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10 Best Doormats for Dogs

Written by Larese
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Published on
Tuesday 29 September 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best doormats for dogs
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If you think doormats for dogs are not helpful, then you might want to rethink it again. For countless reasons, dog doormats are essential. It can prevent food and water from spilling. Mats can also work as a crate or pads during cold weather. More importantly, these also serve as a dirt stopper after your dog played outdoors. In choosing the best dog-proof doormat, you have to make sure that it is durable and can absorb a lot of liquid.

Do you have an active dog? Then, a dog paw mat can collect dirt, debris, and water on their paws whenever they enter the house. Not to mention, these mats are also helpful in removing unwanted particles from your shoes. If you are unsure of what to pick, check out some of the best and trustworthy options that you can have.

10 Best Doormats for Dogs

Doormats for dogs have various benefits for your dogs, but you have to make sure that you get the best materials and features. We’ve listed down some of the best dog mats that you can buy that would definitely fit your budget. Most users have been highly impressed by these dog entrance mats.

Our Best Pick:

Thousands of pet owners rated the Dirty Dog Doormat from Dog Gone Smart high because of its great features. Aside from its super-absorbent material, it has a non-slip backing too. Most of all, it is available in many colors and sizes. Check out more details of the other brands on our list below. 

1. Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat is one of the best outdoor mat for dirt among all pet owners. This dog mat is highly-absorbent non-skid and hard-wearing. You can choose from different colors like maroon, gray, khaki, and brown.

The top surface also has a simple paw design, while the heavy backing has a non-skid gripping feature. The best thing about this dog mat is that it has a high absorption rate that is almost twice the usual capacity of most rugs for people. Pet owners loved it so much, especially the high-quality microfiber also makes it quick-dry and durable, which is perfect for active dog breeds.

It is excellent in absorbing dirt and water while providing a stable base. Moreover, you won’t have any problems washing this dog mat. The Dog Gone doormat is very versatile for keeping your floor surfaces dry and lean.


  • Ultra-absorbent yet fast-drying microfiber material 
  • Durable non-skid or non-slip backing for safety
  • Different sizes and lots of colors to choose from 


  • Stitching is not chew-resistant, so chewers are at risk of ingesting threads
  • Rubber backing may detach after machine-washing
  • You’ll need to hang dry as machine-drying may destroy the non-slip backing

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2. My Doggy Place – Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Dog Door Mat

If you are looking for an easy-to-wash dog doormat, My Doggy Place got your dog’s paws. As the name suggests, the ultra-absorbent microfiber is so efficient in captivating all dust, dirt, mud, and other moisture. The ultra-grip backing is another excellent feature that keeps the mat stable when in use, so it is safe for everyone.

This dog mat will live up to your expectations, just like what it has been doing to other pet parents. Your dog will love the soft microfiber under their paws. When it’s full of dirt, you can simply clean it off quickly by shaking off superficial dust and using it right away. If it requires heavy cleaning, since it is durable, you can use washing machines to wash away all the dirt.

Another bonus that My Doggy Place offers is that you can choose from different colors like charcoal, navy blue, and brown. The dog mat also comes in medium and large sizes.


  • Plush and highly-absorbent microfiber surface 
  • Features an ultra-grip backing so, so it stays in place
  • Available in various sizes including a half-moon shape, plus different colors


  • The colors of the rug bleed and may stain the floor or woodwork 
  • The rubber grip at the back starts to disintegrate when machine-washed
  • Water seeps through the bottom of the rug which risks wooden floors of water absorption

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3. Soggy Doggy Microfiber Doormat

The Soggy Doggy Doormat is excellent when it comes to absorbing considerable amounts of water. Designed to lock in the dirt, it prevents those paw specks of dust run around your house. The microfiber chenille material consists of hundreds of thin noodles wrapped in fine fibers. What does it do? Well, these noodles suck all moisture like a sponge while staying smooth.

Even you can enjoy the warmth they bring. It also has a skid-free bottom for convenience. If you want to clean the dog mat, just dump it into the washing machine for quick cleaning. You can choose from 8 different sizes, depending on what your dog needs.

However, make sure to wash it at room temperature with no chlorine bleach and dry it on low settings to avoid ruining the microfiber. You can’t use fabric softeners as well. One of the downfalls is that drying is quite a hassle because it takes too long compared to others.


  • Made of microfiber chenille that absorbs more than the regular rug
  • Boasts a latex-free, anti-slip backing so it’s not displaced all the time
  • Durable and high-quality; designed for long-term use


  • More expensive than the other doormats for dogs. 
  • Doesn’t have a waterproof liner to prevent leaks 
  • Suitable for small to medium dogs, but not with large dogs

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4. FurHaven Muddy Paws Towel & Shammy Dog Mat

If you want the best doormat for dogs, then FurHaven Muddy Paws must be on your list. It effectively traps dirt and moisture even on gentle and sensitive paws.

FurHaven has been providing innovative and stylish ways of absorbing dirt that can fit into any home. Whether you use it as dog-proof doormats or for absorbing water, it will do well either way. FurHaven Muddy Paws is a very versatile rug that you can put on your car for traveling, inside or outside the house, and even on a beach.

Plus, you can also wash and dry it quickly once it gets a little too dirty or wet. The durable stitching and sturdy materials also make sure that this mat will last for a long time.


  • A versatile floormat with multiple uses at home, or in the car
  • Designed to trap dirt and moisture, as well as dander, to keep floors clean
  • Available in different sizes and various colors


  • Machine washing may cause microfiber strips to come off
  • Water soaks through the rug and to the floor 
  • Mixed reviews on the effectiveness of the grip backing

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5. Bissell DryDog 2-in-1 Bath Mat & Towel

Make your dog more comfortable with Bissell DryDog 2-in-1 Bath Mat & Towel. By its name, it is a dual-purpose bath time solution that acts as a bath pad and an ultra-absorbent towel.

Made from lightweight and durable microfiber, you can be sure that it has an ultra-absorbent feature to soak up water and dry your dog with less effort. You can also get your pet dry with less hassle.

When used as a bath mat, you can rely on the non-slip backrest so that it stays where you like it. However, it only comes in one size that is only ideal for dogs of up to 80 pounds.


  • Dual-purpose bath mat and towel
  • Features an ultra-absorbent, lightweight, and durable microfiber
  • With a small pocket for your hands for ease when drying your dog


  • Comes in one size only, and may be too large for small dogs
  • Non-slip backing is not as effective 
  • Works well as a bath towel than a doormat

6. Dog Gone Smart Runner Dirty Dog Doormat

We know that looking for the best doormat for dogs is not easy, but the Dog Gone Smart Runner will take away all your confusion. It comes in big sizes available, which makes it ideal for all dog breeds.

Your dogs can also use it as a cover on their beds or as a protection for your couch. Every space on the Dog Gone Smart Runner ensures that it is soft to give a comfortable feeling to your furry pal. When it comes to cleaning, you can remove all dirt and dry it without any problems.

Toss it in your washing machine, and dry it through sun heat. It is also highly absorbent so that it can handle more moisture. No matter what you do, this dog doormat will always look beautiful with the same quality from the first day that you purchased it.


  • Big-sized runners made of ultra-absorbent microfiber
  • Multi-purpose as it doubles as a couch protector or as a dog bed cover
  • Easy to clean as it is washing machine-friendly


  • Drying can take a while as it needs to be hung dry
  • Mixed reviews on the effectiveness of the non-skid backing
  • The thread used for the paw print design tends to come off easily

7. BEAU JARDIN Indoor Super Absorbs Mud Doormat

Simple but highly efficient, the Beau Jardin Doormat has super absorbent fibers that work like magic. No need to wipe off your dog’s feet because it can automatically scrape off dirty water, dust, and mud.

This heavy-duty entrance rug carpet also looks good as an indoor front welcome mat, kitchen rug, and even home decor. The non-slip latex won’t slip on floors. Moreover, the low profile design ensures that your doors won’t get stuck. It has durable material and edges that won’t curve easily.

If you want the perfect and straightforward mat for your home, the Beau Jardin Doormat is for you. You can clean it easily by shaking off the dirt or pressure cleaning. However, you can’t wash it with cold water and avoid using fabric softener as it may cause shedding of microfibers. Vacuum the mat instead, for easier washing.


  • Simple yet elegant entrance mat that doubles as great home decor
  • Absorbent fibers make up the 3.5-inch doormat
  • Has a sturdy non-slip backing from natural latex so the rug stays in place


  • Microfibers tend to shed especially after machine washing
  • Edges may curl over time due to the opening and closing of the door
  • No edging which exposes the fibers and starts to shed

8. Internet’s Best Chenille Dog Doormat

Keeping the floor clean has never been this effortless with the Chenille Dog Doormat from Internet’s Best! This rectangular rug boasts soft and absorbent microfiber material that helps trap dirt and moisture. Use it in a variety of ways like keeping it at the door to collect water or dirt, or placing it under food and water bowls. Additionally, you can use it as a comfy place for your dog to sit or lie on. It features a non-skid bottom, so you won’t worry about slipping or curling on the floor. 

Cleaning this doormat is easy as you can toss it right into the washing machine. However, you need to keep it in a delicate setting to prevent the fibers from shedding. Also, you’ll need to hang it dry as it is not suitable for the drier. Although the paw prints on the rug add to its aesthetics, pet owners shared that the stitching of the design is not as durable. Frequent machine washing also puts the rubber backing at risk of falling apart. 


  • Made of a quality absorbent chenille microfiber material 
  • Has a non-skid bottom for it not curl during use
  • Traps dirt and moisture helping you keep your floor or car floors clean


  • Needs to be hung to dry; not suitable for driers
  • The stitching of the paw print design is not durable 
  • Rubber backing falls apart after a few machine washes 

9. Enthusiast Gear Dog Mud Door Mat

The next one on our list is the rectangular runner from Enthusiast Gear. Their multi-purpose Dog Mud Door Mat offers super-absorbent properties which makes it ideal to place under water bowls. You can also use it as a couch or car seat cover to protect it from dirt and mud from your dog’s paws. The material is soft and comfortable. Thus, you can also use it as a pet bed for sleeping. It is available in four different sizes which can cater to any dog breed or size. Its non-slip backing boasts TPR construction for a stronger grip. 

Most of all, it’s easy to clean. Just give it a good shake outside to get rid of dust and dirt particles. Or, toss it into the washer for deep cleaning and disinfection. However, this mat lacks a waterproof base. So, when it gets soaking wet, the moisture can seep through your floor. If you have large active dogs, its non-slip design may not stand a chance. So, the rug may still be displaced. Since this dog mat is made of thick microfiber material, it may get caught in the door.


  • Large-sized runners that offer multiple uses
  • Ultra-absorbent material that is also soft and comfortable 
  • Easy to clean and machine washable


  • Doesn’t have a waterproof base so moisture goes to the floor 
  • Non-slip backing is not as effective, especially for large active dogs
  • May get caught up on the door

10. Style Basics Dog Door Mat

No need to break the back just to get an absorbent and aesthetic dog mat. The Dog Door Mat from Style Basics offers style and function at an affordable cost. Their dog mat is made of a high-quality chenille microfiber that absorbs more than the usual cotton rug. It is effective in collecting dirt, mud, and liquids so that they won’t make their way into your home. Plus, it boasts an adorable paw print design. Its material is so soft, you can even use it as a liner for your dog’s bed. 

It has a slip-resistant backing that helps it stay relatively well in place. Cleaning is as easy as shaking the rug to get rid of the debris. Plus, you can also machine wash or hand wash, then hang dry or tumble dry. The mat is available in a regular rectangle shape or a bigger runner. However, some reviews mentioned that the anti-skid feature is not as effective. The rug bunches up easily.


  • Stylish and functional dog mat with adorable paw print 
  • Made of a plush microfiber material that is soft and absorbent
  • Economically priced for its features


  • Non-skid properties are not as effective as it still crumples
  • Only three colors to choose from
  • Available in two sizes only
furhaven muddy paws towel
Select a dog doormat that has sturdy materials.

How To Choose Doormats for Dogs?

Knowing which brands to trust when buying doormats is not enough. You’ll need to learn the important qualities to look for to get the best doormats. So, here are the key points to consider when choosing doormats for dogs. 


Keeping moisture and dirt outside is the main goal of placing a mat by the door. So, you’ll need a doormat that is absorbent so you won’t track wet or dirty footprints and pawprints on your floor. Your furry pals will surely step on dirt and wet surfaces outside. So, passing through an absorbent rug along the entrance to the home will keep their paws and your floors clean. 

best kind of doormat for dogs
Choose a doormat that is best suitable for your dog.


We all know how rough and playful our pets can be. So, you need to get a durable rug that can stand their active paws. The door also has the most foot traffic, so chances are the doormat will get stepped on a hundred times. It’s better to choose sturdy and long-wearing ones.  


Materials used for doormats may vary. Some manufacturers use microfiber strands, while others use bristles. Some doormats have a rubber or latex base. Thickness may also differ depending on the materials. Choosing among these options depends on your preference and budget. 

Non-slip Bottom

Dogs will almost always run toward the house. So, look for doormats with a good non-slip capability so it stays in place. In this way, you won’t have to keep fixing the doormat every time your dogs enter the house. It is also a safety feature that prevents anyone from slipping especially on laminated floors. 

Machine Washable

Because doormats trap liquid and debris from outside, they get dirty over time. While shaking it vigorously may get rid of most of the dirt, it won’t remove the stench or sticky liquids. So, you’ll need to wash it from time to time. To make washing easier, choose machine-friendly doormats. You just toss, spin, and dry, and it’s good to use again.

doormats for dogs
Doormats can help clean your dog’s paws before entering the house.

Cleaning Doormats for Dogs

When it comes to cleaning doormats for dogs, you have to do it weekly as much as possible. You can shake off the dust outside, then vacuum it to remove all the residue. Every month, look for any foul smell. Regardless, you should wash the doormat with water at least twice a month. To make it more effective, you can put some baking soda after damping and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, you can pour some generous amount of mild dish.

The best and most durable doormats for dogs are useless if you won’t take care of them. Regardless of the size, brand, and material, you need to make sure that you know how to clean it properly. Remove all dirt, sand, and other debris at least once a week. The more you maintain the doormat for dogs, the longer it will last.

You can wash some dog mats in the washing machine, while others need you to do a clean job by hand. So, ensure that you get a doormat that you can maintain. As much as possible, choose something that suits your preferred form. Moreover, take into account the time it will take to dry it. Mats should be able to dry out on their own without much intervention. It will take at least a few hours in the hot sun to do the trick. When it takes a long time to dry the mat, it may cause continuous wet floor and possible mold problems.

cleaning dog doormats
Clean the dog doormat regularly.

Doormats for Dogs – FAQs

If you want to prevent food and water from spilling, and stop dirt from spreading around your house – you need dogmats at home. Choosing the best mat for dogs is confusing in the beginning, but just make sure that it is durable and absorbent. To further understand, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about dog doormats.

What is the Best Kind of Doormat for Dogs?

The best kind of dog doormat depends on personal preference and your dog’s needs. From the materials, size, and other special features – you have to identify what would fit most within your budget. Moreover, it must allow your dogs to have active and happy lives without compromising cleanliness. Proper hygiene is vital for your dogs, especially at home. You have to train your furry pal to live in a place where dirt has no space.

The best dog doormats make sure that it acts as a barrier of dirt and wetness between your pet and the outdoors. In buying the best kind of doormat, always consider four factors – material, durability, absorption power, and a non-slip bottom. Identify what you need for each element, and you’ll be able to pick the best kind of mat for your dog.

How do I Keep My Dog From Tracking Dirt?

First, teach your dog how to wipe the paws through a specially designed mat for mud and dirt. It is also essential to boost your dog’s trust by encouraging and not forcing him to wash his paws. It would only make them afraid, which will result in slow development.

You can also check for some right products that can clean muddy paws to solve this problem. If you want to keep your dog from tracking any dirt, it all starts with proper training during its early stage. As much as possible, let them know what is to follow and what not. However, do all behavioral training as humanely as possible. Don’t hurt your pets just because they don’t understand you.

What is the Best Dirt Trapper Mat for Dogs?

There are many options and arguments for the best dirt trapper mat for dogs, but it’s all about preference in the end. As much as possible, get something that is durable and has a high water-absorbent surface. Moreover, make sure that these mats have a non-slip nitrile rubber on its back to keep them in a stable place as your dog uses them.

How do I Stop Muddy Pawprints?

Pawprints, especially the muddy ones, are a headache. The best solution to address this concern is buying doormats for dogs. These rugs have thick and high-absorbent material that holds all dirt, dust, mud, and moisture effectively. You can also start creating a washing station for your dogs.

Make sure that you meet all the criteria when buying the right doormat for dogs. From materials to special features, ensure that it is worthy of your every penny. However, the process never ends there because you still have to train your dog on how to get there after going outdoors. Once your pet is ready to go inside the house, you can use the station to wash their feet.

At first, buying a dog mat can be a tough job. More than what you think, choosing the best doormats for dogs requires patience, and understanding the basics of it. Unlike doormats for people, not all dog mats have the same quality. It is essential to ensure that you pick the right kind to serve its purpose in removing dirt effectively. Moreover, you should always aim to get a dog mat that would last for a long time.

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