5 Best Dog Food Containers Reviewed

5 Best Dog Food Containers Reviewed

Dog food containers keep your pet food fresh (usually, kibble) but also prevents your dog(s) from accessing it between their meals! Most people use pet food storage containers to prevent odors from spreading through the atmosphere and finally, it keeps pests away from getting into the food.

Some dog owners simply grab a plastic container and use it as a pet food container which we would not recommend as these are rarely airtight. The construction of these kibble cans and bins must be sturdy, chewproof and scratchproof because your dog(s) will surely try their luck!

Let look at our review of the top 5 best kibble containers!

1. simplehuman Dog Food Storage Can

The best of all, the simplehuman storage can is for those who want the best technology with the sexiest design. This beautiful storage container comes in three sizes and is made of fingerprint-proof durable stainless steel. The lid is locked with an easy to operate handle and once you open it, there is a lid-mounted scoop attached neatly underneath; such a great addition.

There are built-in wheels so you can move it around whenever you want, even when the dog food container is full of kibble. No need for muscles, women love it! The bucket found inside is BPA-free and safe for food, so technically you could use it for your own foods. The bucket lifts out of the can with ease for quick and effortless cleaning.

Thanks to its space-saving lines and shape, the simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can will fit in all homes and like a reviewer online said, “it is obvious that a lot of thought went into designing this pet food storage can.” Its only downside is the price but it is honestly the best out there and well worth every penny.

  • Medium fits approximately 27 pounds or 12kg of pet food.
  • Large fits approximately 32 pounds or 15kg of pet food.
  • Extra-Large fits approximately 40 pounds or 18kg of pet food.

2. Harry Barker Dog Food Container

It comes delivered with a nice silver scooper also, and it just does what it is meant to do, without fuss or frills. It stores your dog food and keeps it fresh for a long long time while still looking nice. It’s still a lot of dollars for a dog food container, but the Harry Barker dog food containers are great products in many ways.

This container looks nice sitting out in the open and are very practical with up to 40lbs of kibble stored. It is relatively impossible for your dog, even if he or she is the smartest cookie out there, to get a way to open it.

It comes in three sizes, 10lbs, 22lbs and 40lbs, and two colors, silver, and white. It is the perfect kibble container to sit next to your dogs’ food bowls!

3. Vittles Vault Stackable Dog Food Containers

Vittles Vault pet food storage containers are coming in various (three to be exact) shapes, and then in many sizes for each shape. They all use the same technology so if you like them, it is just a matter of picking your preferred range.

Vittles Vault containers all have a solid heavy-duty plastic construction which makes the cleaning very straightforward and effort-free. The kibble container’s airtight seal will keep the smell in it and the food remains fresh.

Depending on the model you go for, you will find sturdy yet comfortable handles to move it around but a few models go up to 80lbs or 36kg so even with handles, it may be tough to move around.

We’re getting ready to buy a second Vittles Vault to hold puppy food; we’ve been using our first Vault to store adult dog food.

Vittles Vault dog food containers are the only food storage items we’ve ever found that you can leave out there in the garage with four large dogs, and they can bite it, knock it over, push it around, jump on it, spill their water bowl by it, etc., and nothing affects the contents or allows them to access the contents.

It is truly airtight and watertight, but easy to open and close rapidly with a “spin” of the large cap, which has a well-designed screw-on system.

As you can tell, this is a great all-round dog food storage system for a relatively decent price. You can easily stack them up if you need more, and they can be used and cleaned within minutes.

4. IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit

The cheapest option! Not very design-focused although it comes in a few eye-catching colors, these dog and cat food containers are practical. The plastic construction is transparent, only lids are colored, so it may not look super nice when you’re inviting guests over but it does the job.

The kit is delivered with two containers: a 25lbs large one to store the dog food and a 10lb small one to store treats. There are four wheels on the large containers so it is a nice choice for those who need to move it around. A scoop is included with it and all items are BPA-free and FDA-compliant.

As another reviewer noted, “Not only are the containers airtight, they are also chewproof ha! I left my 3 labradors inside the house with 2 sets of these containers and came home to find them in various places in the house, with numerous scratches and bite marks, but still closed and the contents safe! Attempts at self-feeding were foiled! Great product!

5. IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder

Convenient, practical, good looking, and cheap. This elevated feeding station for dogs offers two advantages: raised dog bowls to relieve the strain coming from stooping low while eating, but also allows you to store the dry dog food in it. It’s a super ingenious idea that makes a lot of sense: store it where you will feed it!

Coming in three sizes, it will be enjoyed by all dogs and will contain respectively:

  • 5lbs, or 18 cups of dry pet food, in the Small size
  • 13lbs, or 46 cups of dry pet food, in the Medium size
  • 47lbs, or 64 cups of dry pet food, in the Large size

Reviews are great simply because the product in itself is very simple and requires no engineering from your part: no electric parts, no screwing, no stacking, no folding. The assembly is straightforward and thanks to the PVC material it is made from, it takes seconds to wipe it clean. Both bowls are delivered with the container and feeding station; they are made of stainless steel to reduce risks linked to bacterias spreading.

The choice offered here is done in a way where you have all options available: the beautiful but expensive best dog food container, the cheaper more functional ones, and even a simple plastic container of better quality than most similar kibble bins and cans. The simplehuman Dog Food Storage Can is obviously the top choice but not everybody can afford it.