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10 Best Babble Balls for Dogs

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Published on
Tuesday 12 January 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best babble balls for dogs
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Have you ever heard about babble balls for dogs? These are innovative dog playthings that will talk back! They are made with improved technology that is triggered whenever your pet breaths, touches, or receives any type of vibration.

They are just not conventional toy balls for dogs since they speak to your pet with human voices or exciting animal sounds! Dog babble balls maybe the toy you were looking for to keep your dog active and entertained! You may not know them because they are relatively new. However, there are already many types on the market. In this guide, we will introduce you to the best babble balls for dogs so that your pet can have lots of fun with it!

What is a Babble Ball for Dogs?

A babble ball is an interactive toy that is made specifically for dogs to draw their attention. That’s what makes them so different and innovative when it comes to normal toy balls for dogs. The fact that they are motion-activated! They produce a bunch of entertaining sounds. Also, many of them can display colorful lights and blink. The leading brand is Pet Qwerks and they might have coined that term, too.

Let’s see what some of the benefits of babble balls for dogs are:

  • Your dog will be getting plenty of exercise without even noticing it. This is because it will be too excited chasing the talkative toy
  • This toy can keep your dog entertained and occupied for hours. In that way, it will prevent unwanted behaviors associated with boredom like inappropriate chewing

All this will keep your dog fun and focused on the game. These are not chew toys. That is why they are made of durable material. It is supposed that they have to last over time with the least amount of damage.

How To Choose Babble Balls for Dogs?

Let’s see what some factors are you should look for before when purchasing a bubble ball for your four-legged friend.


Durability is one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account. Since, as we have said before, these are toys to interact with your pet so they can have fun with it. So, they must remain intact and in good condition for a long time.

Still, there are many reviews of some of these products stating that their pets have destroyed it in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you should opt for toys made from durable and strong materials. Even so, it should be noted that these are not chew toys.

babble ball durability
Choose a durable babble ball for your dog.


This is the innovation and everything this toy revolves around. The level of interaction that it must have with your pet must be of another level. It should stimulate its senses and always grab its attention. In our list, you will see how there are many products with great qualities.

Some have functionalities that interact with the five senses. So, they have a taste, smell, color, texture, and sounds that your pet will love. There are others that have advanced technologies, so they have different reaction modes. Each one in relation to the personality of your pet. Some are even 100% automatic, so they roll and jump on their own.


Certainly, these toys should be strong enough to withstand your dog’s bites. These must be able to continue working correctly and remain almost intact. Most of them are made of plastic. Many companies let it be known that they are very hard covers that will be difficult to destroy. User feedback supports those claims.

There are other toys that are made of rubber. Although many customers are satisfied with its quality, others are not so much. They say that the fact that they are somewhat flexible and easy for their dogs to take does not make them perfect. There are times when they destroy them very quickly. Therefore, it is important to evaluate. This will help you choose the best toy for your dog.

Audio Stimulation

The ball should play audio recordings when it’s played with. This is an important aspect of babble balls. And there are many that include this great characteristic.

You can find those that not only reproduce sounds, but complete phrases! All of them very funny and complementing your dog. There are many toys that can detect the energy and interaction that your pet is having. Therefore, they begin to react accordingly.

Currently, these toys come in different presentations, taking many interesting themes. For example, Christmas. Therefore, they begin to reproduce phrases and songs that have to do with this time of year.

10 Best Babble Balls for Dogs

Now onto the main event! Here are the most popular dog babble balls currently available from online retailers.

1. Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball

Let’s begin with Pet Qwerks talking babble ball. This dog toy talks when it is activated, which is not a problem due to its sensitive trigger technology. In that way, it turns on immediately by touch and turns off automatically when playtime is over.

Besides, it is made from a durable plastic material that, so it will be almost impossible for your dog to break it. Not only that, but it also comes in three different sizes, so it can fit your dog’s measures.

It makes 20 different fun sounds that your pet will love. It will be even able to hear expressions such as “Rock ‘n Roll Big Doggy”, “Hey, what are you doing”, or “Sweet puppy”. There are many reviews from customers that state that it has become their pet’s perfect toy. And that they are impressed with its quality.

2. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Then we have the Wobble wag giggle ball, interactive dog toy. This toy has tubes inside the ball that emit giggle sounds when rolled or shaken. Therefore, it is perfect for playful and happy dogs. Your dog will have a lot of fun whether you are around or not since it is designed to mimic human laughter and joy.

Besides, this toy is made for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It is made from a flexible and durable pet-safe, phthalate-free vinyl. What is more, the innovative thing about this one is that it does not require batteries.

Most of the people who have purchased this product have given it a very high rating. They say that it keeps their dogs entertained for a very long time. And also that they adapt fast to it.

3. Pet Qwerks Animal Babble Ball Dog Toy

This is the second product that we have from Pet Qwerks It is the Animal Babble ball dog toy. No wonder why customers are so happy with their products. This toy also comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

It features more than 20 different animal sounds. These include dog growls and barks, pig oinks, and bird chirps.

Not only that, but also this toy triggers by touch and turns off when it is not being used to save their batteries.

4. SPOT Ethical Pets Sensory Ball Dog Toy

Now, let’s talk about the SPOT Ethical Pets sensory ball dog toy. As its name itself says, this toy stimulates all five senses.

This is because it comes in really bright colors, it also has multiple textures. It produces bell and squeaker sounds. What is more, this dog toy is beef scented and flavored! Therefore, it will be very pleasant for your dog to play with it. Unlike other toys, this one is made from TRP rubber, and it comes in two different sizes.

Even though many users write that the material from which this product is made does not withstand the large bites of their dogs, they indicate that it is worth buying. They indicate that their pets adore them and that this has led them to buy more than one.

5. Pet Qwerks Blinky Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy

Once again, we have a Pet Qwerks toy. Let us introduce you to the Blinky babble ball. As usual, this toy comes in three different sizes as the other ones. However, what makes it different is that it contains motion-activated bright, flashing light. In that way it stimulates both sight and sound sensory.

It features more than 18 sounds and expressions. Some of them include whistles, barking sounds, ding-dong sounds, etc.

6. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy Glow In The Dark

This is another product made by Wobble Wag Giggle. This time it is the interactive dog toy glow in the dark. As you may be thinking, the amazing thing about this one Is that it glows in the dark! Therefore, your dog can play any time of day with it.

Not only that, but also the way it should be charged is very good. You only need to place the ball under a light source before each use. For quick charges, you can shine a flashlight over the ball over 30 seconds!

User reviews are mixed. Some say their dogs have been captivated by the toy. However, others say their pets destroyed it in a matter of minutes because the material it is made from is not strong.

7. Pet Qwerks X-Tire Ball Interactive Dog Toy

The innovative thing about the Pet Qwerks X-tire ball interactive dog toy is its design. It consists of a pair of ruggedly molded tires. This amazing toy comes in two different sizes. Also, in three different styles such as Animal Sound, Blinky, and Jingle.

This one does need batteries. However, it is worth it. Why? Because we will be focusing on the animal sound one. This toy makes more than 20 realistic animal sounds that include a lion, frog, coyote, horse, elephant, cow, cat, birds, etc. There’s no doubt your dog will have lots of fun!

Although according to buyers, the batteries can wear out quite quickly because it turns on at the slightest touch. However, since your pets have received it so well, it is worth getting.

8. Wickedbone Interactive Smart Bone

Let’s move on to Wickedbone Smart bone, automatic & interactive toy for dogs. This one is more expensive than the others. However, this is because it comes with a bunch of amazing functionalities. The makeup of this toy is a little different. It is composed of a wicked core and an outer shell.

This is a 100% fully automatic bubble ball. It runs and bounces all by itself! It doesn’t need an app or remote controller. Not only that, but it has 3 reaction modes for interaction: gentle, normal, and active. You can choose the mode by opening the outer shell and pressing the button of the wicked core each time you want to switch it. Different colors will be displayed, so you can recognize the mode. Green is for gentle, blue is for normal, pink is for active.

It also has an “intelligent companion mode” that means a cycle of 10 minutes of active play + 30 minutes of rest. What is more, it is waterproof, so your pet can have just as much fun with it in the water as on land. Most reviews describe it as a great quality toy that their pets love.

9. Pet Qwerks Small Animal & Ferret-Talking Babble Ball

No products found.

Pet Qwerks small animal & ferret talking babble ball has it all in its name! It is not only for dogs, but also for ferrets due to its small size.

This cute ball makes sounds that are both stimulating and soothing to small creatures. Almost any slight movement is enough to start the babble ball.

Once again, this product has mixed reactions among customers. Some of them state that their pets didn’t like it and it is noisy. While others state that their pets play with it all the time.

10. Pet Qwerks Holiday Babble Ball

No products found.

As we have seen, Pet Qwerks offer the best babble balls for dogs since we have already seen their products several times. The cute thing about this product is the theme they use!

The Holiday babble ball has more than 10 different sounds and jingles like “Merry Christmas Little Doggy”, “fa la la lala”, “It’s Santa Claus”, and many more. Therefore, if your pet loves Christmas time, it will love this toy as a holiday gift!

This product has very good reviews. Customers say the quality of the material is good and leave great feedback on it.

babble balls for dogs
Playing audio recordings is one of the main features of a babble ball.

So there you have it, the top ten best babble balls for dogs! Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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