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15 Best Squeaky Toys for Dogs – Rubber, Plush, Balls & High-Pitched Dog Toys

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Tuesday 6 April 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best squeaky toys for dogs
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Aside from food, squeaky toys for dogs are best at keeping them happy. what’s the one thing dogs love? But this love story isn’t as simple as it may seem. We wish choosing squeaky dog toys was as easy as walking into a shop and picking up your favorite cereal. And because making this decision is hard, you need people to point you in the right direction.

The following is a list of things you need to pay attention to, followed by 15 of the best squeaky toys you can find on the market.

Why do Dogs Love Squeaky Toys?

Love needs no reason. It is unconditional, unrelenting, and transcends our understanding of emotions. Now, before we laugh here are two reasons why dogs love squeaky toys.

Hunting Instincts

Dogs have evolved from wolves. However, evolution doesn’t mean dissociation. So, dogs do have some of the wolf-ness left in them. And this wolf-ness is where their hunting instincts come from.

Dogs love to hunt. Catching a ball, chasing small animals, and attacking other dogs, are all due to their natural hunting instincts. Squeaky toys make excellent prey. They are small. They squeak. And they stop squeaking at one point. All of these qualities resemble hurt prey.

Needless to say, dogs love playing with squeaky toys because it satisfies their natural instincts.

Dogs Love it When the Toys Squeak

Instant gratification, we love it, you love it, and our dogs love it as well. This is the reason why dogs love it when the toy squeaks.

So, a dog bites. The bite gets a reaction from the toy aka ‘the squeak’. The dog takes it as an affirmation that his bite is working. He gets excited. And the cycle repeats.

Things to Consider When Buying a Squeaky Toy

We are sure most of you already know most of the following points, but you may be surprised about their importance. So, let me remind you, or teach you if you’re new to this subject.

Size and Sound

Squeaky toys won’t be what they are if they don’t squeak. Unfortunately for some, the squeaky sound is annoying. If you fall into this camp, then choose a toy that produces inaudible frequencies. As a result, your dog will hear all the squeaky sounds he wants, and you will hear nothing.

Don’t forget that toys that are too small are a choking hazard, and toys that are too large are simply uncomfortable to chew. Get something that fits in your dog’s mouth without the risk of choking.

squeaky toys for dogs
Choose a toy that produces inaudible frequencies.

Material and Durability

Nobody wants to buy dog toys over and over again. So, before you drop some cash on a toy, make sure the toy is durable and non-toxic.

Materials like nylon, rubber, and rawhide are durable, though the latter may not be the safest option. Toys made from these materials tend to last a while. On the other hand, latex, soft and thin rubber, and cloth toys are not meant to last for years.

All in all, invest in toys that can give your dog pleasure for years to come, while also remaining safe to chew.


Finally, get the type of toy that your dog loves. For instance, does your dog prefer ropes or tennis balls? Is he a fan of treat-filled toys or does he like puzzles? And lastly, do any of these types come with squeak mechanisms?

Choose the type of toy that your dog relishes in using. That is the best investment you can make.

15 Best Squeaky Toys for Dogs

From the 100s of toys available on the market, the following 15 are the best. Enjoy.

1. KOL Dog Plush Toys

The KOL Dog Toy is one of those products that excel in almost every way. We say almost because there are some things that the KOL Dog Toy doesn’t do well.

Polyester is the material of choice for the KOL Dog Toy. Elephant-shaped, stuffed with PP cotton, and with a squeaky toy in the center, the toy has all the features down. Plus it’s durable.

The rope legs are dog favorite because they are great to chew. And the squeaker makes an excellent, dog-pleasing sound. The only negative thing is that the toy is not suitable for aggressive chewers. Other than that, the KOL Dog Toy is an A+ squeaky toy through and through.

2. HAOPINSH Dog Squeaking Toy

The HAOPINSH Dog Squeaking Toy is for aggressive chewers. And it certainly holds up.

The toy is an elongated shape of natural rubber. There is also a squeaky toy in the center. Couple this with the chew-proof nature, and we have a toy that can squeak for months without yielding.

To make the toy even more appealing to dogs, HAOPINSH uses real beef flavors. So, if you have an aggressive chewer, you know what to buy.

3. Barkbox Dog Squeak Toys

Barkbox Dog Toy does justice to its name. It is a squeaker in a spiky rubber ball, within a plush fabric toy that is inside a plush cactus toy. See how many layers this toy has?

The multi-layer construction is what makes the Barkbox shine. In addition to this layering, the toy can also take a beating.

So, we have a toy that can survive aggressive chewers, has multiple layers to last for months, and has a squeaking mechanism. If you have an aggressive chewer, this is the toy to get. Oh, and there are different variants of this toy that have their own unique features.

type of squeaky dog toy
Choose a squeaky toy that your dog will enjoy!

4. VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toy

Aggressive chewers make it really hard to choose a squeaky dog toy. Because most of the toys are too soft for aggressive chewers. Thankfully, the VANFINE Dog Toy is not one of the soft ones.

The toy all-natural rubber that has ridges along its length. While the dense rubber helps the toy to withstand the attack of your pup, the ridges clean your dog’s teeth.

Add to that a squeaker and its delightfully curious sound, and you have a dog toy worth buying. And we aren’t the only ones to say this. Customers sing its praises, and some even call it the best squeaky toy for dogs.

5. ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Imagine how glad your dog would be if he gets three chew toys instead of one. The ZippyPaws Squeaky Dog Toy aims to take this imaginary happiness and turn it into a reality.

The pack comes with three plush toys: a raccoon, a squirrel, and a fox. All of these have squeakers in them. So, no matter your dog attacks the raccoon or the squirrel, he will get a squeak out of them.

Moreover, the plush toys don’t have any filling. This means even if your dog rips the toy apart, he won’t be able to make a mess. The toys are suitable for medium to large dogs, and those who’ve bought them, love it.

6. Best Pet Supplies Wild Duck Plush Toy

With a name like ‘Best Pet Supplies‘, the manufacture better have a good product on its hands, right? For the most part, it does.

The Wild Duck Plush Toy is a squeaky toy without any stuffing. There is a squeaker in the head and another one in the tail. And you can also place some empty plastic bottles in the toy for some extra crunch.

In short, it is a squeaky toy that comes in multiple animal shapes, has no stuffing, and is suitable for all dogs. And consumers, unsurprisingly, love it. Especially, because the toy comes in multiple sizes.

7. Multipet Lambchop Plush Dog Toy with Squeaker

As children, all of us wanted a plush, cuddly lamb. Sadly, some of us never got one. Make sure your dog doesn’t miss out by getting him a Multipet Lambchop.

The Multipet Lambchop is a soft, stuffed, squeaky toy. It makes a sound when dogs chew it, and that’s pretty much it. With a soft exterior, it makes for a great cuddle toy for small breeds, as well.

Sadly, even though the Lambchop is a great squeaky toy, it isn’t for aggressive chewers. They will rip this toy apart in no time.

8. Chiwava 3 Pack 9″ Squeaky Latex Dog Toys

A pig, a chicken, and a frog all walk into a bar, hang on, we still have to think about the rest of the joke. What we don’t have to think about is whether to pick up Chiwava Squeaky Dog Toys. You should pick up these toys if you have a small dog.

The toys come in a pack of three. All latex, all shaped like a rod, and all squeaky. The only difference is the animal types the toys mimic. There is also no stuffing, making the toys mess-proof. And they are also quite stretchy, making tug of war a possibility.

In short, get Chiwava Dog Toys if you need some friendly animals to distract your small dog. Customers picked them up for just this purpose, and they love it.

9. ABTOR Squeaky Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

The ABTOR Squeaky Dog Toy is a boredom buster. It is an all-natural rubber which means it is eco-friendly. It is also durable enough to last for a long time.

That said, the squeaky dog toy is not completely indestructible. If you have an aggressive chewer, he will go through the toy but only after he has had a ton of playtime.

Finally, the customers love the toy due to its oblong shape, ridges that clean the tartar from the teeth, and the squeaky sound.

10. Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz

Love playing fetch with your dog? Also want something that will keep your dog occupied when you aren’t around? The Outward Hound Ball is for you.

The Outward Ball is just a regular tennis ball with a squeaker inside. This may not look anything special but wait till you see this toy in action. The rubber used in the ball gives it some pretty good bounce. And the squeaker helps attract your dog’s attention by squeaking whenever the ball bounces.

In short, throw it or place it in front of your dog, and the squeaker will take care of the rest. Just be sure to choose the right size as small balls are a choking hazard.

11. SHARLOVY Squeaky Balls for Dogs

The SHARLOVY Squeaky Balls are made from non-toxic rubber that is free from any chemical smell. We know this technical talk doesn’t impress you. So, here is something that will:

The balls are easy to chew, and still last a long while. Making them awesome chew toys for small dogs and even puppies.

And no, we aren’t forgetting about the squeaker. It’s in the name, so how can we?

12. Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher

If you know dog toys, you probably know Chuckit!. They make excellent dog toys, and the Classic Ball Launcher is not an exception.

The ball is rubber, bounces like there is a trampoline hidden in the ground, and floats on water. So, no matter if you are playing fetch on land, or your dog wants something in the pool, the Classic Ball has you covered.

Finally, the squeaker adds to the appeal of the toy. And it is great for pups and small dogs.

13. Chiwava 4PCS Squeak Latex Puppy Toy

Bear, frog, chick, and pig; the all-star lineup of the Chiwava Latex Toys aims to satisfy the itch of your pup. We say pup because these toys aren’t for big, aggressive chewers. Why? Because they are latex. And latex can’t stand up to abuse like plastic can.

Add to it a sweet-sounding squeaker and we’ve got ourselves a worthy pup toy.

14. High Five Pets Dog Squeaky Toys

The High Five Squeaky Toys is a pack of animal kingdoms finest i.e. raccoon, skunk, rabbit, and lion. Alright, not the skunk and the raccoon. But you get the point.

All of the animals are fur without any stuffing. So, no matter how destructive your dog, there won’t be any mess.

Couple this with two squeakers making the toys squeakier than normal and we have a high-five worthy product.

15. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Perhaps the most sold dog toy, the Outward Hound Squirrel Dog Toy comes in a pack of three. So, you’ll have plenty of toys to throw around.

And throw around you will as the plush, stuffing-filled toy is great for playing fetch. And, as the name suggests, it squeaks.

According to customers who’ve bought the toys, they are great for small, aggressive chewers.

Squeaky Toys for Dogs – FAQ

Coming squeaking your way are some frequently asked questions. Bon appetite.

Are squeaky dog toys safe for my dog?

Squeaky toys are safe as long as you make sure the manufacturer uses safe, non-toxic materials. Ensure the toys are the proper size to not become a choking hazard. Other than this, some toys are not durable enough, allowing the dogs to rip them apart. Once the dogs have destroyed these toys, they can ingest either the toy or the squeaky mechanism. Ingestion can result in tummy issues or can choke your dog.

Can I make my own squeaky toy?

Of course, you can. Here is how to make a simple one:
– Take two pieces of denim, and sew the three sides together, leaving the fourth one open
– Fill the toy with cloth scraps like denim, place the squeaker, and fill more scraps until the toy is full
– Sew the fourth side closed
Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a new, DIY squeaky toy.

What are the benefits of getting a squeaky toy?

Squeaky toys satisfy the hunting instincts of the dogs. More specifically squeak toys:

Allow your dog to satisfy his instinct through biting and fondling.
Grab your dog’s attention by providing instant feedback through sound
– Moreover, squeaky toys are great forms of mental and physical stimuli. If you’re looking for the best stimulating dog toys in the market, you may also want to check out our top picks for that.

If I am buying online, how can I check if my dog would like the sound?

There are ways that you can check the sound including:

– Finding YouTube videos of the toys that showcase the sound
– Going to the manufacturer’s website and seeing if they have a demo
– Checking the user reviews section of the store and checking if someone has a video with the sound

Make sure you research every possible way to see if your dog likes the sound. Sound can make or break the experience of a squeaky toy. So, don’t sleep on it.

Will squeaky toys survive an aggressive chewer?

If you choose the right squeaky toy, it can survive an aggressive chewer. The key thing you need to look for in this case is to pick a toy made from durable materials like rubber or nylon.

For instance, if you choose a latex toy, it is not likely to survive an aggressive chewer. Why? Because the material isn’t made for this.

Squeaky chew toys are awesome. They relieve your dog’s boredom and clean his teeth simultaneously. And dogs go crazy when they squeak. Just make sure you choose the right one by taking into consideration the sound, size, and materials of the toy.

And talking about choosing a toy, our pick has to be the VANFINE Dog Toy. It is an Indestructible squeaky dog toy. And it squeaks like a piggy. Lastly, do not underestimate the impact that a chew toy can make on the health of your dog. These toys make your dog happy. And we all know that a happy dog is a healthy dog.

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