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10 Best Cave Dog Beds – Reviewing Cozy Pet Loungers!

Written by Jawad
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Published on
Friday 17 July 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best cave dog beds
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Cave dog beds are all the rush these days because of how cozy they are and how much pets love them. Cave beds for dogs provide comfort, warmth, and a sense of privacy for dogs.

Moreover, dog cave beds provide exceptional value and are affordable for most people. If you want to buy a comfortable and cozy bed for your pup, you are in the right place; we have just the information you need!

What Are Cave Dog Beds?

A dog cave bed has a roof that provides a cave-like structure for dogs to sleep under. Some of the best-hooded dog beds, also known as nesting cave beds for dogs, have the roof draping slightly lower so dogs can snuggle and code up in their resting spot.

If you have ever had a long and restless day then you know what it feels like to want to curl up in a cozy bed and drain away all your exhaustion. Your dog needs the same comfort to be well-rested, which is exactly why a cave dog bed is important.

Cave beds for dogs are essential if your pet is used to snuggling or gets scared or anxious easily. They provide them safety and protection by having them almost entirely covered during the night. Moreover, these beds are made from soft and fluffy materials to enhance the comfort level of your pooch. However, not all cave dog beds are created equal and you have to assess certain features before finalizing your purchase.

what is a cave dog bed
Cave dog beds are also known as hooded dog beds or nesting cave beds.

How to Choose the Right Cave Beds for Dogs?

To optimize the feeling of comfort and safety for your dog, you need to keep certain things in mind before looking for a cozy cave dog bed. If you are a first time pet owner or buying a dog tent bed for the first time, go through some crucial features discussed below.


There is no question that size is important. This might seem like an uncomplicated detail, as a large dog requires a large dog cave bed, whereas a small one would require a smaller dog bed house. However, one thing that complicates choosing the right size is how your dog likes his soft dog house to be.

If you have a pet that likes turning and shuffling around while sleeping, you need to buy a dog cave bed larger than its size. However, if your dog wants to be tightly hugged and bundled up in the comfort of a soft bed, getting a bed as close to your dog’s size is advisable. Check out this amazing resource that covers how to measure the adequate space your dog needs to rest comfortably.

cave dog bed size
Make sure to choose the right cave dog bed size for your pup.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors when it comes to cave dog beds. An unclean bed can cause several problems like ticks, skin rashes, infections, and diseases. A dirty dog bed can also hold bacteria that may lead to health complications for your dog. Read about the dangers of a dirty dog bed on this webpage. Therefore, ensuring the freshness and sanitation of the bed is one of your foremost responsibilities.

Cave beds for dogs are harder to clean than normal beds, however, it is no reason for you to slack! Some fabrics such as cotton are easy to clean, while others such as wool are harder to wash. Moreover, some beds are machine washable while others are not. Each bed comes with clear instructions on how to wash it.


Aside from playing a role in the ease of cleaning and washing, the material of the cave bed for dogs is important for multiple other reasons. Firstly, you have to choose the material your dog likes. A pet owner should closely observe his dog’s habits to understand its likes and dislikes. For example, you should avoid synthetic material if your dog is allergic to certain fibers, no matter how comfortable the dog cave bed may be.

The two most popular materials used are pure cotton and fur, and both having their benefits as well as shortcomings. While cotton is smooth, cool and can be used during summers, fur is fluffy and does a better job of giving your pet a feeling of coziness. Cotton can be less comfortable than fur, whereas fur can be harder to clean. Either way, whichever material you go for should be high quality, so it lasts longer.

Form of Entrance

Cave dog beds come with two types of entrances. Some cave dog beds are designed with a metal or plastic rod so the entrance stays open, while other dog beds allow the canopy to collapse.

Some dogs like to move around and twist and turn while sleeping. If your dog likes to spread out, it’s better to get a bed with an open entrance. Apart from this, dogs that get scared in the dark may also need an open entrance cave bed to feel safe. It also allows air and ventilation, which can be useful in hot climates. However, if your pup likes to be cuddled, then getting one with the collapsed entrance is best as it will keep your pet warm and comfy while having the entire cave roof draped around him.

cave dog beds entrance for dogs
Choose a dog bed with an open entrance if your dog likes to move around when it sleeps.

10 best Cave Dog Beds

Now that we’ve covered the important features, we are going to evaluate some of the best dog beds that come with a canopy.

1. Pet Tent Soft Bed by Best Pet Supplies

This is one of our favorite picks, as it provides comfort and luxury at an affordable price. This stylish yet cozy cave dog bed is machine washable, has a plush pent tent and a cozy indoor. The spacious design and polyfoam lining add to its strength. The dog cave bed is made of linen, colored brown and is as light as 2.5 pounds.

Its features are optimized to make it long-lasting; the machine washable material does not stretch after a wash. High-quality materials also increase the longevity of this bed. The cuddly cushion provides superior comfort and the spacious dimensions provide all the space your dog may need. Due to lightweight, the bed can easily be moved around the house.

While it is a star product, some buyers experienced its stitching coming off, perhaps due to the restless movement of their pet. However such cases have been exceptionally rare.

2. Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave

The Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave dog bed is made from 100% recyclable material and can accommodate pets up to 22″ long. It is machine washable and made of ribbed faux suede – a fabric that’s tested and declared safe for animals. The product claims a strong architecture and utmost durability.

This dog cave bed is not only pet friendly but also sustainable. It distinguishes itself from others by using a non-allergenic material, particularly containing no sulfite compounds. This prevents allergies and other health complications. In addition, the bed is filled right up to the brim, so there is no loose fabric around the edges. This helps increase the longevity of your bed, prevents wear and tear during washing, and keeps your dog from slipping around.

While some owners prefer the extra plush design, others might be wary of it as it does not provide a flat surface for the dog to sleep in. The surface of the bed is concave, which can get uncomfortable for medium to large dogs.

3. Best Friends by Sheri Convertible Honeycomb Cave Bed

Best friends by Sheri convertible is hands down the most versatile and innovative cave dog bed on our list. It’s flexible, lightweight, and consists of a foam base made from microfibers. It stands out amongst its counterparts as a two in one regular/ convertible dog cave bed. The stain and allergen resistant polyester design is another feature worth pointing out.

The detachable roof provides you with two types of dog beds for the price of one. This allows your pet to use it as an open bed or snuggle into a cave bed as per its mood. Moreover, this bed is also machine washable due to the microfiber based foam. Also, the polyester is carefully designed to avoid any allergic reactions among most dogs.

However, the polyester foam might get uncomfortable during summertime. While this is a drawback, the option to detach the roof can help a bit with keeping your dog cool.

4. Snoozer Orthopedic Poly-Cotton Cozy Cave Pet Bed

The Snoozer Orthopedic Cave Dog Bed comes in three sizes: small, large and extra-large. It’s made from a cotton suede exterior covered with two layers of polyester. On the inside, the sherpa interior has a 3-inch Orthopedic foam for utmost comfort. Surprisingly, Snoozer cave beds for dogs can be customized in up to 40 different fabric materials and come with a stainless brass zipper.

The plethora of colors and designs to choose from makes this cave dog bed one of the most versatile options in terms of design. In addition, the orthopedic support not only makes the bed more sturdy but is an excellent option for senior dogs and dogs with back problems. While the polyester tends to keep the bed snuggly and warm, the polycotton mixture keeps it cool in summer to prevent discomfort due to high temperatures and sweat.

However due to this cave dog bed using orthopedic foams, the purchase of a Snoozer dog bed can be heavy on the pocket. But, a dog suffering from joint pain and lethargy can really benefit from an orthopedic foam. We also have a list of some of the best orthopedic dog beds available on the market.

5. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

The Furhaven Pet Dog bed is available in a plethora of color options and sizes. It also comes features an orthopedic foam and covers with excellent insulation. Moreover, it comes with plastic tubing that can be installed to make the roof more sturdy. Moving on, the foam is also covered with a faux lambswool sleep surface. On the other hand, the foam itself is made of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde, ozone depleters, and phthalates.

The orthopedic foam is great for aching joints and muscles. It also helps increase mobility in dogs suffering from arthritis. In addition, it avoids chemicals as a precaution to allergies. The self-insulating converts made from faux lambswool allow your dog to snuggle up and stay warm in the cold weather. But, if you reside in a warm climate, you probably need a dog bed with better cooling. If you’re on the lookout, take a look at our blog about the best breathable dog beds.

On the flip side, this bed is not made for rough use. The bed will tear up easily if your dog is in a teething phase, or likes to burrow while resting.

6. Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

The stylish Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave pet bed comes in 3 sizes and 40 fabrics with Sherpa lining for optimum temperature. It has a microsuede removable cover, a heavy-duty brass zip liner and can be cleaner in a washing machine. Moreover, this cave bed for dogs weighs 10 to 15 lbs. It also comes with an exchange guarantee in case you receive a product with manufacturing defects.

The option to choose from a variety of colors and patterns is a pleasant feature most customers can appreciate. Moreover, it is suitable for all climates as the Sherpa lining will keep the temperature cool in summer. The design is durable and the microsuedes help keep the architecture intact even after repeated washes.

This is one of the few beds without any prominent drawbacks. It’s one of the best-covered dog beds and the customer service of the company is also great!

7. AmazonBasics Pet Cave Bed For Cats or Dogs

Here is a plush bed designed for your furry friend, and come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. It has a microfiber interior while the exterior is made with faux fleece. This is among the best dog cave beds for indoor pets, as its simple yet stylish, and can easily be converted to an open bed by removing the removable cave roof.

Faux fleece filling makes the best super comfy and lets your dog burrow in while resting. Moving on, the versatility allows you to pick the most suitable bed depending on the size and breed of your pet. Additionally, the faux and suede-like material is ideal for comforting dogs that tend to get anxious or chilly.

Unfortunately, this dog cave bed is pricier than it’s counterparts, and also cannot be washed In a machine. You can however manually wash this bed. Take a look at this detailed blog to learn how.

8. Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler

Best friends by Sheri comes in three sizes, ranging from standard to jumbo size. It is ideal for dogs, but can also be used for other pets like cats. This cave dog bed can also be washed in the machine without losing its shape. Moreover, the back of this bed is dirt and water-resistant. The material consists of polyester and faux fur. Moreover, the bed is yam free and safe for pets.

This product is durable and long-lasting because it can survive machine washes and also because its dirt-resistant technology ensures the bed stays clean for longer. Furthermore, the material is soft and relaxing for your dog. It also happens to be one of the safest dog beds due to its material composition. Its jumbo size can also accommodate dogs bigger and heavier than most other beds.

Because of its high standard quality, the cuddler cave hooded dog bed is indeed on the expensive side and may be out of your budget.

9. Washable Shark Pet House Cave Bed

This inexpensive cave dog bed serves small to medium dogs that love to snuggle up in a cozy bed. It can be easily assembled and disassembled owing to its removable cushion. Moreover, the premium quality fabrics used for the interior are highly innovative. The bed features a heat radiation technology, as well as a waterproof base.

The self-warming technology is an extraordinary feature that regulates the temperature throughout the mattress. Moreover, the bed can be easily dissembled which makes it easy to move around or even travel with. This feature also makes it easily washable. Moreover, its small size is easily adjustable without disturbing your furniture.

Sadly, this bed can only support small dogs and some great and is not designed for bigger or heavier dogs. But we do have the right options for you. Check out our review of large dog beds designed for XL/XXL breeds.

10. The Original Cuddle Pouch Pet Bed

The PLS birdsong is a great cover dog cave bed for dogs who like to snuggle and burrow in their bed. It also has a cave-like roof that holds upright on its own. Also, the bed is made using high-quality short floss fabric and polyester. It also features a slip-free bottom and a removable pillow cover. This caved dog is suitable for small dogs that weigh up to 20 lbs.

It is one of the best value for money dog beds on this list. If you’re tight on budget and require a snuggly bed that allows your dog to feel safe and warm, go buy this cave bed. Its high-quality fabric has all the benefits of a premium quality bed. And the adorable design that fits well with your interior is just a cherry on top!

Despite being a heavy-duty dog bed, it can only be used for small-sized dogs like Chihuahuas or Pomeranians, but not for larger breeds.

Cave Dog Beds – FAQs

Apart from discussing the important features, it’s also important to shed some light on the commonly asked queries most pet owners have regarding cave beds for dogs. Therefore, this next section discusses some FAQs related to the topic.

Why Dogs Scratch Their Beds Before Lying Down?

Dogs are intelligent creatures that circle and scratch their beds for two purposes:

  1. Marking their territory: Dogs’ paw pads have sebaceous glands that produce sweat when they run their paws over their beds and mark their territories to prevent other dogs from occupying their space.
  2. Cleaning their tent bed: Dogs often scratch their beds to get rid of all the pests and insects that might be present on them, preventing tick bites.

How do you Make a Cave Dog Bed?

Making a DIY cave dog bed is an easy task; all you need is a piece of fabric, some stuffing material, and stitching skills.

First, make a basic burrowing bed; measure your dog’s size and appropriately cut two identical pieces of the desired length of fabric. Next, carefully stitch three edges of the two pieces together, leaving one side open for stuffing. After stuffing, sew off the fourth side as well. To make a cover, use the same method to stitch the cover. Just make sure you have the right measurement for your canopy before you start cutting. Sew the cover to the bed from three edges, and leave one open for your dog to get in.

For further guidance, take a look at this thorough guide about stitching a burrow dog bed. The popular fabrics used are cotton, fleece, fur. Whereas cotton fiberfill and wool are popular stuffing materials.

Do Dogs like Covered Beds?

Not all dogs might like covered beds. Depending on the size, muscle mass, and fur type of your dog, they may prefer covered or uncovered beds. Furthermore, each dog has their preference, so take this into account.

In addition, cave dog beds are also beneficial for dogs that are easily scared or suffer from anxiety and have trouble sleeping.

cave dog-beds for dogs with anxiety
Cave dog beds can be helpful for dogs with anxiety.

Do Dogs like to Burrow in their Beds?

According to experts, most dogs require warmth and protection while sleeping. Thus, dogs being den animals, love to dig their beds, burrow, and cover themselves by surrounding materials like towels or blankets to feel safe.

Moreover, your dog’s sleeping patterns can have underlying reasons as well. It’s better to observe your dog’s habits and research about what they might mean. For this, PetMD has an excellent article that discusses various sleeping patterns in dogs.

At the end of the day, nobody can tell you which cave dog bed will be the best for your dog. But, the insights we provided on the important features you should look for, and our product reviews are bound to help you make the right purchase.

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