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10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

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Published on
Friday 22 May 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for Hip Dysplasia
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As much as we care for our pets, we can’t always prevent health problems. Sometimes our canine friends suffer from genetic disorders such as hip dysplasia. At its worst, hip dysplasia can lead to crippling lameness and arthritis. While hip dysplasia has no cure, there are effective treatments for these conditions. One of the most effective ways of managing this hereditary condition is orthopedic dog beds for hip dysplasia.

These beds are effective for stress relieving, pressure point support, and various medical conditions. Orthopedic dog beds for dogs with hip dysplasia can also aid arthritis, joint pain, soreness, and other structural ailments to provide comfort and relaxation for your pooch.

What are Orthopedic Beds for Dogs With Hip Dysplasia

The best beds for dogs with hip dysplasia are engineered to provide extra support for their joints, so as to minimize pain and soreness after rest. Hip dysplasia is caused by the abnormal formation of the hip socket. Symptoms include lameness in the hind end, reduced range of motion, and pain. Any foam mattress is better than sleeping on the floor, but orthopedic beds take it up a notch and include the following features:

  • Memory foam
  • Extra padding
  • Pressure-relieving properties

These memory foam dog beds are durable, hypoallergenic, dust and mite resistant, and usually, come with a warranty. But these beds do have a few shortcomings that you should be aware of. For starters, hip dysplasia orthopedic dog beds are very expensive. These beds are also much heavier than regular beds and are difficult to move around. Moreover, regular orthopedic beds tend to retain more heat due to the dense foam, although newer technologies such as cool gel mattresses this problem can be solved.

How to Choose the Right Orthopedic Dog Bed for Hip Dysplasia

If you need a bed for orthopedic dogs, there are a number of things to consider. Therefore, be sure to check the features discussed below before you make the final purchase.


Good padding is a crucial feature of hip dysplasia orthopedic dog beds. Dog beds are available in all qualities, from regular foam to orthopedic varieties. Whichever bed you choose must have the proper padding and appropriate thickness.

The thicker a mattress is, the more comfortable it will be. Most premium brands use a memory foam at least 4 inches thick. On top of that, some brands use a cooling gel or gel foam to provide added comfort and better regulate the temperature. Moreover, some specialized orthopedic dog beds come with a foam headrest to provide extra comfort to your dog.

Lastly, you can also find orthopedic dog beds with bolsters that support your dog while sleeping. These beds provide a sense of security and provide a feeling of added coziness.

orthopedic dog beds with bolsters
Dog beds with bolsters offer enhanced body support for dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia.


The appropriate size for the bed depends on your requirements. How many dogs do you have, and what is the size and age of your dog?

Large orthopedic dog beds are heavy and take up a lot of space, but they are needed for multi-dog households and large-sized dogs. On the other hand, a small orthopedic dog bed is lightweight and takes much less space, but cannot cater to big dogs.

Apart from that, some dogs like to curl up and fall asleep while others can only rest when they have ample of space. When choosing the size, you should also consider the sleeping habits of your dog.


High quality and dense foam provides comfort and lasts long. Most beds for orthopedic dogs are equipped with memory foam. Memory foam allows equal weight distribution and provides support for the neck, spine, and joints. Moreover, a memory foam mattress can support larger breeds, as well as multiple dogs without losing its shape.

In addition, some brands offer orthopedic cooling dog beds equipped with a layer of cooling gel on top as well as sophisticated airflow technologies to reduce heat buildup in the mattress.

While memory foam is our go-to choice for orthopedic dog beds, you can find other options as well. Mattresses made from shredded and blended foam are a good option if you opt-out of a memory foam mattress.

Washability and water resistance

When it comes to maintenance of orthopedic dog beds, washability and water-resistance are important features to consider. Dogs tend to spill fluids, drool, urinate, vomit, and spoil their beds. Moreover, as time passes by, the bed will get dirty and need a thorough washing. A dog bed that does not absorb fluids will make it all the more convenient to keep your dogs bed clean.

Memory foam or regular foam, both are incredibly difficult to wash. Therefore, it’s important that the sheets/bed cover is made from a water-resistant material. Water-resistant beds do not harbor bad odors and can be wiped clean with relative ease.

Most beds come with an unzippable cover and a waterproof liner underneath. This allows users to wash the cover when it gets dirty easily.


Needless to say, a dog bed must be durable enough to withstand a dog’s nibbling and chewing. A premium orthopedic dog bed won’t tear up easily and withstand rough treatment. Durable beds are made using fabric and threads that can withstand dog bites and scratches.


Dog beds for hip dysplasia don’t come cheap. When you’re spending a hundred or so dollars, there should be some guarantee that the product you buy will last long. Premium dog brands will come with a 1-2 year warranty. Some dog beds can have a warranty period as long as 10 years.

We recommend buying an ortho dog bed that comes with at least a 1-year warranty. It will most likely be resistant to light chewing and withstand wear and tear from regular use. A premium quality bed may cost a few more bucks but it will be way more reliable than cheap beds that tear up easily.

Moreover, dog beds backed by a warranty often have better-quality memory foam. These last longer, retain their shape and provide better comfort for dogs compared to low-quality memory foam mattresses.

Always favor orthopedic dog beds!
Always favor orthopedic dog beds!

10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for Hip Dysplasia

Choosing the right bed for dogs with hip dysplasia can go a long way in alleviating and managing the pain. Hence, we evaluated and prepared a list of the top 10 best orthopedic dog beds available for purchase.

1. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker large orthopedic dog bed is specially made for large and giant breeds such as the Great Dane. It uses extra-thick 7″ orthopedic foam to support your dog while staying durable over the years. Although it costs more than other beds, it boasts high quality to make up for the price. The bed is covered in 100% microfiber cloth in 4 elegant color options: burgundy, khaki, gray, and chocolate. It comes in 3 sizes: large, extra-large, and giant size.

Unlike your run of the mill orthopedic dog beds, this one actually uses medical-grade memory foam. It specializes in providing support at various pressure points when your dog is resting. The foam is a bit firm, so as to support a large dog’s weight. While its a bit too firm for smaller dogs, this bed will last for as long as 10 years, as claimed by the manufacturer!

While the foam of this bed is admittedly durable, that is not the case with its cover. Large dogs, with their higher strength, can easily tear this up. A few customers have complained about spending an exorbitant amount on a high-quality orthopedic foam only to find the cover and the foam torn up just a week later.

2. K&H Pet Products Deluxe Ortho Bolster

K&H Orthopedic dog bed with bolster ticks all the marks. It comes covered with a plush velvety liner with cute paws imprinted on the fabric. It also features a comfortable medical grade orthopedic foam that’s surrounded by a soft bolster filled with premium polyfill. The cover from the foam as well as the bed can be easily unzipped for cleaning and washing. The bed comes in green and maroon colors and two sizes: medium (30″) and large (40″).

The bolster provides added comfort while keeping your dog secure when it’s resting. The liner can easily be unzipped for washing and since it’s machine washable, it makes the whole process very easy!

While the dog bed looks premium, as if something straight out of the victorian era, it has its drawbacks. The velvet cover isn’t waterproof. If the foam soaks up water or other fluids, cleaning it will be incredibly difficult. Moreover, whatever size you purchase, the bolster will take around 6″ inches on three sides. This could mean the bed is too crammed for your dog.

3. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion’s ultimate orthopedic dog bed is suitable for all life stages. It has a simple design and yet it has all the features of a premium dog bed. The covers are made from a waterproof polymer and can be unzipped for washing. Moreover, this dog bed comes with a 4″ inch memory foam that’s neither too firm nor too stiff for orthopedic dogs. It comes in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Hence, this bed can be used by small as well as larger dogs.

The 4″ inch thick memory foam is ideal for dogs with arthritis, joint pain, and hip dysplasia. The bed comes with comfortable foam and bolster made from premium recycled polyfill that enhances your pet’s comfort while providing added security for your dog. Moreover, the waterproof liner makes cleaning and washing super easy. It prevents fluids from soaking up inside the foam. But, perhaps the most appealing feature of this bed is its 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

While the bed looks promising, some people have complained about cheap quality materials being used. Many users have reported the cover’s zips breaking soon after purchase, while others claimed the bed’s covers were quickly torn up by their dogs.

4. Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed

Kopecks is known for its premium pet accessories, and it upholds its reputation with this orthopedic mattress. This extra-large orthopedic dog bed uses thick 7″ inch real memory foam, unlike other cheaper brands that use sub-par quality foam. Moreover, this bed measures 50” L x 34” W x 7” H that should suffice for large and giant breeds. This bed would also work with small breeds in a multi-dog household.

The bed comes with a waterproof lining, free of cost. This makes cleaning and washing a breeze. The outer cover, on the other hand, is made from plush suede, which is as comfortable as it gets for your pet. Moreover, the bed is supported by an anti-slip bottom so it doesn’t slip around on the floor.

While this bed is spacious and roomy, it does not come with bolsters. The lack of bolsters makes the bed less safe. In addition, bolsters make dogs feel cozier when they sleep, and some dogs may prefer beds with bolsters attached to the sides.

5. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

This orthopedic cooling dog bed is one of the most versatile products on our list. The manufacturer offers five different sizes ranging from small to giant breed dog bed. The bed comes in memory foam, orthopedic foam, and cooling gel varieties. Moreover, the bed is offered with 8 different linings for you to choose from, that you can also later purchase separately in case the original one gets torn up.

This bed comes with a layer of cooling gel, which keeps the temperature low especially during summers so your dog doesn’t overheat. The bed is available in three different forms, which gives you plenty of liberty to choose your desired variety. Both ends of the bed are contoured to provide added joint support as well as enhanced comfort.

While this orthopedic bed passes with flying colors in most areas, many people have complained about its size. The actual size of this bed is a few inches smaller than advertised. This discrepancy led to a few customers being forced to return their beds and order the next size up.

6. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

This simple yet reliable dog bed uses a waterproof line and human-grade foam to provide convenience and comfort both. It comes with bolsters on 3 sides for added security and comfort as well. The bed is available in 4 different colors, as well as 4 different sizes. As long as your pooch weighs under 75lbs, this orthopedic dog bed for hip dysplasia is guaranteed to do the job remarkably.

This bed boasts YKK premium zippers that last much longer than other plastic zippers. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty for the friends forever orthopedic dog bed. Additionally, it comes standard with other features we expect from a good dog bed, such as the non-skid bottom, fur and hair resistant cover, and many more.

While the manufacturer boasts a limited warranty of 1 year, many customers have had issues with their claims. Therefore, beware of this advertising tactic when purchasing this mattress.

7. Laifug Memory Foam Dog Bed

Laifug memory foam dog bed is yet another bed available in a variety of sizes and colors. It features a “smart design” that consists of 4″ inch memory foam with 2.5″ inch pillows on both ends. The manufacturer also claims the liner to be waterproof and tear-resistant. This bed is large, spacious, and can support large dogs up to 200 lbs.

This bed uses high-quality memory foam that will last as much as 3 years while retaining 90% of its original shape. Apart from the bed, Laifug also sells a replacement cover separately, so you can still redeem the mattress if your cover is damaged.

While this mattress has its merits, the foam is too firm. Many customers complained about the mattress being too hard and hence, their dogs rejecting this bed. Be wary of this problem when buying large beds, especially if you are purchasing one for multiple small breeds.

8. Treat a Dog Pup Rug

This chic design is targeted for people who would prefer a trendy dog bed that goes with their interior. The bed comes in white or gray faux fur texture. The mattress is a premium orthopedic memory foam covered with a waterproof liner. The faux fur is machine washable but should not be tumble dried.

The bed looks elegant and trendy, unlike some other beds that look like an eyesore in your living room. Additionally, faux fur enhances comfort and makes the bed even cozier.

While this orthopedic bed is a unique product, it focuses more on form over function. The fur is more for visual appeal rather than real comfort. When buying this mattress, beware of the fact that the fur might come off and irritate your dog while it’s resting.

9. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is one of the best dog beds if your dog requires special treatment, be it due to hip dysplasia, joint pain, or lameness. This therapeutic mattress comes with solid 1.5″ memory foam as well as plush bolsters. Covers are simple and easily removable for ease of cleaning. Replacement covers can be rough separately for this bed as well.

This bed is advertised as a therapeutic mattress for dogs with reduced mobility, so it will ensure sufficient comfort for elderly dogs and dogs with joint complications. Moreover, the option to choose between 5 different sizes ensures that you can find a bed suitable for your dog, be it a small breed or a large one.

While many users brought this expensive bed for its higher quality, some people got waterproof liners that failed to work properly. Many frustrated customers had to throw away an expensive but stinky and soaked up memory foam.

10. MixJoy Orthopedic Donut Cuddler

This adorable ball of fur will keep your pooch comfy and cozy at all times. This orthopedic dog bed is available in three sizes and suitable for all breeds up to 100lbs. It’s covered with a plush cover made from faux fur available in 5 elegant covers. The bed is made to be lightweight, and easily transportable. In addition, it’s shaped almost like a donut, covered with bolsters on all sides so your dog can curl up inside.

If you want a dog bed that goes with your living room and doesn’t stick out like an eyesore, this one is for you! But it doesn’t stop there, its elegant design is aesthetically appealing and keeps your dog warm and cozy. The bed cover s is machine washable and can be tumble dried at low heat. This makes cleaning and maintenance of the bed super convenient.

Although this bed is soft and holds up even after being machine washed, it is unsuitable for dogs with joint problems. The bed does not use real memory foam needed to support dogs with hip dysplasia.

Orthopedic Dog Beds for Hip Dysplasia – FAQs

It’s important to discuss the significance of orthopedic dog beds and some common queries dog owners may have regarding expensive orthopedic varieties.

Orthopaedic dog beds help a lot with soreness.
Orthopaedic dog beds help a lot with soreness.

Do Orthopedic Dog Beds Really Help with Hip Dysplasia?

This foam provides joint support and helps relieve pain. Dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis can really benefit from these mattresses as orthopedic dog beds improve mobility and pain relief. Many people think orthopedic dog beds are required exclusively by older dogs. But the truth is, all dogs can benefit from a good quality orthopedic dog bed with memory foam.

What Size Bed Should I Get My Dog?

Choosing the right size dog bed can be confusing. To avoid getting the wrong sized bed mailed to your location, follow our instructions:

Measure your dog from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail. Add about 6″ – 12″, that’s how long the bed should be. You should also consider your pet’s sleeping position. Some dogs are sprawlers and like to sleep with their bodies spread out. They need more space to sleep comfortably.

On the other hand, some dogs like to curl up in a cozy position and some even like to have a bolster or head support to lean against. Keep all these factors in mind when choosing the size.

Can A Dog Live With Hip Dysplasia?

Hip Dysplasia is a “hip” or more formally known as “coxofemoral joint” disease and will not affect the life span of your dog. In fact, most dogs with hip dysplasia live relatively long lives.

However, hip Dysplasia can be painful though and can lead to arthritis in old dogs. To deal with this, you need to take extra care of your dog. Hip dysplasia is accompanied by reduced mobility, joint pain, swelling, and other problems. But treatment and therapy have been proven to be very effective.

Can An Orthopedic Bed Cure Hip Dysplasia In Dogs?

Hip Dysplasia is a hereditary disease that has no cure. Therefore, an orthopedic dog bed cant cure hip dysplasia. But, it can be treated with a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, rest, and physical therapy. Orthopedic dog beds work wonders with pain relief, joint support, and improving mobility. These beds, along with a combination of other treatments allow your dog to live a relatively less painful life.

Hip dysplasia is a painful disease and orthopedic dog beds for hip dysplasia can help provide your dog comfort and support. Make sure you are considering every feature of a bed before purchase so it is appropriately tailored to you and your pup’s needs.

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