12 Best Frisbees for Dogs – What Are The Best Durable Throw Discs?

12 Best Frisbees for Dogs – What Are The Best Durable Throw Discs?
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Best frisbees for dogs, in all shapes and sizes, are abundant in the market. So, it should be simple enough to find one for your dog. They all vary in size, color, material, and other unique features. With hundreds of varieties and options to choose from, it can be perplexing. Then, how do you know which is the right one to buy?

Frisbee training with your dog is a fun activity that both of you can enjoy. But before you shop for dog discs, you must learn the importance of choosing the right frisbee for your dog. Besides being indestructible, you’ll also need a frisbee that suits your dog’s specific needs. This way, you can avoid getting your dog hurt or wasting your money on the wrong toy. It is a challenging task, but don’t give up your search just yet. Because we have lined up 12 of the best throw discs around. So, continue reading to discover which frisbee is the best for your dog.

Picking The Right Frisbee For Dogs

When purchasing a dog frisbee, you want your dog to enjoy the game without getting injured. It is why you need to consider these four essential factors before buying, which include Size, Hardness, Weight, and Color. Depending on your needs, there are many special features to also look out for, like flotation, biting grooves, soft catch, etc.


  • Choose the size of dog frisbee discs according to the size of your dog.
  • Large frisbees are not suitable for small dogs. The width may be too much for them to handle, even leading to jaw injuries.


  • Soft frisbees, made from rubber, foam, or nylon, are more forgiving to your dog’s teeth and jaw. However, they are difficult to throw for longer distances.
  • Hard frisbees, on the other hand, can soar farther and more accurately. The only downside to this plastic made frisbee is that it can wear out quickly.
  • Consider your play area; if you don’t have enough space to throw your disc, a soft frisbee is ideal.


  • Same with size, you should also consider the weight of your frisbee. Small dogs may find massive discs more challenging to handle.
  • Likewise, big dogs such as Retrievers and Belgian Malinois can handle heavy frisbees. Beagles, Terriers, and other sporty small breeds are better off with a lighter and more manageable disc.


  • Dogs can only discern colors, including yellow, blue, and gray.
  • A brightly colored frisbee provides better visibility when you are in a park. When you are just playing in your backyard, any color will suffice.
  • If you want, you can also choose a color that your dog prefers if they have any favorites.
frisbee colors for dogs
There are certain colors dogs can see clearly.

12 Best Frisbees for Dogs

Let us look at the best throw discs for dogs. Each of these products differs not only in size, design, and materials but also with their own additional special features. This list gives you diverse options to choose from and help you find the best frisbee that suits your dog’s needs.

1. ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

You can get Chuckit! dog frisbee in two sizes: small and large. The small 6.5-inch diameter disc weighs about 1.76 ounces and is 0.75 inches thick. In comparison, the large size 9.6-inch diameter flyer is also 0.75 inches thick but weighs around 4.8 ounces.

Chuckit! is an excellent brand when it comes to fetching toys for all types of dogs. Although it is lightweight, it is amazing how much distance you can get from it. The interior comprises multiple layers of nylon with a soft rubber edge. Plus, the bright blue and orange colors provide excellent visibility in both water and grass.

However, it shares some downsides common with soft frisbees. Dog’s sharp teeth can easily puncture and tear the nylon fabric. So, make sure not to let your pet use it as a chew toy.

2. UpDog 6-Inch Flying Disc

If you are looking for durable throw discs for your small dog, this one from UpDog is an excellent option for you. It is 6 inches in diameter, 1-inch thick, and 3.2 ounces heavy. You can also choose from 5 colors, including red, blue, pink, green, and orange.

Moreover, the material consists of US-sourced high-quality plastic that is very durable. Its rigid but flexible design is excellent for long-distance throws, too.

You might have a hard time getting used to its weight because it’s heavier than other Dog frisbee discs. However, you’ll find that the soft material is chew resistant and easier on your dog’s teeth and gums.

3. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

Although technically not a frisbee, this flying dog toy will add more excitement to your fetch game. This unique feature sets it apart because it instantly catches the attention of your dog while it spins in mid-air. The shape also makes it easy to pick up. Furthermore, its 11″ X 11″ size is perfect for large dogs.

This another entry from Chuckit! is brightly colored with the addition of glow in the dark paws. They use durable but soft canvass that can withstand an exhilarating fetch game in water or on land.

The odd shape will take some time to get used to throwing. But, the challenge only makes it more thrilling for both you and your dog.

4. Nite Ize Flashflight Discuit Frisbee

Don’t let the absence of sunlight keep you from having a ton of fun playing fetch with your dog. Now, you can play frisbee in the dark with the 8.2-inch Nite Ize LED-lit disc. Its exciting color-changing bright lights are very eye-catching even during the late afternoon.

The frisbee’s LED lights use two replaceable lithium batteries, tucked away using a dog-safe cover. With soft-touch plastic, The disc is bite-resistant and easy on your dog’s mouth.

Nevertheless, the issue is that the build quality does not live up to expectations, especially with this product type. Despite this, this frisbee is a great toy to keep around for your amusement.

5. Outward Hound Bionic Toss N' Tug

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Outward Hound bring us the unique design of this dog frisbee gives it an appearance similar to a steering wheel. This feature challenges your dog’s ability to pick up this frisbee from the floor.

Its nearly 10-inch diameter makes it suitable even for large dogs. Also, it is accessible in three exciting colors, including green, orange, and purple.

Still, the durability of its materials does not stand a chance with a chewer. Nevertheless, it does let you use it in multiple ways, like playing tug, fetch, or in the pool.

6. Hyperflite Jawz X-Comp

This 10-inch diameter disc is an indestructible frisbee for dogs. It is the top choice for dog frisbee training or if you want a serious game of fetch.

With this professional-level disc, you can perform accurate and tremendously long-distance throws.

It weighs approximately 145 grams, which makes it too heavy to float on water. On the other hand, its rigid polymer is resistant to bites, and its low profile surface provides a secure grip.

7. Hero Xtra 235 Freestyle Flying Dog Sport Disc

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Here is another exceptional selection for you if you are looking for a competition-grade disc. This 9.25-inch disc features a tackier plastic that provides excellent grip even when covered with your dog’s drool.

You can choose from five size variations and eight different eye-catching colors, too. With so many options available, you can easily find the best dog discs that fit your needs.

The only shortcoming of this frisbee is that it isn’t sturdy enough to withstand strong biters. Nonetheless, it is an excellent quality flyer, though, and not meant as a chew toy.

8. Chuckit! Lite Flight

This frisbee is perhaps Chuckit’s best soft disc. The materials used are a strong polyester canvas that is durable but soft on your dog’s teeth and gums.

You can pick between a 7-inch or a 10-inch disc depending on the size of your dog. It is suitable for playing in the yard or at the pool.

As a leading brand for fetch dog toys, standards, and expectations are much higher for this product. This frisbee, in particular, is only suitable for soft-gummed dogs.

9. Booda Tail-Spin Flyer

Booda is one of the great sources of soft and lightweight discs in the market. Like many of their excellent products, this 10-inch frisbee only weighs 0.8 ounces.

It is the perfect frisbee for beginners. You can practice throwing and training your dog to fetch effortlessly and safely.

When it comes to durability, Booda has better options for you. But, rest assured that the company, with no exception to this model, uses safe materials for your dogs. You don’t have to fear injuries while using this soft disc.

10. ZippyPaws – Rope Gliderz Durable Outdoor Dog Toy Flying Disc

This soft frisbee lives up to its name by using an authentic mountain climbing rope. This feature makes it perfect for playing catch and tug-o-war with your dog.

Because of its materials, it can be too heavy at 3.2 ounces with a diameter of 10 inches. Even so, it is quite sturdy and flexible.

Don’t expect much distance from this disc, though. But, what it lacks in flight, it makes it up for in durability.

11. West Paw Design Zogoflex Zisc

If you are looking for a durable frisbee for your gentle chewer, an easy choice is the Zisc. It comes in two sizes: 6.5-inch and 8.5-inch diameter. They also offer colorful selections, including Aqua, Granny Smith, Tangerine, and Glow.

You can never go wrong with its simple design. This frisbee also consists of FDA-approved materials that are recyclable and easy to clean.

It flies better, even when compared with other ultimate flyers, despite its heavyweight. You need to be careful if your dog is a tenacious chewer, though. They may be able to bite a chunk out of it if your dog is persistent.

12. Kong Flyer

Kong dog frisbee is one of the top choices for durable throwing discs for dogs. This product only proves its manufacturer’s well-earned reputation in making indestructible pet-safe toys.

The Kong Flyer is available in small 7-inch and large 9-inch size frisbees. It uses the company’s very own soft and natural rubber that is safe for dogs. Plus, its uniquely designed edge provides a secure grip for your hands and your dog’s mouth.

Its weight is working against it because, despite its design, this frisbee does not float very well. But it does, however, fly accurately.

Frisbees for Dogs – FAQ

Playing frisbee with your dog is a rewarding activity. Whether you’re new or relatively experienced with the game, there is much to learn about it. Let us answer some of the questions you might have about dog frisbees.

Why do dogs love to play frisbee?

Dogs love to play frisbee because it helps them release some of their excess energy while having fun. Running and catching provides them with excellent stimulation. It also helps them stay fit and improve their speed, muscle strength, reflexes, and coordination. Another great reason is that dogs love playing with round things. However, unlike balls, frisbees are much more comfortable for dogs to catch in mid-air.

Can all dogs catch frisbee mid-air?

Not all breeds are naturally skilled in catching a frisbee in mid-air. Some dog breeds are not athletically inclined to perform high jumps and fetch objects using their mouth. The best at playing frisbee are Golden Retrievers and Belgian Malinois. These two are just some of the dog breeds that are apt at chasing and catching high tosses.

How do I train my dog to catch frisbees?

You need to familiarize your dog and help them get excited about the disc. Use it to play tug and reward any action that shows your dog’s initiative to grab the frisbee. You can try introducing the game by rolling the disc on the ground instead of throwing it in the air. Then, you can alternate between throwing and rolling the disc until your dog understands the objective.

How do I properly throw a dog frisbee?

There are two main styles in throwing frisbee: backhand and forehand. Backhand refers to holding the disc with your thumb on top and throwing it from your front. The forehand, in contrast, entails pulling your wrist back before throwing the disc. It takes much training for you to get used to the motion. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose whichever style is comfortable for you.

Should I get a ball instead of a frisbee?

It would be best if you got a ball instead of frisbee when you intend to play indoors. Playing catch with a ball can also be much easier for your dog to play. On the other hand, if you plan to play outdoors, like in a park, a frisbee is a better option. The choice relies on your preference and where you will be playing fetch with your dog.

We now know how picking the right discs for your dog is critical to their health and safety. There are many options out in the market, and they all boast different designs and features that can be confusing. Whatsmore, picking the wrong frisbee would be a waste of money and may result in injuries. With the right frisbee, you and your dog can have a fun and exciting workout and bonding activity. Look for the best dog frisbee discs today to enjoy playing the sports that both of you would love.