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10 Best Dog Water Fountains & Dispensers

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Published on
Sunday 6 September 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
dog water fountains
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The best dog water fountains are the most effective way to get your dog(s) to drink more water, simply because running water is naturally more appealing than standing water. This is rooted in every single dog’s instinct as their ancestors favored running streams of water over standing water which was commonly contaminated and simply not clean enough for consumption.

Health-wise, great hydration for your dog decreases the risk of certain medical complications directly or indirectly caused by dehydration. But simply because of the convenience, having a dog water fountain means less worrying about how much water is left in the bowl and how clean is the water left. For traveling, make sure you spend ten bucks on a quality collapsible dog bowl

How Does a Dog Water Fountain Work?

Most dog drinking fountains found in the market are equipped with filters. To make sure that the water is safe to drink, the recycled water goes through a filtration system before it’ll pour back to the drinking bowl.

Since the water is continuously filtered, debris like dirt, fur, food bits, hair, and other particles will be cleared into the drinking bowl. Purchasing one can be a  good way to keep your dogs hydrated, it’s also perfect for owners who are often busy refilling their dog’s water bowls daily.

There are also two types of dog drinking fountains to choose from, the battery operated and the cord & power outlet operated. Both of these have their own pros and cons.

Types of Dog Water Fountain Pros Cons
Battery operatedCan be placed anywhere in your home since they’re cordlessYou need to change the battery from time to time
Cord and power outlet operatedMore powerful and can last longerCan only be placed near a power outlet. Its cord is also dangerous especially if you have puppies who love to chew.
Pros and Cons of Pet Drinking Fountain

What Are the Advantages of Using a Dog Pet Fountain?

“Aren’t all pet & dog water fountains the same?”

No, they are absolutely not all the same. Often the supplies we imagine are the simplest, in fact, are really not. There are many things to consider before buying a water fountain for your dogs.

Dog water fountains and dispensers have a lot of useful advantages not only for pet owners but also for our furry buddies. And to further discuss its great benefits, below are a few of the main purposes of drinking fountains.

Keeps your dog hydrated

Of course, the main objective of having a pet bowl is to keep them properly hydrated. Using a dog drinking fountain, your fur buddies will be more encouraged to drink since running water is more appealing to them. This will assure you that your dog is healthy and has enough water especially if you’re living in a warmer climate.

Prevent water from getting dirty

As mentioned earlier, dog drinking fountain bowls use a filtration system that provides fresh and clean water to your dogs. Some even use premium charcoal filters which are safe for dogs since the carbon is made from coconut shells, just make sure to purchase the right and compatible filter. As a pet owner, like me, I don’t want my dogs to drink dirty water with dirt, insects, hair, etc.

Prevent potential kidney and liver disease

Staying hydrated is important because it allows their kidney to function appropriately and flush out toxins. Also, drinking stagnant or unclean water can be harmful to your dogs since it can contain molds and algae that can cause liver failure.

Moving Water Is Healthier and Improves Water Quality for Dogs

Generally, running water from a water fountain bowl is cleaner than still or tap water. Since it keeps a constant movement it helps your dog’s drinking water to stay cool and always fresh – which is loved by your fur buddies.

Thanks to its carbon filter, it also improves the water quality and eliminates any impurities in the water as it flows through the bowl.

6 Factors to Consider When Buying Dog Drinking Fountains

Before searching and purchasing a dog water fountain and dispenser for your dogs, make sure to consider these factors to ensure that you’ll buy the best and quality automatic dog water dispenser that will last for years to come.

  • Size of the Bowl — if you’ve got a Rottweiler instead of a Chihuahua, you will most certainly need a much larger bowl.
  • Depth of the Bowl — my Border Collie is a messy drinker and every time she drinks, she plays with the water… I had to buy a deep bowl so she couldn’t do it any longer.
  • Purification & Filters — there are various filtering systems, and each manufacturer may use its own proprietary filters.
  • Capacity — how many dogs have you got? just a couple or a whole kennel? will other pets drink from the fountain? Is it summertime or winter? then decide on how much water the fountain should be able to hold.
  • Orientation — depending on how many dogs or pets you have, you may have to go with a fountain offering enough room for several pets to drink from at the same time.
  • Design & Color — the least important but usually what people base their choice on for the ultimate decision.

These bullets should already give you an idea of what water fountain would suit you and your dogs the best, but you’ll never find the absolute perfect fountain for your precise dog.

10 Best Dog Water Fountains and Dispensers

If you’re now certain to purchase a water fountain for your dogs, here are the best and quality drinking bowls that will keep your dogs hydrated and maintain a healthy well-being. 

1. PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain

Elegantly designed but also very practical with a 2-liter (70 oz.) capacity reservoir, the Ceramic Pagoda Fountain will be appealing to the eye but also to your pets. It comes with a dual free-falling stream that adds freshness and oxygen to the water itself.

Coming in white or red, the porcelain looks beautiful and will definitely find the right spot at home! If you have dogs of different ages or sizes, the upper and lower bowls/dishes provide your animals with an adapted area that will make big pooches and small kittens happy!

Good for:

  • Multi-pet households
  • Large dogs

2. PetSafe Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain

This is the #1 choice for small breed dogs that you have at home. This mini drinking fountain has a 40 oz water capacity and ensures that your dogs are drinking fresh and clean filtered water.

PetSafe Drinkwell includes a charcoal filter that removes bad tastes and bad odors, giving your small breed dogs the best possible and most appealing way to stay hydrated throughout days of hot weather.

The free-falling water makes it very appealing and the dish is deep enough so your clumsy dogs won’t splash the water all around. I know it matters so much, especially when the dog water fountain will be kept indoors. If you need more control, there is an adjustable flow control lever to increase or decrease the flow of water.

Good for:

  • Small breed dogs
  • Hydrating pets by its activated carbon filter
  • Messy drinkers

3. Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain

Rare are the fountains that are dishwasher safe, but the Pioneer Steel Dog Water Fountain is definitely dishwasher safe so it can save you some time for the cleaning.

Stainless steel is often recommended when dealing with dogs as it is extremely hard for the dirt and the bacteria to stick to it and proliferate. Please note that, unlike most cheap steel fountains, both the inside and the outside are made of high-grade stainless steel.

The fountain holds enough water for a day if you have two or three dogs, otherwise, it lasts even longer with its 128 oz / 3.5 liters reservoir.

Good for:

  • Quick cleaning
  • One or two-dog families

4. Lu&Ba Pet Water Fountain

8 inches high with a 15-degree inclined dog water fountain that allows your pets to drink without making a mess. The Lu&Ba automatic drinking bowl has a 68 oz. water storage and has a symmetrical drinking area for multiple pets.

This pet water fountain has ceramic rotors and shafts that reduce friction and noise while improving its durability. It features a sponge filter at the bottom of its pump that removes water debris. Since it’s made of thick ABS food-grade materials, it ensures that there’s no odor in your dog’s drinking water.

Its surface is made of quality density cotton that can filter continuously and filter out dirt, hair, fur, and other debris that can cause contamination. While the filters inside are composed of GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) and ion exchange resin that’s perfect for removing odors, calcium, and magnesium ions that can lead to pet urinary tract problems.

Good for:

  • Multiple pets
  • Protecting pet’s health
  • Purifying and softening of water

5. Heyrex Torus Ultimate Pet Water Bowl For Dogs and Cats

Beautiful-looking slick dog water bowl with a cooling system embedded. Travel-friendly, this is a water fountain to bring on holidays or even to a friend’s house.

Despite its relatively small and compact size, the Heyrex Torus Water Bowl contains 2 liters of water (half a gallon), and… wait for it… requires no batteries or electricity at all. The water is gravity-fed, crazy I know.

This is the perfect water dish for any pet who is on the go, whether to dog shows or because the owners travel frequently. It is however not as thorough as the other contenders on this page in terms of capacity.

Good for:

  • Travelers & On-the-go owners
  • Small and medium pets

6. PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

To me, this is the better-looking pet water fountain on the marketplace today. I like the 360 design especially if you have many pets, it will suddenly become easier for them to all go drink together without having to squeeze themselves.

Another ingenious addition to the Drinkwell 360 Fountain is the interchangeable spout rings that can provide from 1 to 5 water streams at the same time. If you have one pet then you can leave one or two streams, but if you have more dogs or cats, you can make it even more entertaining with up to five water streams.

The reservoir contains 5 liters or 1 gallon. It is not the biggest available but this is not a water fountain built for Mastiff-type dogs. The Drinkwell 360 by PetSafe would suit a family of three or four small to medium-size pets.

Good for:

  • Multi-dog households
  • Small to medium breeds
  • Design lovers

7. Large Dog Water Dispenser 6.5 Gallons By Critter Concepts

Large Dog Water Dispenser
There’s enough for everybody! (Credits to Critter Concepts)

Dog breeders, this is for you, just for you. Let’s say it now, this dog water dispenser might not look good but it does the job like no other. No fanciness, only practicality.

With a reservoir of 6.5 gallons (30 liters), these water dispensers will provide your entire kennel with enough water forever. It is placed above 3-inch locking wheels to be moved with ease even by kids and seniors, and it has been FDA approved as a food-grade water container.

The manufacturer, Critter Concepts, offers a lifetime warranty and this is a product that is currently used in hundreds of dog rescue centers all over the United States. The manufacturer even gives a smart tip for hot days…

8. OlarHike Dog Water Fountain Stainless Steel

OlarHike Water Fountain features an elegant design that can perfectly blend anywhere in your house. Made of 100% food-grade and durable stainless steel, this pet drinking bowl is perfect for everyday use and can last for years without any scratches and corrosion.

Also, this pet drinking fountain has an adjustable water flow switch that can be modified depending on your dog’s needs so it can be more enticing. This automatic stainless steel bowl also features a carbon filter and water pump for fresh, cool, and clean water.

Good for:

  • Multi-pet family
  • Avoiding buildups of dirt, insects, hair, etc.
  • A healthy hydration

9. PETLIBRO Dog Water Fountain, Ultra Quiet with Two Flow Modes

A modern-style drinking fountain that runs ultra quietly and encourages your pets to drink more water. It uses a patented outlet pipe that is noise-free even when the water level gets low, so it’s perfect for owners who want to place this drinking bowl in their bedrooms.

Made from the best quality ABS materials, the PETLIBRO automatic pet water fountain is also BPA-free and is easy to operate. It has an 80 ML water storage and can provide water in case of power interruption.

Since this automatic water dispenser is ergonomic, all parts are easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and replacement. Make sure that you’ll change its filters and clean the pump and fountain every 2-4 weeks to maintain your pet’s health and prevent any contaminations. 

Good for:

  • An effective drinking space
  • Emergency Water Storage

10. Sfozstra Automatic Pet Water Dispenser

Looking for a unique and stylish pet water fountain? The Sfozstra automatic dog drinking bowl is perfect for you! It features a premium PP material that’s odorless, pet-safe, and durable that will surely last for years.

The transparent container is designed for you to see if you need to refill your pet’s water. It also has a non-slip bottom and a low center of gravity to make it more stable. It also has an automatic watering system that replenishes your dog’s water supply whenever the water levels become low.

Its capacity is 84 oz or 2.5 L that can last for 2-3 days even for medium dog breeds, perfect for working owners who are worried about their pet’s hydration needs.

Good for:

  • Preventing dirt accumulation
  • Improving your house style
  • Single or multiple pet households. 

Dog Drinking Fountain and Dispenser: FAQ

We gathered the top frequently asked questions about dog drinking fountains and dispensers, below are the best answers to your inquiries.

Are water fountains better for dogs?

Dog drinking fountains are not only better for dogs but also for owners. Since it automatically refills your dog’s water bowl, it also provides cleaner and safer water for your dogs. But even though it has these features, make sure that you’ll stick check it from time to time, replace its filters, and clean them properly. 

How do I train my dog to use a water fountain?

You can calmly introduce the drinking fountain to your dogs by placing a small amount of water in your hand and letting them drink or lick it. Once you get their trust, slowly move your hands to the fountain and encourage them to drink directly from the bowl.

How often should you wash your dog’s fountain bowl?

If you want to ensure that your dog’s water is clean, you can wash their water fountain at least twice or thrice a week. This will prevent any growth of mold, bacteria, algae, fungi, etc. that can cause infections and contaminations to your pet.

Do dogs prefer flowing water?

Studies have shown that animals do prefer flowing water rather than stagnant water. Since it’s a natural preference that’s carried from their wild ancestors, flowing water is more refreshing, cooler, and cleaner.

Where is the best place for your dog’s water fountain?

The best place for a dog’s automatic water dispenser still depends on your dog. You can use either an indoor or outdoor dog drinking fountain as long as your pets can access them easily to prevent dehydration.

Can dogs get sick from a dirty water bowl?

Yes, your dogs can be exposed to pathogens when they drink contaminated water. Dirty water also contains germs, mold, and yeast that can affect your dog’s health. It can cause coughing, sneezing, or other infections like leptospirosis.

How do I keep my dog’s water fountain from getting slimy?

To prevent bacteria and mold buildup, you can clean your pet’s drinking bowl with hot and soapy water. Make sure to use a clean sponge while washing and a clean cloth to dry it, you can do this at least once a week.

We’ve got a list of the absolute best dog food containers as well in case you need to keep it fresh! Read Amazon reviews for Critter Concepts Large Dog Water Dispenser.

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