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7 Best Websites to Buy Pet Medication Online

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Published on
Friday 3 June 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
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Buying your dog’s medication is a very crucial decision. It can influence your pet’s health and even lead to death if it is an improper choice. Finding the best websites to buy pet medication online is a difficult and worrisome task. Which offer high-quality products for affordable prices? Even if you have a low budget, the choice is still important as there are many affordable options that can help your pet.

We will be reviewing the top sites to buy pet medication online. This way you know you are buying from a reliable seller with high-quality products. Regardless of your needs and budget, we will be advising all the options you need.

7 Best Websites to Buy Pet Medication Online

To find a good website to buy pet medication from you need to know about its layout, creation, how legit it is, and any special features or offers. Some websites even have deals for those on more medication or for those more expensive.

1. Amazon

Amazon is a household name for being a high-quality online seller. They have a huge range from many different sellers. With their huge numbers of sales and reviews, you have a lot of information present to consider the perfect product. You will almost always find multiple sellers for the same medication, this means you can compare quality, prices, and even deals available. The website also has clearly labeled categories to search for, and filters to help narrow them down. Price and reviews are common filters although many others exist specific to the category of search.

There are even recommended products for you to consider. These may be similar items or those purchased alongside medication. For example, you may buy an oral solution and have recommended products of syringes for administration. Deals often come in these situations so keep your eyes peeled.

2. Chewy

If you are looking for a pet provider then Chewy is the king. It has a lot of diversity in its products and specializes in pet products. So you do not need to worry about human medication accidentally being advertised. They have reviews for easy comparisons of the product, and filters o find the right match for you.

A huge bonus with this website is its dog pharmacy section. It offers many different products along with three services including My Pet Health, Compound Pharmacy, and Connect A Vet. The compound pharmacy is the most recognized for dog products in America and is rated number one for a reason. It has high-quality medication and carries unusual and specific types. Furthermore, Chewy also allows you to contact a vet to advise you on courses of action. These are licensed veterinarians who you can text quickly in real-time and receive fast and knowledgeable responses.

3. PetCareRX

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable site for medication and good nutrition, check out PetCareRX. This is a big pet pharmacy and online seller that specialize in dog and cat health. This is a well-designed and clear site. You can find products you need with ease and compare brands for the best one. From types of medication such as allergy relief or antibiotics, it is all well categorized and labeled for those that want a quick shopping experience. Furthermore, they have many products to consider with a huge variety to compare. Due to their large selection, you will likely have a large choice to compare. So you know you are not settling with the efficiency or overspending.

PetCareRX not only helps with physical illnesses but mental as well. If your dog has anxiety or depression then medication for such mental health issues also has site labels. Even vitamins and supplements that help your dog’s health are to have age labels so you can find the best for your old or young dog.

4. Petco

Petco is a huge corporation that has sites all over America. It also has a website you can access to buy the medication they sell in-store. It was created in 1965 and has evolved to the Petco we know today with a huge influential basis. With their own pharmacy established in-store their website now allows you to order medication on it for ease. The medication available on the website is not as advanced as some brands but does have a variety of wellness medications and support wellness.

They have first aid kits alongside ear, eye, and dental care for starters. They also have a variety of mental health supplements such as anti-anxiety pills and herbal remedies. Petco also stocks flea and tick treatments and the usual health requirements your dog needs. If you have an elderly dog or one who has struggled with weight, then they may have hip and joint problems. In this case, they have treatment to help swelling and aid movement as well. For your dog’s general health needs Petco offers a wide variety of products for you to compare and choose from.

5. 1-800-PetMeds

This is a purely American website that just sells pet drugs to purchase. 1-800-PetMeds You are able to access prescription and non-prescription medication for your pup. Just make sure your vet can offer the prescription slip as proof in order to get the prescription drugs your dog needs. Sometimes they are willing to complete emails or calls to give you the correct prescription.

They categorize their website into searching treatment through conditions which is an interesting method to do so. You are also able to search by brand and pet type. However, it is a helpful feature for someone who does not know what their dog needs for a minor health condition. For example, if your dog has some level of anxiety then you can click on that category for some suggestions. Herbal remedies or supportive essential oil are readily available, and the vet prescribed drugs.

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Since the pandemic, it is recommended to limit face-to-face interaction with other people.

6. Walmart PetRX

Another large website that offers a large range of medications is Walmart PetRX. They have thousands of stores in multiple countries. Walmart PetRX is actually a sub-brand of Walmart that brings pet products to their loyal customers. One subsection of this is their pharmacy, not only do they cater to dogs, but other pets such as those more exotic like birds and fish. The medication available is quite vast but not as huge as some of the other suppliers mentioned. However, they have more of a range of medications for different species.

If you’re worried about your dog and are interested in pet insurance, you can consider Walmart’s pet insurance policy as well. They cover dogs and cats for up to 90% of the vet bills needed. Furthermore, it can be worrisome when trying to find legitimate pet insurance, but with Walmart’s you know the validity of their name and reputability as well. Just be sure to apply directly through the website.

7. VetRX Direct

If you’re interested in buying over-the-counter products, then this website is perfect for you. They deal with regular health products such as medicated shampoo and anti-inflammatories. This site is labeled as a pet pharmacy though so does have some more complex or specific drugs to consider. They do specify as a dog and cat pharmacy so they are a bit smaller and more targeted in their range of products. However, this does not influence the quality of products or delivery services.

There are a few bonus elements on the site to consider. Firstly, if you spend over $449 then you are eligible for free shipping. So if you want a large order to last you for a while, then this is beneficial. Furthermore, they label their care by medication types at the top of the website, and by different conditions in the middle. This means that whether or not you know what you want or need some help finding a product, this site’s design will help.

Online Pet Medication Store: FAQ

Is it safe to order pet medications online?

As long as you are purchasing from a trusted source then it is safe to buy online. There are a few ways you can check if a site is reliable or not. Taking a look at the number and quality of their reviews is a good starting point. You can also check the reviews of the website from external review companies by searching online. We advise looking at websites that are well known and trusted in order to receive high-quality products.

Can I consult with a vet online?

Many online pharmacies allow you to consult with a vet before making a purchase. It is actually a feature worth looking out for to demonstrate a high-quality website. One such website we advise is Chewy. Their online pharmacy is so advanced and has such a range of products. It can be easy to become overwhelmed! However, with their easy-to-contact vet, they can help you figure out the right solution and product for your dog.

Is it better to order online than to go to a pet pharmacy?

Both have their pros and cons, so it is up to personal preference. If you need the medication urgently then it is worth going to a normal pharmacy. However, if you want a lot of range and ease in buying, then consider purchasing online. Online you can also look at reviews for easy comparisons to know which products are worthwhile. However, in person, you can also discuss it and all elements of the product with a member of staff. So consider what you would rather have in your experience to make a decision.

How do pet pharmacies work?

Online pharmacies work differently depending on if you need prescription medication or not. Over-the-counter medication can be ordered like any product on Amazon. You simply add it to the cart, enter your bank details and address, and it will be delivered to your door. If you need to use a prescription then you will somehow have to submit proof of your prescription before purchase.

Do I need a prescription to buy pet meds online?

This is dependent on the store and medication. Heavy medication with more severe consequences usually always needs prescriptions. However, herbal remedies or flea shampoo can usually be bought over-the-counter.

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Online pet stores are a lifesaver for people who constantly have to work.

Buying online offers ease and a wider list of products for you to consider. You can also order repeat prescriptions which are automatically delivered to the comfort of your own home. There are a lot of bonuses to ordering online, and therefore it is important to find the right site. Consider what you are looking for and make sure the site matches your expectations to find your favorite of our best websites to buy pet medication online!

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