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16 Best Dog Throwing Toys

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Published on
Friday 27 January 2023
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
16 Best Dog Throwing Toys
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Dogs are active beings. They like to jump, run, chase other small animals, or even play with inanimate objects. Moreover, to best satisfy their instincts, buying the best throwing toys for dogs is a must. Yet, how will you know which ones to buy? Easy, just read this article. 

16 Best Throwing Toys For Dogs aka Fetch Toys

With the many fetch toys available in the market, buying the right one can be difficult. Hence, to help you decide which one to choose, this article listed the 16 throw toys for dogs that you may want to consider in your shopping list. 

The first and most highly recommended by vets and pet owners is the West Paw Zogoflex fetching stick. This durable fetching toy can withstand dogs’ regular pulling, tugging, and biting. Moreover, it’s also lightweight, engaging, and, at the same time, made from recyclable materials. 

On the other hand, if you still want to explore various dog toys, this article prepared the toplist of the best fetch and throwing toys for dogs in the market. What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling. 

1. West Paw Zogoflex Dog Fetching Stick

The first pick and also the most recommended throwing toy for dogs is none other than this West Paw Zogoflex fetch dog stick. If you want both stability and style to co-exist in a single toy, then West Paw is your go-to company. Having existed around 1996, this company made a huge impact on every pet owner’s life by producing high-quality dog toys in the market. 

Moreover, this isn’t your average fetching toy at all. That’s because every dog toy came from recycled Zogoflex products and ocean-bound waste materials. Well, how cool is that? It doesn’t only produce fun and interesting toys that dogs can play fetch with, but it also helps advocate the cleanliness of the ocean ecosystem. 

On the contrary, there are two things that pet owners noticed about this product, though. First, it has a hollow inside, which means it gets ripped quite easily. Next, some customers also reported that this item was somehow gooey when chewed. 


  • It comes in three vibrant colors. 
  • This is also an ideal substitute for sticks. 
  • It’s eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials. 
  • This floats on water and glides smoothly in the air. 
  • Great for dog tugging activities.
  • It’s also cost-effective and machine washable. 


  • This has a hollow inside.
  • Other products were manufactured too gooey. 

2. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Durable Chew-Fetch Ball Dog Toys

Among the best throw toys for dogs available in the market, the 2nd most highly favored and recommended is none other than this Planet Dog Orbee fetch ball. Well, this dog toy is the main contender from the company, Outward Hound. Also, unlike any other pet company, this one produces toys infused with scented natural oils. Moreover, this Orbee fetch toy has an interesting mint scent that not only arouses dogs’ senses but also helps freshen their breath. 

In addition, this also comes with a rope sling that’s perfect for normal tossing, throwing, and pulling of canines. Plus, the ball itself is rubber, hence it’s jiggly and bouncy on land, and at the same time, buoyant in water. Also, the most important thing, this is lead-free and eco-friendly which means this is safe for dogs to chew and tug. 

Yet, there are still customers that were somehow unsatisfied with this product. According to them, the rope is the main issue. Although the rubber is durable, the rope was the one that gets untangled easily. Also, the rope is quite short and difficult to swing as well. 


  • It’s a combo of rope sling and rubber ball. 
  • This has a built-in natural mint infusion for fresh breath. 
  • Perfect game for tugging and throwing. 
  • It’s both bouncy and buoyant. 
  • This is also durable, lead-free, and eco-friendly. 


  • The rope is quite loose and thin.
  • Its rope is also short and hard to maneuver. 

3. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Next on our list is the Chuckit! Flying squirrel dog toy. Dogs and squirrels have quite a history together. To be precise, a squirrel is a dog’s natural prey drive stimulant. Whenever there are squirrels, canines simply like chasing them. Hence, by having a toy that looks like a squirrel, it’s a guarantee that your dog will never get tired of playing with it. 

Moreover, another good thing about this product is that it has glow-in-the-dark colors. With that said, this is highly visible and ideal for short nighttime play sessions. Also, this has curved sides which enable this toy to glide perfectly in the air. Well, its curvy form also contributes to a gentle and injury-free grip when dogs bite on it. 

Overall, this throwing toy for dogs is a good buy. However, for some reason, a few of the pet owners reported this toy wasn’t safe at all. According to them, this product has plastic pipes inside. Plus, it has poor stitching that comes off easily, hence the pipes inside it are bound to come out and poke dogs. 


  • It has curved sides for a perfect gliding effect. 
  • It’s also lightweight to toss and buoyant in water.
  • This comes in glow-in-the-dark colors. 
  • It’s soft, interesting, and yet rugged. 
  • It mimics squirrels and thus excites dogs. 


  • It has loose and poor stitching.
  • This has plastic pipes inside. 

4. ChuckIt! Pet Toy Ball Launcher

Another best throw toy for dogs is this 2nd Chuckit! product that we have. Unlike other toys that need to be manually tossed in the air, this one comes with a ball launcher. When dogs play, balls can get slimy with their salivas and extra dirt can stick on them too. Well, if you don’t like touching slimy and gunky ball surfaces, then you should get this product. 

Meanwhile, the toy launcher comes in various sizes to choose from. If you have a larger dog that likes running at long-range distances, then choose a launcher that has a longer handle. Take note that a long handle delivers a more extended reach and, at the same time, provides a greater launch distance. Moreover, another good thing about this product is that it’s compatible with almost all medium-sized balls


  • Ideal for fetching balls at far distances. 
  • The long handle comes in different sizes. 
  • It’s compatible with most medium-sized balls. 
  • This is also portable and can be brought anywhere.
  • Saves you from touching dirty balls. 
  • A single purchase comes with both a launcher and a ball. 


  • The ball was the first one to break. 

5. Chew King Fetch Balls

Sometimes canines request nighttime walking and even playing. Well, as a pet owner, it’s a hassle to play ball with your dog when it’s dark. With that said, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because Chew King got you covered. This company produces not only durable throw toys for dogs but also glow-in-dark versions of them. To be precise, they’re not just ordinary glow toys too. In fact, they’re accessible and can be charged with almost any bright light available. 

In addition, this Chew King fetch ball toy also has unique air vents. According to the company, the air vents function as tongue protectors. Moreover, in that way, dogs won’t have heat spots when licking the ball and at the same time, they won’t get their tongues stuck.  

Further, all toys, even the best ones, have minor loopholes. Well, some customers said that this toy is smaller compared to the advertisement. Hence, canines may choke on it. Plus, some manufactured products became too hard for dogs to grip.


  • It has a glow-in-the-dark function.
  • This has air vents that protect the dog’s tongue. 
  • It charges with almost any bright light.
  • Perfect for both daytime and nighttime use. 
  • This is easy to clean and machine washable. 


  • It’s smaller compared to ordinary ball sizes. 
  • Some products are too hard for dogs to grip. 

6. West Paw Design Zogoflex Jive

If you can’t get enough of West Paw dog products, then this article got you covered. Our 6th in line is none other than this durable and stylish Zogoflex Jive. Well, what makes this toy unique among all other throw toys for dogs, though? It’s simple. It has unique soft side curves that make this toy more bouncy and engaging. Plus, this comes in 3 high-visibility colors for extra protection. 

Another good thing about this toy is that this fits most standard ball launchers. So, if you don’t like touching slobby playtime balls, then you can pair this one up with any ball launchers in the market. 

However, there are some disadvantages to this one too. A few of the reviews stated that this ball is too hard for dogs to grip. Also, in some cases, this broke a dog’s tooth. Further, other complaints also involve this product arriving used and defective. 


  • Perfect for outdoor or indoor play sessions.
  • It’s safe, and it came from eco-friendly materials. 
  • Sizes match a standard ball launcher.
  • It floats and is ideal for water games.
  • It’s durable and has a unique cut. 


  • It’s too hard and can break a dog’s tooth. 
  • Some items arrived damaged and used. 

7. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Frisbee

A top contender is also none other than the constant top-notcher brand, West Paw. Yet, unlike their common dog balls, this one is a unique frisbee. Moreover, this is an aerodynamic frisbee that glides perfectly when tossed in the air. It also has curved edges for an easy and gentle grip for both humans and dogs. 

In addition, this one is also a multipurpose throwing toy for dogs. It has 3-in-1 functions of playing, eating, and drinking. Also, this is pliable, doesn’t have sharp parts, and is safe for dogs to latch into.

However, a few of the pet owners reported that this frisbee glider isn’t that durable. According to them, this isn’t immune to bites and chews. Further, some parcels also arrived damaged with dirty and chewed spots. 


  • It has an aerodynamic design that’s perfect for frisbees. 
  • This is durable and has curved edges for easy grip.
  • It’s also lightweight and pliable. 
  • This is a multi-purpose disc for playing, eating, and drinking.
  • It’s gentle on dog gums and machine washable. 


  • This isn’t ideal for aggressive chewers. 
  • Some products arrived dirty and used.

8. Chiwava Standing Stick Animal Puppy Fetch

Chiwava is also among the pet brands that offer high-quality throw toys for dogs. Well, if you’re on a budget and are looking for a good steal in a single purchase, then give this item a chance. The main unique thing about buying this one is that you’re not picking only one toy, but three. Plus, this has a built-in squeaker that motivates dogs’ interests. 

Moreover, this is also suitable for any outdoor or indoor activity. It’s also durable and made from natural latex. Yet, although this is a good fetch toy for dogs, still this isn’t without some issues. A few of the reviews stated that this isn’t ideal for chewing. Plus, the latex doesn’t smell good. Well, the rubber scent doesn’t fade even after many washes and worse, causes vomiting to canines. 


  • A single pack comes in three pieces of squeaky animals. 
  • It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor games. 
  • It stimulates the dog’s behavior and instincts.
  • This came from non-toxic, safe latex rubber.
  • It also has a built-in interactive squeaker.


  • It’s not chew-proof. 
  • The rubber smell causes dogs to vomit. 

9. Chuckit! Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy

If you liked our Chuckit! product before then most probably you’ll like this one too. Well, if you’re tired of picking or tossing gunky and sloppy dog toys, then consider buying this one. Hence, without further ado, let’s introduce you to our 9th contender, which is the Chuckit! ring chaser launcher. Unlike other launchers that support only ball toys, this one is specifically made to toss ring toys

That’s not only the best part, though. In addition, a single purchase of this launcher comes with the ring toy itself. Amazing, isn’t it? Plus, this also has an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable and easy to grip. Besides, this also comes in different handle lengths that support various throwing distances. 

Meanwhile, this throw toy for dogs isn’t all perfect. Unfortunately, some customers reported that the launcher is too hard. With that said, it’s a bit difficult to maneuver it since it doesn’t bend upon throwing. Lastly, the ring toy isn’t the right fit and somehow keeps falling off. 


  • Helps promotes your dog’s active lifestyle. 
  • It also gives a slob-free tossing experience.
  • Satisfies the dog’s running and chasing instincts.
  • It’s sleek, stylish, and has a good grip. 
  • It has a long handle for easy throwing. 


  • The plastic is too hard. 
  • The ring doesn’t fit and slides off the launcher. 

10. ChuckIt! Amphibious Bumper Floating Fetch Toy

Another Chuckit! product that’s on our list is this amphibious bumper toy. Well, as its name implies, this is a water toy, and it’s specifically made to aid a dog’s enjoyment during water games. Plus, this has a built-in rope for easy tossing, tugging, and gripping. Besides, this also came in high-visibility neon colors for extra protection in far or dark areas. 

Other than that, this is made from nylon which is soft and lightweight, unlike other dog toys. However, since nylon is fabric and although it’s durable, still all fabrics tear. Also, another bad side of this product is that this has factory defects. Further, this has loose stitches that contributed to its early destruction. 


  • It’s a water toy that encourages dogs to swim.
  • This is fun and mentally stimulating.
  • It’s also soft and doesn’t injure a dog’s mouth. 
  • This is easy to grip and entertaining. 
  • It has high visibility for safety purposes. 


  • The nylon easily gets ripped. 
  • Stitches are loose and unstable. 

11. West Paw Zogoflex Treat Dispensing Tizzi Dog Toy

Well, if you don’t want a typical throw toy for dogs, then most probably you will find this Zogoflex Tizzi quite interesting. To be precise, this offers both play and eating time all in one device. Thus, when your dog is done playing, just grab this toy and fill it with treats or kibbles. Plus, you can also use the built-in treats dispenser as a motivation to arouse your dog’s interest in playing fetch. 

Moreover, same with all West Paw products, this one also came from recycled old toys and ocean-bound waste. Further, upon buying this, you’re advocating for zero waste management and also supporting a healthy marine ecosystem. 

Yet, this also has some minor disadvantages. First, take note that this isn’t suited for heavy chewers. Lastly, its legs aren’t that flexible and they can break upon twisting or pulling. 


  • This has a unique frog shape.
  • It’s multi-purpose, floatable, and high flying.
  • It also has a built-in treats dispenser.
  • This is also ideal for tugging and pulling. 
  • It’s eco-friendly, safe for pets, and recyclable. 


  • This isn’t for large and powerful chewers. 
  • It’s difficult to twist the toy’s legs.

12. West Paw Seaflex Sailz Dog Toy Flying Disc

Another best throwing toy for dogs is from our constant ace, West Paw. Well, since this brand made it into most of our top spots, it is undeniable that it offers high-quality and durable services to lots of customers. Not only that it’s high-quality, but it’s also eco-friendly and sustainable. Plus, this one has a unique mid-hole design that gives dogs a better grip. Also, this is multi-purpose as this is suitable for both land and water activities. 

Further, this is machine washable, so pet owners won’t have to worry about vigorous scrubbing. Besides, this also comes in vibrant colors that dogs simply can’t resist. Just a little disclaimer though. Yet, as amazing as this product goes, sadly, this isn’t made for aggressive dogs. 


  • This came from recycled ocean-bound waste. 
  • The center hole promotes a better dog grip. 
  • It’s lightweight, buoyant, and glides swiftly in the air.
  • It also comes in three interesting colors. 
  • This is easy to clean and machine washable. 


  • This is only ideal for moderate chewers. 

13. Orka Bone Dispensing Dog Chew

Our top 13th best throwing toy for dogs is this Orka bone toy. This is another frisbee dog toy that will surely entertain your canine for hours. It came from a safe yet synthetic rubber mixture called Thermoplastic elastomers. Unlike, natural materials, this one is a combination of both rubber and polymers which makes it three times sturdier and much more compact. Also, one of its best qualities is its thick yet smooth edges which are easy to grip and safe on a dog’s teeth. 

Moreover, this is an ideal toy for dogs that like both land and water activities. This glides well in the air, and at the same time, floats great in the water. Plus, this comes in a bright blue color which complements a dog’s vision

On the contrary, despite this product’s good sides, a few customers reportedly gave bad reviews. According to them, this frisbee is quite heavy and doesn’t land far when launched in the air. Further, like any other product, this one isn’t indestructible and unsuitable for heavy chewers. 


  • This is a durable and powerful disc glider.
  • It’s interactive and gentle on dogs’ gums.
  • This is also easy to clean and grip. 
  • Perfect for outdoor land and water activities. 
  • It’s cost-effective and promotes long-lasting play. 


  • It’s a bit heavy for a frisbee. 
  • This isn’t ideal for heavy chewers. 

14. Kurgo Fetch Toy for Dogs

Does your dog like to play skipping rocks with you? If that’s the case, then this toy could be for you. This Kurgo fetch toy may be the one you’ve been looking for. Founded in 2003, this company has produced one of the best throw toys for dogs in the pet market. Well, this toy brand is unique because it has anti-waterlog properties. Moreover, that means your dog can have unlimited fun in the water without the risk of his toy getting heavy. 

In addition, since this doesn’t get water buildups, the toy won’t get fungi growths as well. However, this also comes in vibrant colors that are highly visible from afar. Plus, the toy is easy to clean and machine washable as well. 

On the contrary, there’s no such thing as perfect in this world and, unfortunately, this fetch toy is one of them. Based on some reviews, this toy’s main fault is its size. It’s very small and most dogs, especially those with large jaws can choke. Besides, the toy isn’t that durable so heavy chewers can destroy this in a minute. 


  • Ideal for skipping rocks game.
  • This is buoyant and has easy-to-see colors. 
  • It’s a solidly built toy that doesn’t get water buildups. 
  • This is non-toxic and machine washable. 


  • It’s quite small and can be a choking hazard.
  • This isn’t ideal for large dogs. 

15. JW Pet Company Flying Whirlwheel Disk Dog Toy

If you want a stylish frisbee throw toy for dogs, then this JW Pet Company whirl wheel flying toy could be the one you’re looking for. This is a renowned company founded in 1998 that produces many types of durable pet products. Moreover, one of its most sought-after products is this whirl wheel frisbee toy. As its name implies, this is guaranteed to glide perfectly when tossed in the air. Plus, this is also irresistible because of its built-in vanilla scent

Further, no matter how many times your dog plays with this on land or on water, this has guaranteed no-fade properties. Besides, this is also non-toxic, easy to clean, and washer compatible. Besides, just a little side note before buying this product. Well, like any other throw toy, this one won’t last when chewed. Also, this toy is a bit heavy, thus its launching distance is not that far. 


  • It has a unique whirlwind design. 
  • This also has a built-in vanilla scent. 
  • It’s easy to clean and machine washable. 
  • It has non-toxic and anti-fade properties. 
  • This comes in various fun colors.


  • It’s not a chew toy for large dogs. 
  • This is also quite heavy for a frisbee. 

16. Outward Hound Firehose Fetch Dog Toy

Our last but not least top 16th finalist is none other than another Outward Hound throw toy. Many pet owners recommend this product because of its cost-effectiveness and availability in various sizes. Plus, this came from a firehose material, a must-have for every pet owner. Well, firehose fabric is a combination of rubber and nylon which makes it twice as durable as any other fabric. In addition, as its name implies, this is the kind of material firefighters use in their hoses. 

Moreover, this is also good for tossing, fetching, and even as a cuddle toy. Besides, this has a built-in squeaker and, at the same time, double stitching for extra durability. For its price, surely, this is a good buy. However, there are some factors to consider before availing of this. First, this isn’t ideal for chewers and second, the speaker is not that durable. 


  • It’s made from durable firehouse material. 
  • This has multiple stitches for extra durability.
  • It also floats and it’s great for outdoor water games.
  • This is ideal for tossing and fetching. 
  • It’s also available in various sizes. 


  • This isn’t a chew toy. 
  • The squeaker is faulty. 

What to Look For in Dog Throwing Toys 

Buying the best throw toys for dogs shouldn’t be taken for granted. Despite the many toys available in the market, there are still certain factors that pet owners must consider in choosing one.

Toy Size

When you buy dog throw toys ensure they’re the right size for your furry companion. Small-sized ones are choking hazards and large toys are difficult to grip. Also, consider the design since toys with holes can get stuck in a dog’s mouth and may cause discomfort and further injuries. 


According to a study, dogs ingest most environmental chemicals through biting and chewing. As a result, they get prone to kidney, liver, and reproductive failures. Hence, as pet owners, we must avoid throwing toys to dogs that have deadly chemicals such as PVC, Lead, Phthalates, and Bromine. 


The ideal fetch balls for dogs should be long-lasting and durable. Also, it should withstand the normal pulling, tugging, and chewing of canines. Yet, on the contrary, it should be flexible and not too hard that it can damage dogs’ teeth and gums. 


The best fetch toys for dogs should come from strong materials. Fabric plush toys are great too, but they’re not as sturdy as rope or rubber toys. Hence, if you want toys that will surely last for a long time, then choose those that come from natural rubber, or better yet also pick those that have thermoplastic elastomers as their main material. 


In buying the best dog fetch toys, take note, safety is always the first priority. Moreover, avoid buying toys with sharp edges as they will most likely cut through dogs’ gums. In addition, giving dogs toys that have small pieces can lead to choking hazards or worse fatal intestinal blockages. 

Easy to Clean

The best feature that fetch toys can have, aside from their durability, is their washability. Let’s face it. It’s a hassle to clean off tough stains from dog toys. Hence, it’s better to choose rubber or silicone toys that can be scrubbed vigorously or, tossed in the washer. 


Buying fetch ball for dogs also depends on a canine’s preference. Sometimes, dog toys can be too hard for their gums and may cause cuts. Hence, as a pet owner, you may want to start buying soft toys instead. Yet, one downfall of soft toys is that they get destroyed easily. 

Fetch Dog Toys: FAQ

Are you still looking for the best throwing toys for dogs? Just keep scrolling and read most pet owners’ frequently asked questions about dog throwing toys. 

Are ball throwers good for dogs?

Dogs like running and chasing after objects because of their prey drive. However, some vet reports state that dogs retrieving toys at long distances may cause muscle tears and dislocations. As a result, they will be more prone to joint diseases such as arthritis. 

Are dog ball launchers worth it?

Yes, they are. Fetch games for dogs provide good and mentally stimulating exercise for your pets. However, take note that excessive running or fetching can put a strain on a dog’s body. Hence, it’s essential to implement playing fetching sessions of at least 20-40 yards only.

How many times should you throw a ball for a dog?

Fetch toys for dogs are a good source of exercise and stimulation, yet they have some downfalls too. Since canines can have muscle tears and broken bones due to excessive running, most vets recommend that fetch sessions should only be limited to 3 to 5 rounds

Why shouldn’t you throw sticks for dogs?

In terms of fetch toys for large dogs, using sticks is a bad idea. Well, sticks have splinters and they can injure dogs’ mouths. Also, what’s worse is that those sharp edges can accidentally impale canines. 

How do you train your dog to play using a ball launcher?

Fetching games for dogs can be more fun if you implement ball launchers. Yet, it may take some time to get used to training your dog with this. So, as a pet owner, the first step that you should do is to play normal fetch with your dog. Then, gradually introduce him to another interesting toy, the ball launcher. 

It’s a dog’s nature to chase toys. Well, from their point of view, it’s not just toys they’re chasing, but rather it personifies small animals they like to prey on. Moreover, to satisfy their chasing desires, as pet owners, we must buy them the best throw toys for dogs in the market. However, before buying one, do your research first or consult a veterinarian. 

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