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15 Best Dog Beds for Large Breeds – Orthopedic, Breathable & Elevated

Written by Kalgi
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Published on
Monday 8 June 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog beds for large breeds
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As dog owners, we all understand how difficult it is to find the perfect dog beds for large breeds. You may have had a bed custom made for your dog. We’ve all been there, but not anymore.

Here’s a lowdown on the best dog beds for large breeds. You can now give your (not-so-little) pooch their own bed and a good night’s sleep in king size comfort. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Choose the Right Dog Bed for Large Breeds

First things first, get a dog bed that is suited to your dog’s size and weight. A bed that is sturdy enough to carry their body weight without sagging or breaking. It should also be big enough to accommodate all sleep positions. Moreover, you must also keep in mind the fabric/material used to make the dog bed. It needs to be breathable and cool.

Keep in mind your dog’s physical condition and whether or not they need an elevated bed. Large dog breeds like Great Danes, Bullmastiffs, and even German Shepherds, suffer from a lot of bone and joint problems due to their large size. Hip dysplasia is a common concern among these dogs. So the best dog bed for large breeds would be one that accommodates the dog’s sleep patterns, injuries, and health conditions too.

king size comfort for dogs
Your pooch can now get a good night’s sleep in king size comfort!


The thickness of the large breed dog bed refers to the stuffing inside the bed or the filler in the mattress. This needs to be at least four inches, minimum, to support a larger dog’s weight and body shape. If the bed is elevated, a thinner bed will sag right down to the floor. If it is a floor bed, the floor will poke the dog’s body. So the bed needs to be fluffy, soft, and thick. It must have enough comfortable material inside to withstand a large dog breed. When you buy a dog bed, buy one with a sturdy filling and decent thickness.


This is very important. The right dog bed for large dog breeds would definitely be the perfect size for your dog’s sprawling comfort. It doesn’t matter if they are a Great Dane or Saint Bernard, the perfect comfy calming dog bed would allow your dog to roll over while dreaming, without falling off. A good measure of scale is to get one that’s double or 1.5 times the size of your dog.

Ease of Cleaning

Your dog is going to shed and walk all over the bed with mucky paws and even drool. If you’re going to place the bed outdoors, there’s a fair chance they may also pee onto it. The bed will be lying across the floor, even if it is elevated. Therefore it is prone to getting dusty and dirty with all the rough usage. The first thing you want to look for in a dog bed for large breeds is the ease of cleaning.

Buy something that’s easily washable in a washing machine. It should also be available in a material that doesn’t soak up too much liquid. A waterproof dog bed is best for dogs that are still learning to use the toilet outside. Grass stains, mud stains, and drool are very difficult to get off and so it is much easier to get one that is resistant to all of these or is washable easily by hand or in a machine.

Non-Skid Bottom

Dogs tend to jump in and out of bed when excited. If the bed has a smooth bottom, it will result in your dog slipping off it and injuring him/herself gravely sometimes. Plus it isn’t the best idea for large breed dogs, especially those with injuries or weak bones. A no-skid bottom dog bed may have a sturdy rubber mat stuck to the bottom for a strong grip. Or another material that makes the bed stick to the ground, without damaging the floor or altering the comfort of the bed.

Type of Foam

Unlike for small dogs, a simple rug or a blanket is not adequate for the large-sized dogs. Therefore their healthcare demands a core material that provides acceptable support to their body from the hard floor. Commonly the stuffing of the dog bed comprises memory foam, composite foam, and textile-based materials. Cotton or polyfill material beds do not survive for long under the weight of the large dogs. Nor does it provide the required support to their body.

While, going for thicker, firm comfort foam is a good bargain as it gives the much-needed support and density to the dog. The best option remains the memory foam beds which adjust to the weight and style of the dog. Along with providing orthopedic relief. Another type of high-quality bed uses comfort foam and memory foam in the top layer making a composite core ensuring the best of both foams.

dog bed thickness
The bed needs to be fluffy, soft and thick!

15 Best Dog Beds for Large Breeds

Choosing the perfect big dog bed is a task, but a well-chosen bed will be a brilliant investment. Also, if you look after it properly, it will even last your buddy well into old age. The large breed dog beds given below have different qualities and features – choose the one that’s right for your dog’s size, sleeping habits, and personality.

1. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

These are one of the best orthopedic dog beds that allow your dog to succumb to the soft, comfort of very large memory foam. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds have 2 inches of high-density support foam at the bottom. They also have 2 inches of memory foam, which makes a perfect orthopedic support for your large and old dogs.

The smart memory foam eliminates the stress from the joints and supports the contouring of the body relieving the stiffness from muscles and arthritis. This bed comes with a waterproof, fine liner and a washable, slow-absorbent suede cover. The large size is 48”x28” and can easily accommodate a 150-pound dog. The skid-resistant bottom of the cover prevents it from slipping around. Simple and sleek in design and available in 5 different attractive colors, make it a flawless home addition.

Customers who have bought the bed, are very happy with the size of the bed and with how easy it is to wash it. The covers come off simply by zipping them open and can be easily machine-washed. The one problem that some customers have been reporting is a crinkly noise, that stems from the waterproof layers inside of the bed.

2. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

The quality of the beds by FurHaven has always remained undoubtful and reliable. It is one of the best bolster dog beds available in the market. They provide a wide range of comfy large dog beds in size, shape, material, colors, and accessories. They provide high quality, medical-grade foam which CertiPUR-US approve for being pet-friendly. The memory foam on the top conforms to the weight and size of the dog. Specially designed for the heavily weighted dogs up to 300 pounds, from 4” to 7” in thickness, the plush faux of this large breed dog bed ensures a good night’s sleep.

It also comes with a non-skid bottom, checking another point of your list. You can remove the outer cover with a convenient zipper and machine wash it. Many models come with one-sided or L-shaped bolsters with the same material for the additional luxury of your canine. The best part is that it is available in several sizes from large to the jumbo plus catering to all the sizes and the bonus is the warranty with the product.

Customers who bought this bed are extremely satisfied with the size of the product. It is a plush and comfortable bed for large breed dogs and is a great buy. Some customers though have reported receiving a flimsy or faulty product at times. They have complained that the bed they received had discoloration and tore easily.

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Super Plush Pet Beds

These deluxe plush pet beds are extraordinarily different from their kinds. This is truly one of the best dog beds for large breeds. Unconventionally, not of 4” but lesser, this is a one-piece product that can just woo your dog with comfort and softness. It does not have an extra cover or a liner but it has multiple soft layers for your pup. The bottom is skid-proof with small rubber balls keeping it firmly in one place.

It is a very convenient bed as one can directly put it in for a machine wash and in a dryer. You can easily adjust it in the pet crate and carry it during outings. Available in 3 chic colors of grey, mocha, and Coco it is an oomph factor in the home décor. If you’re looking for the best washable dog bed without compromising on your dog’s comfort, this is it.

Consumers and their pets collectively loved this plush bed with its gigantic sizes, bolsters, and ultra-soft padding for added comfort. A lot of customers even mentioned how their dogs couldn’t wait to jump and sink into its lush softness. However, some have reported that their beds didn’t hold up after the machine wash. It is best to check with your seller and find out the right cycle to wash these on, lest they tear up.

4. BarksBar Gray Orthopaedic Dog Bed

This orthopedic dog bed by BarksBar or the Snuggly Sleeper truly lives up to its name. Cushioned thick with 10” high-quality fluffy cotton trim on the edges it provides a neck comfort to the ailing necks and a headrest. The inside of the bed has a core of 4” of Solid Orthopedic foam base. This supports the paining joints, arthritis, and worked up the body of the large dog. The large-sized bed provides sleeping space of 36” and can fit a dog up to 100 pounds.

The ultra-soft polyester cover is lined with quilt-like design and can be easily washed in the machine and air-dried. With its non-skid bottom, it is light in weight and you can easily move it. It is indeed a snuggly bed that your dog can snuggle into without feeling out of size. It is truly the first in class when it comes to buying the best orthopedic dog bed for large breeds.

A favorite with customers who have clumsy, large, cuddly pets, this bed boasts of a quilted washable cover that has been appreciated a lot. A lot of pet-parents claim that their furry buddies refuse to be parted from this bed! Some users, however, complained of decreased durability and claimed that the bed didn’t hold up its reputation of being long-lasting.

5. BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

This is an ultimate calming dog bed made with a memory gel foam sheet at its core. It eases arthritis, surgery joints, or hip dysplasia by providing optimal therapeutic support. The simple easy to go in and out the design of the bed makes it convenient for the old dogs or dogs with achy joints to house into it. Easily survives bed struggles, the bottom is skid-proof and lined. The covers have zippers so you can easily remove, wash, and replace the bed cover.

These beds are available in large and extra-large bed sizes and in four different colors to suit your taste. They are highly suitable for breeds like German Shepherds, Labradors, and Retrievers. When ordered you are in for a little surprise gift toy for your mutt that keeps it lovingly busy. Ain’t it sweet! This one checks all the boxes – it is one of the best dog beds for large breeds, is skid-proof and is a comfy calming dog bed that will give your pooch the ultimate snooze.

Many of the pet parents who bought this bed have recommended it for its good quality memory foam and chew-proof covers. A highly debated feature of the bed is the waterproof quality of it – while most pet parents claim that the covers are amazingly waterproof and do not shrink despite a hot machine wash, a few have reported the covers to be of an inferior quality and not water-resistant at all.

6. MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

These Bolster Pet beds from MidWest are the perfect addition to your pet comfort accessories. It is made up of exquisitely soft fleece material to provide comfort and snuggly feeling to the dog. It has a poly-fiber cushion base secured with a cotton material that makes it slip-proof. The ultimate versatile nature of the bed makes it easy to use as an individual bed, inside a crate or in a vehicle for easy portability.

To make its usage more convenient, it comes with rubber straps on the bottom of the four corners which you can attach to the pan to avoid gathering. Another unforgettable quality is that you can wash and dry it in a machine to keep it clean for the dog and house use. Extremely luxurious, the bolsters on the sides provide neck support and a comfort zone. Available in 4 convenient sizes, it can accommodate a 150-pound dog – truly a giant breed dog bed.

Buyers seem happy with this product for his plush comfort and size and also the ease with which one can clean it, without altering its shape. Yes, you can dump it in the wash and it will come out as good as new. A problem, however, that a lot of pet parents claim to have faced is the fiber shedding! They say that the bed covers are made up of loosely knit fibers, which come off each time the dog tries to leave the bed, obviously creating a mess.

7. Pet Deluxe Dog and Puppy Bed

Pet Deluxe Dog and Puppy Beds are the ultra-comfy and convenient dog beds for large breeds. Your dog will love you even more for all the comfort and space they will enjoy in this gigantic bed. Made with high quality of memory foam, this four-inch-thick bed provides ultimate support for any orthopedic-related issues your dog may have.

Fenced with generously filled cotton-padded trim cushion around the sides, the dog can easily nestle inside for a deserving rest. The outer cover is easy to wash and the material is otherwise water-resistant, making it an easy, 100% washable fabric. The built-in rubbered bottom prevents it from sliding on the floor. The bed is large enough to accommodate a giant breed dog or a considerably big litter of puppies!

Those who’ve loved this plush offering have loved it, but there are quite a few who’ve complained of manufacturing defects in a few pieces. The pet parents who’ve loved it have recommended the bed for its high quality, durability, and pocket-friendly prices. Those who haven’t, have complained of poor customer service.

8. Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopaedic Dog Bed

The Orthopaedic Dog Bed by Big Barker ranks very well when you take user reviews into consideration. People are loving these large pet beds that are specially tailored to accommodate large dog breeds. Hence why they are available in the sizes 48” to the generous size of 60”. The part that the company vouch for is its American-made high-quality therapeutic foam used in its core. Carefully layered with the comfort and therapeutic foam, it amounts to a good size of 7 inches of the thick bed with a comfortable bolster on one side to rest the head.

It is also CertiPUR-US certified so the quality isn’t an issue. The cover is made of a soft micro-fiber material which is easy to remove and wash. The company provides a 10-year warranty, with a replacement if the foam fails to match the quality standards. This is a highly rated dog bed in the category of best orthopedic dog beds.

nearly every customers who bought this bed have loved every inch of it and so have their furry friends. Pet parents have applauded the bed for being worth every penny for its durability and size. It is made in the USA so the quality is also great. A very small part of the customer base, who didn’t like it have complained of easy tears and wrinkles in the bed, that appeared almost instantly.

9. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

If you own a dog that loves cuddling and constantly seeks to snuggle in with you, then Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler is the best choice for you. This round bed has armed trims, is covered in faux fur, making it the perfect, cozy, resting nook for your dog. The lined soft bolster gives comfort to the neck and the head, while the inner formed burrow ensures restful sleep. The bottom of the bed has a shell-finish which is water and dirt resistant, reducing the cleaning efforts of the owner.

The easy assembling of the various parts of the bed makes it convenient and each of it easily washable in machine and dried. It is a bed exactly that you and your dog would fall in love with. It falls into the category of extra large waterproof dog beds, that are also easy to wash and comforting for your dog.

This bed is comfy and oh-so-lush, it is a joy to see pictures of dogs sinking into the soft furry comfort of it. Customers have been extremely happy with how the bed has not only held true to its size but also the plush fabric. However, those who have taken to complain about the bed have expressed disappointment at how un-filled the center of the bed is. A few customers have claimed that the bed has a hollow center with no stuffing for support.

10. AIPERRO Dog Bed Crate Pad

The Aiperro Dog Bed Crate Pad is your go-to option if you’re looking for something in the comfortable-yet-portable zone. Thin, portable, and light-weight, you can use it in the house, on the bed, floor, or even in the foyer. It can also double up as a pad in a crate or a carrier and even in the vehicle or on the elevated outdoor pet cot. Even though it is thin in size, it has an orthopedic durable fleece plush which has intricate patterns to make it look snazzy.

The top has a nice plush velour while the bottom has anti-slip material to prevent it from moving around. It is also low maintenance and is a 100% washable dog bed, with a fur resistant fabric. The cover is soft and plush and breathable, providing warmth in the cold and airiness and breeze in the heat. It avoids heat absorption and allows free exchange of air through and through.

This is more of a mat for your crates and many customers are very happy with how it has stood the test of time and the wrath of puppies and dogs. The bed is washable and durable and budget-friendly too. The downside is that it has no slip-mat and so cannot be conveniently used on the floors.

11. Laifug Luxury Large Dog Bed

Laifug Luxury Large Dog Beds are extravagant, luxurious things, and comforting for large and giant dog breeds. It is stuffed with a nice five-inch thick orthopedic memory foam that adjusts to the body of the dog, providing comfort and relief to the tired bones. Available in a cute paw-print shape, it is covered with an exclusive faux fur with waterproof inner lining – merging comfort with convenience.

The cover is easily removable and washable also. This bed boasts of a high-quality faux fur that does not irritate the pet-skin but instead provides the ultimate comfort. The large breed dog bed is perfect to accommodate dogs that weigh over 150 pounds also.

Customers who have loved this bed have claimed that it is big enough to fit a child on it too! Large dog breeds have a field day, lazing around in this plush bed. With the perfect thickness and a soft filling, this one’s a great buy for people who have GSDs or Labradors or even Great Danes. The downside is customer review suggested that the bed fibers are prone to shedding.

12. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Friends Forever as a company is known to provide for quality design and material best suitable for your pet., So when it comes to beds for large dog breeds, they have not held back in putting up their best in providing some of the best range of dog beds to us. Their Orthopaedic Dog Beds are one of the finest and reliable in the market. The 9-inch dog bed includes 5 inches of the best quality, patented memory foam by Friends Forever and an extra 4-inch of soft cushioned polyfill bolsters on all four sides.

The specially formulated memory foam ensures the utmost relief to the dogs, especially those suffering from orthopedic and joint issues. The outer cover is – hair and water-resistant and durable too. The suede used in the making of it is soft, non-irritable material, flexible, and washable for convenience. What’s more, is that it comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

Customers are loving this product for it’s classy plushness. Not only is it the perfect size for a dog, but it is also thick enough for your pet pooch to sink into comfortably. A handful of people who have not liked the bed, have one major complaint, that the bed reeks of some chemical smell.

13. JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed Memory Foam Pet Bed

Orthopedic dog bed by Joyelf is another on the list of fine and durable beds for your larger breeds. Filled with solid memory foam base it ensures the joint relief to the old and heavy dogs. It is made of flame-retardant material, for your dog’s safety. The bowl-shaped bed has soft bolsters on the edges to ensure the overall comfort of the dog.

The outer cover is accompanied by a waterproof liner that saves the inner workings of the bed. The sides of the bed are tear-resistant while the bottom is water and slip-proof. The inner of the bed is soft and breathable providing cool comfort to the canine.

It is huge, it has side bolsters for a cozy sleep and it comes with a plush toy too! A lot of pet parents, who have middle-aged or older pets are pretty happy with the quality and the softness of this bed. Those who haven’t liked it have complained of a chemical smell and low-quality zippers on the covers and bolsters.

14. Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopaedic Dog Bed is a simple yet elegant looking boxed bed for your dog. This product is eco-friendly with foam made of completely recycled plastic bottles! The other cover is water and dirt resistant and is lined with doubled sewn box edges. Doubling the utility of the bed, the one side the cover is made of heavy-duty micro-fire material while the reverse of it is made of Soft Sherpa faux fur. Reliable and convenient, it can be an easy spot for your dog.

Senior dogs seem to be very comfortable on this bed, especially those with hip and rear issues. It is soft and comfortable but it doesn’t entirely sink in, so the dog can easily get up when it has to.

People have lauded it for being supportive and durable after rough use and wear too. The ones who aren’t happy with the product are disappointed in the quality, the poor customer service, and a chemical smell that seems to have emerged from some of these beds.

15. Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

Diverging from the usual rectangular shape of the dog beds, Majestic Pets have come up with a bagel-shaped bed that can easily accommodate any large-sized dog.

The inner of the bed is made of waterproof hi-quality denier and is filled with premium quality of the Polyester fill. Providing nesting space to your mutts that they would adore; these beds are skid-proof and washable. Coming in the variety of 7 different colors you can have your pick for any.

Most puppies and young dogs alike are very happy with this bagel bed, that offers cushioning on all four sides. It is plush and has velvety soft covers too to ensure a good night’s sleep. However, the ones who aren’t too happy with the bed have mostly complained about the shipping – some received it bent while others found their packet lopsided.

Dog Beds for Large Breeds – FAQs

Dog Beds for large breeds also cost in large sums, which is why we totally get your apprehension when you go to buy one. Although, the right bed will be a fantastic investment and last you for years. Here’s a comprehensive Q&A for you, to help you make the right decision.

What is the Most Comfortable Dog Bed for Large Breeds?

The most comfortable bed for the large breed is the one wherein they can fit themselves easily without sagging or having their paws hanging out of the edges. The comfort features are the addition to it. Although, with the extra size and weight, these large breeds are likely to suffer from joint issues and stressed bones early. To ensure that relief, dog beds with memory and comfort foam with the therapeutic orthopedic features are the most suitable.

comfortable big dog bed
Check if your dog can fit in the bed without having its paws hanging.

What is the Best Orthopedic Dog Bed for a Large Dog?

A best orthopedic dog bed is the one that supports the joints, back, and the whole body on the large dog in a balanced manner relieving them of any stress and stiffness. It has to react and adjust to the dog’s weight in the utmost fashion. If the foam used in a bed flattens and touches the ground when pressed, it is certainly not an orthopedic bed. It not only caters to the physical need of the canine but also emotionally supports them from separation anxiety, fear, clumsiness, and calm with homely aura.

How Big Should my Dog’s Bed be?

Ideally, a good large breed dog bed would be 1.5 to 2 times the size of the dog. While you are out in the market to choose a right-sized beg for your dog, you can check out their specifications in detail about the size and the weight of the dog a particular bed can accommodate. Select a bed that provides enough space movement while sleeping. Secondly, you can also refer to the size of the bed and dog weight chart for detailed understanding. Or you can simply measure up your dog from nose to tail with a tape and put in additional 8-12 inches to play around, that’s the size of the bed you want to get for your large dog.

What is the Best Bed for a Labrador?

Labradors are one of the best family dog breeds. The best dog bed for a labrador is one that can match up to the breed’s hyper-active nature and need for snuggling and cuddling. They are known to have a high rate of hip dysplasia; a supportive orthopedic bed is most important. They are also known to be high energy level dogs and great chewers. Hence, a bed that can withstand both these qualities is appreciated. An elevated dog bed for large dogs is suitable as they are strong, sturdy, and chew-resistant.

best bed-for a labrador
Make sure the bed matches up to your Labrador’s hyper-active nature!

Be sure to consider every element your big dog may need before purchasing dog beds for large breeds. Their comfort and happiness is the most important factor. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose one of our stylish and light-weight beds so both you and your pup love it.

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