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Self-Warming Dog Beds – How Do They Work, Reviews & FAQ

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Published on
Friday 2 April 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
self warming dog beds
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Self-warming dog beds are a wonderful purchase during winter, if you live in a cold area, or if your dog has thin fur. However, not a lot of people know about these beds or still have some remaining questions. There are special thermal beds that allow your dog to maintain their current heat and stay toasty when it gets colder inside. They work by using special fabrics to do so. They may seem like regular dog beds, but the special fabrics and designs enable your dog to not only remain comfortable, but to feel warm and stay warm.

We will discuss exactly how self-heating dog beds work and what makes them so efficient. We will also review some of the best on the market, so you can take a look and decide which product is best for your home and for your dog. This includes the possible drawbacks with your beds so you know all about them. So let’s take a look!

What Are Self-Warming Dog Beds?

Every dog needs a good dog bed to stay warm and comfortable. And self-warming dog beds offer comfort and a large amount of warmth. They are able to retain heat and allow your pet to feel warm by just snuggling up inside. They do not come with electric heaters, which many pet owners prefer. Although you can purchase heaters as well to work alongside self-heating technology. Indeed, there are ways to heat up a dog bed without electricity. Mylar is a type of polyester film which is a plastic. It is used in self-warming beds and is wonderful for retaining heat. The US Space Program has even used it because of its effectiveness.

How do They Work?

The simple explanation for the way that thermal beds work is that your pet’s current body heat is reflected back at them and maximized effectively. It works through keeping heat in the material and therefore preventing the cold from entering. Providing warmer, or to be precise more thermal, surfaces allow for a dog to maintain their current heat and increase their temperature as well. Some thermal beds contain thermal reflectors which helps their effectiveness. The thermal reflector is usually made from Mylar. Which as previously discussed, is a type of plastic ideal for reflecting heat back towards your pets.

Many owners worry that self-warming beds have some kind of heating device or wiring within the bed. Well, these beds are wiring and device free! No electronics are included. Instead, thermal and heavy heat reflective materials are implemented to maintain a good temperature in your dog.

What Are The Benefits of Getting One For Your Dog?

The benefits are not just limited to one bonus of keeping your dog warm. This bed type offers cheap, reusable, and safe methods to keep many types of dogs warm in different environments. Whether it is winter or you live up in Alaska, these beds will provide the warmth your dog needs. These beds can be especially useful for dogs with shorter coats such as the Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, and Dalmatian. These breeds can get especially cold quite quickly, this can lead to illness, joint pain, and other health worries. Ensuring they have access to warmth retaining beds can prevent these such concerns.

Their benefits can also pertain to its safety. Many owners worry that beds with electrical or wired heating could lead to a possible fire or even electrocution. Especially if your dog is a heavy chewer. With this bed you can avoid all those worries, as well as costly heating bills.

benefits self-warming beds
Self-warming dog beds have a lot of benefits.

10 Best Self-Warming Dog Beds

We are here to discuss the 10 best self-warming beds so you can compare each product. We will look at their pros, cons, material, design, and even reviews! So let’s dive in.

1. Furhaven Pet – ThermaNAP Self-Warming Quilted Bed Pad

Furhaven’s bed comes in three different sizes to ensure that regardless of your breed’s size, they have a bed that will fit. With it’s mat-style, smooth, micro velvet, self-heating pad, this bed has everything to keep your pup warm.

Furthermore, it comes in four stylish colors to satisfy your design urge as well! It is also a lightweight product that you can move from room to room so your dog is warm wherever they are.

As for reviews, this product has done exceptionally well. Owners adore this product and are surprised at its quality considering its low price. Another bonus!

2. PETMAKER Self-Warming Thermal Pet Crate Pad

The self-warming bed by Petmaker comes in a general size of 36 x 24 x 0.75 inches for large dogs and also offers a smaller size. It has a soft sherpa material for a soft outer comfort and thermal support.

Many owners say that it has great mobility and can be used to line crates and hard dog beds for extra warmth. It can be slotted and folded to fit unusually shaped areas for added comfort.

However, it is thinner than it appears as mentioned by many owners. However, the reviews are still positive. They do advise you to not use this as a stand-alone bed though.

3. AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed

Ranging from 18 to 35 inches, the AmazonBasics bed is great for many different types of dogs. It has a faux sherpa fleece with a supple corduroy exterior for the ultimate comfort.

This is the perfect option crate style bed and can slot in with ease. This will make your dog’s crate a lot warmer and ensure that they are not cold whilst in there. Furthermore, for a strong thermal reflector internally, this bed uses the same technology as space blankets.

This bed uses the highest quality and the reviews can back this statement up. They are almost wholeheartedly positive.

4. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed

K&H offer a brilliant self-heating bed for smaller sizes of dog breeds. With a soft microfleece interior and a reflective polyester outside, this bed offers comfort, warmth, and heat retaining properties.

With three different colors, this bed is not just practical, but stylish and can be personalized too! We recommend this bed for open crate use as it slots into crates perfectly.

We could find no bad word about this product. K&H is a well known leading brand for high-quality self-heating beds, and their expertise show with this product.

5. AmazonBasics Plush Dog Pet Bed Pad

Another product by AmazonBasics with five different sizes so every pooch can benefit. The mat or pad heating style is very effective for maintaining heat. This tied with the soft and thermal plush filling makes for a great dog bed!

This bed is not only great for maintaining heat, but also hygiene. It can be thrown straight into the washing machine on a regular cycle to get it clean, and it dries quickly.

This bed has many good reviews. Many mention how it does well to withstand the chewing of many naughty puppies as well.

6. Best Friends by Sheri Bundle Savings – The Original Calming Shag Donut Cuddler Dog Bed

If you’re looking for an ultra-plush design for pooches that may have anxiety, check out this bed by Best Friends by Sheri. From small to extra-large, this bed accompanies all kinds of nervous or chilly pups.

The doughnut shape with vegan shag fur exterior offers a soft, warm, ad comforting bed that surrounds your dog. You also have the choice to purchase it either in taupe or frost colors.

The reviews in concerns to the materials warmth and softness are great. Concerns arise though in regards to its ease of cleaning. Material has been found to stay within the strands and not wash off easily.

7. AmazonBasics Round Warming Pet Bed

This is another great self-warming dog bed that comes in five sizes. It has a lovely round design that is not only comforting for your pet, but also encourages a more heat preserving positing of sitting and sleeping.

You can easily spot clean this bed with its faux sherpa fleece finish. And because of its plush exterior it is easy to see why dogs love this comfy bed.

Reviews are very positive and particularly target how great this bed is for smaller and more nervous breeds of dog.

8. Aspen Pet Self-Warming Beds

This lovely bed with stripes is offered in five different sizes in a round design by Aspen. It has a mylar interior layer and faux lambswool surface to offer a heat reflector inside and a soft and thermal outside.

This attractive bed is also available in two colors: red and white. So you can choose one to suit your dog and living room! Furthermore, this bed is lightweight and you can use it as a travel bed for car nervous pups.

Aspenpet is a well-known company and the reviews of this product reflect their worth. Most pets adore this bed as do the owners.

9. PUPPBUDD Calming Dog Bed

This bed is undoubtedly for larger dogs. Their smallest size starts are large and ends at XXXL for even the biggest dog breed! Just because your dog is huge, does not mean they are not at risk of the cold weather of course.

This is another doughnut-shaped product to support your dog and encourage a position to maintain high levels of warmth. Furthermore, the material combination of nylon and faux fur aims to mimic the natural coat of dogs for a soothing and comforting feel.

All dogs are mad about this bed according to reviews. Especially puppies as the fur mimic the fur of their mothers so it acts like a puppy blanket and even prevents shaking caused by the cold.

10. Jincheng Calming Dog Bed

Although this bed comes in small, medium, and large, the brand aims it towards smaller breeds of dog. However, you can also use this bed for cats as well! It is another easy to clean self-warming bed and can be machine washed, but only on the lowest setting.

This is a doughnut-shaped bed, a popular design for comforting nervous or cuddly dogs. It is filled with virgin pearl cotton. And you can imagine how soft and thermal this bed is, it’s one of the best.

Reviewers adore this bed for their little dog breed. Some have even mentioned reduced barking and shaking after a few weeks of purchase.

Self-Warming Dog Beds – FAQ

Have a few more questions concerning self-heating dog beds? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers you need below.

Do I really need a self-warming dog bed?

If you live in a cold area or if your dog has fine or no fur, a self-warming bed is very useful. However, you could also consider a heat mat or a blanket to keep them warm. It depends on the criteria your dog requires and your worries. If you live in a hot area, or your dog has a thick coat, it is probably not worth the purchase of a self-heating bed. Again, if your dog loves to sleep on the floor, this may be a wasted purchase. However, if they need extra warmth, it is certainly worth considering.

Are self-warming dog beds safe to use?

Self-warming beds are very safe to use, much safer than their electrical counterpart. There is no risk of faulty wires leading to a fire or electrocution if your dog chews them. A self-heating dog bed has no chance of electronic fault. Concerns to consider though is the ease of washing and possible allergens in the material. Dogs with less fur or sensitive skins are often more sensitive to allergies. So just be aware of the material and check the reviews before a purchase.

Heated bed or heated blanket?

We would recommend a heated bed over a heated blanket. As your dog can often get caught up in a heated blanket and become too hot and uncomfortable quite quickly. Whereas a heated bed offers a spread-out space for your dog to remove themselves from at any time. There are also some safety concerns with heated blankets heating up quite hot too quickly as they are thinner than a heated bed. This could a bit overwhelming for your dog and they then may avoid the blanket onwards. Both have safety concerns but every electrical device does when around a chewy pup.

Should I get a self-heating pad or a self-heating bed?

It depends on what type of heat you wish to provide for your dog. Blankets offer heat from below as opposed to beds which provide heat from the base and on the sides for an all-round circulation of heat. This is more effective to ensure your dog is not losing heat from a larger area.

Can I put this inside a dog crate?

You can definitely put self-heating dog beds inside a crate. Many are actually designed for using specifically in crates. It is completely safe and very effective for maintaining heat inside of them.

Self-heating dog beds are useful and safe inventions great for cold places and times. They also make wonderful places for a dog that is anxious and needs somewhere secure to snuggle. Furthermore, owners of crate trained dogs can insert a bed into their dog’s crate for added warmth.

Our personal favorite is the self-heating bed by Best Friends by Sheri. Not only is it self-warming and eco-friendly, but it can also help to reduce canine anxiety. Keeping your dog warm is very important to ensure they are healthy and happy, which is our goal as owners. So why not check out one of these beds and leave a comment of your opinion below!

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