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10 Luxury Dog Sofa Beds (That Are Affordable)

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Published on
Saturday 11 April 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Luxury Dog Sofas & Beds Reviewed
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Dog sofa beds must be plush enough, soft enough, spacious enough, and comfortable enough to have your four-legged pooch happily snoozing away on them. You must also consider a lot of factors before buying a dog couch bed, does it have the right material for your dog’s needs? Will it give comfort to them? will this dog lounge bed blend with your home decor? 

Besides this, you must also think about the benefits that it can give to your dogs and is the price worthy of it? Cheap sofa beds are not worth it, and crazily overpriced dog couches are just crazy… right? But no worries because in this article, we gathered all the affordable yet luxurious dog sofa beds that you can find online.

Benefits of Dog Sofa Beds

Some of you might ask, why should you purchase a dog sofa bed? Well, a better question is why not? Dog sofa beds have great benefits to you and your dogs. It simply gives comfort and a good night’s sleep for them to gain more energy during the day. Apart from these, here are the best dog couch bed benefits that your pets can get:


Dog lounge beds will surely give every dog comfort especially when it’s made of high-quality materials. Since an adult dog sleeps 12-14 hours a day, it’s very important to give them a comfortable place to rest.

Of course, as dog owners you want your dogs to have the best and comfortable sofa beds so they won’t sleep on a cold floor that can lead to joint and muscles pains.


Having a dog sofa bed is much recommended to working dogs and senior dogs to lessen the risk of arthritis, dysplasia, and other joint problems that they may encounter as they age.

Since sleeping on the floor and other hard surfaces can affect your dog’s health, you can prevent any structural ailments by giving them the right type of pet sofa bed to ease the pain and discomfort of joint problems.


Having their own pet sofa bed can give privacy and security to your dogs. They can consider it as their own safe place where they can relax and rest while feeling secure.

It can also teach them to determine what furniture is for them and what’s for humans to keep your bed and your sofa clean from any dirt and fur. In this way, both of you can have a peaceful sleep without disturbing each other.

Good Sleep

Just like humans, your dog needs comfy and warm beds to rest. Sleep is essential for everybody, even animals. If your dog is deprived of sleep it can weaken its immune system and can be prone to health risks and other sicknesses.

Dog sofa beds can also give them warm during winter. For this instance, you can place your dog in a self-warming pet bed particularly when the temperature drops below 32 degrees.

What to Consider When Buying Dog Couch Beds

There are lots of dog sofa beds that are available in pet shops and even online but the question is, will it give your dogs needs, and will it satisfy them? Before purchasing a dog lounge bed, make sure to consider these factors so you can have the best dog couch beds for your fur buddies.

Dog’s Sleeping Position

Knowing your dog’s sleeping position will help you determine what type of dog lounge bed is best for them. Does your dog love to curl up like a ball or do they stretch out when they sleep?

This factor will simply determine what size of pet sofa bed you’re going to purchase. Take note that even if we want a wider and bigger dog couch bed, we must make sure that it will still give them security and warmth, so better purchase the right size for them.


To keep your dog sofa beds clean and sanitized, you need to make sure that you wash your pet sofa bed once a week or once every two weeks.

Since your dog will be using their sofa bed every day, you can’t prevent it from having dirt and multiple stains. If not cleaned, this can lead to flea, bed mites, germs, and bacteria build-up that can harm your dog’s health. When buying a dog sofa bed, make sure that it’s easy to wash and machine-friendly for hassle-free cleaning.


Of course, safety is your number one priority as a dog owner. You need to check if the materials used are pet-friendly and won’t affect your dog. It’s also best to read some product reviews to know what are the possible problems that you may encounter with it.

For owners with small breed dogs, ensure that the height of the bed is not too high for your fur buddies to avoid any kind of accidents.

Absorbent pads

A pet sofa bed with an absorbent pad is a must-have. Let’s admit it, some untrained dogs often pee on their beds, this is the reason why you should consider a pet couch bed that has absorbent pads so you can clean it easily and the smell won’t stay in the bed.

But for dogs with specific health problems, there are incontinence dog beds that are usually waterproof and are designed for your dog’s needs.

Luxury design

I know, the first thing that you’ll be thinking about is the price. But guess what? There are luxury dog sofa beds that you can purchase at an affordable price. Yes, luxury doesn’t always mean expensive, it can also mean stylish and unique even when it’s cheap.

Before purchasing dog sofa beds, it’s best to choose a product that has great quality and still has a classy design that will blend with your home decor.

Basic Types of Dog Sofa Beds

Generally, there are different types of pet sofa beds that you can choose from on the market. But the most common types are the following:

  • Bolster-Style Pet Sofa – this design is best for olders dogs who are experiencing joint problems since they won’t need to climb in. Some of this sofa bed also has memory foams that will give ease and comfort to their muscles and joints.
  • Mini-human Dog Couch – most of these are elevated and feature an elegant design just like your couches at home. Compared to other dog couch beds, this type is quite expensive since it has first-rate materials.
  • Orthopedic Dog Sofa Bed – suitable for working dogs and senior dogs to relieve achy joints. It’s also recommended for giant dog breeds since their bone structure needs more support compared to smaller breeds.

10 Affordable Luxury Dogs Sofa Beds 

Here are the best luxury sofa beds for dogs that are still affordable!

1. Snoozer Overstuffed Luxury Sofa Bed For Dogs

Is your pet sexy and glamorous? Would you describe your pet as sexy, glamorous, and fabulous? If so, we believe this lavish microsuede pet sofa will be perfect for your dog. Snoozer offers so many great pet articles that their manufacturing quality is recommended, and I’m really not joking.

Yep, so I think it is fair to say this is a great sofa for any dog (or human being for that matter). It comes in a hot fudge unique color but also in some stylish colors – black, Anthracite, pink, camel, and dark chocolate. Different sizes are available, too.

2. D-ART Collection Dog Sofa

Solid mahogany wood carefully carved and microsuede, all that for your dog. It would spoil even the most demanding pets but surely, this luxury Victorian-era styled pet sofa has everything going for it.

Materials are amazing and fancy, the look is eye-catching while remaining classy. Space-wise, it can easily welcome a 30 lbs dog or 15kg. This is a top choice for whoever has used similar furniture in their home. It also features a microsuede fabric for easy cleaning and has approximate dimensions of 35.5″ x 21″ x 17″.

3. Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Set

This is just too cute. The frame is made of rock-solid wood and meticulously covered with quality leatherette. This beautiful dog sofa bed also comes in three sizes and many colors, so you’ll find your perfect match!

It has got some incredible reviews on Amazon as well, and some customers posted super loveable pictures. All mention the high quality of the materials used and the beauty of the leatherette. It is safe to say that this would look great in any home.

That’s not all, it gets delivered with a nice bundle, you will find an assorted microsuede padded cushion and free matching pillows and toys! What’s not to like?

Fantasy Furniture Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Set
Review on Amazon, I quote: “It’s so freaking ADORABLE!!!!”

4. JOEJOY Rectangle Dog Lounge Bed

The JOEJOY pet sofa bed features a rectangular shape that’s perfect for a private sleeping nook in your dog’s corner. This dog couch looks lavishly luxurious and its rose swirl short faux fur and cozy suede fabric are awesomely comfortable and relaxing for dogs.

The sides and the base are firmly foamed to make sure the comfort stays optimum and has a high resilience polyester fiber filling and support a night of better sleep and keep your dogs warm. You can machine-wash and dry it but usually, they recommend hand-washing it.

It has a non-slip bottom to keep the sofa bed in place on tiles and hardwood floors of your house. This orthopedic couch bed is also durable and are available in four sizes –  S (20″x 19″x 6″),  M (25″x 21″x 8″), L (30″x 24″x 9″), and XL (35″x 25″x 10″).

5. K&H Memory Large Foam Cozy Sofa

This comfortable memory foam sofa looks good but it feels very good too, thanks to its orthopedic properties, perfect for aging pets, but also for larger breeds. The thickness of this dog couch is hugely padded so your dog never feels the floor, even if your pooch is as heavy as an elephant!

The K&H Memory Foam Sofa is available in two sizes:

  1. Medium, 33-Inch by 24-Inch
  2. Large, 41-Inch by 30-Inch

Also, note that the bolsters and base memory foam can be removed for easy care.

6. Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

Who said a dog should have his own little sofa-like seat on a car journey? We certainly did not! Here is a supercar seat for your pooch, it will allow you to safely drive while your dog is carefully staying in his own comfortable foamy car seat.

The Snoozer Lookout Car Seat will securely attach itself to the car’s security belt so you can drive in peace. Available in a variety of fabric options, it also boasts a Sherpa lining for lovely warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

7. K&H Elevated Dog Sofa Bed

A super comfy, entertaining to see and it is quite a trendy design item to showcase at home! The bolstered dog bed is made of waterproof, heavy-denier fabric that features a fluffy plush bolster for your pet’s ultimate comfort.

It’s easy to collapse, to store, and to assemble since there are no tools needed. The unique sleeping surface gently responds to their weight and position, encouraging your dog to stretch and helping relieve physical discomfort and pressure points.

The K&H elevated dog sofa bed supports dogs weighing up to 200 lbs, and can be stored very easily if you need to bring it with you on holidays, camping, and picnicking.

8. Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa Bed

The Furhaven pet sofa bed is ideal for large dog breeds that promote ultimate security and cozy nestling for your fur buddies. Its sleeping surface features a brush quilted fabric that has a soft and gentle texture to your dog’s nose and paws for enhanced burrowing comfort and snuggling.

Its egg-crate orthopedic foam base improves air circulation and pressure points while its fluff-filled bolster railings support your dog’s back, hips, neck, and joints that provide restful sleep. 

When it comes to maintaining, its removable dog bed cover is machine washable. For a more specific washing instruction, you can refer to its hangtag or seam label.

9. Enchanted Home Pet Dreamcatcher Dog Sofa

A mini-human sofa dog bed that features a premium quality fabric made of the most durable and softest materials. The Enchanted Home pet sofa bed provides the same level of style and comfort of human furniture that we have at home.

This dog sofa is also perfect for curler dogs who sleep in a protective style and leaner dogs who love to lean their heads while sleeping. It also has a 2” leg lift off the floor with vibration-absorbing pads underneath and a storage pocket for your dog’s toys and bones.

The cushion cover is removable and washable so it’s easier to clean. A perfect fit for pets up to 30 lbs and has an overall size of 33.5” x 21” x 12.5” – cushion size 21″ x 15″.

10. Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Lounge Bed

This versatile sofa bed gives your dogs a cozy space to relax and rest. Thanks to its faux linen fabric, its outer cover will not stain, absorb liquid, and collect any fur or hair so it’s easier to clean and maintain.

The soft micro-sherpa surface that measures 20”x26” is very roomy and perfect for snuggling. The 2.5″ thick memory foam base provides optimal support and joint relief for your dogs. While its arm stuffing (microfiber) is firm and soft for a more real sofa feel. 

It has a smart bed design with 3-sided pillow-like bolsters that’s perfect for all sleeping positions and is detachable for cleaning and washing.

Luxury Dog Sofa Beds: FAQ

We gathered the top frequently asked questions about the best luxury dog sofa beds that are still affordable, below are the best answers to your inquiries.

Do dogs prefer hard or soft sofa beds?

Dogs love to sleep and curl up in a nice and soft lounge bed. Just like humans, they want their own space where they can feel comfortable and protected. But take note: too-soft sofa beds often don’t support the health needs of your dogs especially when it comes to their joints. So make sure to purchase a firm yet comfortable dog sofa bed for them.

How big should a dog couch be?

Too big and too small dog sofa beds can affect your dog’s sleeping habits. You need to ensure that they have enough space to stretch while feeling secure at the same time. To know the right size, you can measure your dog from nose to tail while they’re sleeping (depending on their sleeping position) and add a few inches.

Are dog couches good for dogs?

Definitely yes. Dog sofa beds can give a lot of benefits to your dog’s health especially if they’re aging. This can prevent joint problems, arthritis, and dysplasia, also it can give them ease when they feel any muscle and joint pains. Apart from this, it can give them a peaceful and comfortable sleep day and night.

How often should you clean your dog’s sofa bed?

To maintain the cleanliness of your pet sofa bed, you should clean and wash it at least once a week or once every two weeks. This will avoid any germs, bacteria, mites, and fleas buildup that can risk your dog’s health. Also, it can prevent bad odors from sticking to their bed. 

Do dogs like clean pet sofa beds?

Yes. A clean bed can give your dog a harmonious and comfortable sleep. Cleanliness is not an option but a priority, if you want your dogs to be healthy, ensure that they sleep in a clean and sanitized bed. Like, who would want to sleep in a dirty bed, right?

How do you introduce a dog to a new couch bed?

You can introduce your dog to their new bed by rubbing your hands on the bed or try putting an old shirt on it. In this way, your dog will smell your scent on it and will eventually feel comfortable staying in it. You can also place your dog’s toys and blanket to let them know that it’s their bed and they can relax in it.

We hope you liked our selection of sofa beds for dogs, we tried to keep it varied in styles, shapes, and prices, but we really wanted to offer your quality and luxury dog sofa beds, couches, and lounges.

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