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Dog Heating Pads — Buying Guide + Reviews!

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Published on
Monday 17 October 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
dog heating pads
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Winter is here with its ice-cold temperatures and you are wondering if dog heating pads could be a solution. Heating pads for dogs are everyday products so manufacturers are trying to differentiate themselves from the low-shelf items. So here are a few tips to help you decide which heating mat is best for your situation, and your dog.

A lot of our pets are just not equipped with the severe temperatures they may encounter. We, as humans, get fooled by seeing them enjoy playing in the snow for long minutes but most dogs aren’t built with extreme cold weather protection.

Does My Dog Need a Heating Pad?

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes, some naturally skinnier while other much bulkier. The coats are also coarser for some and lighter for others. These are some of the most important factors to be aware of when deciding whether or not you need a dog heating pad.

Some dogs definitely require external help to maintain healthy body temperature. I am talking about pregnant and nursing bitches, older and senior dogs, and obviously, puppies.

Now, what will matter is the cold and outside temperature they are dealing with. Only you can be the judge and you can see hints when having your daily walks. See how they behave and if you feel like they need some externally-provided warmth, invest in a quality heating pad for dogs. For extremely cold weather conditions, you should also look at investing in a more expensive (and more protective) winter-proof dog house or a kennel heating lamp.

Electric Dog Heating Pads

The most efficient type of dog warming pads. They make use of an electric source to generate that extra heat your dog needs so much during winter’s coldest nights.

However, for the same reasons they are great, they can also be dangerous. A dog can chew through the pad and bite into the electric wires, or pee on his bed and electrocute itself.

So yes, there is some good and some bad with these and the best way to completely minimize the hazards is to buy a top-quality electric heating pad. Avoid cheap products with decent reviews and go for the absolute best one(s) to be sure the manufacturing is chewproof and/or waterproof.

The K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad is built for outdoor use so don’t you worry, it has been reinforced to face and resist elements and tough penetrating cold. Bad weather, as well as tear and wear, are not an issue with this K&H heated mat thanks to its rugged ABS plastic with a 5.5-foot steel-wrapped cord to ensure your pet’s safety.

Plus, you’ll save the planet and some bucks on your energy bill since it uses a low wattage paired with a self-controlled system that never exceeds your dog’s body temperature. To make it easier for owners, K&H includes a machine-washable cover to keep it as clean as possible!

Thermal Self-Heating Pads

Some dog owners do not require something as sophisticated as an electrically heated mat. Instead, they can easily manage through winter with a regular self-heating dog pad. These are commonly fleece or sheepskin throws that are packaged as “dog heating pads” and sold more expensively.

Instead of just buying a throw, we do recommend getting a quality self-heating thermal mat for your dog. One, like the Scruffs Thermal by Scruffs, that has been designed and manufactured with dogs in mind.

When I say built with dogs’ interest at heart, I mean selling a product that can hold up to a dog’s scratching and digging. On top of that, dogs get wet and dirty so a good heating mattress has to be machine washable.

Microwave Pet Warmers

A lot of vets, breeders, and regular dog owners recommend pet warmers for indoor dogs: they are simple to use and provide added warmth for hours. Obviously, they are not useful outdoors and may not suffice indoors if your home isn’t heated or insulated properly.

Microwaveable dog warmers just need to be microwaved for a few minutes and then placed next to your dog or underneath his or her bedding. They are straightforward and you can’t really get it wrong. We recommend having one regardless of how cold you are at home; they are cheap and will be useful at some point in time.

If you have a nursing bitch at home and a whelping box, you should definitely favor these plate-sized warmers to comfort the puppies and the tired mother.

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