in Amazon Alexa and AI-powered smart alerts, we’re confident it’s the best camera a modern pet parent can buy.

The treat dispenser, too, has a relatively higher capacity than most others. It has a 2lbs treat container and can dispense up to 5 treats at a time, depending on the size of the treat. A favorite for large dogs.

There is two-way audio and automatic sound detection alert, which lets you interact with your furry one and prevent them from suffering from separation anxiety. The item is also app-enabled and promises users with a free trial, after which they can subscribe to the other optional plans.

Meet the new model, Petcube Bites 2.

Customers are usually happy and satisfied with the product. We found a few complaints about the subscription process seemingly being a little complicated.

4. Petzi Treat Cam

This is one of the best dog treat cameras especially in terms of compact shape, design, and value for money. The brand is trusted, too. Not a very feature-heavy product as such, the treat camera is quite advanced being 30 fps and high definition (delivering up to 720p video).

Petzi vs Furbo is a big battle in the dog treat cams and while Furbos offers overall greater specs, Petzi is half the price and may offer more bang for your buck.

The Petzi Treat Cam is suitable for small dogs in particular, though the dispenser lets out enough treats in a fun way for dogs with varying temperaments. The pricing is quite affordable, which is a primary reason behind the popularity of the product among busy dog owners.

However, customers feel that there are certain scopes of improvement in this dog treat camera. For instance, the treat dispenser makes an awkward noise, which might freak your dog out, at times. In fact, it makes quite some noise while turning on, for which you have to keep the volume low. Apart from these, the product is worth your investment in every other respect.

5. SKYMEE Dog Camera

Based in Shenzen (China), this SKYMEE treat cam is a great contender with its great feature set and not-so-low price.

This is definitely a great treat camera for dogs, suitable for all sizes and breeds. The 1080p full HD camera boasts an impressive 4X zoom. It also offers an excellent night vision to help you keep a close watch over your dog, always.

The 2-way audio feature paves the way for a much-needed interaction with your dog and you can make them hear your voice and calm down. The treat dispenser, on the other hand, is perfect for treats up to 1.1 cm. Your pooch will have fun running after the treats and staying excited and happy in the process.

The setup and installation of the product are quite easy. Additionally, it lets you take photos and videos with the SKYMEE app and thereby, share the precious moments of your pet with friends and family. Customers of this product have been extremely satisfied with this dog treat camera and think that it is a great investment for their dogs. There is practically no downside for this item.

Reviews: the Top Dog Treat Cameras
Reviews: the Top Dog Treat Cameras

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