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20 Best DIY Dog Chew Toys

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Wednesday 4 November 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best diy dog chew toys
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In the current economic condition, where 20.6 million people have already lost their jobs, we need to cut back where we can. And DIY dog chew toys present an opportunity to save money. Plus, the case in favor of homemade dog chew toys is really simple:

If your dog is an aggressive chewer then it becomes expensive to keep replacing his chew toy. Because the costs just add up. So, to avoid this recurring expense, we can use things present in most modern homes to make chew toys. This way you will not only be saving money but also saving the environment by recycling. It’s a win-win situation.

The best DIY dog chew toys are those that need little to no investment. These are the toys that can be made entirely from the things present in our households. Let’s see some of the ways you can use common things to make homemade chew toys for dogs.

1. Water Bottle Wrapped in a T-Shirt

The title says it all, doesn’t it? Here is how the process of making one goes:

  • Take an empty plastic bottle and place it over a yard of fabric. However, the fabric can be of any sort e.g. an old t-shirt or a bedsheet. Moreover, any plastic bottle works as long as it is clean
  • Next up, place the bottle a few inches away from the edge and start wrapping it. While you are wrapping don’t forget to tuck the excess fabric in
  • After that secure the fabric by tying the bottle with multiple ribbons. Moreover, make sure the ribbons are tight so they won’t come loose
  • Finally, cut the excess fabric into strips near the mouth of the bottle. Braid these strips and then knot them together

Voila! A freshly made indestructible dog toy.

2. Tennis Ball Treat Puzzle

This treat is quite simple to make because all you need is a tennis ball and some dog treats. Here is how the process goes:

  • Take a used up tennis ball and cut the seam. However, a cross-cut also works
  • Finally, take some crunchy treats with a strong scent and fill the ball with them

One last thing. While you are choosing a ball make sure that the glue used is not toxic to dogs. That’s it! All you need to do now is to give this DIY treat to your dog and see him go bananas.

3. Toss-able Tennis Ball Toy

What do you get when you combine an old t-shirt with a tennis ball? A homemade dog chew toy! Here is how you can make one:

  • Take a t-shirt and cut it in two wide pieces
  • After that Arrange these pieces in the form of a cross and place the tennis ball in the middle
  • Next, Wrap the ball in the fabric
  • Tie the wrapped ball tightly with a ribbon
  • Finally, cut the remaining fabric in strips and braid them

Now, you have a toss-able tennis ball perfect for a game of fetch.

toss-able tennis ball toy
Use tennis balls for your DIY dog toys!

4. Cereal Box Puzzle

This toy is one of the best toys to keep your dog busy. Empty cereal boxes are everywhere in our houses. This is a simple way to get rid of them or rather have your dog get rid of them:

  • Take an empty cereal box and stuff it dog treats. Be sure to use treats that have a strong smell to let your dog know
  • Lastly, tape up the box and serve!

And when your dog is done with the box, just throw it in the recycle bin.

5. Fleece Puffball

What is one thing that kids and dogs have in common? They both love fleece puffballs. So, it can’t hurt to know how to make it, right? This is how you do it:

  • Cut the fabric into long, thin strips
  • One by one, wrap each strip around a cardboard cut-out in a way that only the two ends stick out. one end of the first strip and one of the last
  • Holding the wrapped strips tightly, slide the cut-out out. After you are done sliding out the cardboard, tie these strips up in the middle by a ribbon or another strip. Now, you’ll be left with a fleece ball that has loops on both ends and is tied in the middle
  • Take a pair of scissors and cut the loops of strips on both ends

Finally, fluff the edges and surprise your dog with his new toy.

6. Tug of War Fleece Scrap

Few things are as fun for dogs as a good game of tug of war. And what better way to play tug of war than with a homemade toy? So, let’s see how you can make one:

  • Take the fleece fabric and cut it into various long strips
  • Place these strips next to each other and tie a knot at one end
  • Braid these strips until you are left with 4-6 inches of strips
  • Tie a knot to complete the process

Now, you have a tug of war toy that is easy to make and also doesn’t cost a lot. Cheers!

7. Denim Knot

Who doesn’t love old denim? They are comfy, look retro, and are the perfect companions for a lazy Saturday afternoon. But we all need new denim from time to time. This doesn’t mean we have to throw the old one out. Here is how you can make a dog toy with old denim:

  • Cut the lower part of the denim
  • After that make a side cut along the length of this piece
  • Finally, roll it and tie a knot in the middle

Congratulations on your DIY indestructible dog toy.

8. Alien Stuff Toy

Have old sweaters? Why not make your dog a chew toy out of it? If this sounds like a good idea, then here is how you can make one:

  • Wash the sweater with hot water to make it thicker and softer
  • Draw the general shape of the alien toy you want to make on a piece of paper
  • Cut the sweater according to the shape you drew
  • Cut strips of fabric to be used as arms, legs, eyes, and nose of the alien.
  • Sew the arms, legs, nose, and eyes
  • Place a squeaker in between the top and bottom part of the body and sew it in

There you have it. An alien/felt monster that your dog will love.

diy dog stuff toy
You can make dog toys out of old sweaters!

9. Rope Ring

If you are having difficulty figuring out what to DIY dog toy to make then take a look at the Rope Ring. That said, it is a little difficult to make so be prepared for the challenge. Here is the short version:

  • Cut a rope into 4 equal pieces. The length of the pieces will depend on the size you want the toy to be.
  • Next, take 2 of these 4 pieces and make a crown knot. Here is how you do it.
  • After you are done with the crown knot, take the other two pieces and combine them as shown here.

And we are done. Granted It was a little different compared to other homemade dog chew toys on this list. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort as your dog will love it.

10. Hand-Tied Rope Toy

Hand-Tied rope toys require a little practice to make. But once you learn to tie the required knot, you will be churning out yours in no time. The following is a short version of the steps involved:

  • Take 2 equal length pieces of rope. Depending upon the size of your dog the length of the rope can be scaled up or down
  • Place one rope perpendicularly over the other and tie them up with a ribbon or a zip tie
  • Repeatedly tie a crown knot until 4-5 inches of rope remains

This is all there is to it and if you want, you can make it an oversized toy!

11. Denim Donut

You can never go wrong with a donut. Because whether they are edible or not, donuts just look cool. Here is how you can make one denim donut for your dog:

  • Take a jeans leg or a sleeve and roll it in the form of a donut.
  • Using a long strip of denim, wrap the donut and finish off with a knot.

That is one tasty donut, won’t you agree?

12. Braided Dish Towels

I would argue that you can make this toy with a blindfold on. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

  • Take 3 washed dish towels and cut short strips from 2 of them
  • Stack the towels on top of each other and tie them on one end by one of the strips
  • Braid the towels tightly and tie the other end with a strip when you are done

That was easy, wasn’t it?

13. Christmas Tree Chew Toy

Christmas trees remind us of a happier time. Your dog can experience this happy time too if you make him a DIY Christmas tree chew toy. So, follow along:

  • Trace the outline of a Christmas tree on felt and cut out two identical pieces
  • Stitch these two pieces together leaving only a small hole
  • Fill the toy with stuffing like cotton through that small hole

This is essentially it for the toy. Moreover, you can also decorate the toy with things like stickers and beads if you want. This is why homemade chew toys for dogs are so awesome. You can design them however you want.

14. Peanut Butter Pipe

This is more of a teasing toy than a chewing toy but it gets the job done. Here is how it works:

  • First up, take a large PVC pipe with an opening large enough that your dog won’t get stuck
  • Then slather it with peanut butter from the inside

That is it. Place this toy in front of your dog and see the action.

15. T-shirt Dog Rope

DIY dog toys that are made with t-shirts solve two problems at once. Your dog gets a fun toy to play with and you get a chance to be free of your old t-shirts. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Take a couple of your old t-shirts and cut them into long strips of about 2” wide
  • Next, stack these strips on top of one another and tie them down at one end with a strip
  • Lastly, braid these strips until you reach the other end then tie a knot and cut off the excess fabric

Now, you have a perfect toy to play tug of war with your buddy. Enjoy!

16. Sweet Potato Chew Toy

Sweet potatoes are a great source of nutrients for your pup. So, a DIY toy that uses sweet potatoes is an awesome idea, don’t you think? Here is how you make one:

  • Preheat the oven to about 250 degrees
  • Cut the sweet potato into slices of ½” inches thick, remove the center with a cookie cutter, and bake them for about 5 hours each side
  • Take a rope of approximately 3 feet, tie a knot, pass it through two slices of the sweet potato you baked, and tie a knot again. Do this until you have used up all of the slices
  • Finally, trim the excessive rope

And you have a nutritious toy for your doggo.

17. No Chew Heart Toy

Ah, the quintessential symbol of love. All your dogs want is your heart. So, here is how you can make one:

  • Stack two layers of fleece on top of each other
  • Place a stencil on the top layer and cut a circle around the heart. Because we need extra fabric
  • Make two slits on the edge of the heart. Using the top and the bottom fabric pieces, tie a double knot. Do this all around the heart
  • Before you tie the last pieces, fill the heart with fleece or some other filling
  • Tie the last piece and serve

Believe me, after you give him this heart, your dog will fall in love with you.

18. Homemade Squeaky Toy

In the world of DIY dog chew toys, squeaky toys occupy a special position. Why? Well, because a squeaky toy is a perfect way to save your furniture from all the chewing. This is how you make one:

  • Cut two bone-shaped, or any shape you fancy, canvas pieces
  • Make fleece strips by cutting strips of fabric. Now, take three of these strips, for each strip tie a knot at one end, and place those ends on one canvas piece
  • Place the other canvas piece on top and start sewing
  • Sew one side and leave one side open
  • Turn the toy inside out using the open side and stuff it with filling along with a squeaker
  • Sew the open side

And behold! A magical, talking bone. Your dog is going to be stunned.

19. Rope Ball Dog Toy

A ball made of rope. Enough said. Here is how to go about it:

  • Firstly, take a piece of cotton rope about 9 yards in length
  • Secondly, tie the rope in the form of a giant monkey’s fist knot
  • Finally, before finishing the knot, place dog treats in the knot

This is it. So, make a DIY rope toy and have fun.

diy rope dog toy
You can make your own rope toy for your dog.

20. Plait-o-War

Plait-o-war might sound like a medieval call to the battlefield but it just a toy for playing tug of war.

You can make one by following these steps:

  • Take old towels or bed sheets or blankets and tie them with a tree or something similar
  • Now, take the free edges and form a plait (braid).

Finally, let your dog go crazy on this new toy. Because he deserves it.

DIY dog chew toys are fun for the whole family. You get to have fun making them. Your dog gets to have fun playing with them. And you save a handsome amount of money in the process. It’s a win-win situation.

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