10 Best Dog Cameras With Audio Speaker

10 Best Dog Cameras With Audio Speaker
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There are many different reasons for pet owners to want to consider purchasing a dog camera. Whether it is to watch your dog when they are not home, or make sure they are behaving when outside, they are very useful products. Some owners prefer those with audio to monitor their barking, or even if someone is trying to interact with your dog. In these cases, you want to make sure that you have the best dog camera with audio.

If you are looking for a pet camera with audio then take a look at the criteria and reviews we are going through today. Hopefully, we can help you find your perfect match.

What is a Dog Camera

A dog camera is the pup equivalent of a baby monitor. It allows you to see your pet and what they are doing regardless of where you are. This is a great tool if you are worried about your dog’s destructive behavior at home, or want to monitor their separation anxiety. Furthermore, with audio available, you can hear if anyone is at your home or if your dog is barking a lot. It allows you to completely understand the situation, as a camera alone may present a false image. For example, you may see your dog barking and become frustrated that they continue to do so. But with audio you can hear that there has been a neighbor dog barking for quite some time, causing this reaction in your dog.

what dog cameras do
Dog cameras are convenient because dog owners can’t always stay in the same area as their dog.

What Should I Look For?

There are a few elements that you need to consider when evaluating different dog cameras with audio. Here are some of the top factors to look at.

Video Quality

Always try to choose a camera that has 1080p quality and higher. You can find the quality of the camera in the product description usually. This level of image quality is important so you can see your dog clearly. As well as understand the situation, and what they are doing. After spending money on a camera to see your dog, you don’t want poor graphics to interfere with the product’s purpose.

Motion Detection and Camera Movement

If you are concerned about battery life or want alerts when your dog moves, then having motion detection is a very useful feature. It means that when your dog wakes up and starts moving, the camera will let you know. Furthermore, many have notification features on phones or the receiving end of the cameras for when the motion detection is activated. This may also mean that the camera can pan out and follow the movement to see where and what your dog is doing.


Storage is an important feature because if the camera runs out of storage, it will switch off and stop recording/streaming. This means that the camera becomes useless on longer trips. So if you plan to use this when you go to work, then make sure to check out dog cameras with large storage.

Outdoor Features

If you plan to use this camera to monitor your dog outside, you have to make sure it’s weather-resistant, wireless, and can easily be fitted outside. Weather resistance is arguably the most important quality. As if it cannot last in wind and rain, then your camera could break within days. Wireless qualities are also important. It means you don’t have to drill holes through your walls to plug sockets it may not be able to reach. Finally, look for dog cameras that can easily be attached to brick or whatever the outside finish of your house is.

cameras for dogs are like baby monitors
The basic use of dog cameras are similar to baby monitors.

10 Best Dog Cameras with Audio Speakers

Here are the best dog cameras with audio speakers available on the market, let’s find your perfect match!

1. NETVUE Dog Camera

This product is a wireless camera with 1080p video quality. It is an indoor camera equipped with a night vision range as well as 360 degrees of vision to keep an eye on your dog wherever they are. NETVUE added alert features so that when the motion detection program sees your dog moving, it will send an alert to your phone. There is cloud storage available for 60 days worth of storage. So you know that it will have more than enough memory to record your dog when you are at work. The best feature to consider though is the two-way audio. So you can talk to your dog while hearing what they are getting up to.

2. Conico Pet Camera

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This dog camera with audio created by Conico has video and 2-way audio detection. So you know exactly what is going on with your dog, and can tell them everything is okay when they are getting stressed. Cloud storage is optional with high security and encryption in case you worry about cameras being hacked. The movement range of this camera is one of it’s top benefits including 350°pan, 100°tilt, and 8X zoom available to monitor your dog from all angles. This is an indoor cable that needs to be plugged in to use. However, it has wifi technology to easily access the footage and audio from anywhere.

3. Conico Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

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This dual set of baby monitors work well as dog cameras as well. However, we recommend using these for indoor use with smaller or calmer dogs as they stay upright on a stand. Larger dogs may knock them over. With 1080p video quality and 8x zooming ability, you can see whatever your dog may be sniffing or gnawing on. They offer two-way audio so you can hear and talk to your dog for reassurance. You can also use these videos at night as they come equipped with night vision software. You can insert an SD card to record any video and audio easily so make sure to purchase one for this product.

4. Nooie Baby Monitor and Pet Camera

Another baby monitor on our list with the capability to be a great dog camera with audio created by Nooie. This camera has 360 degree motion tracking to look at every inch of your apartment and stands on its end as opposed to being attached on the wall. With our recommended 1080p camera quality you can see your dog and their actions clearly. You connect to the camera through your phone by downloading an easy to install app. 2-way audio exists to hear and communicate with your dog through the app. a cloud subscription or micro SD card is needed for video recording.

5. Teckin Cam Smart Home Security Camera

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Teckin has created two indoor cameras that you plug in to operate. They work through wifi allowing you to connect to the app wherever you are. Furthermore you receive notifications when the motion sensor detects movement. 6 IR LEDs allow you to see a 32ft span around your house in the dark. This camera offers free T cloud storage and available upgrades for added costs. You can also install this camera on the wall if you would like a high-up view around the rooms of your house. You are also able to live stream with other family members so you could share the video with a family member for a sweet moment of your dog sleeping.

6. Victure 1080P Pet Camera

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This wireless pet camera by Victure has it’s own app called Victure Home to control everything from infrared lighting to audio control. So whether you are watching your dog during night or day, you can make sure the recording is appropriate and that you can hear and see everything you need to. Furthermore, SD storage and cloud storage are available for you to use to keep all the media you record. With motion tracking technology, your camera will follow your dog to see where they are going. It also comes with a 1080p resolution and 2-way audio for a clear picture, sound, and the ability to talk to your dog.

7. YI Security Home Camera Baby Monitor

This camera is perfect for security as well as your dog’s safety as it is equipped with optional 24/7 emergency response contacts. They can coordinate with emergency services to provide the right type of care your dog or home needs in case of an emergency like theft. This camera also has night vision to monitor your dog 24/7. With 64GB storage as well, this camera can keep recording for as long as you want to monitor your pup. AI human detection eliminates false positives on the motion detectors such as an insect or something else. The only concern users had with this camera is the worry of it being invasive.

8. Arlo VMS4240P-100NAS Pro 3 Spotlight Camera

The Arlo store allows you to buy their home cameras by itself or in a pack of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 to get full house coverage. The Pro 3 can go inside or outside as it is weather-resistant as well as wire-free. Furthermore, you can install this to walls or surfaces depending on where you want this product. This is the highest quality of video produced by a camera on our list with it recording in 2k. It also holds 6 months of battery life, the perfect camera for outdoor recording. This can give you notifications when it detects movement so you are aware when your dog is up and about.

9. Furbo Dog Camera

Interested in a dog-specific camera with pooch benefits? Then let us introduce you to Furbo’s dog camera. This fascinating camera not only comes with great video and audio quality but the option to throw your dog a treat from behind your phone! Simply stock up the treats in the compartment and tell the app to release the treat. But above this fun addition, it also has audio sensors. To let you know when your dog is barking and sends a notification through the app. The HD camera and night vision also allow for a clear image regardless of the time of day.

10. Wyze Cam v2 1080p HD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Camera

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The Wyze 1080p HD camera offers easily accessible video and audio through WiFi streaming. Simply access it from your phone through an app. The two-way audio allows you to communicate with your dog through your phone. If you want to you can easily attach it to a wall or surface to watch your dog from any angle. You can also hook this up to your Alexa or Google Home for voice control with ease. You will receive mobile notifications when movement has been detected on the screen.

Dog Cameras With Audio Speaker: FAQ

Any more questions? Don’t worry! We can answer all the questions you have.

What do dogs do when you’re not home?

To answer this question simply, a comfortable adult dog will usually sleep. However, if you own a stressed or anxious dog they may become vocal or destructive when you are not in the house. Any dog may have the occasional play session alone which is why self-enriching toys are important.

Are dog cameras worth it?

This depends on why you want it. If you worry about your dog, they have a health condition or other worries, then yes. To ease your mind and ensure your dog is safe there is no cost that is too much.

Can dog cameras help me with separation anxiety?

They can help to monitor the behavior and even reduce the anxiety by communicating with them through audio. However, this is an issue you need to deal with either through gradual training and positive reinforcement or through the aid of a behaviorist.

Will my dog recognize my voice through the camera?

There is evidence to suggest that dogs can recognize voices through cameras and even faces on screens if they are large enough! So audio interaction can be both pleasant and soothing for your dog.

What should I do with my dog if I’m going away for a while?

Make sure they have a lot of water, bedding, and toys to play with by themselves for the next few hours. If you plan to leave for a long time, it may be worth seeing if you could get someone to visit your dog or to consider doggy daycare.

Dog cameras with two-way audio offer many benefits to you including the safety of your dog and they ease your worries. The audio allows you to completely understand how your dog is getting on and what is causing a reaction if one exists. Two-way audio also allows for you to talk to them to distract them or calm them down. Make sure to look for a high-quality video output so you can see the image clearly. Also consider how and where the camera will be placed, especially if it is going outside. Each one carries its own benefits and disadvantages so find the one that best suits you and your needs.