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7 Best Dog Beds For Anxiety – Soothing, Comfortable & Relaxing Dog Beds

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Published on
Tuesday 15 June 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
importance of treating anxiety
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Anxiety is something which can weigh on your dog terribly. It can lead to a change in emotional symptoms such as their mood, aggression levels, and want to play. Furthermore, it can also affect their physical symptoms such as making them more skittish, they may urinate more, and even obsessively lick an area of themselves. Therefore, we obviously want to help to make them feel better. One solution is to provide a dog bed for anxiety so that you can help your dog to feel better.

An anti-anxiety dog bed helps to offer your dog an area of comfort to calm themselves before and during an episode of anxiety. This can help to lessen their anxiety as a whole because they always have an area of safety to retreat to. These beds are different from regular dog beds as they offer a much softer material that actually initiates positive hormones. Interested? Read on to find out more.

What Are Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds?

Anti-anxiety dog beds have a special design and material in order to offer your dog as much comfort as possible. Firstly, the lying position that it encourages is one which reduces the feeling of vulnerability. It also increases your dog’s warmth due to their head and paws being tucked in circularly, areas which lose a lot of heat easily. Heat can also comfort a nervous dog, depending on the circumstance. The donut shape is one that is ideal for any size and breed of dog to make them feel safer.

The material used for these beds is unbelievably soft. Many experts say that it mimics the texture and softness of their mother, another reason why they feel comfort. A dog will be able to press their body and face into the soft material and close their eyes. Offering them a quieter and darker environment to find some peace.

7 Best Dog Beds for Anxiety

We have looked through many different dog beds for anxiety and have discovered the 7 best available for you to purchase below. Take a look and compare them to see which is suitable for your pup.

1. Furhaven Pet Calming Anti-Anxiety Hooded Donut Dog Bed

Furhaven offers an anti-anxiety dog bed with the usual classic design, however, this one has a beneficial twist. This bed has a hood that allows a darker and thermal area for added physical and emotional comfort.

You can purchase this dog bed in sizes small to large, so unfortunately large dogs are not well suited for this bed. An added feature of this bed for extra sensory benefits is the plush faux fur wave lining along the bed and hood.

This is an Amazon best selling product with many positive reviews. Buyers are not only happy with the product, but with the company as well.

2. Eterish Fluffy Anxiety Donut Dog Bed

This calming dog bed by Eterish has a fully padded center for deeper snuggling and more comfortable resting. The 8-inch walls offer a firm support for your dog while resting with its plush, synthetic fur.

This bed is available in a small size and a medium, so even a medium dog can comfortably snuggle down on this lovely bed.

This is another bed with very high ratings on Amazon. Owners love the bed and the calming effects it has on their dog. Owners especially love the ability to machine wash the bed and the ease of doing so.

3. SAVFOX Self-Warming Anti Anxiety Dog Bed

The plush, premium cotton material of this bed is very soft and filled with stuffing in order to support your dog’s whole frame. Due to the materials used, this is also a self-warming bed. A useful quality that also comforts your dog emotionally.

This is a great bed for a dog of any breed due to its five size options of small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra large. This means even your giant dog breed can feel safe and snuggly.

This is another positively rated anti-anxiety dog bed. Owners particularly love the protective bottom to prevent slipping.

4. The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed

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This soft, plush, vegan fur offers a lovely anxiety helping bed. It also comes in a variety of colors including eight different options with cute dog-themed names. It has a dual-layer base mattress to offer complete comfort and support to your dog during rest.

There are five different size options ranging from small to extra extra large. So if you and your giant, nervous dog need a helping hand, this bed is worth considering.

The reviews for this bed are mainly positive. The only concern seems to be frustration with the cushioning of the center and they say it is not what is advertised.

5. Western Home Anti Anxiety Donut Cuddler

Western Home has created this plush fur-based bed to help reduce anxiety in cats and dogs. It has a padded center for comfort and the stuffing has increased by 50% since their previous model for more support.

It comes in three sizes, with the largest being 27 x 27 inches. This means it is not ideal for large breeds of dog but suits medium and smaller breeds well.

Owners are very pleased by how effectively this bed works to relax their dogs and reduce their general anxiety. A very small percentage of buyers are unhappy with the padding in the center of the bed though.

6. Nononfish Anti Anxiety Dog Bed

This bed offers a lot of added features alongside its wonderful calming properties. This is an easy to clean calming bed due to its dirt-resistant and waterproof qualities. Furthermore, the base is anti-skid. So even if your dog runs into it, this bed isn’t going anywhere.

It comes in the three standard sizes of small, medium, and large. This ranges from 9 inches to 39 inches so you can provide this for a range of dog sizes.

Owners that have reviewed this bed are happy with the product’s effectiveness. They say that their dog’s anxiety has been more manageable or has actually decreased.

7. Friends Forever Donut Bed

Friends Forever have created another fantastic product in this calming dog bed. This suede bed offers support everywhere for your dog’s neck, head, and back. So you know they are feeling good mentally and physically.

From small to large, these beds can accompany multiple different breed types. The large bed is 36 x 36 inches and can support dogs weighing up to 100lbs, so be sure your pet is not too big for these requirements before making a purchase.

This bed is one of the best selling anti-anxiety beds on Amazon. Its non-toxic and thermal material is one of its highest praised points.

importance of giving the best comfort to your dog
Find out how much comfort from good dog beds give to an anxious dog.

Causes of Anxiety in Dogs

Canine anxiety can be caused by a wide variety of reasons including fear, separation, and aging. We will be exploring each of those categories below to explain how.


If your dog feels fearful then this can induce immediate anxiety. Loud noises, change, and strangers can all be a source of fear for your dog. Furthermore, the fear may be momentary or consistent. You need to notice when your dog is displaying anxiety and what has triggered it. Then you can make changes and find coping mechanisms.


Separation anxiety can be common in a lot of dogs, especially certain dog breeds. It stems from missing us, frustration, and a lack of progression into separation. Some dogs will require training to be left alone, whereas others may benefit from a dog sitter. Providing your dog with stimulating toys, and objects of comfort can help them through this process. Which is why a calming dog bed is so useful.


As dogs age, they often become more dependent on us and sometimes struggle with confusion. Your elderly dog may suffer from cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) which may lead to anxiety and aggression. This is because your dog feels increasingly vulnerable and acts in a manner that anyone would when this occurs. With fear, aggression, and lethargy. Be kind to your elderly dog and take them for a vet visit if you have any worries. Otherwise, just be patient and provide extra care to them.

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

When understanding if your dog is anxious or not, there are some obvious signs and some that are not so clear or commonly known. Let us go through a range of different signs of anxiety so you can see if your dog is affected. Signs of anxiety include:

  • Lethargy
  • Whale eyeing (showing the whites of their eyes)
  • Urinating or defecating suddenly
  • Panting
  • Shaking
  • Whining
  • Lip licking
  • Obsessive licking
  • Loud and frequent vocalizations
  • Avoiding or searching for interactions

One sign alone may not indicate anxiety, although it can. It is important to notice your dog’s behavior and any changes that happen because these are signs that something is wrong. It is also important to note that anxiety can manifest itself into aggression. If you find your dog suddenly displaying aggression this may be anxiety, although it can also be because of pain. Taking your dog to a vet visit before pursuing anxiety aid is always a good start to eliminate pain and any other worries. Then, you know if you need to understand the cause of their anxiety and to start making a change and helping them.

concerns for dogs with anxiety
Understand how important it is as a handler to know how to calm down your dog.

Dog Beds for Anxiety: FAQ

There are a lot of questions that come with dog anxiety and anti-anxiety dog beds. So let us answer them for you below.

Apart from calming dog beds, what other things can I use to reduce my dog’s anxiety?

Some other options to help your dog remain calm include:
Calming oils
Anxiety reducing vests
– Music
In order to properly reduce your dog’s anxiety though you need to understand what is inducing it. If your dog has separation anxiety, you may need to hire a dog sitter or gradually get them used to being on their own. If they are fearful about something, you will need to gently get them used to it over time using positive reinforcement. Calming oils and other aids will help them to feel better, but you need to tackle the problem.

Can I leave my dog’s anxiety alone?

Although leaving anxiety may mean it goes away, more often than not it can have severe consequences. Your dog may be secretly ill and get worse, or their anxiety may worsen which is quite likely. Firstly you need to go to your vet to check that your dog’s anxiety is not due to an illness or pain, and they can tell you if this is the case. Next, you need to figure out what is causing their anxiety. If you are struggling, it is worth contacting a dog behaviorist so they can examine their behavior and help advise you of what to do to help them.

What to look for in anti-anxiety beds?

The main factors to consider when finding the best anti-anxiety dog bed is the quality of the faux fur, the shape, and the size. The fur should be soft and of high-quality material to prevent it from coming loose and the bed sides no longer having fur. Furthermore, the fur is a main factor in helping reduce anxiety so it needs to be soft. You want to make sure the bed is circular, or donut shape as many people call them. As this is the best sleeping position to reduce anxiety and vulnerability. Lastly, you want to make sure it is appropriately sized sp your dog can fit inside it.

How do I clean calming dog beds?

Many dog beds can be put through a washing machine. If you want the ease of cleaning, we recommend looking for this feature before making a purchase. However, if you are hand washing your bed, be sure to use warm water along with a gentle soap or detergent so as not to irritate your dog’s skin. You can then leave it to air dry and return it to your pup once more.

Are these beds recommended for teething dogs?

Dogs that are teething or chew heavily may not be the appropriate user for anti-anxiety beds. This is because these beds are soft so can be easily torn apart. Instead, you may want to give your dog different chew toys and pursue a different aid to help your dog’s anxiety.

Anti-anxiety dog beds can make a large difference in bringing comfort to your dog’s life. It helps improve their mood through hormonal changes as well as minimizing their feelings of vulnerability. Reducing a dog’s anxiety is more than just preventing it from worsening. It helps your dog to feel happy and safe, and that’s our role as owners. So consider purchasing one of these calming beds to help your dog, it can change their everyday mood.

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